Jay-Z Says Beyoncé Is Not Pregnant: “The News Is Worse Than Blogs”

Kid Fury May 20, 2013 Memoirs of a Creole 38 Comments

Well the BeyHive is most likely pre-heating their oven to 450 degrees to make some honey baked E! Online. Last week, the media site reported that Beyoncé was pregnant with her second child and the news spread like hot thighs.

Now Hot 97 bossman, Ebro Darden, says that Jay-Z sent him an email denying that Lady Giselle is with child. “It’s not true. The news is worse than blogs,” Jay reportedly emailed the program director.

I don’t think Ebro would lie about this one, so I’m gonna say that Aqua Vine Carter hasn’t started cooking yet. However, we should all probably wait until we get a quote from the couple ourselves.

Source: Hot 97

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  • RealConstance

    That is a cute pic of Bey and Jay! and if they were pregnant they would probably announce it in some awesome way like they did at the MTV Awards.

    • MarkAssBustahs

      lies. he look like he still in marcy & bey looks too overdressed. no official statement from blue ivy about her unconfirmed little sister magenta photosynthesis yet.

  • umm

    So if E! aint credible how am i supposed to believe some radio nigga? I wanna hear it from the horse’s mouth.

    • CourtneyLove


    • theone101


      • lmfao BYE!

      • Barack Yomomma

        you are dismissed from here on out

      • Nicole April10th

        bye ashyyyyyy

      • theone101

        lol before you people gimme hell i love jayz he is my favourite rapper but we can make fun of our idols sometimes there human 2 …well except beyonce

  • tt

    LIES….whats with the 2 baby carriages…her protruding belly? dude got catfished jay didnt email him

    • Gordon Gartrell

      controversy. publicity. making light of the situation. just like how all rappers says sumn about the illuminati… it’s just sumn to create a buzz

  • caseyG101

    Guess the world will just have to wait on Rain Flower Carter.

  • Round About My Edges

    People take a little water weight and bloat and run the fuck with it. We will not know Beyoncé is pregnant until SHE says she is.

    • King Creole

      I was going to say this. I’ve been looking at recent pics and her stomach isn’t sticking out anymore. As a woman, there’s a certain time of the month where most of us become bloated. Just sayin.

      Only time will tell if she doesn’t.

  • auntie crissle

    i’m so hype. i truly believe she ain’t pregnant.

  • That girl MEL!

    Hmmm . . . something ain’t right. Why would Jay send an email to a non-well known DJ. Just release an official statement and close all the mouths.

  • drknlvly

    E! is dirty, they put this lie out there to overshadow the Kanye gay story. This is all a media ploy to take the heat off The Kardashians…talk of Kim pregnant by a gay man who’s dating the guy who put her in that hideous dress…….not once has E! mentioned the story of Kanye being gay and why would they risk destroying the media empire with the Kardashians. So now…we’re all talking about Beyoncé and her “pregnancy”

    • ZJ

      I had the day off of work, and I mean they ran that damn blurb across the screen for most of the morning, complete with a Breaking News: Beyonce Pregnant graphic in the corner. I didn’t get why they were doing so much on the basis of “multiple sources” confirming it and not Bey or Jay themselves. As for whether or not Kanye is gay… I don’t care one way or the other. And yeah, E! is way too far up the KardKarryingAsshats’ asses. I don’t even know why I had it on that channel. Must have been watching Sex and the City reruns.

    • tjf1306

      See the blind gossip story..
      They’re shit is spot on 90% of the time…. check out all the solved items
      But beware all you Bey Stans… they’ve called out your queen on the “birth” of Blue Ivy and you’re not gonna like it

    • MarkAssBustahs

      i highly doubt kanye is gay. as asshole yes. doesnt mean he’s licking them.

  • Gordon Gartrell

    I don’t like the name aqua. every time you say it, it reminds me of aqua from cheetah girls. …the “playa pleathe” and “the sex was spectacular” girl

  • keethakentucky

    E! is fucking up, they are supposed to be credible for the most part. Whelp— so long as she has recorded all the videos for what im starting to believe is a mythical album… im good. At the end of the day as bionic as she is, she’s never canceled a concert and i’m good as long as she’s safe and healthy cause this isnt the Bey we know!
    *cough* pregnant or not she can release this album anyyyyy damn day now *cough*

  • HotasBoots

    Sorry to be too conspiracy theorist, but Jay is a very smart man. When Jay says “its not true” he could very easily be saying “its not true she’s pregnant with her second child.” Remember the miscarriage? The phrase “its not true” means about absolutely zero. Sorry Crissle dahlink, but I smell a rat.

    • MissMe

      I think you’re looking a little too deeply into this one, lmao

  • MissMe

    I don’t think Bey is pregnant, yes this tour without a single or album is cause for pause for some but I do not believe that if she were pregnant that she would not let it be known, especially for those of us in the US who could potentially have our dates cancelled because of it. She has been making some missteps but I don’t think she would hide it from fans.

  • Barack Yomomma

    Quiet as its kept, there’s a reason why they haven’t said anything yet. I’m just gonna sit back, drink my watermelon kool-aid and watch what happens.

  • RamenNoodles

    I can’t believe Fury didn’t post this. Go to 1:50 to get your answer

  • Kat

    Did you hear about the chance to hang with Bey, Fury?

    I hope you’re on it like white on rice.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    and the plot thickens…… *In my Frankie smoker’s voice*

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance
  • WORD?

    1. Either Jay is mad tall, Bey isn’t as tall as I thought, or that bitch wears some high ass heels. Great pic regardless.

    2. At this point who knows if she’s pregnant. Time will tell. I want that album tho, Beyonce!

    3. Everybody pulling E!’s card is spot on. Diversion and distraction like a muthaf***. Their whole network depends on the Dim Katrashbagassbitch empire. Anything that could be viewed as negative for their cash cow (cow…*snickers*) has to be buried. Why they announced Bey’s pregnancy instead of running a retraction like most respectable news entities would, I don’t know.

    • Just Sayin

      Supposedly trying to cover up a story about Kanye’s boyfriend being the guy who dressed dimberly for the Met Gala.

  • Nicole April10th

    beyonce is always on her A+++ shit… why would people think she would go on a tour with a 50mil sponsor and NOT be on birth control?

  • Kim.Couture
    • Zan

      I will be seeing that side-eye in my sleep! Lawd!

  • Jennifer Cowden

    Spread like hot thighs?? Well..damn. That’s so relevant and precise. Kid Fury…I love you. Seriously. LOL!!