New Music: Iggy Azalea – Bounce

Kid Fury April 26, 2013 New Music 24 Comments

New addition to Island Def Jam Records, Iggy Azalea has dropped her second single, “Bounce,” today. The large club record has much more of a pop feel than her previous tracks and definite potential to climb charts. A music video has already been shot in India. Listen below.

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  • DickTrain

    She’s cute but…

  • Nahjee

    I thought kid fury was gonna say she on some hip hop type shit. Like these other dumb blogs site say, she is clearly trying to get a radio hit! But I’m not feeling it at all go back to (murder business) (pussy) those was my jam! This pop shit she trying to do No! NO!

  • Adaeze Duru

    This has some African/Indian/Vogue vibes. The question is will she make her shit bounce because the last music video involved a failed attempt of one cheek, two cheek popping. She’s that chick that has all that ass but doesn’t know how to really use it.

  • nell kaye pee

    How many times is she gonna switch labels tho??

    • Cars

      She has never changed labels… she opted not to sign with Interscope, and is still with Grand Hustle since thats just basically a crew

      • guest

        Grand Hustle is only a crew….wow somebody betta call and tell Young Dro.

  • ___

    where’s the song?

  • Nate

    First she wants to be the female 2Pac, then she releases stuff like this? I kind of have to question the reasoning behind her change in direction…

    • CheAmor

      Probably her label.

  • RamenNoodles

    Ok, Azealia Banks.

    • Xavier Bailey

      iggy was hot before that bitch dont get it fucked up

      • RamenNoodles


        • Cars

          212 ended up becoming bigger (and because it was officially released) but Iggy started getting viral buzz with Pu$$y before 212 darling :)

          • RamenNoodles


  • Ullanda Fayda Wade

    My son thought it was KE$HA! LOL

    • Wong Chia Chi

      lol nooo.

      • Ullanda Fayda Wade

        She sounds like her on this song (is what I was getting at…lol)

        • Wong Chia Chi

          Right I got it. I just thought it was a funny comparison and very apt.

  • caseyG101

    I WANT to like Iggy so bad and truthfully, I’ll take her over Azealia any day. But lately she hasn’t been giving me what I needed and I feel like her pose in that pic resembles her music; its barely standing. I’m still optimistic though.

  • theone101

    eww wtf thats horrid the beat and lyrics could be alil more hype my world is wayyyyyy better pussy and murda biz also wtf is you doing boo

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    The soundcloud is gone but I found it on YT.

    Ummmm yeah I like her attempts at hip hop better than this. It sounds like Azealia Banks and Ke$ha’s music had a baby that ended up with down syndrome yeah it’s not poppin.

  • Cars

    Idk what everybody here is on, this is HOT!!! Yea its a bit more dance-y than her other stuff, so what? Its still very IGGY.

  • Diamora Hunt

    no. and i like iggy… i definitely see the marketing move and if this doesnt work… she can always MODEL.

  • Kroger Michelle

    ARE YOU ALIVE???!!