The Read: Bow Down (Episode 4 w/ Kid Fury & Crissle)

Kid Fury March 25, 2013 The Read 51 Comments

On this week’s episode of The Read, Fury and Crissle celebrate Beyoncé’s right to stunt on these peasants. Keyshia Cole gets her ketchup-colored wig ripped to shreds and Rihanna is still high as hell. Plus, fake famous people get read for points.

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  • Jazz

    And furthermore, someone please tell Keyshia Coleslaw that the Q trains were acting up this weekend and the 6 train took 15 minute to come to union square on Saturday. I’m sick of her incompetence. Get on your job, sis!

    • CadyHeron

      LMFAO. -Shuts down my computer- I can’t!

  • FrostBiteMuah

    Is this the episode where Crissles reads Joe Budden?? I have been waiting for sooo long for someone to call him out. That shyt made my whole WEEK!! #newfanofcrissles

    • IyanlaVanDaymn


    • Ja Rule’s career

      that was last week but yes – EPIC

  • Mimi

    Life has been giving!

  • Introspective

    Fury, when you declared mace to be like a fleet, “cause all the bottoms have them,” my soul rode on to king jesus.

    for that and many other moments, including the way you and crissle covered keyshia cole’s volunteering for the slaughter of her career, I am so *here* for The Read!!! forever and ever amen hallelujah.

  • jen516

    I can’t!! He said “I don’t give a fuck about your wic checks titties bitch”.

  • Ten Ten

    Reading for BLOOD on this podcast…I literally had tears in my eyes because I couldn’t even deal with it all!

    The chemistry between Fury and Crissle is amazing. Continue to bring the heat guys…congratulations!

  • derty

    Loving the podcast!

  • none

    Keyshia Cole makes quick weave music.? I cant……

  • Carmen

    Episode FOUR?? How I miss Ep 3??!!

    • Just Sayin

      its on itunes but i don’t think he put it up on here. i was looking for it too then i went on itunes and had a ah ha moment

      • earthshaker1217

        How was the third episode? I know it was hilarious, but what did they talk about?

        • Ja Rule’s career

          check it out on the soundcloud station. it’s worth it alone for the Joe Budden read by Crissle

      • Carmen

        Thanks boo.

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Fury and Crissle went in on this episode! Loved it! Especially in the closing read! Omg I got my life!

  • Nickey Topnerd

    EBT Pussy and WIC check titties got me on the floor dyin!

  • Gullible

    Love the animated pic! The advice to DeMarco was on point.
    So many things right with this podcast,keep em coming.

  • MIAtrade

    is that ‘posed to be you greg? lol

  • Kristen

    I cant I am done. I lived and died

  • Just Sayin

    I am HERE for The Read. oh my gosh “my small intestines are in submission from the laughter”- Fury

    yup that right there pretty much sums it up. love you guys on this podcast!

    • Just Sayin

      & i love the picture for the podcast! catches both of you perfectly in cartoon form

  • Judge Nae Brown

    looool I’m so here for The Read, like you don’t understand..
    Crissle girl can we be BFF’s too LOL??

  • missmarchmommy

    love yall’s podcast i get my shits and giggles.

  • Kyana

    OMG ya’ll read Keepstrugglinshia down to the plasma!

  • Sigh…

    You niggas…went IN! Damn!!! But I hear #nolies

  • the molly in chris’ pocket


  • Kordell’s Empty Chair

    I’m loving the Daria Tribute!!!!! The best show MTV had!!

    • Introspective

      yes!!! so here for daria too!!

      youre standing on my neck… la la la la la….

  • Yiles

    Aside from me getting my life from this read once again, I’m gonna have to say I am totally here that Daria-esque pic of you and crissle *slow clap and head nod*

  • sunshine

    i do have a goofy question (please excuse my ignorance) but what is a fleet? i promise i’m trying to use context clues but i’m blaming CMSD for this. -.-

    • getnintuned

      an enema

  • CadyHeron

    I’m Loving the read Fury. You and Crissle are dope and open up the library for those who need it. I’m so here for this. But really, you guys need your own show. I see that for ya’ll.

  • jdorsainville

    you all roast niggas lives!

  • Queen King.

    LMFAOOOOOOOO. He said Keyshia Cole makes Chinese Slipper music. Crissle fucking tried it too. “She makes quickweave music”. I AM CRYING.

  • Rols

    dragging her dirty clit… I AM DEAD

  • IyanlaVanDaymn

    So….you and Crissle basically said everything i was thinking…and bravo, bitches, you both turned it up! Mazel, and I wish you both continued success.

  • Eviana

    She make quick weave music…..I need u too clock back in cuz people got places to be……- when I died

  • TheGrinchWhoSnatchedWeaves

    beyonce could take a shit and it would hop the fuck out the toilet, march its way over keyshia cole’s place of work at the halal cart on 53rd street, snatch her edges along with her ebt card and beyonce still wouldn’t even know this hoe’s first name

  • Brielle

    wait…but did Crissle say that Keyshia Cole makes music for girls that have to text niggas for abortion money??!! lmaaooooo! I CAN’T!!

  • idreamoflabels

    Keyshia Cole makes Chinese Slipper Music??!!!! *Logs out of life*

  • GirlStop

    the brandy shade tho. LOL

  • Angel Manneh

    Keyshia Cole needs to get her life and calm down with all her opinions. No one cares. Michelle was on the SuperBowl not Keyshia so there’s no reason to come for her just because you’re mad they didn’t ask you to do it. I not a fan of Bey anymore but don’t come for her either if you’re irrelevant . “Boop.”

    • Angel Manneh

      What is the whop?

  • MissMe

    I went to Rihanna’s concert in Detroit… and it was amazing, I am also a huge fan of hers though. If you are a fan of hers, a real fan of hers, you would enjoy it. If you are kinda lukewarm on her, than probably not. Idk, I got my life, lol. I’m now counting down to July when I am going see Beyonce.

  • Daze

    The photo reminds me of Daria

  • Rai ♥

    I had to go look it up. . . the video of Tiny telling the sex. lol.

  • Cenetta

    I put my hands in the air! And where do I live? Atlanta!!!

  • JBrooke

    I fucking CANNOT!!!

  • Fordasuarus

    Where is episode 3?