New Music: Beyoncé – Bow Down / I Been On

Kid Fury March 17, 2013 Memoirs of a Creole, New Music 269 Comments

The Queen has returned. She cares nothing about your feelings. She cares nothing about your taste. She cares nothing about your opinion. She is here for your edges and you will provide them. Get into her new track “Bow Down / I Been On”, produced by Hit-Boy and Timbaland respectively, and realize that Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is the one. I have nothing else to say.

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  • E

    This is everything I never knew I wanted.

  • Jacqxz

    *floats away to meet St. Peter* BOW DOWN BITCHES!!!!

  • derty

    these lyrics and sound seem like a step back from where she was on the last album
    it will have to grow on me

    • M.J.

      It’s probably the intro/outro.

  • M.J.


  • ATrillJay

    ok I was so skeptical about her making a song called “Ratchet” with Lady Gaga and Azealia but after this I’m so convinced…RATCHETBEY2013

    • RamenNoodles
      • tysandsnyc

        She’s probably try’na throw us off their track.

        • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

          yep like Michelle talm bout she was gonna be at Fela during the Super Bowl knowing good and well she took those days off lol

          • tysandsnyc


            Typical Bey fashion. Just like she said she wasn’t dating Jay-Z… Getting married… Having a baby. The fact that some of y’all don’t know Bey’s game still… Lol

          • tysandsnyc


  • Confused

    I like Bey, but this track is wack! Wtf?

    • Dirty_Dric

      wack and Bey don’t belong in the same sentence. Bye

      • jonathan raymond

        unless the phrase “is not” is inserted inbetween

      • Saminiah Jones

        yes girl preach she took all the life out of me. And I’m bowing down with this bald head with no regrets

      • Confused

        You’re delusional if you think this trash is good! She trying to hard to act she dont give a fuck! Idgaf

    • Kia Lovesbi

      You’re CONFUSED just BOW DOWN

      • Confused

        Delusional Stans need to have several seats because this trash is not IT! Idgaf

      • K

        you mean bow down to Jesus Christ?….okay!

    • MissMe

      I don’t know if it is so much wack as it is beneath her… it’s unnecessary imo…

      • Confused

        Agreed! IMO she is trying way too hard to fit into this terrible era of music

      • ash

        yea i agree when i read part of the lyrics on another site ..i was like nooo please dont…but again she is a grown woman who can do as she pleases & have said that she no longer cares about the opinion of others & for that i commend her but hearing Bey say bitches had me cringe lol’ll grow on me

    • Suchalady

      Glad someone said it. Only she can put this track out and have it praised because her stans will foolishly accept trash from her. One minute girls run the world now they need to bow down? Girl, what?! Straight garbage. I better not ever hear a Michael comparison because he would never step foot near this track.
      She’s trying sooo hard to sound young and like she has a personality but she “doesn’t have to compete with Rihanna” right? >_>

    • Beyonces speech impediment

      You can’t say anything negative about beyonce supposedly lol I’m mad she waited till she was 60 to get a potty mouth ugh

  • Krys

    i’m here for this

  • Freshie Pope

    Let me go forward this shit to Keri Hilson!!!!! LMFAO!!! And let me just say R.I.P. to her mentions in particular in advance.

    • entertainmeh

      Haha, someone on tumblr said this is too short to be a single, it’s clearly a voicemail left for Keri Hilson…i’m so done.

  • Dirty_Dric

    Just the feeling of inner joy and glory my soul felt when I first pressed play on this…

  • Me

    It’s the song from the promo vid from her tour

  • RamenNoodles

    I called it!!! I knew that beat from her tour trailer was new music safgefgbhatgsbhghf bitch I am jumping all around this room. Its about damn time Bey let them know. YASSSSSSSSSSS BADDIE BEY!!!!! Let me go learn these lyrics.

    • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

      -follows you to

  • Raina

    I liked the first part but the second part was eh. I would have liked to hear her actually sing.

  • Jess

    This song is tough!

  • LOL

    she snatched my edges at superbowl they was comin back a lil bit then she completely snatched the little i had left with this track ! Beyonce SHUT SHIT DOWN, per usual are we surprised. NO!

  • TheKILL

    Really? this is tacky even for Beyonce…..She’s trying way to hard and making shots at Keri for what? shes threatned obviously. i like B but come on… it that deep…..girl. Her and Rihanna are so high up they have to pick on girls like Ciara and Keri and Keyshia cause theyre insecure. smh lost my respect…

    • RamenNoodles

      When was Keri mentioned in this song? O.o

      • gabicaligirl


    • Beyoncesbigtoe

      Bitch just #bowdown, leave your edges at the alter and shut up!

      • Freshie Pope

        dsklfksdhlfshdiufeajfusatdcfhasidhvbsdvfje vghsudrfoidfhjkg hslvasjcfin LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kia Lovesbi

        I just died!!!!!

      • Olivia Pope’s Lip Quiver

        *dives in coffin* Jesus be my eulogist

        • C. Shaw


      • Nunu

        How Beyonce snatching wigs when she have like two inches of hair on her head with no edges?!? Please answer…I’ll wait! All she do is wear weighs/lace fronts! She need to bow down to Queen Kim Kardashian! Lmao

        • Beyoncesbigtoe

          Girl, go drink some Clorox

        • Tiny’s Dusted Dictionary

          Kris Jenner, is that you?

          • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

            hell nawww.. I just gagged and got my life. lmmfaooooo!!

        • Ach So

          Is Kardashian… an enema brand? i don’t know this Kadrsahian Kardshian shit everybody is obsessed about

      • Ten Ten

        ziuaodhfvpau[ovabesohvbava[svasvbo”[wv b’a[v *receives communion and swan dives into nearest casket*

    • Kia Lovesbi

      BOW DOWN

    • Guest

      No, what’s tacky is that your username is “TheKill”. Gurl, just sit.

      • RamenNoodles


      • Beyoncesbigtoe

        Read of the day, sis.

  • Cadesha

    She left my edges chopped and screwed and I’m not a bit mad about it.

  • smh

    Not feeling it yall just hype cause she cusses on the track and acting ignorant. It sucks try again Bey!

    • Beyoncesbigtoe

      Bitch shut up!

      • smh

        Fuck no Bitch! Suck on Bey’s tampon!

        • No Bitch

          No bitch get the fuck off this post with your slack ass “Suck on Bey’s tampon”? Really?

          • smh

            Yup cause yall think this song is the shit and its literally SHIT! Every song can’t be a hit. I’m entitled to my opinion.

  • Trouble_Trese

    My sweet Jesus. My beautiful king Jesus. Thank you for providing us with this blessing.

  • StripClubzNDollaBillz

    BITCH. SLAY. MY. LIFE. SNATCH. THESE. WIGS. OMG! Beyonce is coming for blood and i am here for every inch of life she is about to give me yes in Beyonce i prause amen.

  • Marty

    Garbage. Nuff said.

  • I just…

    The lyrics…I just can’t lmao! Beyonce does not give one single fuck and I’m so ashamed to say I love it!

    • Just Sayin

      & keylolo cole stay mad. she really tried to come for Bey

      2 chops for keylolo to add to the thousands already given.

  • BodyPartyitunes

    Loveeeee B til the death. But i’d be lying if i didnt say this is her trying just a bit much. Beat is HOT though!

    • Ratcheisha Marcelle

      Yes the beat makes me wanna shout, Lmfao.

  • Inxplcbly_Xplct

    Chile this hoodrat ass anthem.Watch the birds quote this like the daily bible. I am not ready for this. Is this Bey talkin bout she bout that life?

    • earthshaker1217

      I only like the beat and that’s it. Like a typical ratchet/low brow song it will get you hype in the club or at a party, but will lack the lyrical substance. Of course, her voice is superb, but if she were going to make a song about how on top she is, then I expect her songwriters to be a little bit more creative.

      • Inxplcbly_Xplct

        I completely agree. This would be a hit for Rihanna or even Keri. Not a terrible song but this is a downgrade for Beyonce whom we acknowledge as a top contender in the industry I am always here for hood shit but I am not used to if with Beyonce.

  • Saminiah Jones

    This girl took the life right out of me. I just… *sigh* beyonce is that bitch not to fuck with seriously. She is back with a vengeance and I am ready .
    Bow Down the Queen is BACK.

  • Ch…

    I Like it; but i already know this is a BUZZ SINGLE.

  • keri hilson’s feelings


  • Kashkreme

    SOO VERY CONFUSED!!!! I don’t know how to feel yet, But She just shitted all over these hoes with no fucks to give!!!

  • CaramelHottie

    I doubt this is her actual single. I would hope not but it was cute for what it is. I’ve been itching for another song like “Diva” when she talk her shit and this def was suffice.

    Plus, I love hearing her curse. Idk why I just do lol

  • jajay22


  • Baddie❤Neisha

    What else needs to be said #BowDownBitches Yaaaassssss

  • Orange soda

    I can’t even lie- I just went OFF listening to this….but I hope this is not indicative of what we’re to hear on the entire album, or its theme, because I really liked where we were going with 4, and to echo @djbpm81:disqus’s sentiment, songs like these seem like a regression.

  • adub

    I’m so hype right now. I just keep replaying the first minute. BownDownBitches and stay mad.

  • Sunshine

    As stated on my twitter CLEARLY Beyoncé gave nary a fuck to find when she recorded & released this.

  • Trinidad James’ Dental Plan

    YES LAWD! Queen Bey is back and I am caught up in her glorious creole rapture! *twerks in the glory of His name*

  • Jess

    She said eating Frenchy’s boudain in the parking lot!….. She knows my Southeast Texas struggle!

    • Briana E. Wiggins

      That’s what I was thinking. I missed home so much after that line.

      • Jess

        Right!! If she woulda said somethin’ bout some Zummos or DJ’s boudain…. My life!

      • Earthshaker1217

        That made me think of the Frenchy’s right down the street from the dorms on UH campus.

        • auntie crissle


  • HereForTheShade

    *lays edges at the altar*…. is there another?

  • caribbelle

    I see why she waited a bit to release it. We would have been so overwhelmed. This is the perfect buz single and she knows it. Yes Queen. I’m still dying over Boudain in the parking lot lmao! She truly gave nary a care and I love it.

  • MissMe

    I love Bey, but I am sooooooooooooooo not here for this, no ma’am

    • Earthshaker1217

      I love that she is reintroducing people to her roots, but I hope she comes out with some more stuff that has some lyrical substance. It would be very interesting to see her combine that iconic Houston sound with her new music and innovate it. Houston’s music is known for combining rapping with singing.

      • MissMe

        That’s the part that I don’t care for, people are all hyped up because she is cussing and telling bitches to bow down but all that does is pander to the ratchet. Beyonce can and has come WAY better. I feel like she did more with Diva than she did with this “song”. I would love to hear her mix Houston sound with her music and actually have some substance behind it, now THAT would actually slay.

        • the molly in chris Brown’s poc

          wow…..all that time to type and she still don’t give a texas sized fuck. let us reflect on this and learn………grow from love……

          • MissMe

            If I actually gave even an 8th of a fuck whether or not she cared about anything I have ever said regarding any subject this comment MIGHT be relevant, cute though…

          • the molly in chris Brown’s poc

            online people are funny. so indignant for no reason. i would say you were cut too but……….Jesus doesn’t like liars.

          • MissMe

            Lmao, you tried it… you failed, but you tried it, E for Effort :-)

          • Hahaha

            ……..and a second E to finish the word “cute”.

          • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment


  • ASmartCookie

    Wasn’t expecting that AT ALL but I like it. I am SO glad she FINALLY put something out. Oh and if haters weren’t talking before they’re REALLY gonna talk now. Whoo!

  • Moyo

    This is the REAL Beyonce…or did ya’ll forget she’s from the dirty 3rd? HOUSTON STAND THE FUCK UP!!!! I received my life. That is all.

  • Marie

    I’m conflicted on this, but I’ll stay tuned for the rest of the album, which will probably cure all of my qualms.

  • TheFollowerOfTheSun

    THY WILL BE DONE! It’s done. Its over. Your faves can Bow Down as they hit the exit please.

  • Ja Rule’s career

    You were the first person I thought of when I heard about this. I am SCREAMING and may just kee kee to HEAVEN

  • InTheLastDays

    GO IN Bey!!!


    Hmmm the lyrics were weak as all get out but the beats were great. I also think the cursing was unnecessary . I’m try a figure out how she is going to mix ratch music with her image…-shrugs-

  • Rah’s Photography
    Beyonce did this to me and I enjoyed every piece of it

  • Swiper Swiped Them Edges

    Yooooooooooooooooooooooooo, when I tell you that Beyoncé just did a heisman on all these pop heauxs…
    Bey snuck up on these bitches like Swiper and grabbed the edges, the roots, the scalps and all.

  • Ja Rule’s career

    related – unpitched version of ‘I’ve been on’ is here:

  • Briana E. Wiggins

    I like that she clearly was not hesitant or nervous. She said every word with conviction. I approve simply because I know that she know that we know she can do whatever she wants!

  • Ja Rule’s career

    Twitter is giving me everything I need right now:

    ‏@kerneil – So bey just came and told every female in the game to bow down. @ciara @kerihilson @keyshiacole @rihanna @drake

    ‏@tkylemac – This new Beyoncé song #BowDown is too short to be a single, I think it’s actually just a voicemail left for @KeriHilson.

    ‏@MESSY_MYLES – Y’all bitches wish that was the single. TRUST, when Beyoncé drop that single you and your edges will know it.

    • AlWell

      LMAO @ @drake

  • Oh lawd.

    I loooooooove the actual song “bow down”. I really hope that the actual song is the full song because I need jesus after that “snippet”. Somebody please tell me this is just half of the song though. Need a full version!

  • caseyG101

    Here Beyoncé… just take my scalp. Edges would’t be enough.

  • Janelle Catrice Rogers

    listen…. im laying all of my folicles down take them queen… i cant…. theres not much… i just… i don know ugh… just… bitch…

  • Ms.Carter

    Even tho I liked the song and her going back to her Texas roots I do feel like this is beneath her…or maybe i need time to fall in love with it

  • marie

    Beyonce showed her true thug life with this new song!

  • Ta’Sha

    Jesus…..Welp ya’ll can start sending out the Amber Alerts for your edges now because the Queen is snatching them & she’s not giving them back……

  • KnowYourself

    Beyonce Chopped & Screwed. Love it!

    I’m not gonna read into this. Beyonce has always presented herself as humble IMO. I just think she’s having fun.

  • Keri hilsons best of album

    She’s too old for this this is some shit Rihanna would be singing about not bey. I guess like Rihanna them true colors are about to show we thought beyonce was cute and above it all nah we forgot she was from Texas and she reppin. Jesus take the wheel. I thought she was gonna take us away from the ratchet trash not co sign it. #nohope

  • MookieGotBandz

    Sometimes a lady has to get ignant to let lessers know that their edges are not safe. If you are busting your ass and making moves, heffas with their ampros need to respect your grind. If they don’t….well here ya go!

  • Sherae Renee’

    I am soooo feeling this new ish Bey! We know Bey is known for being humble and we love her for that, but I must say it’s nice to see her be not so humble, she’s earned it.

  • revere

    yes. BEY finally talking shit and I am absolutely in attendance for it.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Eh honestly she could have left this for Rhianna, it’s cute she gets ratchett for a few minutes but being as her image has moved so far beyond that this seems forced… THE BEAT IS FIYAH THO. My edges are still intact, I’m waiting tho Giselle.

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Beyonce is tired of y’all shit! If you eat boudin and listen to UGK…shiiiiit, we best friends! 3rd Coast 4 LIFE! Can’t wait to see you in NOLA, boo!

  • M.J.

    *looks at comments* And this isn’t even the first single… Lord Jesus.

  • Brittany Jackson

    This is some real Houston Texas shit! I love it the lyrics are dope and the beat is off the chain!and let Bey live she doing any type of music she want to! She grown

  • Brittany Cobb

    Well keep it trill Bey

  • ratchetatheart

    The capital B means she bout that life, and I’m bout to just rip every last hair out of my head and provide it to the house that Madame Carter built. She is coming for your fave, and its not even a competition.

  • MeMeAl

    When I look at that picture I think, Jay Z must have been in his 20′s, can you imagine what he must have been doing, freestyling in someones basement probably, while his future wife was just being a little cute girl. And every girl he must have been with, was just there for him to pass the time until Bey was old enough. Thats so sweet.

    • dj_roomba

      wait that’s actually so creepy…

      • MeMeAl

        LOL well its true .. whats more creepy is Mohammad Ali and Lonnie his wife, he actually met her when she was 6 years old by chance and then somehow met her again and married her

  • BeautyMarked

    Im tired of bein bald head!! She slayed me!!!

  • On my way to the movies…

    Damn, all y’all do on this site is dick-ride!! It’s funny to see y’all comment & say shit like, “She slayed my life!!!” Man, this shit was TRASH! I’ll admit…the first half of the song had me interested. I was like, “Mmmm…okay. She’s singing. She’s cursing a bit too much…” then the H-town chopped & screwed shit started happening & I quickly got turned off. Who is advising this woman? She can’t be the one calling the shots on this era, cause it’s NOT dope…at all! You’re a 30+ married, business woman. WITH a child. Why are you on a track yelling “Bow down bitches?!” NONE of the “greats” did this. She’s supposed to be this generation’s LEGEND but she doing hood shit like this?? I’m disappointed. Perhaps this is just a “warning” track she put out to let people know she’s about to drop an album. You know, just for laughs? Giselle…sit down & rethink this. Cause for one…the whole “I am Queen…I am the greatest…Bow down” era is ALREADY contrived & corny!!! Girl, please. Do you hear any REAL Queens of anything boasting to be royal? It’s tacky. No substance. It’s Beyonce, so what did I expect anyway? It’s a shame people are going to gas this up to be great. So many other females…who aren’t even signed that are more creative should be laughing right now. Cause Bey’s lost.

    • entertainmeh

      why all that emotion for ONE leaked track that might not even be her single. legends don’t all have perfect songs, they do slip up from time to time. She isn’t lost…she’s experimenting with music and sound. Why so serious boo?

      • on my way to the movies…

        It’s not serious at all for me. But for her it doesn’t even seem like she’s trying to grow, musically. Listen to the song. Did you hear the lyrics? This isn’t a leaked track. Why would her team leak it & put it on her OFFICIAL soundcloud/tumblr?? Face it, the song isn’t good. The song was dope up until she started gruntin “Bow down bitches!”

        • the molly in chris Brown’s poc

          it is too serious for you. so hostile. you don’t have to like it but leave your college dissertation out the comments. go find you a school to bitch to. you know what site you’re on. bye.

        • RamenNoodles

          Y’all the ones taking it to serious. Maybe she wanted to have some fun and just give her fans some free music. We all have different music taste, me being from the South I live for this type of music. Its not really much I can say, you either like it or don’t. No one’s forcing you too.

          • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

            agreed. im from the deep south and this is the music we bump to. im mad people all pissy about it. if you like it, listen. if not, move on. damn. the KeyshiaColeSyndome is real in these fury skreetz.

    • nopez

      clown. not to be confused with “clowning”. clown. as in “get your clown ass out of here.”


      Yessssss agreeeeed! Well said! She must be upset with someone, or having a early mid-life crisis, or depressed she’s singing like she feel her career is over and she has something to prove…when she has NOTHING TO PROVE…I feel she lowered her standards on this…still love her but this song is a NO FOR ME.

    • brooklynnarcher

      i 100% agree with you. Some of these ppl are unapologetically stans (stans-ppl that d!ck ride on any and everything knowing damn well not all of the material is legit). I, myself, am a Beyonce FAN (fan-someone that supports the artist and music but doesn’t like all of everything they do and will provide constructive criticism in hopes they’ll grow). All i heard was insecurity. reality doesn’t have to be stated. No one ever tried to come for your crown so what do you mean? and if you’re all about female empowerment, why this? Whether it’s an actual song or whatever, i’m so disappointed. She gonna have to come hard cuz i swear rihanna’s album has been on repeat and it’s a perfect blend of ratchet and chillin, love and f*cking,smoking and drinking, dancing and emphasizing all wrapped into one. (not saying they in competition but it was a great blend). Beyonce stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to cuz this ain’t banging sweetie. <3

    • Ja Rule’s career

      She’s been perfectly packaged for the majority of her career but now she’s feeling comfortable enough to let more of herself be free and just have fun. It might not be for everyone but being yourself is always a win, trust.

      • eh.

        Ain’t nothing wrong with being yourself. But her “yourself” is a big fucking turnoff after years of her being her other “yourself.”

        Personally I think she can keep that shit and give it to Blue on her sweet sixteen.

    • nefeluv

      Chillllll….if you like it, you like it, but if you dont, you don’t. No need to pour out so many of your feeling on it. You taking it to seriously lol….just a song that may not even be her first single….chilllll

    • Saminiah Jones

      You need to chill the fuck out boo. This was not made for people like you, it was made for the people in the south of texas, where she is from and this what they bump too. You are taking this a bit too seriously and so are the other people who liked your comment. Beyonce is not and will never be a lost cause. She wants to have a little fun and it isn’t like this is a single so you can stay pressed darling. Oh, but no shade though.

      • on my way to the movies…

        “Get Me Bodied, Freakum Dress, Crazy In Love, End of Time” were all fun tracks, sweetheart, This song is pretty offensive. Especially to those younger artists who look up to her…along with her peers. Why is she talking about getting someone to slap another person for her?? I’m not the one who released garbage for the masses to stay relevant. I’m never pressed, nor do I lose sleep over Beyonce. I just happen to like quality music. Which is something she’s yet to release. But she’s QUEEN. She basically took the little bit of hype she has left & crunched it into this “era.”

        • Saminiah Jones

          Umm.. Video Phone, Diva, Soldier (destiny’s child) are some of many example of “this era” music that she has released in the past. It’s kind of funny how you say that it was offensive, when rappers and other MALE artists talk about how amazing they are, when half of them don’t even have the kind of resume this QUEEN has and call women bitches and curse all the time and no one says a word about it. But a woman so humble like beyonce, wants to flaunt her self and show her Houston side, which btw this song was dedicated to, and you want to say she is trying to appeal to this “era”. OBVIOUSLY you’ve never been to houston and heard the music they bump to because it is something similar to this. But you didn’t take the time to understand it sweetie. :)

    • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

      sis… let’s have a therapy session… who did it, beloved? who hurt you? tell me all about it.

    • Truth

      PREAAAAACHHH ! kid fury needs to read this for verbatim !

    • Mama Don’t Take No Mess…

      Keyshia is that you? Girl, you better sit you ass down somewhere while you still got edges left!

      • Mama Don’t Take No Mess

    • CanILive

      “You’re a 30+ married, business woman. WITH a child. Why are you on a track yelling “Bow down bitches?!” NONE of the “greats” did this. She’s supposed to be this generation’s LEGEND but she doing hood shit like this?? ”

      I am so sick of folks like you and your sexist BS. Stop telling woman that they have to act conservative once they are married and have children. It’s tired and old crap. This is 2013, not 1953.

      So what if none of the greats did this. Those legends became legendary on their own. They are not monoliths.
      And, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being ‘hood. Maybe you should stop sipping that white nonsense that has you convinced that embracing the H-town music culture is bad.

      When men speak of their greatness, no one has an issue. No one blinks an eye and brings it up for discussion. However, when a woman does it, folks like you come out the bag, talking ’bout how she needs to sit down, and it’s tacky to brag. Beyonce is a confident and successful woman. She is well aware of her success and should be allowed to brag a bit about her success. Damn, can she live!

  • ZJ

    No Mrs. Nice Bey. About fucking time.

  • Ashley

    Oh KidFury I enjoy everything about you but your undying loyalty for Beyonce. Let me say this is MY OPINION and I’m so sure you could give two effs. Let me start by saying if I were a voilent person I would find you and stab you in not one but both of your ear drums for providing me with this garbage that I said “Hey, I will give it a chance.”, Hmmmmm Beyonce is lost and the more SHIT yes I said it SHIT she continues to put out will only prove it. She does not have a humble bone in her body and her insides are starting to show. Pure ugliness, case in point that demontic Superbowl half time show that many enjoyed. For someone to openly admit that they are “possessed” by spirits (Sasha) and that she “blacks out” and reviews the tapes and is so suprised that she looked, danced, moved, and sang as she did is rather disturbing to me. Truth be told its quite neasuating when I think of it so I don’t! She is a clear example if any how people sell their souls to the “devil” to achieve what they want. I use quotation marks for personal reasons, as I am not a religious person. With that said, I know when I see things that in MY OPINION are not what makes me feel comfortable. Beyonce is definitely one of those things so I steer clear of her and the likes. Tho song is creepy and unnecessary and in the end I’m left saying ” I don’t get it”. BY THE WAY I’m Keri Hilson ALLDAY everyday! :)

    • entertainmeh

      you sound psychotic….

    • M.J.

      I think you’re reading a little too much into this song.

    • mj

      please log off and seek jesus

      • brandonjaye

        Jesus does not need this following him around.

        • Christina H

          I literally HOLLERED at this!!!

    • Tiny’s Dusted Dictionary

      Damn Keri, I see you got tired of the shit on twitter and decided to lash out. Be careful, remember what happened last time you picked a fight with Bey?

    • RamenNoodles

      I laugh every time I see these kind of essays about Beyonce. Just admit that you don’t like her. This is about “new music” you went from Kid Fury liking Beyonce to the Superbowl to Sasha Fierce then to her religions. Girl…just comment on the song and keep it moving. You obviously not here for her so why did you join this post? You don’t even belong here, bye.

      • Ashley

        Wow, okay. I don’t care for Beyonce. NOT ONE BIT. I have my opinion which is what I thought leaving a comment allowed. You give yours and because someone doesn’t agree with you it’s a problem. As for me not “belonging” here, LOL I’m not even….It’s one thing to be passionate about something or someone but damn!!! By the way I’m Ashley not Keri.

        • RamenNoodles

          Your opinion had nothing to do with the subject like I said above. You was talking about everything but the song. What does Kid Fury liking Beyonce have to do with this? Superbowl? Sasha Fierce? Religions? Let me get you together though. “I don’t care for Beyonce. NOT ONE BIT.” But yet you here commenting on new music from “Beyonce”. Sis, you don’t belong here. I find it amusing for someone who doesn’t care (NOT ONE BIT) for “Beyonce” is on a Beyonce post. But I see that’s what all Bey fans do. Hi, Ashley I don’t believe I asked for your name nor did I call you Keri, but thanks for giving me that information.

          • Ashley

            Oh Noodles, so much could be said but it’s not worth it. I wish I knew you in person I’m sure you’re interesting when someone disagrees or doesn’t view your opinion the same. As stated in original post ” I thought I would give the track a listen” and I did. Not only did I listen, I left a comment/opinion. If I wanted to let KidFury know what I think and feel about him on a certain subject I can and did. You chose to respond and reply to my post as I am (again) to yours. CHOICES hmmmmm it’s kind of me not liking Ramen Noodles (which I don’t) and saying “Hey let me try them!” Or me thinking you’re a total asswipe and actually meeting you only to find out that you aren’t. It’s all opinions dear everyone has them, everyone is entitled to agree or disagree and press on. Lets do that. Clearly I will never share your views on someone that’s so precious to you. As for me giving my name, all that I replied to was not just for you. This was my first time posting and if I didn’t do it to your liking well guess it sucks to be you. By the way SUBJECT: Beyonces new track MY REPLY: Don’t like it at all, hope I dumbed my “opinion” down enough for you. Have a great one love.

          • RamenNoodles

            Girl, I don’t have time to read this. Just have a great day, night I don’t really care.

          • Christina H

            Although, I have a different opinion than you on the song, this here was a READ ma’am and I live!!

    • Ten Ten

      Question: What’s a Keri Hilson?


    The gossip is here! Hallelujah for Queen Beysus! It’s not her official single by the way…it’s just a buzz single..

    • entertainmeh

      and it’s got these folks buzzing and losing their shit…look below….The Queen brings the lessers out and they are SO PRESSED!


        well let them be pressed…they hated Jesus…Beyonce is just giving them something to talk about so their life won’t be so boring and pathetic! Go Bey!

  • reli

    lmao i love her but let’s be honest guys this is awful

    • S.

      Is this a different “Moyo” than the one above and below?

  • whatever

    Like, isn’t all about female empowerment & all of that other good shit? Why are you telling other women who share the same dream as you to “bow down bitch!” Disrespectful. No grown person should be supporting this shit. Really? She’s feeling herself that much these days, huh? Bey, we’ve seen where you come from. You’re not hood, mama. Country, yes. Not hood. STOP with this bullshit!! You’re a grown ass woman. Tell the machine behind you that you need to release more music with substance. Something TIMELESS!!! I won’t be listening to this shit a year from now…

    • entertainmeh

      its a buzz record, not a single. it’s to get u talking just like you are doing…

      • the molly in chris Brown’s poc

        mission accomplished. now these bitches won’t shut the fuck up. but then again, hit dogs will holler about having to bow down so…….meh………shrug.

    • TooTrill

      I totally agree with you! She been on too long I guess she don’t respect shit like she use too. And you right she has No substance. I be listening to new artist like Joistarr these days for substance. Now this child can sing and her songs got substance. Listen to her song lonely eyes. THAT shit is trill. Shit just go on that bitch youtube she trill as fuck. This bitch bout to slay everybody.

  • GoddessJosephine

    I am hopeful that this is an on-line introduction to music that only is being used to inspired “buzz.” I am 43 years old and maybe it is generational, but the word “bitch” should not be used on a musical release (CD or video) by a woman of Mrs. Knowles-Carter caliber. She is a role model as a QUEEN for young women and should inspire to push the urban swagger envelope, but she should maintain the class and focus she is known for. I did enjoy the opera component of the track!

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Giving God all the glory for this blessing he sent today!

    Beyonce delivered and told everyone to get their life!!! And I’m going to get mine!!!

  • Linda Mitchell

    Bowing the fuck down! I love this song because it’s not what we expected from Beyonce. Also, she’s throwing down the Trap EDM sound which I love.

  • tsk.

    the shady lookin one on the end..i believe its name is keri..

    • tsk

      that is all.

  • 2013 is that year

    People are pressed that she is not doing “typical” Beyonce. Moves like this is what separates your average musical artists from ICONS. She is stepping out of her box and damn let the woman STEP. Hit or miss whatever but she has EARNED her stripes to do whatever track she pleases and y’all will DEAL. She is not pressed about your coins to buy her album. Show tf OUT bey!

  • KellyBey

    This is just a troll ass song that i FUCKING LOVE. If anyone remember “Cake Like Lady Gaga ” ..these snippets are just like that . I believe these are just hype songs to make yall keep the the word BEYONCE on the tip of your tongue,.

  • britchick91

    Love it more every time I hear it t’s hilarious to me .It’s obviously not a song to be taken seriously .’Heard yo boo was talkin lip I told my crew to smack that trick’ come on now lol

    • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

      exactly..she knows what she doing..I knew it was for the hive after the first line. Why are people taking it so seriously tho? LOL!

  • Brandy’s Lace Front

    I was so here for this. Coming from an artistic stand point this song sounds like it may be a interlude or prelude…(ie. The prelude-JAy-z kingdom come)

    Anywho Beyonce can give a single fuck and a half about what a bitch thinks.

    Let’s be real, she signed a deal with pepsi that is probably most of these bitches net worth.

    Her husband is one of the richest men in the world (this does not define her) but most of these young kids look up to their relationship as a platform for how they would want to be.

    She is iconic.

    She did earn her strips in the game.

    She is her OWN manager.

    Beyonce is in charge of beyonce.

    She is 31 years old

    She is married.

    ( MAY I ADD THAT SHE GOT MARRIED THEN HAD A CHILD…I put it in cap locks for the weak bitches that wish to rebuttal so they may truly understand)

    She has managed to keep her personal life out of her business.


    SHe doesn’t have anything to prove to these bitches and that’s why she did this song. Anything the media can do or say to tarnish her image they try it. May I repeat that. THESE BITCHES “TRY” it. But there is no comparison. She has created her own lane. May I repeat that. HER OWN LANE. Therefore, this song was to pay homage to her lessors. They deserve a song, too, right?

    As far as that lyrical argument goes. Girl, have a mint and be cute. We all know beyonce has range for your ears, body for your runway, sas for your fantasies, and dance for your eyes. She gives you EVERYTHING.

    So sit down and try to locate your nearest lee beauty supply and prayer service to replenish your edges and dreams.

    • VItaCocoPuffs

      PREEEEEEEEACH. This sermon got me ready to testify. :::Palms in the air. Praise wave:::

    • Seven

      Anyone who looks up to their relationship, or believes Jigga is one of the richest men in the WORLD (rather than the U.S.), or behaves as if she is the first women in the world to get married and then have a baby is a LOSER! Take that to bed.

      • Brandy’s Lace Front

        Clearly, you are hurt. Let’s be serious here. I’m sure you know SEVERAL people who look up to them. Regardless if you like them together, individual , or at all. The facts are very real. I will retract my statement and rephrase. He is among some of the richest black men in the world. With endorsements from Budweiser, Live Nation…etc.. not to mention his ownership stake in the nets and def jam records. Let’s be real.

        and some pennies for your thoughts:

        “Jay-Z and Beyonce have a mind boggling combined net worth of $775 million which makes them richest celebrity couple in the world. They are well on track to be the first celebrity couple to pass $1 billion status, especially considering that they bring home over $70 million a year.”

        Mind you this was before the pepsi deal sis.

        Meditate on that.

  • Alicia Collins

    Fury your comments section is popping off.

    This song was for her fans. The hive. It’s hype and she swears a little and it’s cute. It’s not for anyone else, though. Just her true believers. I feel like it was cocky and a bit immature. She’s a 31 now… also it seems little contradictory to her vibe and rude to say “bow down, bitches.” It felt unnecessary, we know you’re it. Even if you don’t like Bey, you still respect. But everyone deserves a chance to step into the bad side, I guess.

    I’m glad everyone is excited for her return. I’ll be over here watching Doctor Who waiting for y’all to collect y’all snatched wigs off the ground.

  • WaterFaster2012

    …..and THIS is what our youth is being force-fed….no wonder why this generation is so screwed up. *leaves ridiculous song track*

  • RamenNoodles

    “I heard your boo was talking lip. I told my crew to smack that trick, smack that trick, smack that trick. Guess what they did? Smack that trick” Read this while looking at this gif of Keri lmaoo

  • lex

    This is cute…but better not be here official single. I guess the “girl power” thing is dead now…but she could fart on a record and the hive would get life so :-/

  • Aja

    I’ve listened to this song like 124354643 times, shaking my imaginary dreads … i just can’t right now. My head hurts. My edges are gone….omg..i gotta go.

  • Shadesville

    BitchBey went to her hoodrat roots, and yanked out MY DAMN ROOTS. . . . mY fUcKiNg FolliCles are throbbing…. and off topic, but im dead and DNR that Fureesha’s blog site has the same discussion box as myvidster…… *goes to*

  • Katrina Sharee

    So let me get this straight. Most of y’all think it’s trash because she’s cursing. Chile….even though I’m a new member of the BeyHive…this gives me LIFE. I’m glad she’s NOT trying to be perfect. Y’all will be ok because BeySeason is in FULL effect!

  • Andi

    Not feeling it. At all.

  • trillest

    i like the intro its kinda like a lemme reintroduce myself because you bitches seem to have forgotten lbs…idk how i feel about the 2nd part yet the voice is throwing me off

  • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’

    The sheer absence of fucks given on this track….Bey!!!!! I’m officially serving Naomi Campbell edges. *Let me go find these damn lyrics*

  • misha

    This song is WACK. I expected better but I’m sure her stans will eat this up like it’s their last meal. *sips tea* and judging by all the these comments, looks like I’m right. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but this song is terrible. #sorrynotsorry

    • TooTrill

      Real shit. I aint gone sit up here and lie . I am a stan! been one since day one but this shit is just that, shit! Hell I almost teared up when I heard the shit. it was like when you cuttin onions and garlic n shit and yo eyes start burnin n shit but these shits was real tears from disappointment. Like I said I love her but she gone have to come again. Why KB? WHY?.

  • Lola Rae

    Beyoncé has a great voice and is an amazing performer and she seems to be a really nice person, but this song is garbage and what makes it garbage are the lyrics, she is 31 with a husband and child, and is a businesswoman and she comes out with a song like THIS???? smdh, Im all for having fun and I enjoy a healthy amount of ratchet shit but this is not ratchet in a good way, it’s actually sad she is too talented to waste her voice with such poor lyrics and for her to about empowering women but makes a song where every other word is bitch and then telling them to bow down to her at that is just sad. I want Beyoncé to “grow up” in her lyrics, you would think with all the life experience I imagine she’s had she would make songs with substance , even a ratchet song can make you think if the person who’s writing the lyrics is doing just that…. THINKING

  • GLO

    Sting Queen B, STING!!!!!!! :D

  • Jamie

    Chile, I’m not even a big Bey fan and this got me feelin’ some type of way. I love this trill ish. *applies castor oil to edges*

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    Come on kids…let’s be SERIOUS FOR A SECOND. If this had been ANYONE ELSE Fury and EVERYONE ELSE would be calling this confusion a ‘Target at 12 am on Black Friday MESS’.

    I don’t care if this is PROMO or NOT it’s COMPLETELY Off the Mark and to have such a great Opera sample go to waste is like having Russell Crowe trying to sing in Les Mes. It sounded like a good idea until you actually heard the play back and then….

    • TrashyKardashian

      I agree. I thought that beat/sample from her world tour promo would be used for something better. Not her taking hook-line-and sinker rap pointers from Jay and giving us her hood rapport. And look… With that big ass house I saw her standing in front of on her documentary… She is not from the hood. Only associated at best. I’m sure she did go to the hood often in the car her parents purchased and chilled with friends and spent a couple of weekends with them. Talking about how she used to listen to UGK and giving out hood hotspots. No. I understand she was trying to relate back to us cause for yrs she’s been accused of bleaching and self-hate and so into the whites (complete bs) but no. I was shocked and did a rhythmic bob. But my edges are still gelled down with Ampro.

  • Tramaine

    Mrs. Carter put on for the H??! I’m so proud :hits the southside:

  • kik

    oh yes bow down bitches!!

  • Cherry

    Wack!!!!Apparently,Someone’s clearly got her shook. She it too old for this high school. She is about to be 32 this year and she should not have kids thinking this is the way to act.

    • Minnie

      Co-sign, I thought she was going to come better than this but she don’t care if it’s bad or good. She just need to be talked about on blogs to keep Jay happy enough to act right. lol

      • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

        are you seriously having a conversation with yourself or am I lost, sis?

  • Gameon

    She is so desperate that she can’t think about nothing else. lol

  • S.

    She showed her growth on “4″ …I now I think she just wants to have fun. Besides when has Beyonce ever been modest? Does “I think I need a barber, none of y’all *** can fade me” ring a bell? Ego? Diva?

  • Jazz

    I get that she was probably just having fun with this track (I hope its just an intro/teaser or something) but I think its beneath her to make music like this. Its a regression, actually. I love me some Bey but if this is a taste of what we should expect from the album then it seems like she hasn’t grown musically.

    We all know Bey is running the game. No need to boast/proclaim it. That’s kinda tacky for an artist of her caliber. The chopped/screwed theme was I guess paying homage to her HTown roots, but to me it seems like she’s trying to sound like whats hot right now when she should be living up to her reputation and making a timeless album, cuz truthfully I dont think she’s made one yet.

    With that said, the beat is absolutely sick and its kind of refreshing to hear Bey get a little gangsta lol. But I hope that it won’t be consistent throughout the album because that would be disastrous.

  • Soo fiesty

    Listen..if yu dnt like that’s how yu feel..but writing a 3 page paper about it is thirsty..have a glass of water and bow down.

  • B-

    I don’t hate on Bey. She’s talented, but “Bow Down” is the musical equivalent of a lame SubTweet or a vague FB Status Update. If someone got her annoyed enough to make an album intro about it, she should have just mentioned their name. Or at least been descriptive enough for us all to draw a conclusion. Had Ciara come out with the same song people would have snatched her wig and left her edges and baby hair for the vultures to pick on.

    Either way, the beat is good. I’m just not cool with a woman as talented as Beyonce calling her peers “Bitches” and telling them to “Bow Down”. It’s not necessary. She’s in her own lane. Especially when she’s built a solid career on top of many “Female Empowerment” anthems.

    “I Been On” sounds better un-pitched. I’m just glad these aren’t her first singles.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    Bey went in there and said lemme go Swisha House one time on these hoes..lmao. I mean, I get the song in general and you know she was coming for Keri and the rest of the girls. I swear tho..all I’m seeing across my newsfeeds in my social media circle is #Bowdown everything. Let that woman keep giving her fans and stans some shit to holla about and get they life for tho. Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion and since I happen to loooove chopped and screwed music, I can say I am here for this. It’s simple, catchy and you know regardless, life will be given all over the globe.

  • Candace Jones

    Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but lighten up! *GEEEEEZ!!!!* It simply is not that serious, Sis. If you’re not feelin it fine, it costs you nothing, pay it no mind. This song is not what anyone would have expected from Bey, but it is good ratchet fun and I, for one, am definitely here for it.

  • AH

    Nobody loves Beyonce more than Beyonce. When you start believing you are larger than life and everyone else is below you, that signals the beginning of your downfall. Good luck to her.

  • Cali

    Some of you idiots will bow down to her before you would bow to God. Get your priorities straight.

  • Joslyn

    pure trash

  • The Last Bit of Give a Damn

    Listen, not that any one cares, but I’m not really here for rachet Beyonce…….but I will say that I see this becoming the “ain’t shit bitch” anthem of 2013……..chicks with painted on red bottoms will be screaming this from poles in clubs all across the land o_O

  • AH

    Nobody loves Beyonce more than Beyonce. When you start believing you are larger than life and everyone else is below you, that signals the start of your downfall. Good luck to her.

  • cantakeit

    what the hell is this low income hood ratchettry???? UM NO I am NOT here for this. Bey girl queens dont announce their status, people just know it. and we all know who you are you aint gotta make shit like this. girl no, the next time u feel something like this in your spirit do a good deed and loan it to irrelevancies like keri and keyshia who need it. smh i need to go recover in the jhene aiko post. smh. *slams door behind me*

  • Cali

    I’m not sure where my comment went but it needs to be said so I’ll say it again —> Some of you idiots will bow down to her before you would bow to God. Get your priorities strait.

  • Boutdatlife

    Beyonce has said before that she wasn’t raised in the hood, so she’s going back to her “roots” . She grew up in an established household and well off family, she was rich, but she wasn’t from the ghetto either. It’s just a side of her

  • Boutdatlife

    But I do like the song, hopefully there will be a video for this

  • JahMekYah

    All you haters…she said it ..”Bow Down Bitches” it’s a fun.. hood track..we are human beings meaning we’re multifaceted, we all got a bit of hood in us..I like the track . Why should she be singing the same way all the time..smfh…plus it ain’t that serious and when i’m really feeling myself, I’ll be rocking to this song.

  • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment


  • TVF

    Yes, bow down to this self-entitled, overexposed, narcissistic, fraudulent elitist bitch…

    • brandonjaye

      Psychological projection was first conceptualized by Sigmund Freud as a defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own negative attributes by ascribing them to objects or persons in the outside world instead. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting faults onto others.[1] The original idea was that projection would allow for reduced anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them.

    • Christina H

      How are you calling her a bitch, but you just posted bible verses a few minutes ago? Major side eye…………HYPOCRITE

  • Joslyn

    Beyonce has a large following for the same reason the GOP has a lock on the trailer trash vote. People are too stupid to see the truth. Bitch needs to use her money and free time to get a diploma asap bc Blue will be done with 2nd grade in no time and Beyonce wont be able to help with homework after that. Ghetto, ungrateful bitch.

    • Christina H

      Somebody is STEAM PRESSED…………..

  • OhLordY

    I feel that she is using this track to share with us that she is going back to where she started which was R&B unless she is doing the I AM Sasha fierce markting ploy, Beyonce did mention last year that she will be putting out two disk this year….so we shall see

  • Tiffanyyy

    As soon as Bey puts out a new record everyone gets crazy bashing her for every lil thing smh Queen Bee don’t care and like the song says she’s been on who’s gon take her off! be mad

  • Mzshere20

    Face it…whether you like or dislike this song at the moment it will eventually grow on you because it will play every half hour on the half hour on every hip hop/R&B radio station

  • TrinidadJamesTooth

    Honestly, fuck’s sake. Music is subjective. If you like it, cool. If you don’t, cool. There’s no need to insult someone else because their opinions differ from yours.

  • Justin

    Exodus 20:5

    “You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the Lord
    your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the
    children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me”


    Leviticus 26:1

    “You shall not make idols for yourselves or erect an image or pillar,
    and you shall not set up a figured stone in your land to bow down to it,
    for I am the Lord your God.

    Just a few sentiments from all your bibles.

    good day.

  • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

    I don’t care for this song. But I didn’t care for “Love on Top”, or “Kitty Cat”, or even “Listen” the first time I heard them. I’m going to wait until the album to make any real judgments, which I hope her real fans, stans, supporters, and admirers will do.

  • SMH

    Why does “Kisses Down Low” sound better than both of these songs? All shade.

  • @j_ohhj_ohh

    ive surrendered my edges…

  • The Magic

    *shrugs* I prefer Solange’s music anyway.

  • lovewill

    Don’t we shade Yellowcake (Chris Brown, for all you non fury followers) for being arrogant and ratchet? Why are we giving this a pass when it is soon to be pressed to plastic to live for all time?
    I like Beyoncé’s music…but I’m not like…a fan…or stan. Some shit she drops and I like….some shit she drops and I don’t. This here…is just shit. I’ll send the Quilted Northern Quilter’s directly.

  • Wong Chia Chi

    Eh. I thought this was garbage but it’ll be so overplayed I’ll learn to just learn to tolerate it.

  • iamDJPurp

    I LOVE this!! Bey is serving wood grain and 22′s down in Houston and I LIVE for it.

    SN: Keyshia needs to sit her struggling ass all the way down. Her gap needs to come back and make a hit for her.

  • MarkAssBustahs

    absolutely no. beat is nice…not here for anything she’s saying. you are for women empowerment…in GQ magazine but now you want all the bitches to bow down? smfh beyonce is having a midlife crisis

  • BlueIvysBabyHair

    Honestly, the track is okay. It’s a little left field for a typical Beyonce record. But a great artist is always reinventing themselves. So I’m curious about how this album will sound. Kudos to Beyonce! I’m not a stan, I’m a fan and definitely respect her hustle.

  • Nothing Amigone

    Intro, interlude, lead/buzz single, diary entry, manifesto…it doesn’t even matter what her intent was putting this out. That was fun trash with some sick beats.

    I’ve heard Off-Keyshia Cole spill teardrops into her hair dye over this and now here go hell come with the rest of y’all chiming in. Why is everybody so mad over 3 minutes and 34 seconds? Whatever, I enjoyed it and am looking forward to what’s next.

  • thephotographer4you


    Interpret the words 21st generation peeps the way you see fit….don’t hate the messenger.

    You have a option.: Turn off the volume. Tune out. Sit there. Do You. Carry on…..ain’t nothing but a “G” thing.

  • Mimi Morg

    I don’t love it but she’s prolly just trying something new, which as an artist she has every right to do. Lets not forget although we all love her and want her to be perfection every time she won’t, she’s human, regardless of whatever pedestal we try to put her on

  • BabyBee

    Tell me who is going to take her off??

  • TooTrill

    fuck that some of yall bitches hatin on King Bey. She’s entitled to her creative shit. This is what artist do people, create. I love Bey. Theres alot of new artist givin me life right now too and Joistarr is next to be everywhere shutin shit down. I think artist like Joistarr who write they own shit, have songs with substance and can sing get looked the fuck over for rachet shit. SMDH. love Joistarr. She trill as fuck. I cant wait til the world know her too. I listen love her song lonely eyes and I get turnt the fuck up to her song sip love

  • TooTrill

    Oh and Jhene Aiko got substance too. Her and Joistarr bout to be shutin shit down. you heard it from me first. and what the fuck is up with kiesha bum ass cole that hood as bitch jus mad cause she aint think of the shit first LMFAO

  • ashaballot


  • Beeyonka

    See…for the life of me…I don’t get why folks won’t let her live. Music reflects life and there are times in your life when you are not prim, proper, and prissy. Everybody gets a little ostentatious, ratchet, and grimey. Also she’s only saying what all of her fans have been saying for years now, lol I don’t understand. Why are you mad that she’s saying the same thing you say all the time??

  • The Obamas

    ” She cares nothing about your feelings. She cares nothing about your taste. She cares nothing about your opinion. ” … and she obviously doesn’t care about releasing quality music. This shit was horrible.

  • Christina H

    Wow, it seems like most of you couldn’t wait to have ANY reason to bash the woman.If you don’t like the song, that’s your prerogative, but no need to try and make it seem like, she is lost or “fell off” or whatever else you want to attribute to her. Fact is it’s ONE song, and it may or may not be on her album. She is STILL QUEEN Bey, because I can GUARANTEE you none of your faves would have sold out a WORLD TOUR WITH NARY A NEW SINGLE. Facts are facts boos and come June 29, 2013 at the MGM Grand Gardens in Las Vegas, NV I will be front and center getting all of my life, I suggest some of you get yours.

  • Mmhmm.

    Honestly, who cares what any of y’all say?
    Not even dick riding right now, just being completely honest.
    Beyonce has long reached top fame status and has held it for years. Her career has been everything. If she wants to make a raunchy ass song, let her. It’s her music, it’s her life, and if the music sales backfires, that little present Pepsi gave her at the Superbowl will cushion the fall, so whatever.
    She’s still mega wealthy and mega talented. Props to her for branching outside of the normal image she always maintains, I don’t think this was a bad move.
    Besides. We all know this was aimed at a certain someone.

  • Jasmine Monique

    I absolutely love everything that you had to say in your introduction of this new song.

    She snatched my edges like a lacefront wig from which one used too much glue.

    The song to me is to be taken seriously, but not too seriously. Beyonce isn’t downing anyone per say, I feel that she is just stating God Given Facts :) Some of us can handle it, and some of us can’t (Keyshia Cole). Let’s not forget to say, “Fuck Keri Hilson!”

  • BitchYouPressed

    Beyonce gave you Pimp C, Bun B, Big Moe, Big Pokey, Big Hawk, Lil Keke, Slim Thug, Paul waul, wanna be a baller-Lil Troy, DJ Screw, DJ Michael Watts, purple drank, candy paint, switching lanes from MLK to OST to Cullen down to Buger Park then to Timmy Chans on MLK back to Cullen to Frenchys across from Yates (in one song…) bitches still pressed if your not a Houstonian then this isn’t some shit you can understand!!! Have a seat and wait for her ACTUAL single and let us folks from H-Town enjoy our tribute from B!

    • Kordell’s Empty Seat


  • Feril

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  • Jacob Alexander

    This song has already hurt feelings, and will soon come for careers. We all knew Beyonce is hood, she is just wonderful at hiding that shit. Also something you may not have known, God did not in fact use that 7th day to rest, he used it to create Mrs. Beyonce Knowles-Carter. He just didn’t mention that because he didn’t want us judging him. But seriously, when she started spitting that UGK at the end, my thug spirit did a backflip & double tuck. And whether this song makes you want to dance, drink lean, sing along, kick a homeless person, fight a rabbit, WHATEVER response it caused, it got you talking, so it did it’s job.

  • takemeawf

    Watch this: and then realize this:

    Homegirl is singing opera and rapping in the same song. None of y’all can do that. Goodnight!

  • inlovewithproduction

    Does anybody have the instrumental yet?

  • Thalia Harris

    It feels like her version of H.A.M. Couple listens, but I like it though. Sounds like she had a ball in the booth.

  • CadyHeron

    I can’t stop listening to this SONG. I love it and I lived. Ya’ll can be mad.But no one is going to take her off. -Jiggs-

  • Love & Happiness

    Yall ppl have no life all yall do is sit around in wait for Beyoncé to do anything the try in get on her ass…. She said one word “Bitch” and now yall think she setting a bad example for the kids when all these other songs out here saying wayyyyy more the the word “Bitch” get on they ass and get off Beyoncé’s. They only doing her like that because she’s Beyoncé and she on her shit & not letting you people get the best of her but hell I love everything shes doing So all yal need to jus stfu and “BOW DOWN”!!!

  • mscreolediva

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  • Сергей Васильевич

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