Candid Yams: Rita Ora & Iggy Azalea Leave Shepherds Bush

Kid Fury February 7, 2013 Candid Yams 29 Comments

Rihannadroid and Iggy Azalea were caught by tons of paparazzi while leaving Shepherds Bush Empire in London last night after a show. Rita is currently on her Radioactive Tour with Iggy as the supporting act.

There seemed to be a fair amount of skin for an area that’s gotta be freezing, but Iggy’s outfit was cute. Meanwhile, Rita is said to be working her US debut and Ms. Azalea is finishing her first album, The New Classic.

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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  • Welp

    Iggy is growing on me. Flexin’ and Finessin’ bumps so hard!

  • Reading The Dyslexic

    There isn’t enough Elmers Glue in the world for Rita Orajel to stick in the U.S. Cute fashions, though.

    • MarkAssBustahs

       i’m so done with you l0l

    • Jazz

      Time of death: 3:22 pm

  • F’em all

    Rita Ora is still a thing?

    • aye$

      IGGY AZALEA is still a thing?

  • Guest

    Sue me but I like Rita..she’s cute,trendy and can actually sing..i like her songs also…I just wish ppl would give her a chance and stop comparing

    • CaramelHottie


    • Entertainemeh

      She’s cute, but her songs have no personality. I think people gave her a chance, but people got bored with her real quick. Her debut song “Party & Bullshit” was a huge mistake too.

    • Jazz

      I agree with you, but the problem is she seems too manufactured. Its like the label constructed her image for her and she’s trying to be all these different things at once.

      I wonder if Iggy’s ass is real. I know her abs make me want to not eat for a week *puts down chicken* 

  • Seats

    So is everyone done playing the Iggy got next game or is her album still due to “slay”? 

    • RobinTinnicsha

      LMAO! the name and comment….

    • Entertainemeh


    • Welp

       LMAO!! Right. I don’t hate her, but I don’t love it. Either way, she’ll do alright. She is a cute girl. Im still listening to My World. I don’t know anything else about her music and don’t care too.

  • RamenNoodles

    Iggy is such a bad bitch like I just can’t. Oh? I notice Rita haven’t been rocking them Jordan’s & her usually style. Roc Nation must of got her ass all the way together.

  • Entertainemeh

    Iggys body is SICKENING! That’s all I got for this tricks…

  • Confused

    idk I just can’t get into iggy…I feel like she is putting on a facade…

  • Yvettegrimes

    Did they call the paps themselves?…since no one is really checking for them, I’m thinking they did…

    • Seats

      LMAO I was wondering what’s the demand for pics of them? Maybe they just had a few friends stage this shit because you know struggle begets questionable antics.

  • Rihanna’s Left Breast

    :/ …..

  • MarkAssBustahs

    iggy eats. she’s never taken a bad pic & i love her fashion.

    when i was going through my street style phase i loved rita, now……mehh she’s stilly fly though.

  • Kreayshawn’s Album Sales

    Rita’s face is giving me Frankenstein realness! but her outfit is cute…

  • Gullible

    Are there any pics without the jacket? (Rita)
    After reading about Iggy’s controversial rap debut,I never gave her a chance..and I’m not ashamed.

  • Ayniaqueen

    Soooo that’s not the same person??

  • Drea

    I secretly want Rita Ora to be great but her songs are sooooooo Kids Bop like girlll come on.

    Compare to today’s popular music artists (excluding Beyonce and Adele) you have an amazing voice yet you come out with those tired ass songs.

  • Beyoncesbigtoe

    “RIHANNADROID”???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fury, you gotta stop this my heart cant take it

  • Afastarr32

    Dat Aussie ass.

    Yes. Ma’am.

  • CadyHeron

    I Love Iggy…but Rita always gave me Diet Rihanna Teas. -Shrugs-

  • Jo

    Iggy rocks and haters will deal.