Watch The Love & Hip-Hop Season 3 Supertrailer

Kid Fury December 24, 2012 Videos 38 Comments

The third season of Love & Hip-Hop returns to VH1 on January 7th and the super-trailer has finally been released. It seems like we can expect less ratchet than the Atlanta division, but there are still some interesting stories and tons of drama lined up in New York.

Joe Budden and his thirty lady friends make for some great television. The sexy and snatched, Jen The Pen is dealing with conflicting cultures and religion in her relationship with rapper, Consequence. Yandy and her boyfriend, Mandeecees, have a beautiful new baby and Erica Mena is still loud.

I will definitely be watching and I’m sure I’ll enjoy this show over that trash ass Atlanta program. Check out the trailer below and look out for Love & Hip-Hop Season 3 on January 7th at 8pm.

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  • jajay22

    so….um… Merry Christmas y’all!! 

  • Ash.A

    I’m here for Tahiry, I’ll admit Joe Buddens ratchet ass, Yandy & ummmmmmmm Olivia , Erica & Rich I guess no matter what I’ve watched every episode of Love & Hip Hop (NY) & the foolery so I’ll check this new cast out

    • BKkid1218

      I’m here for Tahiry too. I hope the show doesn’t turn me off from her.

      And shout out to the lady lurking in that screen shot with Joe.

      • Guest

         Tahiry is gonna be Chrissy this season. WHO these other chicks tho?!

  • Lex

    Joe Budden is the SEXIEST MF. *grabs a gallon of Gatorade*

    • Titi

      I was in that boat with you until I saw the peen. :(

      • lex

        He’s a bottom anyway…so it’s ok

  • Nate

    I’m so sick of hearing all these delusional, no-name reality show figures and Nicki Minaj talk about “their brand. I’m a brand!”

    Girl, Pepsi is a brand; you’re just a broke down basic bitch.

    • Babygirl929

      LMAO – she is a CAB – CURB ASS BITCH (Shout out to Porschia from Real Housewives of ATL)!!!

      • casiss

        yasssssss in total agreement.

        • ConsequencesUpperFrontals

          I WAS Waiting for Somebody to mention those monstrosities that he has televised..

  • Guest

    You know what… NY was the place to be 10+ years ago. I still love it, but its not what it used to be and everyone knows that. Shit like this is the reason why. SMH. All the culture and history is overshadowed by nonsense like this. Where the real OG’s at? Who are all these clowns?!

    • Facts

      Yes I’m sayin ‘ …I ain’ even checkin for this show.

  • Jacqxz

    Tahiry is a woman in pain :( she need to et that ish go cuz holding on will only hurt you mama :(

  • ZJ

    For the first two seasons, Jim and Chrissy were the center of the show, and everyone else was connected to them in some way. These people just seem random. We’ll see. And note to Yandi: the time to have a problem with having a baby and shacking up is *before* you have a baby and start shacking up.


    • tay

       The people in ATL were random too but the show ended being pure ratchet entertainment. I am willing to give it a shot.

    • Evahill38

      SAY THAT! Like sweetie if you had a problem with shacking up you wouldn’t have let it happen in the first place these chicks kill me smh & yes all of these people are so random

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Joe Budden is finnne! Gah Damn! 

    I’ll admit,I’m gonna check it out. I just don’t know if I can take Erica’s loud ass and Olivia being mad all the damn time. I dunno about these newbies though….

  • Suchalady

    Sooooo Joey is still fuckin with Tahiry while his instagram gf is none the wiser, yes? Cool.

    This actually looks interesting but I still despise Mona Scott.

  • Kyana

    Not here for Mona and none of her fuckery.

  • Nj

    Idc what anyone says I’m hype for L&HH: NY. I remember when the cast and trailer for L&HH: Atl was released and everyone was clowning it. Then low and behold it was even better than the original NY show. Ppl should give this a chance too, instead of judging so quickly.

  • Apalacian

    oohh she shakin the table lol

    • MissLadyLG

      Exactly what I said when she did that! LOL!

  • Rubi

    My problem is that there isn’t any Hip-Hop, like AT ALL. The only track to come out of these shows was on the very first one from Olivia. It makes me sad. 

    • Seiko

      There is PLENTY of Hip Hop in ALL this franchise from New York AND Atlanta. “December”, “Walk Away”, “Bilar”, “Bury my Heart”, “Kiss My Ass”, “Louie Prada Gucci”, Jim’s song to Chrissy, ALL of Somaya Reece’s music. The music is still there ya’ll just focus on the ratchetness before actually focusing on the music.

  • britchick91

    I always liked Tahiry and liked when she and Joe used to vlog but he is a toxic individual 

  • CurlyBoo

    Yandy’s baby boy is soo adorable. Erica Mena has already got on my damn nerves.

  • CurlyBoo

    Yandy’s baby boy is soo adorable. 
    Erica Mena has already gotten on my damn nerves. She’s an annoying as female. 

  • Brittany

    Dead at Erica Mena is still loud

  • Bambi’s Gums

    I’m actually here for it .. if you follow Joe in anything him and his blonde are quite entertaining .. even though she never wears pants -_-

    • Chrissy’s Mole ft. Chrissy

      LOL @ your name! I didn’t even read your post, but I died, lol!!

  • Earthshaker1217

    At least, this version has an intriguing/thought provoking storyline that can help people. Two people from different religious backgrounds who have a child together trying to compromise. I’m here for that. Dealing with your child being afflicted with illnesses. I’m here for that. All that other mess. I’m not here for that.

  • lala

    im just here for consequences teeth 

  • Myssdee

    Yall not going to talk about Joe Budden and his Mr. T jacket???

    Yall gonna stop playing with me

  • CadyHeron

    *Sighs* The African-American fuckery.

  • gabicaligirl

    Don’t care,  I’m here for all types of fuckery.   Got my pop corn and Andre stocked up.  Bok with meh. 

  • DropDownAndGetYourPigeonOn

    I was about to yell out “Nooooo, oh my goodness, Kevin” because for a swift moment I thought Kevin Hart was getting choked out in that gym scene. Dah well.

  • Shea


    I can’t wait for the new season of
    “Love & Hip Hop” but I am a little sad Kimbella and her always entertaining
    drama will not be making a return on the new season. From the previews it looks
    like there will be enough drama and trash talking that there will never be a
    dull moment. Unfortunately, I’m going to miss the premiere but I’ve already set
    my DISH Hopper to record it. With over 2,000 hours of entertainment space I
    never have to worry I will miss my favorite program. I like to clean when
    watching my favorite shows and with this I can start watching in the living
    room and finish watching in the kitchen.