Kanye West Goes HAM On Camerawoman After Reggie Bush Questions

Kid Fury October 15, 2012 You Doing The Most! 52 Comments

Mother Kanye was hotter than butter on grits yesterday while leaving dinner with Kris Humphries’ wife. The couple had just dined at the fancy Prime 112 restaurant on South Beach, all the while Kim Kardashian’s famous ex, Reggie Bush, was eating across the street at Prime Italian with his pregnant girlfriend, Lilit Avagyan.

When Kanye and Kim left the restaurant, a photographer recorded video of them while asking Kimberly if she’d like to go congratulate Reggie on his expected baby. That’s when Kanyetta went off for her tens and attempted to snatch the woman’s camera away from her.

No such luck, however. A smiling Kim walked with Kanye to their car and they left, while the camerawoman ran around telling people that the rapper tried to beat her up. Talk about a jockstrap of emotions. Again, you gotta fight shade with shade, people. The YBF has more pics.

Photo: UrbanDaily


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  • twerkisha ampro gel

    Kanye, girl…. Stop it

  • Jason Luke

    Really KIM? Kanyetta ‘s behavior is FUNNY? HUMAN GARBAGE!!!

  • Killah

    “Kris Humphries’ wife……..” LMFAO

    • NYCNaye

      OMG I just realized that she IS still legally married lol. Kanye and Kim are the trashiest lesbian couple ever!

  • Beyonce’s Penis

    What is with all of these butch queens and their hoodrat antics? And here I thought Raynisha ways sensitive when Ms. West is getting bent over a question the wasn’t even directed towards him!

  • ZJ

    Dim Trashbagian sure is enjoying the show. Kanye’s an idiot. 

    • Jazz

      And here I was thinking my nickname “Kum Lard-ass-ian” was the bees knees. I can’t top you! LOL!

      • ZJ

        Thanks, Jazz. I rather like Kum Lard-ass-ian, especially in light of the full back shot of her in that sheer skirt. Tragic.

  • aigespeaking

    I have this strange feeling that if that photographer were a man he wouldn’t have tried to do that. I could be wrong though. *files nails*

    • Bri

       He has done it to a man before. A few years ago he was in an airport and took a male photographer’s camera and slammed in to the ground. He’s just not a big fan of the shutterbugs.

      • aigespeaking

        Oh, okey doke.

      • Willi

        He loves the camera. Just not the razzi.

  • Abigail .S.B

    LMAO! These two are a joke!

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    Fury..that first sentence is tore off the blinds and put up all the shade. Legendary house mother needs to stop it. Is he mad that all they exes is having babies and settling down and they still running around from town to town leaving tragic tales of Leather pants and Murray’s pomade? Go home, brush Kim’s hair for hours and cry it out, sweetie. 

  • Ebonyc29

    he tried it !!! he is so dramatic …he forgot to take his meds..I cant I just cant

  • DgkLaRae

    Oh Kim-ye….oooooohhhh Kim-ye smh

  • reeree

    he is such a queen.

  • Coonye West

    I miss the Kanye that dressed like McLovin.

    For the Kanye that dresses like a bi-sexual Morpheus, I’m absent.

    • Mimi

      Time out…just go there and take a nap. I can’t even stop giggling at this comment!

    • Jazz

      Bisexual morpheus?? LMAO! I’m out *Swans dives into casket*

  • Michele Lee

    Mother Ye…please calm you bussy.  You don’t expect uncomfortable questions when you are dating a women that has literally dated EVERYBODY’s at least once?


  • Statesside

    She laughs because she loves niggerish activity. God I hate her.

    • Regina George

      NIGGERISH ACTIVITY!!!!!!!! *grabs my drawstring ponytail and waits for next bus to heading to Heaven*

    • kim

      And u represent racist activity and stereotypes….wake up its 2013.

  • (M.J.)

    Kanye… ma’am… please stop. 

  • nellkaye

    kim is the worse then crack look what she’s done to the black community.

    • Stacksonstacks

      Kardashian coochie is kryptonite to a ninja!

      • nellkaye

        kim is just hot leather trash.

  • Heyboo

    Her smugness is pushing me towards the edge…that weird ass smile, his unnecessary extra behavior just make them really unappealing and doesn’t make me want to see them happy. Yes I am horrible for saying that but it’s true lol… They suck AND she is still married!!! Thanks for reminding us Fury!

  • Kyana

    Kim Fatrollshowcase-ian is too giddy at the opportunity to be in the headlines again for some no class @ss sh!t. I rebuke that evil turkey-necked grin, and Kanyetta, sit down hoe.

  • Jacqueline Jaxx Atta-Hayford

    Kim Kallmyagent couldn’t look any more thirsty for some fuckery to go down. I bet she comes every time her name ismentioned on TMZ.

  • whatevs

    Lolol who are they really mad at tho

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Fury, Cleary Muva Ye has not watched your PSA about keeping all hands and feet inside his bubble and to his mother fkin self. I would love it if he pushed me and/or snatched and broke my camera… tuition shall be ‘paid in full’. A bxtch would have did the most dramatic fall you ever seen, Oscar Worthy!

  • Kay

    Oh girl like really Kanye? I would like to slap that smirk off of that dick-loving mouth.

  • YolaHippie

    fucking kanye is a real fucking asshole. take yo ass out the public eye & give me your fame nigga. you COULD have snuck in but you didnt. reggie bush not even thinking of you nor his ole hogwash. kanye need to get his life & stop being fucking stupid. what is he insecure about reggie having kim again? cause if that’s the case then he needs to come for me, the person that commented before me & the person that came after me. we all done had kim, shit the SOLAR SYSTEM DONE HAD KIM. her receipt of sexual deeds with people is mighty long & to take it a step even further for a low low price of free, you can see kim have sex on your computer. change your tampon & get your life & keep it moving kanye we are NOT here for your dramatics unless you are bussing a vogue dip that will make the gods blush.

  • serenissima

    ‘Mother Kanye was hotter than butter on grits yesterday while leaving dinner with KRIS HUMPHRIES’ WIFE.’

    *packs up shit* *exits the planet*

  • iKnowassup

    jus wen they thought it was “safe” to like kanye he had2 fudge it up! defendin the whxre!

  • iKnowassup

    ooo we can cuss on here? lol iAint kno! iReally love kanye but since he bn fuckn the ho smh! now he gtn violent tryna defend this bitch! shes laughn at him

  • YourRoyalty

    This pic really frustrates me…just very classless.

    • reeree

       who’s telling her that those diapers look good?

      • YourRoyalty

        aunty Ye.

    • Radon Kong

      Bitch looks like she should be servin cocktails in a bar/brothel scene of Demolition Man. 

  • Sensationaly_Slain

    Auntie Ye-Ye is giving us straight swamp water coon teas in this pic! And I’m just waiting for Kim DeepThroatian-HumpForWeaves to get hit by a bus or the clap! Which ever comes first…

  • Buckey’s Wig

    Kanye being seen with this Armenian chubaca rug is like a kid finding out santa claus isn’t real….I honestly think this brother has gone coocoo for coco puffs….he gona be on suicide watch after this trainwreck and trust this train will wreck….this buzzard doesn’t want a nice quiet life she wants to bring the entertainment aand that’s what she’s gona do at his expense…look at how she’s laughing….when will these black boys learn…smh

  • Shellbee

    Why a nigga mad? At least the question wasn’t about Ray J. *shrugs*

  • Tiffany

    Say Ye, say Ye….Kimmy got you out here looking cray-cray.

  • Tina Marie Bledsoe

    She’s obviously evil.

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  • Jordan Wilson

    People let’s get real, You and I both know that we wouldn’t want some random ass person with a camera all up in our face. Quit trying to make these people out to be gods kk? News Flash: THEY ARE STILL HUMAN BEINGS!!!!!! If anyone is at fault it is whoever that dumb ass retarded girl is. 

    You don’t know them. You don’t know if they have a mental disability or not. They could have an issue with cameras or a phobia or something! They could be sensitive to flashing lights COME ON!!!! LETS THINK BEFORE WE ACT PEOPLE!!!!! GOD!!!!!

    • Junayd

      Was this not the dumbest comment ever? They’re celebrities meaning very little privacy outside of their home. It’s the price of being a celeb. That’s like being President but not wanting the responsibilities of running the country. Kanye has always been super dramatic and being a Chicagoan I can say he gives our city a fckd up rep. The dudes a goofy and to knock up Kim “No class at all” K. makes him look like a true lame.

  • lewcifer

    Kim & kanye are both human garbage…will somebody please “take out the trash?”…it’s really starting to stink up the place!

  • meatball570

    These 2 r perfect 4eachother soulless glutens he eventually will go totally insane from believing he’s god. Her what can u say just replace rich black guy 4 new rich black guy & keep repeating her intelligence isnt high enough 2know the diff between them she just needs to have an NBA team run train on her then she can make her father rise from the grave instead of just rolling over &over