Chris Brown & Rihanna Sit Together At Jay-Z’s Barclays Show

Kid Fury October 3, 2012 Oop! 134 Comments

Well these two just don’t give a damn. Chris Breezy and Rihanna were spotted sitting together tonight at Jay-Z’s fifth Barclays Center concert in Brooklyn, NY. Rap Radar chief, Elliot Wilson, spotted the duo walk into VIP together for the show.

Meanwhile, Kingofzamunda hopped on a plane from NY and headed home presumably. Now if Chrianna was bold enough to make an appearance at a Jay-Z show, I’m sure they will be seen together a lot more often. Re-couple alert?!

Source: Rap Radar

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  • LSP

    Poor Koenma 

    • GG

      LMAO koenma tho I’m out

    • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

       Yu Yu Hakusho shade?  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!

    • Camille

      This has given me so much life!!

  • twerkisha ampro gel

    I’d say its official that they’re going to get back together. Yay for lightskin love

    • 123itzme

      Lightskin lust more like it cause his cousin’s bff is already spilling the tea! She said and    I quote “Rih has never really been out of the picture and Kae was really dumb and believed the lies also Chris was never faithful to Rih the first time and will not be even if do make it official publicly” So there you have it folks mellowyellow loves swinging that #2 pencil. 

      • KidFury

        Mm. Trash. Hopefully Rihanna can be his friend and get him off crack…cause girl…

        • 123itzme

          Ohhh more tea jus heard Bey left the Vip section after they showed up and sat behind her! The Queen knows what’s up and I secretly love the shade……

          • Heyboo

             Bey is supporting her man, cus Jay hates Chris..I thought Jay said if she get’s back with him, she has to find another label…hmm her career might take a nosedive.

          • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

            That may have been all well in 2009… Jay will not make that business move today. Besides I honestly thinking Rih might leave the label after she finishes the # of albums they agreed on. I have never heard of an artist who willing creates albums on a yearly basis she wants out of that contract.

          • Michele Lee

            Yup , that is exactly what Rihanna is doing she is trying to fulfill her contract. I remember her saying on Oprah when she first came out she felt restricted.  Maybe she agreed to 10 albums I know she more than halfway to that by now. Don’t be surprised when she signs elsewhere.  The problem is a big part of her brand success is because of her Jayz association so, her career will likely be over by then.

          • Kee

            I honestly think that at this stage in the game jay aint bout to drop rhi no more than diddy will have a successful artist come out for longer than a year.. At the end of the day hed be the fool because as much as I personally think rhi music is not somethin i can bugaloo to, the kids in these streets love it so he need to get his money and keep his big ass nose in beyonce and blue ivys business and sit back and collect them checks. ANNND also, if he was gonna drop her, why not do it earlier this year when cb and rhi dropped those remixes which i bet he had to give the ok on somewhere before they came out. Jay know better, after all he is a BUSINESSman remember?

      • Tjfdragon

        #2 pencil…*DEAD*

  • Statesside

    Yikes and this marks the dance break at the end of the video where he runs off with Rihanna…

    • SecretDivva

      I can’t get over Kingofzamunda!!! But as far as Chrianna… they already fxckin so.. yea, I’m sure they’ll be poppin’ up together a lot of places. Better get some counselin’ cause they WILL fight again. Ri is crazy and so is he. ::drops mic::

  • Tinaguttah

    KrissKross must being crying her eyes out at this spectacle!

  • M.J.

    Welp, welp, welp. We tried to Kallonmebrotherifyouneedahand, but the chikadee wouldn’t listen.  Now Fistopher and Rihbound are messing them sheets with weed leaves and boxed wine stains. 

    • Kadijan92

      Kallonmebrotherifyouneedahand …. Good night ! LMAO

      • Hdgdj


    • Hxsgxcjnx

      -kallonmebrotherifyouneedahand- i just dropped on my knees and started praying ! i didn”t know what else to do….

    • Stina9337

      JEEEEZAAAS these name remixes!!!!

    • FrankieJ

      No No No No No!!! This joke has hit the UK, I felt this all the way in London. Just…No!

  • Mesa

    I mean wasn’t he cheating on Rihanna when they got into a fight… Now he’s cheating with her?! Well I’m happy kambodia finally woke up and smelled the coffee!! Sheesh. Rihanna girl do you boo… Do you!

  • NoseyJonesy

    They obviously don’t give two fucks about public opinion or KaramelDelight’s feelings. And she’s a fool for continuing to be made a fool of! Wouldn’t be me!!

    • Sherrie

      well I hope that car is at least in her name.  He should at least give her a parting gift, at least a small condo so she won’t have to go from jetsetting to living back at home with her parents,or maybe college tuition at the school of her choice.

      • Miss September

        Lol , so true !!!

      • Tjfdragon

        Tuition @ IDC College to become a vocational nurse…  maybe she can hook up Lil Romeo..

  • Simone

    Kantgetenoughofyourlovebabe should’ve seen this coming from miles away, everybody else did! But I forgot she’s “ray Charles to the bullshit.” Smh.. And Chrianna just gives no fucks at this point.

  • MrsKris

    Aww poor little Klingon. I’m sure she cried all the way home.

  • Lollie

    Poor KanIGetARefill !!!

    • Jahdga2

      im out

  • falling in heels

    KrisKrosswillmakeyoujumpjump ain’t going anywhere as long as she has a credit card and shelter.

    • Yiles

      KrisKross tho!? I actually sang it out loud as I was reading it. You crazy for that one!!

  • guest

    poor kookaberasitsintheoldgumtree

    • Renee

      I just died and you gave me life at the same time! I haven’t heard kookaburra since I was like four!

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    I watched this tragedy unfold today..I kinda felt bad for  KungFuHustle . She will cry China Beach tears into her box of egg foo young and kimchi and dust herself off..but damn, if this ain’t the final slap in the face, not even 24 hrs til the girl left town and they boo’ed up. I must say, the bitch in me is livin for this symphony of messiness.

    • Dpatter4

      Hell yeah I can’t wait for this to unfold… it was so obvious since that birthday cake song came out that I don’t even feel bad for her… She got trapped by the cash smh

      • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

        Cash, exposure and No.2 Pencil penis, apparently..lmao. 

  • KissBlower

    Look, Chris and Rih Rih don’t give half a fuck anymore & klickklickbangbangitsamurdabizness will deal

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    BTW..if this is the end, I think Fury should do a “In Memoriam” for all the names she’s been called on this site. lmfaoo

    • KidFury

       I swear I will. It’s only right.

      • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

        Yassss..I would get all my life that day. lol

      • Lyn

        yessss….. #rip komenforthecure

    • Zels Photo

      If he did a video i would die!

    • Tjfdragon

      That post will be about 5 pages long…

  • Auntiechicken

    Buh-bye now Kentuckyfriedchicken!!! Take Care girl.

  • SmashMclovely1

    If this doesn’t confirm it then its close. Chris and KrayshawnsKareer are over. TeenNick must have placed an offer for her to speak out to teens and sponsor her tattoo removal.

    • /slain


  • candycouture

    I blame Oprah. Once she confessed her love for him it was a wrap for KrispyKreme and CBreezy. It was only a matter of time. 

    • candycouture

      Once Rih confessed her love for him on her show** Not Oprah cause that would be weird on 1000000 different levels LOL

    • ∞ηεℜđ∞

       agreed. the moment rih said “im not happy unless he is happy” , I knew KronicDisorder was going full blown geisha in her motel 6 room.

  • j*wavvy


  • Michele Lee

    Katchmeifyoucan girl……Jesus is a shelter in the time of storm… 

    That’s all I got.

  • SmashMclovely1


    • Suchalady

       I was coming in here to say this exact same thing.

  • Oh

    I’m dying. Fury why didn’t you get the full picture/ with the King Bey & Little Rih Ora in fron of them. Its like mad people staring at them lmaooo i’m dying at the pic right now. You know Bey probably up there shading downee lol I know I would be so messy omg “Where’s your girlfriend?” xsdavgbnhsgf I wish I was there 

  • Radon Kong

    Is that Chris tho? Didn’t that nigga just have some ole texturizer curly top shit in his head? This dude looks like he got a fade, and that girl looks like she has a bun..*shrugs* I guess, far be it for me  to sully the hope of Blossoming Beige Romance. I wonder what Kornbreadearlandme thinks about this suspect picture…

    • Seats

      Yeah the hair looks suspect to me too but I was thinking he’s friend with Hov so he wouldn’t lie but at the same time it’s suspect that this picture was posted to the blog he owns right after. People will do anything for a coin. Plus Chris Brown at a Jay-z concert?!

      • Radon Kong

        Hell it could be them Ionno… Dude’s head looks round n healthy, current CB got that ‘Loco’ shermhead ass head, maybe he gussied up for the concert got a fade and took a shower..

        • KidFury

           He cut his hair. He had a fade BET Awards weekend.

    • Chantel Tucker

      Kornbreadearlandme…!!!!! I am all the way gone bwahahahahahahahahaha

  • Beyoncé’s Lacefront

    Poor Kabutops! feel bad for her.

  • ziggy gnarly

    It’s real. There is no more room for KlitRomney in the Haus of Fenty-Brown.

  • Oh

    But Fury…its sad to say we won’t be able to make names for KantGoToTheVMAs anymore. I’m gonna miss your posts about them and the names you give her. Fuck Chris. Now I’m mad. lol

    • Statesside

      She’ll be back, they also come back *pulls down shades, looks in Rihanna’s direction*

  • Ariel

    I wonder what Krustykrabpizzaforyouandme is doing right now

    • Zels Photo

      O. M. G. my favorite!!

    • Laila Corrorez

      lmfao no you did NOT take it all the way back to Spongebob..”the Krusty Krab pizza, is the pizza for you and me!” Yes GAWD! Smh hopefully KarmelKoveredKegels has been  saving her coins from her allowance so she has something to fall back on..dang, po lil tink tink :/ 

  • ally

    poor kallmemaybe…

  • Myfashions2dat

    Yasssssss!!! #teamchrianna but I will say I feel a little bad for kraftmaccaroninchesses. :(

  • Zels Photo

    I want Krownhimking to let go & let live

  • Elle Monee

    Karmachameleon need to just find her a nice light skinned aspiring rapper and…wait, nvm. That’s not turning out too well for her right now. 

  • Gee

    dah welp…KampKucamunga should have taken Miss Jia’s advice about that account. 

    • kaye

      LOL!!! You took it back

  • Jkgirl93

    I wanna fight each and every one of you for these names…bahaaa i am in tears! I’m going to be the devils advocate and say perhaps they are really just friends (riri and breezy)…Karrueche I feel bad for she’s taken a lot of crap…that gurllll has the skin of an alligator.

    • Suchalady

      Nahhhh if they were just friends then Karkeys would be sitting right there with them. We’ve already seen that she doesn’t have a problem befriending exes.

  • The Urban Sage

    Did Kalamazoo FINALLY grow a back bone?! Whew! Yes! It’s about time Kenanandkel got out of that relationship.

  • Bianca

    wow. well hopefully KanYouStandTheRain has finally removed the rice and sushi from her eyes and seen the light. Chris aka Yellow Cake just wanted to try some Asian cuisine cuz he was bored. But everyone knows he longs for that island breeze. KallMeMaybe should just try to make an actual career for herself now. 

    *goes back to sipping tea & playing in Miguel’s wigs*

  • Ch0colateDr0p

    *sings New Edition* Is thissssss theeeee enddddddddd….are you my friend? It seems to me, you ought to me free…you used to be mine when the chips were downnnnnn…R.I.P. to kookmeapotofpho’s 15 minutes of fame.

  • ∞ηεℜđ∞

    I want karreuche to sing at Rih *&u

  • ∞ηεℜđ∞

    damn enter. But,As i was saying. Karreuche should sing at chriana’s wedding “She is your queen to be “. i swear that would make me so

    • LadyBug

      Is that her real name??? I swear I forgot what it really is and what it looks like. If it is I see why we call her everything but a child of God because I cant read that shit or pronounce that shit. 

      • ∞ηεℜđ∞

         yea thats her real name lmfao

  • Yiles

    That’s what you get for acting shortbus special to all of his non-sense Kimberistrulyoutrageous! I’ll give you props though KusifisntlovewhydoIfeelthiswayinside you put up with ALOT more shit than I ever would’ve tolerated. Now go head and get your life together Kricketot!

    • Laila Corrorez

      Get out. lmfaoooooooooooo *dies*

  • CaramelHottie

    I feel so bad for Keloid, seriously. Chris is always publicly humiliating this girl. At first I thought she was with him for money and fame but judging from her appearance every time I see her she doesn’t even look superficial. It must suck to be in love with someone who loves the next person.

    And speaking of that,Chris you NEED to stay away from Rihanna.  You’re career still hasn’t recovered from the damage of that incident, smh, I blame it on the coke. His face has been so crackish looking lately… 

  • SendHim2Jail

    In 20 years Chris will have had impregnanted Rih-Rih, KutKlose, the girls from B2K, 702, Allure, Katstacks, Draya, Aubrey Graham. You will regret slanging that lightskinned jank around Chris!

    • Katalinadressingisgone

      I died at Aubrey

    • Apalacian

      B2K and Aubrey…..officially dead now

    • SmashMclovely1

      the girls from B2K… Jesus says hello

  • Mimi

    You see there, Kodenamekidsnextdoor! See what the people have been saying all along? Damn girl, I can’t even feel sorry for you, Kastingoutdemons!

    Seriously though, I’m just here for the nicknames. I’m neither shocked nor bothered by all of these high yellow hijinks.

  • TaKenyah.

    Glad KaneKalon got her life. Time for Rihanna and Chris to REUNITE.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    KitNcaboodles , girl..we putting u in the prayer circle along with Wayneisha, Mother Khanye, Miss Aubrey, Nicholas the Roman and the rest of the girls.. Amen and

  • bangpoppopthisthinggopow

    poor killingmesoftlywith his song, she got playyed! but curry goat and light ike, aint ever gonna learn are they shit is about to go down!

  • Gchxjsxhxjmx

    all bad for Krymeariver Tran , money rules all only reason she stayed so long, but she’s a taurus woman she was going to eventually leave they don’t play that shit !

  • Hbxjcxbxj

    poor car Karrwash , that “bye baby” hit me like chris hit ri…. nevermind i can fill the pain, ayywaaays dang boo you got hella played, at least you gotta gift/goodie basket boo heeey :) you better make whatever came in it last cuz it didn’t look to big….. CHRIANNA MAKE THE PUSSY GO WOO WOO ! odioh’s Rice Cake hit cho ass with the name  wifey gave you :p buh bye


    the nicknames for Kashedout before i took off = D E A T H

  • Giselle

    Knicknackpaddywack needs to hang up that jersey, she’s obviously lost the game

  • Ilovebeansandrice

    Kan’tTouchThis should have none this was coming i mean come on this was like an EARTHQUAKE, it’s your fault Kornerstore for attaching a magnet to YOU AND CHRIS , ended up being everywhere chris was, instead of getting PREPARED smh , 

  • Applesandspice

    Aww I feel bad for keeponrollingoutthedoor.Nope I take that back.She shoulda known what she was gettin herself into.She just got played by Chris, Rihanna and all the other women he probably slept with.

  • Joseph Hernandez’s translator

    Kantkeeprunninginandoutofmylife tried to make it work, so I cant give her too much.  As for YellowGoat, I have no hope for them.  Chris will have Rih hooked on that nose candy in no time.

  • Trulade77

    Welp the show must go on! Be bless Kankloanhairkost99cents.

  • Missglamzon

    Well I guess Rih Rih’s Root box is working again and poor Karebearstare is going back to where ever she came from. She can only go up from here now hopefully she can get on bad girls club.

  • PocketFullwithNonetoGive

    Poor little KampAnawannaweholdyouinourhearts… She never had a clue. Hopefully at this point someone has let her borrow one.

    • Bry!

      ^^ THAT NAME THOUGH! you win for the Salute Your Shorts reference!

  • Divastatusizcraz

    I cant help but picture Riri crip walking on a pack of rice cakes with keyshia cole in the background belting out
    “you need to get if he dont wanna, love you the right way he anit gonna, it anit where hes at its where hehe, where he WANNA BEEeeee”

  • Wtf

    I love me some Chrianna BUTttt not for nothing Chris cheated on Rih beforehand (fact he admitted it in his songs & all ) so I don’t know y people make it seem as if he really loved Rih when he cheated – now I don’t care for KrayolaCrayons (nothing against her seems real cool & is a beautiful girl) but I don’t want for Chris & Rih to get together & it doesn’t work out. You can’t lie that the world being against them being together maybe a turn on for these two not to say they not in love but u get it

  • Lucritia

    This is just bold as hell!

  • Tinaley

    So Kaopectate left for good???? lol

  • Bre

    Let’s just all join hands and say a little prayer for Klefairy. Shall we?

    • Jay F

      Not Pokemon!!!!

  • Jay F.

    Please KabbaModern, go cash whatever Breezy checks you got left, cause girrrrrl……

  • CS

    On the bright side, Kablam is free from Fist Brown. Let’s hope Rih smells the roses soon because Crackhead Brown ain’t good for anyone.

  • stacksonstacks

    Meanwhile Drake is softly weeping

  • Kedra Tolson

    The names! The names! I can’t BREEVE!!!!

  • nellkaye

    well I hope kottonmothking is at home packig her things and bumpin kelis. because this shit rite here nigga*katt Williams voice* is to much even for me. if every body told you yo man is creepin u shouldn’t have been so Helen Keller to the bullshit blame yourself and Chris for the lack of respect he shows to you.

  • GetAtMeHeaux

    Aww, poor KrefloAintGotADamnDollar, but one question Can You See Now Bitch? ray Charles in his grave on autorotation because of the vain use of his name. Bitch have some tact.
    We tried to warn you, krispyKremeIsNowHiring, but you chose to be smug with your 4 ft nothing self….
    Kegels, girl, lemme tell you something you need to follow in the footsteps of your saviour Amber Rose and find you an ambiguous asexual amphibian and proceed to to have mixed-species kids, cause chh, we ain’t here for you, that ugly ass tat and your lezbun g-shock friend.
    Before you leave kohls’s, a smidget of advice,, ask Rihanna how that Caribbean cunt works and get you a JOB.

    #ByeBitch thanks for playing….

    • Bre

      I just choked on my sandwich @ “krefloaintgotadamndollar” lmao ldjflsjlfjlsjf

  • Tgtoliver

    kabbalahismyreligion chile boo I can’t WAIT for your tell all! My kindle fire waits with abated breath!

  • Tiffany

    Maybe if her tiny Asian feet can run quickly Killingmesoftlywithhissong can catch The Dream  and have a baby or marry him.  He’s always looking for the next wet spot.  God speed my little yaki mandu God speed!

  • GTrain

    I hope K-whatever does leave quietly. You never know what pushes some people over the edge. It can be very dangerous.

  • You’re Welcom

    Komemrtallymantallymebanana is doomed…

  • WELP!

    im hoping that Drake is getting ready to save KaleidoscopeDream ..add a little more shit to this show.

  • Vidal

    Things are just not looking good for KabbagePatch  .

  • Tjfdragon

    Poor KarKashLoans..  hope she saved up some coins…

  • turntUPPPPPPP

    #teamcrihanna!!!!! KimKardashiansKoochiesnorcher can have a stadium of seats now…

  • Benzino’s Neck

    I can tell that twitter will become KaliSwagDistrict’s best friend real soon.

  • LadyBug

    All and all I think this shit is going to make for an amazing album. Chris gonna get off that rock, Rhi is going to keep slaying bitches and start dancing again and KhristmasMiracle is going to be a sickening Forever 21 cashier. Clearly everybody wins. 

  • Aniyaa

    Kourtdate looks terrible in those new pictures i seen smh no make up baggy eyes smh Kakebatter looking pretty beat up

  • Amandabreezy

    Kraigslist gone start selling her jewelry she gone be broke soon smh 

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    How much ya’ll wanna bet Aubrey left her a long voicemail with “Lean on Me” playing in the background.

  • MotherMay-i

    Babygirl was not about that life !

  • Kay

    Poor Klondike bar, it’s been real girl. & I have officially left this earth at “KINGOFZEMUNDA”.

  • jasie

    Keepscallingandgettingnoanswer is probably going through the worst right now chew it over with some rice cakes boo :p, Chrianna is life :)