[Exclusive] Chris Brown vs Drake: What Really Happened

Kid Fury June 14, 2012 Furious Exclusive 144 Comments

So I have a few people who were present in VIP at the club last night during the big brawl. This is the story they gave me. Keep in mind, I don’t post my name on gossip unless I know it holds weight. So this is true tea.

Apparently, Chris Brown had his own section in Club W.i.P. with his own bottles. Meek Mill was also in a separate section with Juelz Santana. Keep in mind that the club is very small, so everyone still was very close together.

Drake and his crew arrived later and sat in the section with Meek, Juelz and others (including my source).

At this point, Chris was seen throwing up Blood Gang signs and acting banjee, which must have pissed Drake off. For whatever reason, Aubrey felt provoked and went on a rant about Chris for around an hour — muttering “I don’t like that nigga.”

After fussing about his disgust, Drake amped up his entourage who began throwing things in Chris’ direction, which led to loud words and then niggas tossing around everything in sight.

“They were throwing anything. They weren’t just throwing bottles,” my source said. “They were throwing buckets, tables, ice, chairs, everything. And people were getting hit left and right with shit and that was it.”

Drake was escorted out by his several brolic bodyguards. No word on if he actually hid in a bathroom, but he did leave with a speedy pace. Juelz Santana later cursed Drake out for coming into their section of the club and starting drama.

Chris and Meek were later placed on a phone call together where they smoothed out their issues, which is what led Chris to tweeting this cute comment.

There you have it, kids. Simple trashy lightskinned anger. Oh and for the record, it was in fact over Rihanna.

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  • dijah la garveyistaღ

    When did Drake become all tough and what not? Boy you better stop!!

    • #lil,B↑♡

      my heart weeps 4 drake…

  • Guest

    Thanks for the tea!

  • Safiyah Jay

    Bye.. Your story does not match my sister’s story or the dj’s story so at this point I guess Everybody talks and everybody listens but the truth is missing. 

    • KidFury

       K. Bye. Tell your sister hi for me.

      • Deda


        *leyomi drops*

    • guest

      Oh? Well, do tell….

    • Khristlee

      Obviously your sister AND the DJ were not sitting in the VIP section idiot. 

    • knockin’ wigs askew

      If you know the truth then why are you lurking and posting on something that should be irreverent to you?? Lol to the bye part. Really? And how would the dj know the details?? Usually they are super focused on the music and could barely hear what’s going on… Yes, goodbye indeed.

    • Morgan

      Fury keeps it real all day, so bye

      • Anna

        omg Kid Fury is just a human being, why u guys coming for this Safiyah chick like she cussed out ur mama. gosh ppl are crazy and natural followers for real. but yea its juicy gossip, if u were not there YOURSELF at the scene of the crime u dont know anything 100% and that includes ur BELOVED fury. I love kid fury myself but geez u guys need to calm it down. haha…fury u got stans now. 

        • Young & Pruned

          Ain’t nobody coming for Safiyah. I see 1 person asking for more info, another two stating reasonable assumptions and doubts, and the last directing the young lady to the exits. 

          Her glue is intact and her yaki is undisturbed.

          • SuthernHummingbyrd

             DEAD AND READY FOR BURIAL@”her glue is intact and yaki undisturbed!”

          • Mo

            Directing the young lady to the exits….dead!

          • silkkyfresh

            You made my life!!

    • Swoop023

      Get the f*** outta here w that weak as drake line “everybody talks everybody listens” s***. Why you hateing on tha kid’s truth?! P.s. what are u at at work in your pic? W printers n shit in the backround. Trashy

      • Armoni8

        ^^^ Some hatin ass shit there. Whats wrong with her being at work?? Atleast she got a job!

    • Rug Doctor

      I think you need to get your story straight, here’s another comment you left on another blog post from your profile:


      I thought it was your sister? You were there too? Are you the DJ? Oh, okay. lol

    • Thumpin’

      chile she tried it, kF shudda read her into a box, tired ass!

  • Jw90

    Drake needs to have a seat……acting all big and tough

  • Guest

    I hope you slay all their souls to the white meat in your video. This is such a big ball of butch-queen trash.

  • CourtneyLL

    I don’t see why Drake corny ass was offended by any ‘gang signs’ we all know that Toronto boy is not affiliated. Neither is Chris so really..Drake was on some stupid stuff

  • lala

    ooh mama  mama mama i just shot a man downnnnn …….

  • KatchKenda

    Well damn. Who knew Aubrey hated Breezy? Thanks for the tea! This story sounds more like the truth than all the stories tmz has posted all day.

    • Anna

      What does the truth really sound like? lol really.

      • iLaughatu4fun

        stop coming for the kids… u say everyone’s entitled to their opinion but u keep trying to snatch wigs when someone expresses one tht u dont necessarily agree with… u cant be serious!!! lmao, u obviously are in need of attention boo & i’m only giving u the 60 seconds it took me to type this, GIRL BYE!

        • Anna

          are u finished with all ur sassy lingo?lol i wasnt coming for her u hero. i was just saying really what is the truth? stars pull publicity stunts all the time and act out like children. they love this attention. u need not to be so sensitive to my comments. it aint that serious. im happy to make u laugh tho :-)

  • Carmen

    Soooo, why not say what you hear and keep it moving?

    • Carmen


      • Zbuchanan19

        this is bullshit who gives a fuck about rhianna. 
        she’s the one with herpies

        • Candice

          if youre going to accuse somebody of having a STD , at least spell it right

          • imheeaaaaa

             AND THEIR DAMN NAME

  • Suchalady

    1) I’m gonna need “Drake Lozada” to realize he never was and will never be about that life.
    2) Rihanna is a bad biddy
    3) Karavan needs to cut her losses now and find herself someone else because all the twitter love proclamations in the world, won’t make that boy see it for her.
    4) Thanks for the tea Fury!

    • Franny Glass

      Woo, yes on number three. Nary a word has been spoken on Karrrdouches throughout this mess.

      • Kaseybreeann

        lmaoooooo at sooo many things but mainly at drake lozada

      • Tenille Clarke

        Hard to speak when you’re nursing a concussion, I guess…sigh.

    • Kimberly Walker

      I agree Kae is just in it for the money, she’s can’t fool no one.

    • dijah la garveyistaღ

      According to NBC she got hit and suffered a concussion. Poor lil tink tink, no way being a beard should cost her a trip to the hospital. Smh 

    • Brittany

      I too referred to Drake as Drake Lozada lol

  • Quay Garrett

    This is crazy. I live in Auburn and three people were killed over the weekend at an apartment complex near mine over a girl. This has got to stop, it could have been worse.

  • Cierra

    Im not believing anything till I see a video…

  • Rikki

     All i can hope is that the ratchet girl anthem was blaring from the speakers as they were evelyn lozado-ing the whole club

  • Niamusiclife

    Drake should do something about all that pussy pumping in his heart.

  • Giggle Fit

    but how did chris get cut and the body guard messed the hell up??

    • Welp

      —->>>>> “They were throwing anything. They weren’t just throwing bottles,” my
      source said. “They were throwing buckets, tables, ice, chairs,
      everything. And people were getting hit left and right with shit and
      that was it.”

  • nellskee


  • Elieca

    Drake KNOW damn well he is not about that life!

  • Nardinchica

    Every1 has earned a dont come for me shirt ! Tea was delicious

  • KidFury

    From the story I got, it seems like Drake just amped up his entourage and they initiated the actual fighting. When shit got real, Drake hauled ass. This is coming from industry people, but hopefully the footage comes out soon, so we can see everything.

    They also told me that everyone should just watch Drake on Punk’d. “He’s a bitch.” Oop.

    • Ms_c_lane

      This sounds legit to me. Drake seems like the type to hype people up and start shit. But when it gets real he scurries the fuck out..smh

      • Mdb2478

        Yep, drops bombs, runs, and watched the explosion from afar. bitchassness

  • Cat

    Best tea of the day! Thxx Kid Fury

  • Negritte Snow

    I bet Drake looked JUST LIKE ole boy from “Rachet Girl Anthem” when he saw Chris “Oooh, I just wanna punch her in her FACE (cuz she RACHEEET!) I can’t STAND her, oooh she too fake!”

    • KidFury

       f;adjksfnkasd.vnad.vjanv.j LMAOOOO!!!

  • LadyM

    Droopy Dog is really trying to end up back in that wheelchair, isn’t she? 

  • Guest

    Chris with that cut on his chin looking like he’s 9 and fell of his bike, Drake with his unwarranted feelings and Canadian gangster, these queens are just…  This is like the Bad Girls Club, or more appropriately, like that video on YouTube with all the ratchet girls on Halloween throwing everything in Denny’s.  Stupid people who are all talk, no walk, who probably ruined that party for everyone else.  Now, even though I don’t know what Teyana Taylor does or why he always seems to be in the background somewhere, I happen to think he is a gorgeous drag queen who deserves to have a cute party without these stunt queens.  Somebody, please…get them all seats.

    • ooohimmathrowabottle@chooo


    • Tboutte83

      Just spit out my red beans thank u!!!!!! Lol

    • Suchalady

      “gorgeous drag queen” *cries*

    • Suchalady

      “gorgeous drag queen” *cries*

    • Suchalady

      “gorgeous drag queen” *cries*

    • TeRese1119

      ::Dies, defibrillates and Dies again::

  • FuckBitchNiggasAndHoes

    #1 don’t call Chris trashy. #2 Drake will forever be a bitch nigga. #3 Drake is butthurt that Rihanna’s hoe ass is still thirsty for Chris. #4 Chris shaded the shit out that Bajan broad because she can’t keep her legs closed for nothin. #5 Chris don’t want that bitch no more. #6 CHRIS IS THE VICTIM! HIS BODYGUARD HAD A SERIOUS HEAD INJURY AND WAS IN CRITICAL CONDITION! Ignorant fucks.

    • LadyM

       Chile, Chris Brown is as much a victim as Fantasia is reading at a tenth grade level. These people are not your cousins and classmates, you are doing too much caring to be cute.

      • Trulade77

        Sa-laid @ Fantasia reading at a 10th grade level !

      • WORD!!

         Chile, Chris Brown is as much a victim as Fantasia is reading at a tenth grade level. 
        At my services, somebody better bust up in that muthafucka singing “The up-pa roooom. Where Jee-sus-us…”

      • BVIC

        IN TEARSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!…that baby was offended…to much caring..tooo much lol

    • Serenissima7

      Ch… If Chris didn’t want her anymore he wouldve kept it moving and not even engaged with Drakeisha. Bye.

      • Tionne

        if somebody throwing shit at him then thats a whole nother story. its not about rihanna anymore

    • KidFury

      #1. Chris is trashy #2. Chris doesn’t know you. #3. Nobody blamed Chris for anything. #4. Calm your puss down. #5. Have a blessed evening.

      • Siku Hamin

        I fucking love you so much<3 lmfaoo this has been the best tea ever boo. 

      • Zan

        Shut ‘em down!!!!!!

      • BVIC

        YESSSSSSSSSS! and this is why I love him so! FLATLINE…

    • Chejai Mzpicklez

      Chris Brown don’t know you bye …

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  • Guest

    I am nobody it anyone’s cheerleader, but why is Chris throwing up gang signs? Is He really about that life? If he was throwing those up in my city (Detroit), that would have a been a major problem. Anyhow, these two are so p-whipped, it’s comedic. And note of advise for Kreech: He don’t love you boo. Leave and find somebody who will

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  • Bahama no drama

    Drakesha needs to go sit her lady parts all the way down in a quiet corner n drown in all her gatdamn feelings cuz she knows she ain’t bout dat Lozada life. n poor lil Katinktink… that child needs to let Chris go for heavens sake. lookin all kinds of crazy sticking by while her feelings are clearly ignored. shame shame shame. *as i lean back, flip my hair, and sip my hot ass tea* p.s. love you kid fury!

    • Guest

      NOT Katinktink ?! lmaooooooo

  • Kimberly Walker

    Someone needs to put out a video! What happened to camera being in the club and whatnot?

  • The Only Cartel™

    Tell Aubrey to have several seats.

  • LoKey

    This is definatly about Rihanna, if you think its not run into traffic and if you survive tell them I told you to do it. But what we all really want to know is *hands mic to Rihanna* The millionaire dollar question that every one wants to know, is the pussy that good Rih? Like I would die if she tweeted “My pussy must be good” lmaoo I could see her doing that

  • Jasmine Nicole

    Drake been thinking about what Pusha T said. I just saw this nigga in Memphis and he doesn’t seem to be about that Gangsta life. This seems accurate tho. Ima need these niggas to have a hot seat and cool off with a chocolate chip frappe from Micky Ds. Rihanna must have voodoo magic in her for these niggas to go apeshit. I just need great quality music from yall honey. This mess here….. _/ Have a hot and listen to King Creole Honey Nectar Beyonce.

    • Franny Glass

      very, very relevant. Push said him and his entire crew were bitch made and with these recent stunts (Nicki vs Rosenberg/Summer Jam, Wayne vs OKC) I feel like they are trying to prove they have some kind of street cred. Gets nothing but zzzzzz from me. YMCMB needs to have their own stadium just for the damn seats. 

  • sowuth0

    I’m confused?  Was Chris throwing up Blood signs and Drake was disrespected because he’s Crip???  LOLOL come on now… what’s missing from this story?  Chris was actin a donkey dancing and buying up bottles and Drake was seething and gossiping about it.  LOL death @ Santana yanking Drake’s wig for messing up their evening in HIS section.

  • Oma

    His mother gave him the perfect name. Aubrey. Nuff said, bye.

  • Onefourfiveone

    What we really need to talk about is people trying to compare this beef between Yellow Cake and Eraser-Brows to Tupac and Biggie.  These girls are not and will never be like that so have a cool drink with some Shug Avery pee and calm your puss.

  • YourMothersEx

    Chris Brown needs to stop acting like a thug period! You come from the safest place on earth boy! Bring back the sweet Chris brown and the hell with his new fake/garbage image of his. Sheesh and Drake girl, just stop it as proud as I am at the fact that Chris lost a piece of chin chin because of you just stop just go back to music..because playing that wanna be thug role doesn’t fit you either.

  • Michele Lee

    Fury if your account is really what happened I think I’m gonna have to side with Christina Brown on this one.  Why does Aubrina Graham continue to show more emotions than a Lifetime movie …and it’s always in the most Feminine way possible.  Degrassi High was not the School of Hard Knocks Brina, you arent a thug and frankly, you aren’t even a rapper you sing ballads.  You need a dose of Calm your  Yellow Ass Down.   Hate to see Negros acting the damn fool over Rihanna’s Stargate Pussy.    An Kuala Lampar must be home feeling some kind of way that her man is taking bottles to the face over another woman’s snatch.

    • Kaseybreeann

      i literally just died then came back and got my life….

      • Michele Lee

         Lol…I’m just trying to figure out what kind of Jungle Magic or He-man Power  Of GreySkull type powers Ri-Ri has in that overused little tinker box of hers that makes these fools butch enough to risk getting sliced the hell open. Chris ain’t willing to get cut for his girlfriend KungFooGrip.

    • kwan

      Oh I LIVE and died ”
      Why does Aubrina Graham continue to show more emotions than a Lifetime movie ”

    • BVIC

      My sweet beloved Im in tears!…omgggg where is my twitter def needs to be seen!

  • Brandito

    Why won’t yall let Jimmy be great?

    • Tenille Clarke


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  • Tye

    Po’ Chris got his chin laid open like pink pussy lips. SMH Help me, Father.

    • Zan

      I’m out. LOL.

  • Life-2717

    if i was karkuche i would feel stupid as hell! its clear that chris still loves rihanna.

  • Jewls

    That’s what i got from this too and there is an audio from a radio station saying that drake was amping and hyping stuff up and out of no where a bottle was thrown. The guy never said Drake threw but he said it seemed like drake started it. I believe drake did leave because there’s a video on tumblr of everyone leaving after the brawl and they showed Drake’s entourage with no drake hmmm? lol 



  • Kitty

    I’m gonna need all this violence in Dance music and Alternative Rap to stop. Do we a Self Destruction 2012??

  • nellskee

    Gosh Drake in words of jay- u know the type loud as a motorbike but wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight

  • nellskee

    Gosh Drake in words of jay- u know the type loud as a motorbike but wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight

  • Morgan

    I was in Red Lobster (thats right, dont throw shade at red lobster, your palet isnt any better than average joes across the street, aint none of yall too good for red lobster just saying.) And i heard this guy (with the obnoxious wife) say that Drake beat Chris Browns ass. I drove home all ready to finally support Drake with a justifiable reason and then I come on Kid Fury and find out he pulled a basketball wives evelyn, NOT EVEN! he had OTHER PEOPLE pull a basketball wives evelyn. WTF?

    A wise black man once said in one of his furious thoughts videos that “I dont think Drake likes men, but I do think he wants men to like him.” After this….

  • Ryan

    This is why I live for Fury. His tea is always fresh squeezed and not from concentrate! 

  • Deezy
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  • Myssdee

    Can’t take these queens anywhere these days

  • Tia

    Idk what Drake is even mad about, Chris Brown had an actual RELATIONSHIP with Rihanna, Drake was not in the twat long enough (if at all) to beef with one of her REAL exes like…….. c’mon son. Karate must feel a hell of a forgotten one, like does she realize there is no future in V.I.P. section for her, she better get a reality show and collect her own coins! I’m ovah this i’on even care what happened. They can get over it, fiducking millionaires fighting over used and abused twat eye can’t.

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  • Ty ツ

     Whatever it takes…

  • Lisa

    So he was defending Lil’ Wayne’s honor? I want Chris Brown to get beat up, but not by Jimmy Brooks. Meek Millz would of been a good pick but that tweet proved they’re cool : / oh well *shrugs*

  • Young & Pruned

    I just need to get something off my chest, so feel free to skip this.

    In spite of my name (points if you know the source!) and my love of all things ratchet, I am incredibly educated. I have a bachelor’s degree from one the best universities in the world, let alone the country. I am in one of the top gradate programs in the country, and soon will enter a professional school in to be trained in a field your mom, grandma, and aunties would be proud of. You know, real classy-like.

    I also grew up in a ROUGH spot, a place you hear rapped about (I mean of the real 1990s variety), a place many famous entertainers made it out of, and a place many young black men have their lives taken too early. So I say this as somewhat of an authority. Dear Christina Miliain’t and Aubrey O’Gay: You. Are. Not. About. That. Life.

    That shit up there, at the top, with all the throwing up of signs and what not? That shit will get you face down choking in a puddle of your own blood where I’m from. That Life is not glamorous. That Life is standing on street corners that’ll get you a toe tag and a body bag, not a first-class claim tag attached to your Louis Duff-B. That Life gets you swapmeet Maurice Girbaud Francois and stolen Jordans, not the latest Miu Miu and Givenchy. That Life gets you stuntin in 1996 Lexus LS, not the latest Lambo.

    For someone who grew up around That Life and stayed on the grind to get out and stay out, call me Hazel cause I can cut through all that Revlon.

    So the seats? Please take them. Mind you, they would be floor seats at Game 7 of the Finals, cause niggas about That Life only get seats in front of a 6-year old projection TV.

    • Gigglingkema

      I dunno why but I just had to say sorry

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  • EbonyLolita

    Chile this tea is sweeter then Aubrey’s Bussy!!! Bwahahahahahahahaa Rihanna pums must be better then the water from Lake Minnetonka~! Got these bishes FIGHTIN IN DA CLUB!!! *Ain’tNobodyGodTimeForAllThat!*

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  • Chameleon1201

    What has this world come to that we have REAL celebrities trying out (reality “celebrity”) TV stunts at home. They are not trained in the Lozada lifestyle (i.e. throwin up Basketball Whys gang signs & any other ridiculous crap they could get their dirty ass fingers on) nor should they be interested in attempting it. -_-
    Shame on both of them little bitches for not going about their business elsewhere.. in Chris’ autobot vehicle… like grown ass men

  • Brittany

    Drake ain’t about that life

  • N. Simone

    Look… I’ma need Karfax to wake up and smell the tea because this is not the first time Chris Kenya Bell Brown has gotten into nightclub scuffles over women while she is PRESENT. Girl, no.
    And for some reason I just don’t see Rihanna wasting valuable vagina-voodoo on Drake. All this damn sexual tension is hurting innocent people. They all just need to fuck and be done with it!

  • SendHim2Jail

    It has become blatantly clear that in this latest
    battle of Baddess Albino Monkey, Queen Aubrey amped up his bad bish crew and
    decided to have an altercation with Christina “YeahIBeatTheBitchass butI’mAlwaysaVictim”
    Brown and tried to blame it on the Darkie like norms. Nevertheless I feel Chris
    needs to go to jail point blank period. I am sick and tired of his damsel in
    distress act. Negro you wanna go around “throwing up yo set” acting all hard,
    beating bitches asses, SubTweetin everybody and they mama, and constantly
    having your public bitch tantrums which always seems to end in you A) Walking
    thru the streets angry and shirtless B) Deleting your tweets, twitter, MySpace
    and blackplanet. C) Some half ass apology with you professing your love for “TeamLeaveChrisAloneHe’sLightSkin”
    aka Team Breezy. Go to jail already give Kryptonite a chance to find a less
    mental Tattooed-SharpiePeened-YellaNigga please Chris!

  • Thah8me

    “It bothers me when the gods get to actin like broads” how do you diss yourself on a record???? Hahahaha

  • A_kicks

    Both of these birds need to perch themselves in their respective cages. Or i could settle for a televised cock-fight. The thing that irks me is that they are fighting over a woman who puss is more used that a public toilet. Neither is blameless; you have Christina throwing up gang signs, obviously trying to provoke Aubreyia but the response he got resulted in innocent bystanders being hurt, but as Forrest Gump said “stupid is as stupid does” cause neither of these kids are about that life, all i see is squishy, pink, delicate vaginal walls that are angry red from a possible herpes infection and I’m not here for it. However, I’m sure the 106 & gym bench generation have their puss hairs all tied up in knots.
    *Le sigh*

  • Jerzee Bred

    We all kno drake ain’t about this life…it’s in his song

    Just throw up while I hold your hair back
    Her white friend said “you niggas crazy”
    I hope no-one heard that
    I hope no-one heard that
    Cause if they did, we gon be in some trouble

    Even Evelyn ain’t worried about trouble when she’s tossin bottles and supaman’in on tables

  • kenyabells_kittenheels

    “THEY SHOULDA NEVA GAVE YOU NIGGAS MONEYYYYYYY!!!!” (dave chappelle voice) Drake and Chris Brown ain’t about ANY life and need to have several seats please. 

  • @__blondambition

    I died at all of these comments….but it does seem as though Christopher ‘Stuck on Rihanna’s Curry Goat’ Brown, has issues. He frequently sub-tweets celebrities and has something to say. Aubrey…I’ll just leave his name at that….needs to crawl from up under YMCMB and chill out. Lol he is as far removed from gangster as Miley Cyrus. He’s obviously sprung off of Rihanna, yet they never had a relationship. Imma need for him and his eyebrows and his right hand to have the farthest seat to the left. 

  • A_kicks

    For the record, since reading this I havent been able to get Brooke Valentine “Girl Fight” out of my head, lol! I dedicate it to Xtina & Drakeesha.

  • Haleema Duraani

    I see Chris Brown still beating on women..SMH!

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  • Chejai Mzpicklez

    Drake and his entourage  need to sit down on a nice cushioned chair __  the only one allowed to throw bottles anywhere  is Evelyn Lasagna 

  • beatsmasher

    I sincerely hope and wish upon a star that Chris was not throwin up no gang signs….bc if he was, then he’s a bigger idiot than the media in past has given him credit for…..Drake and Chris are plush Egyptian cotton pillow soft, and are suffering from delusions and hallucinations of being about “that Life”…which is ironically no life at all except for 25 to life maybe

  • Kiwi

    “You think Drake would pull some shit like that…You never know….”

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  • Elistone210

    They are doing all of this ish for a crazy b!tch like Rihanna

  • Ladyjolie760

    Drake dear please pull your perfect sideburns together boo not a good look to be fighting with banjee’s in the club hun # true wisdom from my pot of gold

  • langford

    Df ‘ tbh who wants tht stanky pussy rhianna.??

  • Jazzymazzy98

    U already hurted Rihanna once in don’t think she wants u anymore chris

  • Mike Jolly

    Chris brown ain’t shit!! Drake any day is better!! Better voice better rapper everything about drake is better!! I wish he would have beat his ass!! Team young money bitch!!

  • Cutiepututie

    It was chris fault oh and Chris I will never forget the time u hit rhiana in the back with a mirror

  • yolo

    Thats probaly the truth but i love u drizzy no homo

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  • Basma Gaber
  • Basma Gaber