Video: Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson – Ratchet Girl Anthem

Kid Fury April 27, 2012 Elite Fuckery!, Hoodrat Tracks, Videos 31 Comments

The talented and hilarious Hudson brothers mix Worldstar, cigarillos and VH1 television to create their official “Ratchet Girl Anthem” video. The Youtube duo who posted the song online in January (with now over 25 million views) have also posted the track on iTunes.

This gives me bits of the life I had hoped I would receive from a Sheneneh & Wanda movie. I’m sure your cousins are somewhere in the footage. Fish them out below.

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  • Miles


    I live

    I want sweet brown,antoine dodson, and crunk coco to do a song together…… ugh only in my hoodrat fantasies *sigh*

  • LexiBaby

    This has made my weekend so much better… YASSS GAWD… this is life!!!

    • Anonymous

       If Funky Dineva was in this video it would have been perfection! Yes GAWD bitch!

      • Ben

        *reads* *dies*

  • Karen Cruz

    I love how they covered every stereotypical quality/characteristic….

  • Michele Lee

    # Dead @ …..Mooooooveeee Tramp….

  • FirstNameLast

    Just another day in Atlanta.

  • Shellbee

    There are places where this would be a documentary.

  • cupcakess & bitches.

    i actually know the blonde baldheaded girl. her name is yvonne.
    but i live and die!
    i wish the dolls would just go ahead and admit that they are fish. 

  • 80sbabydoll

    Team flip phone…team Chris Brown.. .LMAO


  • Anonymous

    LMFAOO!! I love it!! This is how some girls really be too lol 

  • Courtney Fields

    posting this on several family members walls…ratchet?


    This is too damn funny! They got every ratchet girl covered!

  • Faith84

    I’m so mad..I’m at work and I cannot be myself! I am about to explode with laughter!! I love this song!!! I’ma use my phone outside to watch it #teamflipphone

  • SomeWittyName

    call me crazy, but I swear I saw Keyshia Cole…

    • Misslanikiss

      I thought that was her too… At the very end.

    • Donniece ♥

       Yeah I saw her toooo!

  • ReeNuh

    they way he kept pulling that tubetop up was so accurate LMAO

    Chicks will wear shit to the club that they constantly have to pull up and pull down 

  • Nagromsilva

    Ohh i love them!’ive been listening to this song since they first put it out :) NEVER gets old.
    The part where he says “Her lace front is all wrong!” makes me think of you every single time :D

  • Anonymous

    Yassss!! So funny! And thats exactly how some of those ratchet hoes are in the club…

  • Ninya55

    Is it me or does the one with the purple wig look like T.O.’s assistant Mo?

    • PrettyNWitty

      Omg yes! I was thinking he looked like some woman from tv but couldn’t quite put my finger on who it was.

  • White Tee Wifey

    The utmost elite ratchetness evah!

  • LovelyGal


  • Anonymous

    That pillow baby is giving me so much life!

  • XoxoSami

    I live this video. It so hilarious and so true. My favorite part was when Emmanuel was behind the dancing girl all mad saying she be 2faced

  • Jordan

    amber rose is that you?

  • Ben

    Nice of them to feature Amber Rose…#noshade

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  • Sweetgirl

    They soo ratchet

  • smooth choco butter