Evelyn Lasagna Calls Jennifer An ‘F-List Celebrity’

So I pumped it over to my twin sister Fresh’s house today, only to see Evelyn “I Got No Hands, But I Got Bottles” Lozada firing shots of shade at ex-friend Jennifer Williams.

Evelyn, who has started a blog on that site where she sells watercolor cosmetics, briefly spoke about Jen’s failed relationship with her assistant with the missing edges.

Let me give you the back story on Nia and Jen. These ladies had their
own friendship outside of me, they went on vacations together,
celebrated birthdays, and slept at each others homes. Jen even wanted
to be Nia’s roommate at one time. Nia was a very loyal friend to
Jennifer, when Jen hurt, Nia hurt and vice-versa. Things only begin
to change when Jen became an F-List celebrity and forgot who her
“real” friends were.

Welp! Evelyn also announced that she will be at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood this Thursday to create her own signature shake. What do you think will be in it, besides lost organisms.

Source: Crunk & Disorderly

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  • That Girl

    Whatever the case it looks like Jennifer was cloned and the result was Evelyn’s assistant…*shrug*

  • Mrs. Tobias Funke

    So then what are you? She swore up and DOWN she didn’t care about Jen hanging out with NeNe and such, but she’s sooooo fixated on it!

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    ch…I read that as lost orgasms. I just bout fell out! millions of milkshakes is for lost careers. you’ll never see queen magnifique, majestic ruler of music beyonce doing tht stunt. post ms lasagna employee of the month photo right nxt to amber roses

    • MrsSagittarius

      lmao so did I till i read your comment, was like what 0_o

  • @yeaThtsMyBitch

    and something about her abs seems fake. how her abs are hella defined but her love handles are looser than her beef curtains and her chesticles appear heavy and droopy

    • Jajay

       what flavour u ask??! guuurll, it’s CUM and WEAVEGLUE!

      • TrinaBaby

        *Fell on the fuckin’ floor @ “cum and weaveglue”*

        Oh shit, that was funny!!!

    • Christina H

      I was thinking the same thing, her arms are flabby as hell and she rocking abs like that? umm hmm………

      • ipopsquats

        it means she did 20 min abs for about an hour an then passed out… hav no fear i doubt she went under the knife assuming thats what people are insinuating

  • Killer Chels

    i would kill for those abs, as for the Jen comment: Ev! let her live, all yall got 15 minutes of fame to use however you want. she’s using hers, so just do you boo boo. stop with the insults and fighting

    • gives me life

      just go to the surgeon like Ev did…no need for violence and murder 

  • cupcakess & bitches.

    evelyn’s piss colored ass be fucking my nerves raw. the only reason why she have that absent edged ass assistant is because she looks like jennifer. and what fucking grown ass woman gets mad cause her friend have other friends? bitch.. fuck evelyn and that cornbread batter milkshake of hers.

  • NYcityChick

    Poor Ev, she’s obviously hurt that she lost be walking laugh track (Jen). Ev still loves her and misses her and thusly jealousy has her on one…. Just make up bitch! Apologize for chopping her in the skull with your vicious clutch y’all are grown and life is short.

  • NYcityChick

    We”ll send out an APB for her assistants edges later. I would say someone needs to snatch her wig back and tell her to go sit down somewhere but clearly, that has already been done.

  • @KAMdamnTASTIC

    Her hoe ass milkshake must be served warm so her throat can feel at home

    • NycityChick

      She’s used to warm milky substances sliding down the back of her throat. Her shake should be called ” spitters are quitters”

      • TrinaBaby

        *fainted HARD*

      • IDoNumbahs


  • Kingphoenix

    Damn she fine.

    • Jajay


  • Statesside

    Can Evelyn just worry about riding washed up athlete d**k for her next meal and stop trying to pose fights for ratings. We’ll ALL over it. More people watch Lala now. Sit down.

  • karissa

    .Bitch please. Evelyn Tostada and her 1-800-missing edged assistant need to STFU and have a seat. Everytime Evelyn opens her mouth Jen’s clit falls out. Damn

    • @yeaThtsMyBitch

      TOSTADA!! I’m done!!!!

    • TrinaBaby

      Jen’s clit falls out her mouth???!!!!

      *walking away from computer, pondering what I’ve just heart*

      Fucking awesome!!

  • Keyannacarter

    She gets on my nerves it’s so unattractive to fight the way she does. She could have never been a friend not with all those harsh things she say. Since when friends can’t disagree or hang with other people. If she’s like that everyday (drama) who wants to be around that??? I won’t be watching her show. I’m over her.

  • Brittany

    1. Evelyn Carne Asada needs to have several rows of seats.
    2. Why is she so worried about Jen?
    3. Evelyn’s milkshake will have lots of cum and Bacardi in it

    • LovelyGal

      baaahaaa thats gross-but hella funny

    • @yeaThtsMyBitch

      carne asada!!!!

  • HauteCoco

    Boo, you have Superman costume abs & sagging implants and wanna throw shade?

  • Brittany

    So if Jen is an F-list celeb what list celeb is Evelyn?

  • Kwan

    I’m so confused I thought when people were so called “Non- motha beepin factors” that means you don’t constantly spend your time on the show, on twitter and on the blog riding her clit. You’re more attached to Jennifer than new born to a titty promptly back yo how arse off her bumper please. If yo 35+ butt throws another motha effin object instead if some hands ooh I can’t stand non fighting bxtches who just love to talk ish and act wild like they are “bout that life”

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  • givesmelife

    those lipo sculpted abs are hilare…for women to get visible abs they need to have very low body fat percentage ..and those arms are showing her body fat is high

    • Christina H

      Thank You!!!!! 

  • Brittany

    Evelyn needs to be more focused about Chad’s dick slangin ass instead of Jen

  • Anonymous

    To Evelyn’s assistant: How dare you have the nerve to wear the slickest ponytail when you know your edges are in a confused state of being….follow the wig wherever it may lead you and may the weave be ever in your favor

    • Thatssoyaya

      You my child are a fool for that comment!!!! ROFL

  • TrinaBaby

    *giving Evelyn’s pic a HARD side eye*

    Can someone please explain to me, like I’m a 6 year-old, how can you have super-duper rock hard 6 pack abs and titties that damn near reach your navel??????

    Jesus be a plastic surgeon and lift those chest udders UP!!!

    • Anonymous

      her whole body doesnt make sense, she has meaty arms, legs, and chesticles but her stomach looks like billy blanks is her best friend….I think she been cheating and using that  belt you wear all day that sends signals to tighten your muscles lol idk

  • IDoNumbahs

    If Jen is F-list what does that make Ev since you came up the same way? And at least Jen was actually a BasketBall wife. Clearly she was riding on Jen’s money train and when Jen stopped it… Ev got mad. That’s why her broke ass is closing her store. Get a job… hoe.