Lauryn Hill Gives Birth; Rohan Shades Her To Hell

Lauryn Hill gave birth to a baby boy this weekend — her sixth child! There was reportedly a scare during labor as the infant came out with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, but both the child and his mommy are healthy and happy.

Rohan Marley, Lauryn’s longtime island peen dealer and father of all her other children, has been reported as the new baby’s daddy. However, he took to Twitter and implied something totally different in shady daggers.

Oh, so it’s her new son? Somebody scoop this fly out the Metamucil, because something ain’t right.

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  • Anonymous

    This isnt the first time he said it wasnt his child, and if it isnt, so be it. When he started fuckin wit Lauryn, he was already married to another woman, so how can he get mad at her? I wouldnt be suprised if he had other women on the side while Lauryn was poppin out all of those babies. So if she did have a baby with someone else, it has to be alot more to this story. And trust me, it will come out sooner ot later.

    • Shellbee

      Rohan is not Lauren’s first married man. Remember, she did the horizontal mambo with the very married Wyclef. I never dreamed I would be saying this, but she’s a first class skank.

      • Anonymous

        The men were married, she wasnt, so if she is a skank, They LOVED every minute of it. And I guess she wasnt that much of a skank if Rohan had 5 other children with her.

        • Shellbee

          I’m confused at how her having 5 (6?) with Rohan remove her from the ranks of skankdom. Men love skanks, no news there.

          • Anonymous

            Yes men do love skanks, of course, but he didnt have to get a “skank” pregnant 5 or (6?) times. Thats what condoms are for…But it is what it is. Obviously he cared about her if they were together all this time and had all those babies. But none of us kno what happened in this situation. There r two sides to every story. Congrats on the baby anyway. Im a Huge Fan, I jus want another album one day. Hopefully we wont have to wait another 10 yrs.

  • Misty Knight

    So now it’s “her’s” after he so-called claimed THEY were expecting, and his words..on his own twitter had been “twisted”..Nig-…..And didn’t she name her baby Marley ? SMH Messy Marley strikes again! Lauryn is lookin uber simple right now.

  • Shellbee

    Wow! Back in the day no one would have ever believed, Lauren “Call Me Miss Hill” Hill would  end up an unmarried brood mare. *smh*

  • iRoc

    She went out like a sucka… I didn’t know they weren’t married?!?! I swear, Lauryn Hill’s music taught me to be a stronger woman. Her song with Mary, “I used to love him”, What? Now look at her…. She don’t even look the same. Congrats on the baby tho…

  • Brandon Dean

    She’s dickmatized. And his ass ain’t even claiming the baby. CONDOMS NEGROS, CONDOMS. 

    • Anonymous

      Rastafarians + Condoms = Fire + Ice

      • Juslowkey

        Yep!  Rastafarians don’t believe on contraception.  They enjoy spreading their wild seeds all over the world 

        • Juslowkey


  • shimar

    Lauryn, get that Marley Coffee chile support after you bankrolled him all these years, cuz uncle Ziggy ain’t parting with dem royalties …and you ain’t putting out an album soon…. but congrats to the Marley basketball team & the newest relief player.  SMH @ Rohan – SIT DOWN.

    • Brittany

      lmmfao at the congrats to the marley basketball team member and the newest relief player comment.i love it.

      • shimar

        LOL – for real! Larryn needs to get dat Marley chile support somehow!  Cuz ROhan ain’t gonna pay dem diapers with coffee nuts!  Get behind MBA Team Jah Brooklyn! 

  • Kashala Jarrells


  • Afrokween

    So do the producers for Maury call you or you call them. This has free trip to Stamford, CT written all over it.

    • GoldiLoxxx

      Wouldn’t that be the episode to watch? Bees wax and patchouli incense flying all over the place.

  • Daria Simpson

    I’m a woman, and I don’t understand why ppl are upset at Rohan for not accepting paternity.  What he said on twitter originally (in a double-talky) way is that he (nor anyone else) knows for sure that he is 100% the father of that child.  Then he complained that ppl were saying that he said he was not the father of the child.  Truthfully, only Lauryn knows for sure how many dudes she was sleeping with around the time her child was conceived.  When she had her first child, Wyclef admitted (in Vibe mag) that he thought he could’ve been the father, but Rohan turned out to be the father.

    Rohan admitted a while ago that he and Ms. Hill (his words) weren’t together.  It’s totally possible that they smashed from time to time, like many exes who share children often do.  But if they aren’t married, he isn’t considered the presumptive father.

    If you have ever seen the Maury Povitch, you shouldn’t be shocked that he isn’t jumping up and down announcing he is the father of this child.

  • Anonymous

    SMH because they have kids old enough to be online and seeing all this foolery from their father.

  • Anonymous

    SMH because they have kids old enough to be online and seeing all this foolery from their father.

  • Alison *BoomKAKS*

    well he is his daddy’s child…

  • Two and Half Man

    dang…he denying it…
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  • Weslovely

    This is so saddening, Lauryn has always talked about self worth and empowerment and yet she is doing the classic “do what I say not what I do” .

  • GG

    He disrespects her because she lets it fly. Good dick makes people lose their senses.