I’m going to take a walk down Flatbush Avenue, contemplate my status in the world, and possibly jump in front of an MTA vehicle. If you don’t hear from me by this time tomorrow, I probably offed myself. You can blame this girl, our sister in Christ.

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  • Shellbee

    Personally, I’m jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. That way, there’s no chance of timely braking.

  • Shellbee

    Personally, I’m jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. That way, there’s no chance of timely braking.

  • Shellbee

    Personally, I’m jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. That way, there’s no chance of timely braking.

  • Mamachell

    Whhhyyy baby jezaz whyuyy! Mi cyan manage *wheel chair roll out*

  • Jess

    The rapture has begun….

    • deda

      It HAS! 

  • Ingrid

    …NO MAAM.

  • Aneadra Bowles

    *kicks chair and swings in the breeze*

  • CheMocha

    I’m about to go sit in the corner and sing this little light of mine…..cause I can’t with this….I jus….*insert long sigh here*

  • Dee

    Her and the tickle my vagina song lady need to do a remix. Collabo!

  • lucayanbabes

    but i…(pause) it’s jus that…(pause) an she…(pause) her knees???… jeeeezzzusssss 

  • Dee

    Did she say your momma told you to eat your vegetables…my vagina ain’t handicapped…I’m gonna need some burial arrangements.  Fury…call my mama. I want the light blue casket with blue velvet interior. Thanks.  

  • Reposhawty

    lo..this is too fucked up…hahaha
    …Walmart Giving Back After Laying Off Over 50,000 People.. $1,000 Giftcards – I Grab 2 of Them..LOL

  • ari

    lmao ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh dear god whyy. im done. i am so done for the day, dear god lol

  • Mynda

    I just went through the five stages of grief–denial (NOOOOO!!!!!), anger (I’ma f*ck up whoever did this!!!), bargaining (Okay, I’m going to tithe every week if you can make this go away, lord.  Okay? OKAY?!?!), depression (Whhhyyy, WWWhhhhhyyyy? Oh, god WWWWWHHHHYYYYY?) and then– wait no. No acceptance. I’m staying at depression…..

  • Cece Teague-Carter

    Fury, can you do me like Jeezy and bury me a G? Thanks!

  • Ms Stolich

    I just…I don’t even know where to begin…..

  • LaTanya Wright


  • Brandon Jones

    Old girl must be sitting on some sunshine.

  • Anonymous

    *cricket sound*


    I just opened The Bible and started reading like KidFury cuzthat was some hot mess! Please Lord bless her. I agree with Brandon she probably is sitting on sunshine!

  • ArkansasBelle

    Jesus take the gotdaym wheel.

    *boards my nonstop flight to Hell*

  • Brittany

    i don’t get why she tryna pussy slang and she handicapped

  • Christina H

    Fury, I told you……………..

  • Suchalady

    I’m just elated that you were in Flatbush…I can’t with this video so I simply won’t.

  • Allie

    *throws up hands and walks away.*


    *closes eyes, buries my face in my hands, and smh REAL SLOWLY*

  • Joy

    Oooooo Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. I HAVE SEEN IT ALL. ***following you in front of that MTA***

  • Mocha1luv

    Sounds better than Nicki Manaj!

  • Kayla Cage

    Oh no ma’am,…. people these days,……….I-I just dnt understand. Why, baby WHY!

  • iRoc

    That is by far the saddest shit I have seen since…..well, period. Girl, it looks like you have bigger issues to be concerned about than to be making it known that your coochie still works. Who would wanna hit that anyway? And Atleast be on beat with your rhymes.

    Aye Kid, I guess that hoe puppy will jump on a paraplegic too huh? No discrimination…lol


    Not getting on people in wheelchairs, but when you act like that, you need to be talked about. Tragic.

  • Fate’s Cousin

    ^^^Um…you and her need Jesus. But that is besides the point.
    Watching this fuckery on a Sunday is not the move for my spirit, Lawd. I’m easing my ass down the yellow brick road of Hell with Satan as my tour guide as we speak. SMDH!!!! *whistling “Wade in the Water”*

  • Khloe`

    Siiiiiigh …. I couldn’t sit through this entire mess …. Not today Lord.

  • Brittany

    i don’t know what’s worse this video or the Ms.Dollface gettin it video

  • Homer Thebravest

    I love her vagina swag! She’s fanastic, honest, and brave! In one word, she’ fierce! I wish I knew her YouTube screen name. That straight deserves thumbs up over most of their usual overun makeup slash gamer rave immature humor content. This is a ” real ” person spitting ” real ” truth. I hope she’ll one day be considered the mother of the “my vagina ain’t handicapped” revolutionary movement!

    • Nicole L McKoy

      I’m with you on that one. There is a HUGE misconception that the physically handicapped are mentally handicapped as well. There need to be a movement to abolish ABLISM.

      • Chestnutbaby08

        BOTH OF YALL NEED A DIP IN SOME  HOLY WATER, A DOSE OF JESUS JUICE, AND A HEALTHY SLAP W/ A GOOD BOOK! This is not something to be proud of and is most def not a movement of any sort. ANYONE who thinks it is needs to MOVE their hind-parts closer to the old,rugged cross! CLEARLY she is also mentally handicapped b/c NO sane person would do this willingly! I will pray for both of you AND this confused child….*sigh* JESUS take the wheel!

  • MzStylz2009

    did she say “i’m just a bad ass niggah!!!!! oh my damn, i have just died a lil more….smdh

  • MzStylz2009

    did she say “i’m just a bad ass niggah!!!!! oh my damn, i have just died a lil more….smdh

  • MzStylz2009

    did she say “i’m just a bad ass niggah!!!!! oh my damn, i have just died a lil more….smdh

  • TrinaBaby

    “I offer the best spots in parking lots…” *fainted HARD*

  • LovelySouthernBelle

    Did she just say:

    “If it ain’t about handicapped vagina, it ain’t relevant/I’ve had sex with more men, they were pelting my ass/and once they’ve gone crippled, well, they just ain’t never been back!?!

    Jesus, take the wheel cause I’m about to crash into this tree over here.


  • Anonymous


  • TeamMinaj

    WTF, *walks in the other direction right into a burning building* Hope this will take my attention off of this …this  i dont even know what this is

  • De’quantavianne

    ……I have no words for this. I’m gonna go to Starbucks, get a cupcake and call it a day.

  • brandmichelle

    ……..yeah so….i officially abso-effin-lutely quit this entire Earth.  who’s coming to Saturn with me?

  • Nicole L McKoy

    Don’t hate! Most of these comments are coming from a place of privilege, just because you’re able-bodied. Who says handicapped persons can’t be sexual. Just because she has no feelings in her arms and legs doesn’t mean she can’t feel anything anywhere else. Your comments are ablism at its finest! Don’t discriminate. She’s entitled to suck peen and dish poon just like the rest of y’all able-bodied-walking-around-ho stroll-anywhere-you-want b!t$hes!

    • Zan

      Yes! All of this! These self-righteous mofos commenting on this post need to have a seat _ … yes her delivery and the concept were funny but y’all shouldn’t judge her! I applaud her for being brave enough to put herself out there to be lambasted and ridiculed by a bunch of hypocrites…

  • syd

    I had to stop watching at 48 seconds. I can’t…I just…no ma’am.

  • Longwayhome_

    This ish had me repenting and running for the mercy seat. I could only take about 30-40 seconds and I did not breathe until I clicked pause. The girl is a living example that Jesus WILL return. Getting my life together now…