The Read: Beyoncé Holiday Spectacular

Kid Fury December 19, 2013 The Read 148 Comments

What was once meant to be a holiday special filled with friends, champagne and shade turned out to be a full stan moment after King Beyoncé snatched us up from the root. Special thanks to our friends Dustin Ross, Assanté and Chescaleigh for joining us.

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  • Lady BeyHive

    I had so much fun listening to you guys!

  • Jen

    Love the Read and Beyonce! Happy holidays to you guys and safe travels!

  • WaitedAllYearForThis
  • Mizery

    Hmmp have me waiting…

  • Sideeye

    Crissle almost ruined this Read for me -____-

    • Newgrowth

      RIGHT! you could almost hear Fury’s side eye in his voice.

    • IvoteCrissleofftheisland

      ALMOST??? She’s been on some Team #toomuch shit since five episodes ago.

      • lovewill

        Ooop! Grey tea is the strongest.

    • CalmDown

      Ch…way to damn loud. She was acting like an obsessed 13 year old fan.

    • YaVyBnMe

      It was too much and I agree with what others have commented its not just her excitement over Beyonce, Crissle’s been getting loud and over talking people and its annoying.
      I think she’s trying to carve out an identity separate from Fury and have people see her as his equal, because lets be honest most of the fans are his, no one knew who she was, but this isn’t the way. This will actually LOSE you to listeners.

      • Carmen

        ooooooooh you shady cunt.

    • DismissCrissle

      Yes she really does and its annoying as hell

  • Dustin’shusband

    @ 25:05 Damn crissle…….

  • Mama Pope’s Chewed Wrists

    I am in love with this album…..I think I was exhausted from Scandal because when I got wind of what was going on, I shrieked for like 5 minutes, hit “Buy” and just drank Cheerwine until Scott Foley finally came on Jimmy Kimmel lol ….when that was over, I remembered the glory that had been downloaded.

    If anything, I hate only being able to discuss this LP with 3 or 4 of my friends … the majority of them aren’t fans of Beyonce’s solo material & say a lot of stans have ruined the probability of them being casual fans by saying shit like “Fuck you if you don’t like Beyonce, you stank bitch!” LOL. I thought they were lying, because I don’t encounter a lot of true stans outside of social media ….. but Dustin & Crissle immediately jumping hot and saying “Fuck them!” over some folks saying they don’t care for “Superpower” (one of my favorite songs on the cd) made me think of the experiences I’ve been told about …. so, maybe it’s not so far-fetched. Some people are overzealous and take things too far ….. I know this is a comedy podcast, but I didn’t take them saying that as “tongue-in-cheek” at all.

    • CurrentlytwerkingtoPartition

      Eloquently put!

    • Brandon Dean

      People take what Crissle says way too seriously. Just like the girl a few weeks back who SERIOUSLY believed fury and crissle were for real when they say Blue ivy is better than everyone. She’s a toddler! Im sure Crissle would tell you herself that people are entitled to not be into Beyonce, she thinks they are mistaken, but she doesn’t hate them.

      But I assert, as Crissle and Kid Fury would, that you Dont have to be the biggest Beyonce fan to recognize talent, or to see when someone is doing something truly special. You don’t have to be into Michael Jackson to know that he is amazing at what he does, regardless of where one tastes lie.

      • lovewill

        Bye Felicia.

  • Bry!

    This was a great way to end the year! I loved that they had Assante, Chescaleigh, and wild ass Dustin on the show. And Im not a stan by any means but I feel special/smart that I picked up that Heaven was about her losing her first child like these certified STANS. The album in it’s entirety is perfect and I’m happy for Beyonce

  • RihannasVocalCoach

    I feel like I’m at an exclusive VIP event listening to all of you. I loved this episode. I totally understand Chescaleigh. This was also my first Beyoncé music purchase and no I will not call myself a stan. Oh and I’ve been thinking of possible remixes..

    -Angel remix with Solange because of the H-town pride plus Solange can get all Mariah with her high notes
    -Partition remix with Nicki Minaj or another talented female rapper
    -Rocket remix with D’Angelo…just think about it…magic waiting to happen
    -Supernatural….If it got a remix I’d put Janelle on it…but I don’t think this song needs a remix

    • blue ivy’s blue binky

      Or Partitian with Iggy? I think both are raunchy enough to pull it off

    • Christina H

      PLEASE keep NICKI far far faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr away from Beyonce. Bey doesn’t need that…..

  • smhReadFan
    • Apachee’ the Don

      I thought I was the only one who noticed that..

  • NowIGetIt

    There was a discussion about the meaning of the Heaven video and I saw this wonderful article that explains a lot of the themes in the album through her creative director, Todd Tourso.

    And he said the following about the Heaven video:

    Originally, [Beyonce’s] main
    inspiration for that song and that video was watching her mother lose
    one of her best friends. So Beyoncé’s treatment — which was incredibly
    detailed and fleshed out, shockingly so, at seven in the morning — was
    juxtaposing this gut-wrenching sad song with really happy visuals of two
    girls who are best friends doing all these amazing things, and then at
    the end of the video you find out that it was one of the girls’ bucket
    lists, and she’s actually dead.

  • Apachee’ the Don

    I agree with Jen she over talks everyone and that’s so annoying … Sorry #imjustbeinhonest

  • Rihanna’s Dubie

    Great episode!! It was hilarious listening to all of you Stan the hell out. Even tho I agreed more with Francesca lol not really a Stan so I kinda skipped around with the album. I love Dustin tho he’s too damn much.

  • AND!!??!!

    ” LATOYAH WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!!” HAHAHAHAHAHHAHALMAO!!! from got2bereal hella freaking funny. ok asontae

  • Boomquisha

    I didn’t find Crissle too loud. In fact, I never have. I love everybody on this episode! And any episode with Dustin automatically becomes a favourite.

  • crissles vocal cord

    Damn crissle loud as da fuq!!

    • drunkinlovewithfury
    • Mama Pope’s Chewed Wrists


    • bmfsbride

      Your name though!!!!

    • Gabicaligirl


    • crisslesbackground

      Every time I got into what someone was saying Crissle would scream over them *sigh*

  • Ghost of Lesser Bitches Past

    I loved the group chat made me feel like I was sitting in a living room chatting it up with other fans.

    Can we just agree that Bey just dealt a lethal Mortal Combat style death blow to so many RnB women is fucking criminal. Forget just dropping an album…but 17 videos. Listen #FinishHim!

    I love so many tracks Partition, Blow, Drunk in Love, Mine Superpower but I agree with Fury on this one, that little Blaxican Girl Miguel put his motherfucking foot in that song ” Rocket” ….easily THE sexiest and most believable erotic song B has ever done that shit almost got me pregnant.

    • Mama Pope’s Chewed Wrists


      • Petty_Laundry

        Bitch YO NAME THO!!!!???? chewed wrists………. I cant breath

        • Mama Pope’s Chewed Wrists

          “The devil came in….” *Sally Langston voice*

          • Carmen


  • anon
  • NaomiCampbell’sEdges
    • Blue Ivy’s Edge Collection

      Madame please leave and take all of the edges you have gathered with this gif, with you.

  • Charlemagne da fuckboy

    Beyonce was like HERE BI!

  • uniqua flowers


  • Petty_Laundry

    The Fact That Beyonce snatched every follicle from my scalp with this album, then proceeded to sprinkle Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning on my head for extra measure with these videos….
    The Fact that me and Beyonce both like to cook Butt Ass Nekkid……
    The Fact that Queen Anita Baker had to stop processing her box fade to praise Beyonce…..
    The Fact that Kelly Rowland can boot skoot it in 2 Beyonce videos, but can’t even promote her own shit that dropped a few months ago…..
    The Fact that ‘Yonce didn’t give these folks time to breathe let alone get an illuminati essay together explaining how she’s sold her sold on each video scene
    I mean Who Else But????????

    • Gabicaligirl

      You had me right here at: The Fact that Kelly Rowland can boot skoot it in 2 Beyonce videos, but can’t even promote her own shit that dropped a few months ago…..

    • lovewill

      You sir. Anita Baker? *dead* #ohmygawd.

  • thephotographer4you

    I need to laugh….Youngsters in the 21st century make momma laugh. Get into it!

    Baby that drunk song Beyoncé did bout wood. #Grownup folks stuff n prudes take notes. That is all I got. That is it…..Bey booboo is Jay Z. You heard….damn skippy that is her beautiful black man. UMPH….YUP…I ask my son bout it.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Who told you that you were cute? Ummmmm…..if my boo is gorgeous to me…ummmm who are you again? Who are these people calling my man ugly? WHO? Neeeeeeext that way ———>

    • Beyonce’sFishnets


      • justin’s retirement plan

        I thought she was talking to herself so I was gonna leave it alone

        • sigh


      • ashaballot


  • Brandon Dean

    When they got to “***Flawless” and they all went crazy, I was like YAAAAASSS! These folks know my heart. There is a part of my spirit that lives for that song!

  • Stephie

    Again, Crissle … sis. You should not be aloud to drink during a podcast recording.

    • Your mama

      *allowed* words mean things boo . . . carry on!

      • stephie

        Why, thank you ;)

  • Nastasia Tamara

    I live for you two! I’ve been waiting for this all damn week! I have not heard not 1 song all week that wasn’t Yonce’!

  • Kensington

    I think Superpower is an ode to POTUS & FLOTUS.

    • Kanye’s Wedding Dress

      I think it’s about her and Jay

  • Mimi Mi

    I got my tea and my veggie wrap, sat down to enjoy this spectacular, and got my life! I’m not the biggest Beyonce’ fan, but I respect what she does. With that said, Mrs Carter up and and seduced me right through my computer screen!!!! Bitch, I ain’t even into girls! She’s on these videos looking like straight up sex and sunlight! Bay-bay, Drunk In Love….*faints* I am embarrassed to tell you how many times I’ve listened to that song alone. After this album I’m like “how the hell did this shit happen”.
    Kudos on a job well done, ma’am. I’m like Fury, I feel like I need to pay some more cash to this woman. So, do I just send my extra 15 bucks to Blue Ivy’s college fund or what? So many emotions here….

  • Kota

    Lol, man y’all leave Crissle alone! She is excited and Drunk in Love with this topic. Literally.

  • SistersWithBeauty

    I’m sorry I’ve been busy for the last hour 40 READING… LOVED THIS.. And trust as you were hashing out each song I pulled up the videos and hit the silent button…just to see the visual and be in the know…yet again…#ClapsToTheRead

  • nicki’s grammy nomination

    Turn the fuck up!

  • Ghetto News Reporter

    Faggots are fucking disgusting.

    • Nah

      But you look dusty

      • Ghetto News Reporter

        FOH you’re probably a fag too.

        • Jetty

          No need to do the reading and shade. I am a woman and I am straight and I am black (Although, it is none of your business but I know how ignorance makes moves and picks points (see above)).

          If you feel that way it is unfortunate but this is a mostly free opinion world so OK. JUST GO ELSEWHERE and LEAVE US ALONE. If the goal is to check people you should find a different crowd b/c you aren’t built for this (look at the simpleness of your comments thus far), if it’s conversion you are simply at the wrong address and, if it is negativity you simply won’t be tolerated.

          I am not a user with an account but I have been down since before the read (Furious Thoughts anybody) and I can tell you without hesitation that you are not stopping this progress and your level of hate is basic and has been done before.

          Please take your negativity and go!

          PS No need to show your ugliness any further with a retaliatory comment b/c I am not attacking you just speaking on behalf of my community here!

          • Ghetto News Reporter

            Save it. I heard about them on a 105.1 interview, decided to check them out. Didn’t know he’s a faggot. Hope he jumps off a bridge.

          • blue ivy’s blue binky

            Their sexuality is irreverent. Just like your comment. The only thing that deserves to die is ignorance.

          • Apachee’ the Don

            But your ashy. ..

        • Jetty

          I had to go look.. B/C I knew this has been addressed.

    • ZJ

      Why would you try to ruin the positive vibe being generated by discussing the force of nature that is Beyonce by saying some stupid shit like that?

      • Ghetto News Reporter

        I came heard them in a 105.1 interview, decided to check them out. Didnt know it was a dick sucking faggot. Hope he hangs himself.

        • ashaballot

          Soooooo you want us to help you find your daddy or nah…

        • thecelebully

          your existence is disgusting

        • Brandon Dean

          Somebody’s in the closet…

          Or as Khia put it “Is you hongray?”

    • bmfsbride

      Boy self hate is the worst. Its ok that you drop it and spread it for some c*ck! We love you and your people on this page.

  • Guest

    I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the frenzy that Bey’s created over her new album is similar to the frenzy MJ caused when he dropped Bad? Kid Fury is right when he says that she’s not competing with the legends; Whitney, MJ etc

  • RubyWooByA$AP

    Kid Fury is right when he says that Bey is competing with the legends; I love Rihanna and them, but she’s on a whole other level. Beyonce is on her MJ and Whitney, she’s going for that legendary status and everyone needs to step their game up or go home. She switched the game up for modern pop culture. The way everyone’s buzzing over her album, the record sales, can be compared to MJ in my opinion.

  • RubyWooByA$AP

    Like, I was genuinely having a bad week and then the Bey album dropped. She just snatched everyone edgeless

  • Guest

    Btw the translation of the French in partition in this:

    ‘Do you like sex? Sex, I mean the physical activity. Coitus, do you like it? Are yo not interested in sex? Men think that feminists hate sex, but it is an exciting and natural activity that women love’

    • Bee.

      THANK YOU!!

  • JaQuanna

    I have been particularly waiting for this episode since Thursday evening. I love you guys! It was a pleasant surprise to have Dustin (who I personally feel should have a recurring role on the read) and I was happy that you guys brought Assante back!

    This episode was everything! From start to finish!! I loved it! I read the comments before I posted mine– First things first. Don’t come for Crissle. Y’all should have already known what time it was. She has been waiting tirelessly to share her thoughts with us–and I loved all of it! Superpower is not my fav–but eh. To each its own.

    Dustin is back like new growth on a sew in thats 4 weeks old?! Dustin, I need you to leave! I am here for Dustin. Always! He is effortlessly hilarious. Oh but when he called Chimagatnke [Shamanda]— iiii loooossstttt itttttt!!!

    *sighs* Chescaleigh. I tried to fight for you. ..and the thing is, I actually like you, but I just feel like The Read is not your lane. Your videos are cute–but you didn’t flow with this episode at all. You’re not a stan. That’s cool. I respect that. You actually contributed the most profound input on the episode when you gave your reasons for not being a stan. I thought that was very admirable–BUUTTTTTT I’m still gonna have to say, “No. Girl.” The Britney impressions are NOT funny. Ever.

    Kid Fury, my fav Bey stan, … I am 3 excited about you guys coming to Houston– I drove by the Blue Bell Creameries office yesterday and thought about you. I won’t be there bc I do church on Saturdays.. but I genuinely hope you guys have an a No Angel experience with all the boudin you can eat..

    • chescaleigh

      Crissle & KidFury asked me to do the impression! different strokes for different folks!

      • blue ivy’s blue binky

        I loved your impressions and I thought you balanced the group nicely. Without your voice, it would have been like watching Sister Kim catch the spirit for two hours with no bathroom break. Your “say no to stanning“ comments also calmed everyone down and made for interesting conversation. Plus your past read is one of my favorites. Keep doing your thing.

        • chescaleigh

          aw thanks love! <3

      • justin’s retirement plan

        This epsiode WAS best suited for you. Just because you weren’t really loud doesn’t mean you couldn’t hang with the best. I think the impressions are cute because they’re spot on. People have their opinions and that’s fine, but just know that we all don’t feel that way.

        • chescaleigh


          • thecelebully

            Yes Ma’am a nice balance is always appreciated. LOVE YOU!!!

      • crissleisloudashell

        i loved you on the show…you were a nice balance to the stans…it kinda got overwhelming for me bc i’m not really a fan nor stan of beyonce’s. she’s won me over with the new album though and i respect her. this was her first album i purchased from her since dangerously in love. your brittney impressions were life!!

  • jajay22

    Crissle, sorry girl but you were so damn annoying! UGHHH!

  • GlympsesOfMe

    Yes in Blow that is Creole at the end. At first she said “I don’t know what” in French then followed it with “darling tonight we’re going all the way”. It’s more vulgar than that but there isn’t an exact translation!

  • EM

    Child Rocket will have you given it up to a fuckboy without a job and benefits who won’t call you back, it is that serious.

    • justin’s retirement plan

      Nooooo not florida evans!

      • EM

        To hell my gif yo fuckin’ name tho?!

        • justin’s retirement plan

          *takes a graceful bow*

    • Mimi Mi

      Mmmhmm. Florida gets it.

  • IAmUnanimousInThat


    BEYONCÈ GISELLE KNOWLES-CARTER! This bitch done did the
    whole damn thing and fucked up the entire game and still had a fully untouched
    health bar with the energy gauge on maximum.

    Beyoncé rolled out of bed, kissed Jay-Z, fed Blue Ivy, then
    put her hand up in the air and said, “ETERNAL BEYOCNE POWER, MAKE-UP’ and
    transformed to the fucking superstar that is Eternal Sailor Beyoncé and
    summoned her scepter made from welded Grammys and did her signature move,
    “Secret Album Drop” and turned the entire pop music game to sparkle dust,
    collected the sparkle dust and used as toppings for her vegan cupcakes.

    Beyoncé raised the bar. I want you all to go to your
    favorite artist and say this, “If Beyoncé can drop a album with 14 songs and a
    music video for each song, while on tour, while a mother, while being a wife,
    with no promotion, with no leaks, why can’t you do the fucking same.” What Beyoncé
    did was give us what we fucking deserve. I am glad she took her entire fucking
    time to drop this album. She made us wait until it was perfection and then gave
    it to us. That’s what I want from these artists out here. Fully realized
    products of art not these half-assed singles here and there and maybe a
    video. I want workmanship and

    And can we please have someone photoshop the faces of
    Beyoncé Blue Ivy, and Jay – Z on the face of the holy family that is Neo Queen
    Serenity, King Endymion, and Lady Serenity.

  • Behydration

    “If pretty hurts then ugly kills” yall killed me. too funny!! But the French part of partition says: do you like sex? sex, I mean the physical activity, sexual intercourse, you like it? You not interested in sex? Men think feminists hate sex but it’s a stimulant and it’s natural and women love it

    • slayedanddismayed

      Are you sure it’s french? All th Haitian people say it’s Creole and they have a different translation.

      • Behydration

        In the song blow i think its haitian cause i dont understand it. But french is my native language so yes in Partition its 100% french. Def not Creole

        • GlympsesOfMe

          You are correct. Partition is French & blow is Creole (not haitian btw).

          • MsSass21

            Blow is indeed in HAITIAN CREOLE, as the indigenous creole of Louisiana is completely different even though both creoles are rooted in French. FYI the translation: Cherie, m’vle ou aswe a nou prale kole. Literal translation: Darling (baby etc.) I want you, tonight we are sticking/getting stuck together (the connotation is much more vulgar than the english translation)

  • bmfsbride

    I waited 2 days for this to be up here.!!!

    • Entertainme

      Dat number tho x_x….

  • Desiree Chase

    More people need to know how to pronounce Moet.

    Thanks for the album review guys! Luv this show!

  • Desiree Chase

    sorry, I just.. it caught my eye.

    • Carmen

      i am dying laughing at this.

  • Tiffany Bota

    Does Crissle know that King Bey posted her Stan reaction video on her official Facebook page? Sooooo happy for her! She probably fainted! Someone get the smelling salts and the prayer cloth to cover her above the knee action! Loved the reaction. Love how y’all go soooooo hard for our Queen! Love the Read!!!!!!!!! XO XO XO — from your ATL fan :D

  • jaquaiseBEY

    ; Chescaleigh was really quiet , like she was just watching them all talk about Beyonce trying to figure out what to say .

  • Kim.Couture
  • Kim.Couture
  • CurlyBoo

    FIRST OFF!! its an hour and FORTY-FOUR minutes-yaaaaasssss.
    I really really really enjoyed this. It only makes me want to buy it even more (gottah get my itunes fixed). Dustin is freaking hilarious

  • ashaballot

    Wow Crissle is on Bey’s FB page. I fainted for you lol

  • Guest

    While minding my own business Bey comes along and pulls every last one of my follicles then gives me the order to “GET in line with the rest of the stans”

  • Fantasia’s Therapist

    Would have loved this if Crissle was out sick.

  • Beyoncè’s Menagerie of Wigs

    I must say, I’m ETERNALLY tired of people giving their comments on someone being too loud, or not stan enough for the convo, or too green, or too BLAH BLAH BLAH. These people are who they are. Keep your negative, Keyshia Cole ass comments to yourself. I’m sure when you wake up thinking you’re flawless you don’t want some STRANGER raining on your parade. Keep it real cute. And silence your foolishness.

  • CoCo Chanel

    I started off as a fury fan and getting to know Crissle on the show i like her too. The last couple of shows you guys have been dragging them for every little thing. I know this can’t be easy for them; doing the show and hearing the critiques. I do feel as though Crissle brings a different side to the show. No one is saying you can’t have a favorite host but to say she needs to be voted off because she was loud? That’s ridiculous and to me you are team too much. Plus, there was five people on the show this time, that’s tough for even the most experienced host.

  • Alexis

    Damn…I didn’t find Crissle loud or annoying at all. I loved the episode and the special guest. Everyone has their own unique personality and that’s one reason why the show is so good! =)

    Yall so catty for no reason lol

  • Blue Ivy’s Edge Collection

    So, whatever edges you have left (I doubt there is a lot if any) please feel free to send them to me so I can give them to my mama for Christmas. -Blue Ivy to the public

  • YaVyBnMe

    YES! When ppl were whining about getting an album (and I was one of them) Bey was like, “Be still and know that I am Beyonce!”
    My faith is restored in this lady, I am so sorry for my doubt, it was from listening to the hate from the comforters known as ‘the blogs’ that I almost allowed myself to become one of the naysayers. I now know that Beyonce gave me this music not when I wanted it, but when I NEEDED it!!

  • YaVyBnMe

    If Jay-Z had done his verse for Beach Is Better at the beginning of Drunk In Love it would have been WAY better than that shullbit verse he actually dropped on hat song. He really almost ruined the song for me!
    When your beautiful lady like Bey is going in and out on a limb talking about riding you like a surfboard and waking up on the kitchen floor and the best you can come up with is having her ‘breasteses for breakfast’ and for some unknown reason talking YET AGAIN about cake?!?!?!! Terrible and I wish Bey had got on her Grown AND Independent woman and let him know he needed to come better than that!

  • GTrain

    It was fun listening to the group discussing the album and I’m glad they went track by track so they covered the favorites and the not-so-favorites.

    I agree with Chescaleigh that the Ike/Tina line in Drunk In Love was disturbing. It totally took me out of the moment, of everything else she was saying with that song. I don’t find a reference to another woman’s abuse sexy, not at all.

    Superpower is my favorite track and to me it’s one of the best demonstrations of Beyonce’s maturity and artistry.

  • Beyonce is God

    Oh no this bitch did NOT. Beyonce has singlehandedly maimed, decapitated, and slaughtered every other heaux in the game. She revolutionized the game. Visual album? Bitch WHAT? If you don’t recognize the Holy presence that is Beyonce your nothing but a sad hater that needs to be disembowled by rabid dogs. Beyonce is God, I faithfully pray and bow down to her divine spirit. Amen.

  • Pop It For Some Boston Market
    • bmfsbride

      This !!!

  • Shane Bell

    “Beyonce doesn’t have to exploit her baby like some people do.” – Most immense shade of 2013.

  • Ru St. Vincent

    ive listened and im like chescaleigh when it comes to not a stan (i dont stan for nobody..maybe jesus but if he slip up and let kimye win in 2014 then im OUT) for beyonce but you cant deny her talent. also while i was listening i read up on the crissle credit fraud situation (where the fuck have i been??) and its def taken the shine off the read for me. while i do agree crystal townsend has been team #toomuch for a while now (I wish i could give her my FSA card to get that laugh checked out. It sounds like turbeculosis and newports) i will continue to be here for Fury. Ill catch this whenever.

    • IWokeUpLikeThis

      ** “i dont stan for nobody..maybe jesus but if he slip up and let kimye win in 2014 then im OUT”
      I concur!!

  • lovewill

    We all know I’m not really here for Beyonce. BUT. I have to give that woman credit for just dropping her shit when she and her label felt like it. Not using ANY money for promotion (shout out to lady gaga and interscope…hahhaha lol) and managing to go No. 1. AND the fact that she didn’t even give a damn about missing the grammy cut off date because she couldn’t be bothered. Credit and a slow clap. I ain’t listened to narry a thing though. No singles = no cash from me until I hear something.

    I haven’t listened to this read as I’m sure I won’t like it. And instead of people who are hating on Crissle for being too loud…YOU ALL KNOW that she wants Bey’s muffbox…and that she is the stan of the century. If it says Beyonce spectacular what did you expect. If you didn’t want to hear it…why click play? Just wait for the next read rather than dissing someone when you can deduce from the title what your going to get.

  • Madonna’sSaggyTit

    I fucking could not stand Beyonce . . . BUT THIS ALBUM?!?! Bitch i cant even fake SHE DID THAT. I thought it was her best body of work. Light years ahead of 4 and I Am Sasha Garbage. It showed actual artistic growth, which is something Bey up until this point lacked. But it was all worth the wait, this shit is sublime. BUT I will say this FURY Not everyone she competing with is in the ground, Janet still got it. lol Great episode.

    • lala

      janet who?

  • Kyra

    I just love hearing people talk about my Queen for an hour and forty-four minuets. Beyoncé is flawless. Scandal snatched my edges and Beyoncé snatched my eyebrows. She can do no wrong.

  • ❁ alisha del rey ❁

    I cant drink juice while listening to the read lmao

  • Jaz

    Chriselle, girl…..Beyonce did not make this album for you & you alone. Calm down u just over did it for me this episode

  • Kev Od

    i love this show

  • Kev Od

    love it

  • Yonce’s Monica Lewinskyed Gown

    “Driver roll up the partition please. I don’t need you seeing ‘Yonce on her knees.” got dammm Beyonce!

    • IWokeUpLikeThis

      Your name Miss . . .

  • IWokeUpLikeThis

    Bring on the new Read!!

  • Ashley Cannon

    The Beyonce album was the epitome of 2013…hands down!

  • Don’tComeForMe

    I first listened to this for about ten minutes but Crissle and her dramatics just made me sick. But I’m back to finish the episode and I guess I’ll just skip her parts. -__-

  • DismissCrissle

    I only listen to the read to hear Kid Fury. I think Crissle is desperate for attention and reaches. Can we sign a petition to get her replaced?

  • Key

    I pray that God helps heal you all. To break you guys free from the spell that she has upon you all.