Kid Fury’s Top 10 Reasons To Watch Scandal Season One

Kid Fury August 12, 2013 New Music 36 Comments

In what was one of BET’s better decisions, the network will now be running Scandal in syndication along with marathons a’plenty. So I teamed up with the Black Entertainment folk to celebrate all things Pope & Associates. Check out my Top 10 Reasons To Watch Scandal Season One below and look out for more.

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  • Rae Rae

    Love you fury!!!

  • Jack Iesson

    Do it big, Fury.

  • Momma Dee’s Headpiece

    People should truthfully watch Scandal on BET because they’re tired of all 18,239 episodes of “The Game.” But I did finally got into Scandal, completed seasons 1 & 2, I came to the conclusion that they are all just a bunch of sex crazed, mentally scarred, deranged, homicidal politicians. & I am seated with a kool-aid squeeze it juice, READY for season 3. Plus, Harrison is the best character just because of how stone cold and loyal he is. He is not here for the dramatics, he is not here for the tempers and the screaming and the confusion. Like the type of nigga who will smooth curse you out if you fuck up his order at Burger King but do it in a way that makes you want to give him the meal for free. A “Stone Cold Gentleman” if you will, minus Ralph Tresvant.

    • Rolly

      Truth all day!

    • bmfsbride

      I wna’t to wake up to him!!

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      I need for him to have a back story this season I want to know how he ended up in prison…for 3 days but prison none the less.

      • Trillary Clinton

        In all honesty, I think it’s done because he’s one of the few if not the only character without a weakness. Every show needs one, we know Abby has a weakness for David, Olivia has a weakness for skinny white men, huck has a weakness for 8 minutes til 8, and Quinn is her own damn weakness. Harrison is the only character who isn’t vulnerable and can be the one to put everything together while everyone else falls apart. Sometimes a show with a cast full of characters who melt in every episode isn’t really necessary!

    • Suchalady

      Perfect. Just perfect.

  • The Capricorn

    my soul says yes to your shirt tho

  • Robin Tinnicsha

    The designer for Olivia Pope is Ms. Lyn Paolo and she’s been hinting about possibly dropping a clothing line inspired by Ms. Pope!

  • Mikayla White

    Love!!! You are amazing ! I dont think you realize the lives you touch with your videos and comments/theories on things!! Awesome job! Keep it upp!

  • Heemi

    Love it!

  • Blue Ivy’s Edge Collection

    are you selling those shirts and if so when and where can i buy one

  • Sugar

    but….not ONE, “listen, bitch!” during the entire video? i mean, i guess..


    I am here for this video; however, I needed just a scoop of vulgarity e.g. cursing (fuck, shit, fuck-boy, sweat-bitch) GOOD JOB FURY!!!!

  • Tracy’s Rubber Upper Lip

    Harrison can get it all day any day.

  • Thomas Mc

    There’s no video

  • earthshaker1217

    Do we really need 10 reasons?
    I feel like Kerry Washington is enough. Everything else is extra.

    • Nev’s Body Hair


  • faythe

    big tings a gwan fuh yuh

  • dmx’s credit score
  • peppermint

    To Sir Fury,

    I have been stanning for the Furious one for a while now and I must say it is about damned time that Fury has been unleashed unto the world. It’s great to see Fury slowly become further enmeshed into social media and that his videos, opinions, sassiness and general joie de vivre be spread amongst the masses!
    This is the year of the Fury. Keep on keeping on hon, and follow your dreams! Congratulations!

  • Joseline’s perfect diction

    Luv the shirt

    • bmfsbride

      Your name!! Good Day Ma’am!

  • bmfsbride

    Shout out to you Fury!
    Watching Scandal because of you.
    I need Columbus in my life!

  • CadyHeron

    Gon’ head Fury!

  • Cha_Slid

    I see no video hun..but by the comments I trust its Aullll that.. Love ya!

  • That girl MEL!

    LISTEN!!! KID FURY I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! I know I do not know you in real life, but sir, I tip my hat to you for being the best you and allowing people to see your gifts shine through. I know it’s not always easy but you are inspiring a generation! Keep it up!

    And yes, I watched a smooth 3hrs of the marathon as if I’d never seen the episodes before.

  • JLew

    Jesus combs her hair….dead!

  • Tori

    Videos at BET never work for me. The ad just loops o we and over again. So I’m guessing I will not be part of this video audience. Anyone out there with a solution to this?

    • Huck4Prez

      Watch it on bet

  • Jos and Mimi’sFriendshipRings

    I can’t wait for Season 3!! I see you getting that BET airtime Fury! Get ur life!

    • Brittany

      You ain’t shit for that name

  • EM

    I need to get my life together and watch this show.