Beyoncé Shows Off New Short Haircut On Instagram

Kid Fury August 8, 2013 Memoirs of a Creole 101 Comments

All those long waves of virgin Remy and Malaysian weave have been sent to glory. King Bey has revealed a short new hairdo on her Instagram page and my sesame seed soul has dropped its thun thuh thun.

I wasn’t ready for this glam new look for Beyoncé at all, but she looks marvelous in my humble opinion. Maybe this is the mark of her new era beginning since her tour has wrapped for now and she’s reportedly heading into the studio for two weeks. What do you think?

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  • David

    It’s so butch and I’m loving every short gifted strand of it. She need to get rid of that Miley styling and hit up Halle Berry for some tips.

  • joe

    i think its just a wig like in the sweet dreams video, that robot scene, its like the same thing. nice tho.

    • KidFury

      Apparently it is. Leave it to Beyoncé to have the best lacefront I’ve ever seen. Maybe all you need is money and edges in order for it to look right.

      • Claudette Ordeez

        If that’s a lacefront, Brandy oughta be put to sleep for the shamble she wears on her head.

        • Coonye West

          The hell are you talking about? Where did you pluck that name from? Brandy’s hair is forever-layed!

      • Jazz

        I think she looks beautiful but I would actually prefer to see her let the whole blonde thing go altogether and try a different color. Its time.

        • MissJ


  • Jordan

    I love it!!! She looks so cunt

  • lifeGOLD

    Her neck too thick for the cut.

    • Kim Humphries’ Divorce Papers

      THANK YOU! I said this yesterday!

    • KingCreole

      Lol in these pics, yea. It might not look so bad if she puts a v-neck on.

  • Wow

    I never imagined she would do this look. Im pleasantly surprised. She looks gorgeous!

  • @_ohmrwilson

    Not a fan.

  • caseyG101

    Here for it… she’s giving me Etta cunt.

  • Carmen Sandiego


  • Jess

    I love it. It’s something new and she has the money to change it up in the future.

  • Ciara’s Album Sales

    Beyonce has a white iPhone so I want a white iPhone.

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Definitely didn’t see this coming. I’m just excited to see what she’s going to serve in this new era with the short due, only God knows what mama has up under her sleeve.

    • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance


  • Crys

    Wet it Queen Bey!! Wet it!!! I need to see that Creole S Curl!!! So bad she snatched her OWN wig!!! YAASSS!!!

  • imjussayin

    Does this mean the album on the way :( .. she look pretty tho

  • Shiz the Snorlax

    I like it, she wears it well. Get into that make up…beat for Zeus! YESSSSS!!!!

  • Guest

    For those who can’t deal don’t worry it’ll grow back by the time Ciara’s Groupon Bundles make to all 13 members of her army.

  • Miley’s Missing Ass

    i don’t really like it. I think it’s the color, it would look beautiful if she dyed it black!

    • Don’tComeForMe

      Oh, yeah. I agree. That would be cute!

  • GoGurl

    I love it, it shows off her features and she looks sophisticated and beautiful. It was time for a change.

  • Guest

    Like these broads need to stop complaining and beingso opinionated. Ya’ll should feel free, that’s about what you got left under those caps anyway, except for ya’ll transparent edges. Ya’ll have been holding on to that ANCH, yes ANCH, of hair on your head, calling it “leave out” no bitch that’s just “what’s left” Stop playing. Once again being the philanthropist that she is, she gave back, and gave ya’ll a break from selling your WIC to keep up with the Queen. I mean can she get a Thank You, ungrateful broads.

    • Suchalady

      A life. Get you one.

    • Guest

      …And we’ve got 1 hit bitch to holla, are there anymore??? *looks around*

      • Suchalady

        HA! Hit the concrete.

  • afRoDiZziAK


  • BlairWaldorf2013

    I actually think that’s her hair this go round. When you look at it the parting if the scalp too real (like the fly-aways).

    I mean its not like we see her hair anyway so why not cut it off. I think she looks Betty Boop Cute.

  • Blue Ivy’s Bodyguard

    My soul has never wanted to shout in glory as much as it wants to right now. I clocked in overtime for this haircut because I’m here, was here, and will be here for this for now and ever.

  • dawn

    Charlize Theron has the same cut! I knew Beyonce would do it. Rock it!

  • Rihannashairjuices

    Wish it was a different style don’t like it. *kanye shrug* love the back and side view but she needed more hair in the front her stylist fucked up and tried to cover it up

  • Jondaris Yungflyfreshdope Jack

    Gorgeous!! just simply amazing!! I have always wondered how she would look with short and and motha KILLED it!!

  • Rita Lee

    Cute! Authentic, & short haired girls have way more fun. Lol kidding (not really). Let me go see what Keyshia Cole has to say about this.

    • Don’tComeForMe

      LOL. Why???

      • Rita Lee

        Cause Keyshia Cole ALWAYS tweetin and sub tweetin Beyonce lol since the super bowl, then “Bow Down,” & I just know she flappin her twitter jaws about this. Lmbo

  • Mona Scott-Old

    I like it

  • ♡ Shanaya ♡

    I said this on Tumblr… but you know what’s really funny? Keri Hilson just Instagramed her “new” hair style like a few days ago, and Beyoncé came and basically snatched whatever shine she may have had and then some

  • jesska

    She can’t afford to get her roots done?

    • ashaballot

      Get them done like what? No one wants over processed roots nor edges.

  • Suchalady

    It actually looks good on her ( even though it’s prob a lacefront) but that top pic is trannylicious

  • britchick91
  • Amber

    So I actually like the hair style….and I like beyonce. But I feel like maybe some if you are doing a little much.

  • ashaballot


  • EbonyLolita

    I think Bey looks good w/short hair, just not THIS cut. I’m a hairdresser & this cut lacks shape/dimension! But waheva cuz the Hive is gonna co-sign on whatever she does. P.S. a deep condition w/a darker hue of blond would also improve the overall look but what do I know. I’m just a NYS Certified Hairdresser *Shrugs*

    • drakes unibrow

      girl you don’t think the King has enough coins to hire an NYS Certified Hairdresser….please.

      • EbonyLolita

        She does BUT whoever did this is NOT skilled at haircutting. Whether you’re certified or NOT cutting hair is a skill that not many are good at. Me included which is why I continue to be taught by those who are better!. The haircut sucks, not the style or the woman. and I’m a WOMAN not a girl.

  • idreamoflabels

    I just need mama to drop me a line on where I may purchase said Lacefront of Dreams. They can have all my coins.

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    Bey said, “I shan’t be tried by that industrial wind machine again” “No living, breathing, or blowing thing shall snatch these here edges”.

    • AllShadeEverything

      baaaaahahahahaha! dead @ shan’t be tried. i’m not a huge beyonce fan but i can hear her saying that in the most cuntiest of way….on some get me bodied “it’s me” flow #VirgoPride

  • Tay

    Leave it to Bey to fool all you peasants with the best lace fronts, as she has been doing for years! It’s definitely a new wig, you can tell from the edges. All of her “fans” from the Super Bowl caused an uproar. The real Beyhive knows what’s up! She looks flawless, nevertheless.

  • NE Heartbreak!

    Her hair probably been like that for years. She keeps a weave, so we never really know. I love it though! I like short hair on women. No more hiding our gorgeous faces.


    Beyonce said that fan is not going to get her this time! She snatched her own wig. I love her hair! Mutha B is giving you “Bitch, I’m Grown” look!

  • Cha_Slid

    No even feeling it.
    *Singing* Passs the weave like we use to do!

  • Breanna

    I hope its not a wig -___- I really like it. Am i the only one thats noticed that A LOT of women rock short hair a year or so after giving birth?

  • Indifferent

    It’s ok, nothing spectacular…

  • nice

    so what’s gonna happen to them lo’real commercials?

    • KING


  • KING

    I love it.

  • Amparo morel

    Nice she looks beatifull

  • Guest
    • dmx’s credit score

      wrong post! this was for the chris brown thing. I tried to delete it and instead it just showed my name as guest. sorry!

  • Guest

    no no this is not good now rihanna fans are gonna say she’s biting….im a fan of beyonce but i think long hair looks better on her

    • JK

      Beyonce is a grown woman..why would she care or worry about what Rihanna fans think? Rihanna did not originate a short, because my grandma and everybody else was rocking them, while she was still juggling coconuts in The Barbados. I love her with long hair as well, but if she wants to switch it up, she can. I mean it is her hair. That’s all

      • SiobahnFisher

        Juggling coconuts. Shit like that makes me say I’m staying out of the comments section. Ya’ll are ruthless lmfao.

  • † Brittney

    idc. she’s a GROWN woman. let her live.

  • Miss.Chilli

    Talk about plot twist of the year! Lol, I remember someone on tumblr said Bey’s new hairdo is more important than the release of ArtPop and it’s so true.

  • missy

    i just dont like the blond with the short…i hope she darken it…

    • ashaballot

      that would be cute

  • CurlyBoo

    ummmm it ages her to me. It reminds me of the wig she wore when she played Etta James. It needs to be feathered up top and dyed darker. I think she needs to hookup with Miss Halle Berry’s hairdresser to get it fixed cause it is a cute look on her, just needs some adjustments.

  • yeathat_steph

    gorgeous but her neck is insanely thick tho.

    • Beyonce’s C1-C7 Vertebrae

      If you had to swing 28 inch Malaysians for minimum of 18 hours a day, you’d have a strong neck too. Don’t come for B.

  • Justin
  • L Pruitt

    I think she is beautiful, her natural hair , brown eyes and beautiful skin . She is so natural and this is the way she was intended to look .She is a beautiful women any way. Approximately a year ago , I to went back to my roots, no more weave or perm ,
    I just wanted to wear my natural god given hair, it took others a while to adjusted to my new look , However , I love it, its save time and money. Now when I enter the beauty supply store I don’s have to worry about the employee following me through the store any more , asking if I needs any help! You rock !!!!!!!

  • Quick

    Love it. Can’t wait to see this new look in full

  • Daether

    Why do I feel like shes about to go natural on us! This is just the beginning people. Next week she’ll be sporting a Solange. I can’t here. Queen Beyzus was the only reason why I was holding onto my Just For Me perm.

  • Theempress55445

    I love beyonce bc she’s my mother and she gave me life, but her hair looks fried, dyed, and tried. #TeamWeave