Fury TV: Mrs. Carter Refreshed My Life

Kid Fury August 7, 2013 Kid Fury TV 22 Comments

The Mrs. Carter Show was nothing less than phenomenal. Here’s the story of how Beyoncé claimed my edges once again and added them to her treasure chest in the wig crypt. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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  • EM

    Only Beyonce can go from singing her best single to singing The Jefferson Theme song and it be not only acceptable but praised.

  • SheCanGo

    “…welp! I guess you niggas just gon’ be mad…”

    • Kyana

      *continues enthusiastic choreography*

  • Nev’s Body Hair

    “No Beyonce I need these!” Ahahah I hate you!

  • Geezy

    “I’m so full, I’m so full.” Lol, you’re full for the both of us. Wish I could have went.

  • bmfsbride

    I’m glad you didn’t go Monday. You would have been bald, dead and on fire.

    • Sant31

      LMAO, I’m done…NOPE…thats it!”

  • Miguel’s Fleet

    “The anti-Stacey Dash, we got all of our black lives.” Biiitch listen. I lost it.

  • Momma Dee’s Headpiece

    I had to re-watch this atleast 3 times. I will say this, you guys are really making me interested in going to see Beyonce live. I already made up my damn mind that I’m going to see her husband if he tours for this MCHG album. I have the playlist tattooed on my back sooooooooo….I think I’m becoming a Carter stan.

    • Harry A

      I read this comment, and then proceeded to carry on down the page and read other comments. I kid you not, I got 7 comments further down and realized that you said you have playlist tattooed on your back and I lost it. I mean I middle-part-of-Benzino’s-neck lost it.

    • bmfsbride

      Welcome !!

  • Guest

    Keyshia… is that you?

  • Stebie J’s Lip

    Keyshia… girl is that you?? #Snatched

  • ZJ

    And this video refreshed mine. Maybe one of these years her show will take more than five minutes to sell out, and I’ll be able to get some damn tickets.

  • Blue Ivy’s Bodyguard

    I don’t think you understand. I don’t care for anyone else’s opinions of anything Beyonce related because they do no justice compared to you. I swear the only people who can do a better job are Bey and Jesus

  • Kyana

    I’m glad you had fun! And I can hear that Bittersweet Symphony/If I Were A Boy as if I were there! Sounds Hot!


    In Other news B scott is sueing BET for censoring his outfit at the BET awards

  • Bh

    All hail the Momma’s!! Saw the show in DC and I agree Grown Woman was everything!!

  • Sherae Renee’

    Yaaaaay I’m so glad you enjoyed the show!

    BABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYY LISTENNNNNNNNNN! That Bittersweet Symphony remix was BY FAR my FAVE part of the show! Yaasss GAWD NESSA GIRL!

    The Jefferson theme song was definitely my second fave part of the show. Had me boogie-ing all KINDS of crazy by some white folks!

    LMAO @ “NO I NEED THESE!” I’ve been using Jamaica Black Castor Oil to help fill in my edges for a month now. Yes, it’s been one month since she just stormed in and took’em child.

    Beyonce is just…
    I don’t have any words.

  • britchick91
  • Guest

    I just lived vicariously through you in this video, you made me experience in entirety how my own edges would have been absent from my hairline. YES, LAWD!!!!

  • Angelika Anderson

    I went to the show in Nashville and people were looking at me like I was Crazy when grown woman came on. I almost lost it. I knew all the words but people our crazy I got my life at that concert. And beyonce was just AMAZING