Chris Brown Says Next Album Will Probably Be His Last

On today’s episode of The Young And The Lightskinned, Christopher Maurice is sick of your shit. After turning himself in to authorities and spending 45 minutes in jail, the infamous pop star hopped on Twitter to announce that his next album, X, will probably be the end for him.

“Don’t worry mainstream America. After this X album, it’ll probably be my last album,” Yellow Cake tweeted, adding, “Being famous is amazing when it’s for ur music and talent. I’m tired of being famous for a mistake I made when I was 18. I’m cool & over it!”

Oh, girl stop. Chris will probably take an extended break to play Phase 10 and sip Strawberitas with Karreuche, then he will release a rap mixtape and be ready to drop another album in a year or two. Nobody is here for the dramatics and even if he quits music, people will still give him hell. Buck up, Young Yellow!

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  • Missy

    The person he hurt in ’09 forgave him.. it’s about time he forgave himself too.

    • Hello

      & thats all it ever was. Chris needs to forgive himself for what he did and he will find the peace within in order to progress.

      • earthshaker1217

        Maybe Iyanla can help him with that.

        • Jaders

          now thats a good suggestion

        • CurlyBoo

          yea somebody on his team need to mention that to him. He may be so angry that he’ll take offense to the idea though.

      • JazmineThomas

        He can’t cause people throw it in his face all the time. I mean think of your BIGGEST mistake (we all have at least one), and just as human being we beat OURSELVES up over OUR mistakes but imagine MILLIONS of people throwing that shit in your your face EVERY time you inhale. Then people expect him to grow up and be mature, he’s young, he’s guy, so he’s gonna do stupid shit regardless but add the shit with 09 and his childhood then yeah you get CB. I mean I wanted him to take a break anyway to clear his head and get right with himself so maybe he’ll do that become a better person and put out better music.

        • AllShadeEverything

          spoken like a true num-nuts. did you ever stop to think that it’s not the 2009 incident that makes chris unlikeable? most people let it go when rihanna let it go…..people dislike chris for everything he’s done AFTER that which ranges from calling people faggots on camera to brawls w/ other celebs….& throwing chairs out windows like motherfucking shuriken…it’s not rihanna holding chris back, it’s not the record company, it’s not the media, it’s his fucking attitude/character don’t sit here & make excuses for a grown ass man with grown ass money doing little kiddy petty bullshit.

          • JazmineThomas

            I agree with EVERYTHING you just said about him. I KNEW about 2009 and all that fuckery after. I’m not sitting up here and making no damn excuses for him. What I am saying is, to me it’s not TOTALLY him, nobody wants to say that but it’s like 80% him and 20% everything else. I don’t blame Rihanna for SHIT. You took my one comment and assumed my WHOLE take on the entire situation when you’re so far off. I found out a LONG time ago that people got over what he did to Rih but his shit after that just doesn’t make it better for how people view him. Money doesn’t mean a damn thing to how someone acts, if a motherfucka a fool, then a motherfucka’s a fool, but just with money. A guy with a cool upbringing, great head on shoulders and great people around him, yeah I expect grown man’s character/attitude, but for THIS grown ass boy?! No, it’s just not happening, people can THINK it’s gonna happen UNTIL he get’s some help for his shit.

  • sonata1618

    Didn’t he saying he was “quitting” twitter! Then nigga why all these twitter updates!? I can’t take him anymore. doesn’t he know music is how he makes his money, he damn sure isn’t making any off of CarrotJuice’s clothing line…

    • mb192


  • unbothered

    it aint like his music was good anyway. teambreezy, all 48 of them, will find someone else to stan for. while the rest of us remain apathetic. bye

    • Momma Dee’s Headpiece

      All 48 of em huh? -Adds you to the “Ain’t Shit List”- Welcome aboard!

      • Don’tComeForMe

        Oh, girl…That name. I can’t!

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Clearly he hasn’t forgiven himself for it otherwise he wouldn’t give a fk what other folks thought. Cause Rihanna surely doesn’t care.

    Also his last couple of albums haven’t sold b/c he doesn’t listen to his fans who have some damn sense. If he would stop all this Euro pop BS and sing RnB sans auto-tune b/c he doesn’t need it maybe he could make a sale.

    anywho about your dramatics Maurice:

    • Over it

      Not to mention majority of his fans are not here for his entourage he calls OHB, Kae included they do nothing for him except spend his money. Always has 2948 around him yet this man is still troubled inside. Its time Chris does right by himself in order for him to do right by others. Seek therapy stop being messy. You wanna hang around K cool but stop making songs to or about Rih: allowing blogs to drag out this non-existent love triangle. You wanna be w Rih cool but stop airing out ya business on social media. This cycle is old and out-dated. Be the change you wish to see,

      • That girl MEL!

        PLEASE LET THE NATIONS UNDERSTAND!! This is the truth!

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        YES LAWD! I just wrote on my tumblr that he needs to rid his home of the leeches. Kae can go to, a good woman tends to elevate her man and keep him out of trouble, but if he wants to keep her fine she really ain’t no help tho lol. He just needs to choose a girl and stop the back and forth BS, seek some help and he’ll be fine.

    • CurlyBoo

      thank you!! Cause this his music is lame now. he needs to go back to his first two albums.

  • BenzinosMissingNeck

    Chris, SIS….like….girl……you’ve done 768,990,234 more things since 09! Nobody care about you hittin that girl no more you just keep adding a cherry on top. Pull ya skirt up

    • Nate

      Yes, thank you! Chris… the world was ready to forgive you, until you did thirty different deeds that showed the Rihanna incident was not a lapse in character… it was your actual character.

      Plus, it doesn’t help that he hasn’t made any good music since ’09. No shade, just being honest. Like… “Fine China” is some of the funniest shit I’ve heard in years.

      • Suchalady

        But he had no fuckups before 09, clearly that incident messed him up mentally.

        • Tlb

          Correction, he had no fuck ups that we knew of. Big difference & if Chris had his way the ’09 incident would’ve been swept under the rug and hidden as well.

    • CurlyBoo

      really tho. Stop getting into fights and all the twitter drama. Like….chill the fuck out with all the childish antics and start being on some grown man shit.

    • AllShadeEverything

      omg you found the golden ticket. NOBODY the fuck else see’s that. we got over him pummeling rih it’s the other shit he’s done that showed bad character & since everyone forgot let me name a few.

      1.trying to jump frank ocean
      2.discarding chairs out windows

      3.getting back with your girl only to make a diss record about her
      4.patty cake with drake in the club
      5.calling people faggots on video
      6.fighting with frank ocean pt.2
      7.blonde hair
      8.playing w/ the emotion of 2 girls at the same damn time
      9.wild banchee meltdowns every month on the devil known as twitter


      • yourmother.

        Wow, you are so sad.
        Shut the fuck off, you even didn’t learn what respect means ”gay”. ?
        Don’t Judge him and look on your own life.

        • AllShadeEverything

          first off mudslide bitch YOU are the sad one this comment was A MONTH AGO! YET YOU FELT SOOOOOOO VERY PRESSED TO REPLY TO IT. GATHER your unwanted feelings from my air & sit your tired late ass down. i honestly don’t even get what you’re talking about in your comment, you couldn’t even form a correct thought. should of been paying attention in class instead of sucking dick behind the staircase.

          EVERYTHING i said in my comment was truth he did all those things so bitch really why are you mad? & don’t worry bought what the fuck i’m doing on my own life I’M NOT ON A PUBLIC PLATFORM ACTING LIKE A SPOILED ASS BRAT.

          do not ever in your little misbegotten life reply to my comments on here, do not reply to comments by anyone i know on here, do not even leave comments….MATTER FACT BITCH…..don’t even think to comment -_____-

  • Jazz

    Christina, mademoiselle, save it.

    Ike Turner pretty much pioneered rock and roll and all people know him for is beating the dog snot out of Tina. Its just what happens. You payed the fine, did the time, and your victim forgave you. Smoke a joint and let it go…nobody cares about your hiatus except team breezy and they have a collective IQ of .10

    • Blue Ivy’s Edge Collection

      THIS!!! Ike beat Tina’s ass on a daily but you didn’t see him trying to beg people for forgiveness and pitching a bitch fit every five fuckin seconds when he got caught.

  • Cleveland

    feel so sad for him. he’s clearly battling some inner demons. All those friends and “love of his life” around him everyday and he still ain’t happy.

    • Don’tComeForMe

      I don’t really believe those are all his “friends”. But whatever…

  • Guest

  • Bella

    the lord is always opening doors! GOOD RIDDANCE & THANK YA JESUS!

    • Maemay


  • good riddance
    • bb morgendoffer

      *pats weave*
      DAS IT!

    • Don’tComeForMe

      NOOO!! This was TOO funny!

  • britchick91

    Yeah right .This ninja never keeps his word.

    • Courtney CarCASHian

      Yassssssssss! I stan for Nev and his sandals!

  • Momma Dee’s Headpiece

    You’re not famous for that mistake, you’re famous for the dogpile of mistakes you made and for throwing away a career and a future that most people sit up and night and cry, pray and dream for. You ignorant fuck. Goodbye to you, your career, your confused ass brain, and your catalog.

    • Mimi

      Pass the read!!! Amen!

    • dmx’s credit score

      poor christabelle mauricia! you are so mean. i like you.

      • Momma Dee’s Headpiece

        Thank you, I think I’ll nickname you negative 10,000, either that or non existent. But yes, Chrishanda M. Brown needs to indeed, #LeaveUsAlone

      • Momma Dee’s Headpiece

        You changed your name on me! You were once Dmx’s credit score!

        • dmx’s credit score

          I’m back. Just for you, sis!

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    He need to take an excursion to a peaceful place Left Eye style and leave all the yes men and leaches behind including Kankles, maybe he’ll come back with some common sense…a slim maybe.

  • RamenNoodles

    Ain’t like nobody was buying them anyway. Its sad tbh. He really need to get help. Why are we even entertaining this nigga? Cause this has “give me attention” all over it. He will later tweet “Imma keep doing this for the fans fuck the rest” I bet money on it. He can’t take so let his ass go. Celebs get hate everyFUCKINGday specially with these trolls on Twitter. Its annoying but that’s why God gave us the block and mute button. PRAISE HIM!

  • Amber

    So. Fucking. Dramatic. Like, ma’am, please go away. And I’m not saying that because of your antics (but all that shit isn’t helping your case), I’m saying it because your music, performances, and videos suck now. Just leave us alone.

  • LivEternalYouth

    Damn is his career in that much jeopardy that he needs to make a comeback tour already?! We know what it is. He’s claiming to be done just so he can get sales on the next one. Trying to pull a Brett Favre on y’all hoes. I’m not here for it.

  • Shiz the Snorlax
  • Janeen

    “Someone left the (Yellow) cake out in the rain….”

  • Armed in the Villa

    Finally. The sane people of the world can celebrate.

  • Brittany
    • Blue Ivy’s Edge Collection

      YOU. Aren’t. Shit. Just thought someone should tell you that today.

      • Brittany

        Thank you!

  • Drea

    These comments tho lmaooo yall ain’t ish!

  • Mimi

    He probably knows X will flop, cause these singles, he coulda kept all of them IMO.

    Instead of facing the fact that his musical career has been steadily dwindling, he’s threatened to retire to change the narrative about him. Like he’s tired of being rich and famous with millions of apologist he named Team Breezy, when in all reality, the “Mainstream America” is tired of him.

    Nice try sis.

  • M.J.
  • That girl MEL!

    Did I NOT SAY that this boy needs to take a smooth 2 years off and get him some Jesus, a lozenge, a blanket, some crayons & a coloring book, and get his life back. Forgive yourself, remember the talent you had, and then hit the people with the best project ever.

    • one_underscore

      not *hit* the people. we don’t mean it like that chris….

      • Momma Dee’s Headpiece

        a;dslkfja;sdfjas;ldkfjeinaisdf woeuwio isdfjladsf idsfaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

  • Miguel’s Fleet

    Christopher. What you need to do is find a nice church home, find a black girl who doesn’t put up with all of your light skinned antics, and leave us the fuck alone.

    • Carmen


    • RamenNoodles


    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Lawd I ain’t even notice that Rihanna picture yeah I’m calling security on you right now lmao.

      • Miguel’s Fleet

        You’re calling security? I’m black and used to it, girl. Lol

    • mb192

      Did this really just happen? lmaooooo

    • emjay

      is it bad that I sung the title when I read this? Also, you need to leave lol

      • Losh

        I did too!. And then LMFAO!!!!

    • Kim Humphries’ Divorce Papers

      You know what? I can’t deal with your shit right now LMAO.

      • Blue Ivy’s Edge Collection


      • JazmineThomas

        Bahaha!!! I’m crying!

    • Yung & Pruned


    • Guest

      Would you like to take the express or local train to hell? ;)

      • Harry A

        they need to get on the express train.

        • Yung & Pruned

          This chile needs to catch a damn cab. I’ll pay the fare.

      • Guest

        I’m already there, sis. Thanks for the offer though.

    • Kim.Couture
    • Jacqxz

      U and that screen name….sweet bitch I WON’T!!! NOT TAH DAAAY!

    • JustTruth

      THE NAME YELLOW CAKES ………..!!!



  • bmfsbride

    lololol @ buck up young yellow…. Not today Fury!

  • julius’ right foot in yo ass

    this nigga said Phase 10!!! i haven’t played that since 3 thanksgivings ago

  • Kelly

    I actually feel bad for him though :/ People are acting like they got their ass beat by him. If Rihanna can forgive him then everyone else should. Although he shouldnt have to seek forgiveness from anyone else…….

  • CS

    I don’t buy it..but on the off chance that it’s true…

  • Olivia Pope’s Lip Quiver

    Chrishelle…girl…I know you’re going through some things and have all these emotions you need to let out, but what the hell did we tell you? We told you to sit the hell down and shut the hell up!

  • ok

    Me forgetting to put eggs in my cake batter is a “mistake;” this nigga’s whole life is a fucking catastrophe.

  • Kim Humphries’ Divorce Papers

    Oh cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it. This is like the equivalent of a child saying that their going to run away to get attention. Bye

  • imjussayin light skinned sister..Get it together! You have all the talent in the world and don’t know what to do with it. This little shit you going thru is nothing compared to what Michael Jackson endured, and he made some his best music during that time in his life.

  • Carmen

    Thanks GOD. Come back harder brah

  • Tia

    Just another QUEEN/ STUNT from the miss Christina

  • Amber

    GURL BYE!!!! Chris Brown goes on these rants because he tries to be “messy” then when people catch him lying or maipulating he wants to just focus on the music. When Rihanna left that triangle that he lied and said was over months ago he did the exact same thing. He weas dissing her and cosigning with his friends about her on twitter and whe he got dragged the same “the world is against me tweets started. He needs to go away.

  • Miley’s Twerk Teacher

    oh sis… plz stop with the bafoonary! PLEASE!!! I was rooting for you to win Chrissy!!!I remember when FAME came out and i was like “yes!! GO GURL”

    But then all the FAME high wore off when you got all those wanna be goons with different colored kool-aid hair, got a yes-sir side chick, got in that dumb (HILARIOUS) light skinned love triangle, and on top of that shoved “Fortune” in are faces. Now you are non stop PMSing and dropping ANOTHER album with singles i’m really NOT HERE FOR. This back to back albums type shit only works for Rihanna sir.

    So within the next two or three years… 1.takes some midol and take nap 2. If you wanna smoke, puff some of that i-don’t-give-a-fuck mary jane Rihanna is smoking and stop using what happen as an excuse for for yo shit 3. Drop your mooching, hand up cash out scrubs 4. Move to the east coast, cuz LA got you all of fucked up 5. Do you art and then drop a nice mixtape. Then come back with a new album with a mix of FAME/ pre-Graffiti. while this is happening DON’T drive no cars and just DON’T use twitter. Then maybe the world with give you a quite slow clap.

  • idontreallycare
  • Beyonce’sHusband

    In the beginning of the year things were going so good for him and Rihanna. it looked like they had finally got it right Rihanna was talking about wanting kids and their future togehter in the next five years and everything, she did say if he messes up again she’s gone “shrugs” BUT he couldn’t let that love triangle go Even though they both need serious help Rihanna had a calming affect on him he was in NO DRAMA in the beginnng of the year and people liked his new music then he started flip floppin with her and kae again and being messy and thing went downhil kae dont care about nothin goin on as long as he’s with her it’s pathetic.

  • Slanderson Cooper

    Is this going to be like when Jay-Z was supposed to retire after the Black Album… or when Fifty promised to retire after Yeezy ethered them album sales… cause I’m over these retirement stunt queens. Christina the Beige Rage Banshee ain’t made a good album since ’08 and we’re supposed to give 2 shakes of a lamb’s shit about his retirement. Nigga, for why?

  • Spotlight

    I’m so glad I live a simple non celebrity lifestyle… When you look at all these iconic celebs Michael Jackson, Whitney, Britney Spears, Justin bieber etc and all they had / have to endure through the media it makes you think of what celebs have to go through on a daily basis. And some celebs just couldn’t take the pressure of society, which ended tragically.

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Chris get up out your feelings, can’t nobody stop you from doing what you love to do! Take some time off and reflect. Drop them fuck niggas you call friends. Do some push ups, get that chest right. Get rid of some of those nasty looking tats. Take some responsibility for yourself. Leave LA (please!!). Understand that you are not a thug. Understand your potential and work on your craft PROPERLY. Leave Molly alone and all other man made drugs . Put a chastity belt on and stop sticking your pencil everywhere. Be a man and just be GREAT!!

  • The Magus


    • Yung & Pruned

      Oh see THIS right here is the ultimate shade.

    • Jacqxz

      Why u dooo hiiimmmmm uhhhhh *crissle voice*

  • Orange soda

    See now…once upon a time, I felt bad for this fool. Rihanna had moved on with her life, and yet everywhere that Ms Brown turned, the ’09 “incident” (as he likes to call it) kept being shoved in his face even when it seemed like he was making a genuine effort to atone for it. But my sympathy well ran dry, when every other day this girl was in the news for some bullshit unnecessary mess, all of which was only working to feed the “media monster” that he was always so quick to blast on Twitter. I wanted him to sit back, take a few years off and chill, but he didn’t. Then to add insult to injury, he began serving us lackluster music and performances. So, if she wants to sit here, and play the victim, and cry “woe is me”, then by all means let Team Breezy eat that shit up, but I been done with this nonsense.

    • REDmNms

      and i second that statment, feeling, and all around emotional status for u have spoken a WORD!!!

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      See now you done bought the Von Trapp family in on this you can go to lmao.

  • dmx’s credit score
  • D J

    Awww I’m Gonna Miss My Hubby!!! Sad To See Someone So Talented Be Banned Because Of Joseline’s Ratchet Pussy Twin!!! Oh Well I’ll Still Listen To The Beautiful Music He Gave Us While He Was In The Game!!!

  • Mariah

    TEAMBREEZY is actually one of Chris Brown’s worst enemies. The dumb things they say SMDH im out

    • Jacqxz


  • Simone

    Dont nobody care. Chris music has been whack since the fame album. Everyone checks for frank ocean, miguel, and the weekend anyway. They out sell you easy. HES SO THIRSTY FOR ATTENTION!!!

    • Christina H

      Frank Ocean and The Weekend? No Ma’am………………

      • tvesbrink

        Yeah, I second that emotion. Frank Ocean slid down my playlist after his parking space shenanigans and all those wack ass live performances.. and The Weeknd hasn’t showered since that Entourage promo was popping on HBO. As for Miguel..-____-

  • Brian20

    PLS…he’s been doing this SAME stunt for years. Teambreezy girls and gays say “AWWWWWW poor baby :”( blah blah blah, i hate Rihanna blah blah blah ” then it’s back to the same mess. HE HAS NOT CHANGED a few good deeds here and there does not equal change. NO DEBATE ON IT _/

  • Vanessa L.

    Wasn’t he 19 tho? lol hopped on twitter so quick he don’t even remember

  • Crys

    I don’t know who’s the bigger queen of contradiction, Chris, Kanye or Tyrese. One allegedly hates media attention but impregnanted KK. The other single with a failed marriage relationship guru, swore he wasn’t making another album until he got an Oscar…yeah we see the result if that. Then now we have the cream in the middle of this Oxymoron Oreo, with his shenanigans. Like I’m DONE. Just leave like all the greats. Look back all the greats just left. I’m sure they dealt with the different politics and foolery of thisindustry. But they started the legal process and handled everything behind the scenes and found peace if mind

    • Nev’s Body Hair

      Well damn!!


      *praise dance*

  • An Expert In Failure

    Nigga really needs to just do an R. Kelly and do Trapped in the Car or something. That nigga peed on a fifteen year old girl and you never hear anybody talk about that shit anymore.

    • tvesbrink

      You are abso-fcuking-lutely right.

      These young folks need to learn from the master of the Fcuk-Sh*t arts. You can pee on a little girl (R. Kelly), be accused of molesting young boys (MJ..but he was falsely accused by them hating ass motherfcukas), and be a wife beater (Ike Turner) and STILL sell out shows. As long as you deliver that good sh*t musically, we’ll forgive you for damn near anything. Maybe Chris thought he was a white woman and tried to pulled a Britney Spears thinking everyone would welcome his flawed ass back into our playlist and sh*t.

  • TheMrs

    I find the timing of this latest Twitter meltdown hilarious, as it comes upon the heels of Rihanna shutting the internet DOWN yesterday with her Crop Over attire. Way tooooooo many salivating celebrity dogs came after her, and he just couldn’t deal. Especially after he tried to shade her with that ” reaching…you’re doing too much tweet. Boops! It backfired on your bright ass Chris. You consistently hurt the one girl who doesn’t need or want anything from you but your heart, surround yourself with yes-people, leeches and moochers, make half ass music and expect us to give a hoot about your threat to leave? Good the fcuk bye. I have no interest in purchasing his music to finance the lifestyles of the leeches and lames. Seek Jesus and get you some real friends who will tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you want to hear boo.

    • Suchalady

      I heart Chris but I agree with all of this.

      • Jacqxz

        My sentiments EXACTLY!!!

  • Jamie

    See, this ain’t nothin’ but “po’ little rich boy” antics. It’s millions of people that made a mistake when they were 18 and they’re still sitting in a jail cell. Boy, lay off the crack pipe, forgive yourself, take your problems to Fraiser and get your life together.

  • John Doe
  • leave me alone

    oh gawd. Chris leave us the fkc alone!!!

  • misha

    Chris needs to go away for awhile…seek rehab and counseling, DEFINITELY dropkick EVERY LAST ONE of those fuckboys and microwave popcorn bitches out of his house, life, and bank account and get his whole shit together. I’m tired of his bullshit shenanigans, twitter rants and his half assed performances. I swear he reminded me of Eddie Kane Jr when he performed at the Billboard Awards. Just smoked out and spiraling out of control. I’mma need Jesus to lay his hands on him and remove those demons!!! But until then….

  • amanda bynes’ favorite wig

    No more albums from the light skinned lothario :(

  • Pop It For Some Boston Market
    • Jazz


  • Beyonce’s Wind Machine

    I, personally, find it hilarious that even Rihanna finally decided that she didn’t give a fresh frozen fuck about his thirsty, bleached Sisqó ass and left him in the dirt to crawl back to Kimchi faster than his time in the slam.

  • dmx’s credit score

    One last thing, Christabelle. I will tell you this is simple words, as you ARE a simple nigga. Stay away from KentuckyFriedChicken and the Curry Goat. You’re rich as fuck. Go somewhere secluded. Or, I don’t know…like Croatia or something. Save your money and use protection. Find a nice dark-skinned girl to keep you in check. Keep it cute on twitter. No more dramatic shit. Seek a word from the Lord. You’re dismissed, my sweet Yellow Cake.

  • Kim.Couture
  • Kim.Couture

    Look listen maybe if he was making music instead of making a fool he’d be in shown in a positive light.

  • Kim.Couture
  • Crack is Not Your Friend
  • Sass

    Nigga you think we care?

  • CrunchyPeanutButterSandwiches

    “A mistake I made when I was 18″

    And this is why I, and a lot of other people as well, can’t stand Chris Brown’s lite brite ass. You down play it a fucking small “mistake” when people have access to the police report. We know what happened and we can see the photos. You brutally beat the shit out of a woman, your girlfriend. . It just wasn’t a mistake you made 4 years ago. It was a completely disgusting and terrifying act of violence that you have never really owned up to.

    Let’s not forget the late ass and super scripted apology you gave. Or the fact that you are still acting a damn fool. Is “ya’ll still mad about that shit. man it was four years ago.” The only thing you have to say? We are not and should not forget about the horrible shit you have done. Don’t try and down play your fuck ups. Stop refusing to take full responsibility for yourself. You are being an asshole.

    But on the subject of the actual article, Good. Let him quit. Take some time away from Hollywood and music and hoes and crack. Go back to Virginia and get some desperately needed therapy. Please be serious about this departure and take some time to become a decent human being because honestly you are currently the definition of a fuck boy.

    Hey, but don’t listen to me or anybody else with common sense or whatever

    • Nev’s Body Hair

      I agree, he never really owned up to what he did just blamed everyone else, from the media to Rihanna. Smh I say good riddance it’s not he’s made any music of substance lately.


      I got my entire life from this. CO-SIGN 1,000,000,000% You better READ!

  • Jacqxz

    My light skin baby boy…listen to me and LISTEN GOOD! Ain’t but THREE things you need-
    a) An enlightened and wise dark skinned BLACK WOMAN who can and will knock the piss out of you when you try yo shit! As well out hand out the walking papers to all of them mooching ass useless ass light skinned ass fools you call friends (cuz she know you ain’t strong enough to do that yet).
    b) A praying grand-mama who will guide our great Lord Jesus H. Christ straight into your heart and soul and there shall he reside *can I get an AMEN from the congregation?*
    c) The SWIFTEST and SMOOTHEST of seats in the office of the best therapists/spiritual healers that money can buy…in a tiny island country…of the coast of Nofuckwhere…and lay down these burdens at their feet

    AND DON’T FUCK IT UP! See you in 5-7 years boo

  • Courtney CarCASHian

    As much as I loved CB in the past, and try to love him now, I just can’t deal. He needs to forgive himself for what happened, kick those fxckboys and girls (Kankelon, Teyana
    Taylor, that red-haired booty goon, and all the rest of MC Hammer’s entourage’s children) the fxck outta his life, STOP SMOKING ALL THAT CALI KUSH, take a break and have Iyanla fix him a plate and his life. This man is the most singingest, dancingest nigga on the planet yet he’s letting the fame piss on his talent and it’s sad. I just wanna hug him and tell him “stop being so lightskin my nigga, there’s more to you than your skin tone.”–With Love, Court.

    • That girl MEL!

      YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Yes to all of this!!! “Stop being so lightskinned!”

  • Blue Ivy’s Edge Collection

    I’m no longer here for yellow cake and his antics. That performance he did after Michael’s death was literally the best thing that could have happened to his career because I don’t give a damn what anybody says that could have been his game changer. EVERYBODY was rooting for him after that but what did he do? Gave us an “I don’t give a fuck about my fuck ups” attitude and a bs album then went on to commit fuckery after fuckery. Chris needs to tell everybody leave him alone, go to the lord and come back refreshed because this shit is getting old.

    • Momma Dee’s Headpiece

      Lord forgive me, but I have a strong feeling that when Chris Brown calls God, God pushes that red decline button ever so smoothly and mumbles, “Girl, bye.”

      • Blue Ivy’s Edge Collection

        Or “I don’t have time for this light skinned fool today. Maybe tomorrow.”

        • Momma Dee’s Headpiece

          #WhatGodSaysToChrisBrown “I don’t have time for your bald-headed antics, sis.”

          • Blue Ivy’s Edge Collection

            look…can this be a real thing because i’m sure I would get all of my black life, can I get an amen?

          • What What

            I would actually seriously consider getting twitter if this was a real thing

      • Miss.Chilli

        I just choked when i read that.

  • EM

    Chris you ain’t made a song worth listening to since the birth of christ so in the words of Precious’ daughter Mongo “bye!”

  • Heemi

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, whateva Chris.

  • miguel’s hotpocket ;)
  • Brittany

    Leave and take Curry Goat with you

    • Miss.Chilli

      Naaah, Rih RIh can stay. Speaking of Rih, is she gonna promote her album or is she just gonna keep partying on yachts? She needs to be out getting her coins. Damn.

      • Brittany

        Lemme go ask the navy

  • KING

    Lmao, see the thing is that people don’t necessarily give him hell for JUST beating Rihanna’s ass. We give you hell about all the other dumb shit you do on TOP of that.
    If he acted like he had some damn sense after he did it and stopped showing his ass, then we might be more lenient.

  • Miss.Chilli

    Somehow I don’t believe Chris Brown. Every now and then, artists say they’re gonna retire or quit the game but they come back. I remember when Jay Z said he was retiring but then he came back with a bang..but I guess the difference between Jay and Chris is that…well…I don’t even need to say it. Unless Chris is planning on touring for the rest of his life, he’s gonna come back, because an artist needs their money. With his reputation, I doubt any companies will want to use him to endorse their products so what does Chris intend to do? I just hope he gets his life together and doesn’t end up like DMX and them.

  • Mama Dee’s WIC Check

    Another reason, why it’s important why young men need father figures in their life.

  • common sense

    Its how he handled the situation. Like it was no big deal. So unprofessionally mean rihanna is milking that shit for her new album at the time. They were both in the wrong but for his money, career and image he should have came out with a public apology. He should have had anger management. But he was too pridefull carrying himself like a child which he still does. Who the fuck was his publicist. Even if he felt like he wasnt in the he should have given us crocodile tears. He should have done countless interviews about to the point where its old news and everyone is sick of hearing it. But no this dude was going on vacation jet skieing acting like nothing happened barely addressing it.

  • common sense

    If I did that shit the first thing ill think about is my image. No matter how much ill think the bitch deserved it or not. Im going to pull all the stops. Im going to make myself the victim talking about my up bringing and abusive house hold and how what I did wasnt like me and how horrible it was and how what hurts the most is disappointing my mother and you better believe ill be crying like a bitch. Ill be on so many press conference s its not even funny. Ill make rihanna look like a bitch that asked for it seeing how she used to fight her brothers and her violant past with them. Ill talk about how im only human violance is not the answer and how women should never hit a man and vice versa. Ill talk about being under the influence blah blah blah all on national television. How he thought people would just get over is beyound me. He ruined his image FOREVER and didnt do shit about it but showcased his anger like an idiot giving the media more ammo JUST DUMB

  • Marina

    Im so sick and tired of this. People that just Judge him everytime for what he did, he is a human too.
    People that are pointing his mistakes over and over again should watch their own life.
    Are you perfect?.
    People that are judging now even when he left his career for those motherfckers, are so sad.
    love you chris x