Listen To Beyoncé’s Studio Version Of ‘Grown Woman’

Kid Fury August 5, 2013 New Music 93 Comments

It’s been months in the making, but the studio version of King Beyoncé’s “Grown Woman” has finally appeared online. If this were Twitter, I would probably slay you all with a button mashing moment of glee. I will spare you.

I’m not exactly sure who leaked this version of the Timbaland-produced track, but they have given me much inspiration to get off my ass and twerk these thighs into spasm territories. Get into Mrs. Carter and her sass below.

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  • Guest


  • imjussayin

    I love it, I just PRAY this isn’t a lead single!!!

  • Patrick Dickson

    She just snatched my edge thru this computer. I really like this version more than the original. let me find out Bey. cause this sound like this could go radio

    • Patrick


    • Blue Ivy’s Bodyguard

      You was right the first time with edge because Bey left a little bit to help you nourish those edges back to health so she can snatch them at a later date

  • Jordy

    This is everything I needed and more.

  • KeyshiaCole

    Slay Queen

  • M.J.

    This may be an unofficial “official” version, but either way…

    • bmfsbride

      This GIF is EVERYTHING!!

    • Marteen

      This Gif has me on the floor!! jsihlkfhdiovhdkvnip LMFAO!!

  • Nichols

    Where’s my weave?

  • Nicole

    the earlier demo of this song sounds more ‘finished’ imo….. either way im ready to book a trip to the congo…. im just pissed that i straightened my hair tonight just to have this creole queen just take all of my pressed glory from my scalp….

  • Nickey Topnerd

    Yes Mama! YES!

  • ebonyhud

    I like the first leaked one to death, but this ones good to

  • dmx’s credit score

    My edges have fucking diminished. Here you go, Beyonce girl. They’re yours.

  • Winniek

    I’m ready for the visual.

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Have mine Bey! Love it!!

    That cover bitch!! Wait, it the official cover? Dahh…if not, it’s still EVERYTHING!

  • dmx’s credit score
  • dmx’s credit score

    I kind of feel as though my life has been handed to me in 5 minutes.

  • The Chosen One ~♏~

    I prefer the version that leaked a while back. Grown Woman ain’t Grown Woman without the line “it ain’t no funnnnnnnnnn, if a girl can’t have nooooooone!”

    • Dancing Machine

      yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. This version was great but those background ad libs and vocals are what made the first leaked version EVERYTHING.

  • dmx’s credit score
  • Shiz the Snorlax
    • Guest

      I keep staring at the guy with the horrible ass toe touch. He could have kept that.

    • idreamoflabels

      No but I did these exact moves when I heard it. EXACT.

    • bmfsbride

      I need to see this whole video!
      I’m **dead**

    • Audrey

      I need to watch this video in its entirety! lmao!!!!!

  • missy

    oh yall still see it for this song…. ? im ready for something else

  • nuchole


    • KidFury


    • Jaders

      yes!!!! this gif is just everything!!!

  • John Doe
    • Julian’s Piano Keys


  • Blue Ivy’s Bodyguard

    I picked the right night not to do my hair because she came like a thief, swooped down and dragged my edges into the heat of the night.

  • Twerk Franklin

    I swear I’ve heard this song, fanmade, re-made, made, snippet, tidbit, and I STILL receive every little smidget of life EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  • Kim.Couture
    • Nev’s Body Hair


      • idreamoflabels

        *looks at screenname* wait…Nev??? From Catfish??? I’m done man. I’m logging out for the week.

  • Kids Bop- Ass Fat

    Standing on the sun has been leaked as well. Listen here

  • Glen Coco

    I think “Grown Woman” might be a closet queen for Beyonce. Everybody knows its a good song it, but it won’t be acknowledged as the other songs she puts out go to play.

  • intysingsug

    She has several versions of this song…I’ve been bumping the one with the version with the African inspired ad-libs since June…it sounds more polished and complete than this version

  • Momma Dee’s Headpiece

    A) She looks identical to Solange in that cover art. Sure they’re sisters so it makes sense, but still….gah damn.

    B) I’ve been hearing this song for months, but it still will make a nigga….

  • julius’ right foot in yo ass

    she favors solange in the picture above

  • idreamoflabels

    LISTEN!!! My life has transformed into the Broadway version of the Lion King right here at my work desk. I’m answering my phone “Hello, Grown Woman here, how may I help you?” for the rest of the day.

    • Momma Dee’s Headpiece
      • Blue Ivy’s Edge Collection

        you aint shit for this name do you hear me gahdamn can i just come on here once without having to cackle and die jesus

        • Momma Dee’s Headpiece

          mission accomplished lmao.

      • bmfsbride

        Your name …. lolol

        • Momma Dee’s Headpiece

          I didn’t think she would break me out for the reunion. I’m only used to being worn at wal-mart, rainbow, and the popeye’s lobby. But I made that forehead sparkle baby.

  • Carmen


  • Carmen

    Dimon Hinsou is giving me life with them vocals.

    • idreamoflabels

      bahahahahahaha @ Djimon Hounsou!!! I will see him in my head now everytime I hear that part.

      • Carmen

        lmao! Girl I got that from Fury. He said it on The Read and every time Fela Kuti starts singing I think about it.

    • Chris Brown’s parole officer



    • Jacqxz


  • Carmen

    The visual is going to be so cunt.

  • brooklynarcher

    now ya’ll know this is not it. She thirty plus with a kid talking about she grown. well yeah that’s apparent. This song is basic at best. i’m sorry but if the rumors are true that she scrapped those songs and went to the drawing board..then good! As far as new material goes, I don’t see it for her in this year and i’m doubting the next. #afankeepinITreal

  • Ky G (@KrickettwithaK)

    I twerk so hard in my seat to this song!

  • TiffDizzle


  • idreamoflabels

    Fury needs to set it up so he can get paid per replays on this link, because I’m hitting replay

  • Calm your Bussy

    Um why is everyone losing their shit over this? I mean I still love the song, but aside from a few guitar strums and instrumentals at the end, what is the difference between the version leaked months ago? I love Bey just as much as yall, believe me, but I’m gonna need yall to stop acting like she hasn’t been slipping with this new music release. Now when THAT happens, I will gladly remove my hair from the follicle and FexEx express deliver to the Queen.

    • Chris Brown’s parole officer

      Well, it’s new to folks like myself who are just fans and not stans so take this shady paragraph and spread it across where your edges should be cause they’ve been snatched since before Destiny’ s Child’s first single, nice try trying to cover it up with the banged lace front . Let a fan get her groove on and let these other other stans get their lives. They have no edges but they don’t fucking care. And it makes me giggle. Now shhhhhh!!! And take that frown of your face.

      • Cj


  • James Isaac Neutron

    I don’t think this is official… I can tell bits and pieces were put together. The song starts off “..remember being young so brave.” You can’t hear the “I” like in the other version. And “Betcha I run this” sounds out of place. Love the song regardless, though.

    • Cj

      I noticed that too at the beginning

  • Leo

    the other leaked version i have with the crowd screaming in the background is WAY better then this… something about this one i dont like

  • Danielle

    I kinda like the other version better :

  • jasmine

    i had this version a month ago

  • Guest44

    The LIFE that has been handed to me….*SIGH*>>>i really want this as a single!!

  • Jaders

    i needed this!!!! the lord knew it!!! yasss bey!

  • Me

    Imma risk angering the stans and come out and say it ,… this ain’t nothin’ but “Control 2013″. My thirty-somethings feel me. Janet did it first. IJS

    • Jennifer

      I’m 24 and after reading your comment I had to go and listen to Control again. While I agree, isn’t that the beauty of the music industry? To inspire and bey inspired by others? Beyonce’ outta get up with Miss Jackson for a remix. Now that would be something to talk about!!

  • Pusherlovegirl

    Bitch listen! I refused to listen to the other leaked versions because they don’t do the beat justice and I’m just not gon disrespect timbaland like that. I’m listening to this on repeat for the rest of my life. I have waited so long for this. Thank you kid fury for giving me my fucking life. (Shakin my ass at work and I don’t give a fuck how none of these white ppl feel about it)

  • KING

    She coulda kept this version. The other one was more exciting.
    I shook my ass to the other one. I didn’t even tap my foot to this one.

  • Trudy

    So frickin’ EPIC.

  • Guest


  • Freshie Rogers


  • JKeithH

    As far as this new music release talk: A) let us remember that Beyonce said nothing of releasing any new music. B) if you pay attention to all of the things in front of your face, you would see that this bitch is coming for your nerves. Her tour extension is to KICK OFF her new era, not DELAY it. That’s why she’s been releasing tidbits here and there, keeping you interested for the full package. You see how the tour started in Europe with a different setlist. Since then, songs have been added, costumes have been changed. When the tour comes back to America, she’ll more than likely be performing a completely different show. Her album is suspected to drop in the fall and since she’ll be on the road until December, she’s using this tour as a way to bring new music to the people. So…be patient. The Queen will deliver.