Side-Eye Spectacular: Basketball Wives Season 5 Teaser

Kid Fury July 29, 2013 You Mad? 70 Comments

The claws are coming out again as the fifth season of Basketball Wives draws closer. A very short teaser appeared yesterday showing Evelyn Lozada giving Suzie Ketchup the infamous death glare after a joke was made about the unfortunate domestic attack by Evelyn’s ex, Chad Johnson — I’m still not calling that nigga Ochochinco.

After a ton of flack for their on-screen brawls and a visit from Iyanla, I’m sure that this new season will lighten up on the fighting, so you can probably expect it to be a bit more positive…and boring. Watch the teaser footage below and look out for the premiere on August 19th.

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  • John Doe

    “maybe she could wear a helmet on the date” girl… and why is suzie still here?

    • Brittany

      because no one wants her to endorse their shit

    • GΣT SΩMΣ

      Because she was tired of her life being like ….

      • Guest

        Well…Suzie looks like she agreed to take punches, so Shaunie was like, what they hay!

      • Kim Humphries’ Divorce Papers
        • GΣT SΩMΣ

          lmao, girl fuckery knows no time frame. From the wee hours of the night to the bright burning sun of noon, it is my mission to bring forth the bullshit lol!

          • Jacqxz


          • Blue Ivy’s Edge Collection

            bitch yes fuckery brings life and allows all to flourish

        • YoucantsitwithUS

          Lmaooooo I just cant

        • Julian’s Piano Keys

          this damn gif i just cannot do it …..

      • Jaders

        too much!!!! im on shade overload!!!!!!!! lmao.

  • RamenNoodles

    I don’t believe that positive shit. I mean the first teaser is just messiness. The first episode will probably be positive to see how the viewers react if its negative then its back to the ratchet mess. I’m sure they got both sides already filmed.

    • Kyana


  • brandonjaye

    I wanna see them do right. Really, I do. But until this bullshit gets executive produced by @PattiLaHelle, I’m not here for it.

    • earthshaker1217

      I will be the first one there for Hateretha and Dionne.

      • Jacqxz

        Child these ole hoes could NEVA take Muva Dionne on her worst days…hussies finna get their lives READ!

  • •Ja1m•

    evelyn should drag susie long tooth ass for laughing at that shady comment

    • Brittany

      she should knocked the lisp outta her


    Unless the fist throwing is going to be replaced by an amazingly unparalleled amount of accurate shade? I’ll have to pass on that like my name was Jason Kidd …As far as Ms. Lasagna, Slobberin Suzy, Slavemaster Shaunie, and Tammy The Tooth Pick Chewing Terrorizer are concerned?

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Shaunie ain’t shit for writing that in the script.

    • Blue Ivy’s Edge Collection

      yes to the Matt Bomer shade

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    “Thuzie” gotta go. This is the ONE time I would totally nod my head in approval if Evelyn decided to Donkey Kong the hell outta somebody. If anyone was ever in need of a soul cleansing ass whuppin, it would be Susie. Ole snaggletooth, no business havin ass…

    • Brittany

      i’m sure she’s gon put her on blast like she did jen last season

    • Suchalady

      Precisely, Evelyn is trash but someone needs to beat Suzie’s ass.

      • Evelyn’s sickening side-eye

        Agreed! What kind of friend snitches and throws people under the bus?

  • Jazz

    *SIGH* How predictable can these basketball flies be? Shaunie gave all the cast members outside of the “circle” the boot and now Thuzie is the resident punching bag this season. ZZZZzzzz…

    Dah well, at least Evelyn Hozada gave me another thrill to press my cheek to with this gif. It just screams “If my contract wasn’t sealed tight, this wine glass would be shattered all upside your head bitch.” Consider it the soup du jour of shade

    • KidFury

      This is a gif already?! Look at God!

      • Jazz

        He may not come when you want him, but listen…

        I tried to tell folks.

        • earthshaker1217

          Tell it from the mountaintop. Tell it!

          • Julian’s Piano Keys

            yess won’t he do it!!

        • Jacqxz

          *pulls out bible* Congregation lets turn our holy books…

    • KING

      This is the perfect side stare.

    • Guest

      Let’s not kid ourselves here, 2.9 milliseconds after this look, Evelyn was aaaalllll over Suzie’s behind.

    • Kim.Couture

    I thought this show was over…

    I swear Suzie just need a good ass kick…WHY is she even on the damn show…she comes off like a serial instigator for no damn reason…

    • Brittany

      I don’t get why she’s struggling so hard to fit in


        I never got into her and I never could understand why she is even on the show.

  • Benzino’s missing neck

    That was hella fucked up for Suzie to poke fun at Evelyn’s domestic abuse situation. She better be glad she didn’t take off her louboutins and knock her out

    • earthshaker1217

      A quick Shuriyuuken for Suzie!

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Chile…I already said I wasn’t going to watch b/c it was going to be some fake positivity which I’m not here for they need to just replace these old broads with some new young blood.

    Anywho this would be the only time I would give Evileen permission to knock Slyvester upside her head.

    • Brittany

      Real talk I’d also love to see some new young WIVES that are out doing something productive

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        Yep but no REAL athlete’s wives are going to touch this show with a 10 foot pole. Shaunie could have had the Housewives franchise of VH1. Nope she wanted to get exes, fiance’s and baby mamas instead of actual wives and two for taking the show in the wrong direction.

        • Brittany

          sad but true.

  • Ron
  • misha

    Since Suzie thinks it’s funny to ki-ki about Evelyn getting her forehead split open, Imma give Evelyn a pass to beat her ass this time, and I will enjoy every moment. I just hope it’s as good as this or better!!

  • KING

    I woulda slid my fist right across Suzie’s face. The way Evelyn looked at her was epic.

  • Rolly

    That hate shade that Evilyn threw was so sharp that I almost didn’t notice she got a new set of veneers for this season. Oh yes! Those table jumpin bottle throwin & crocodile life fixed tears has afforded this wench a new set of food choppers! good for u Evilyn!

  • britchick91

    Thuzie is still there being shady?…

    • Shane Bell

      Thuzie??!?… you aint shit lol

  • Amandaswigs
  • Shaunie’sLeftNostril

    Well…I say she is fixed. Iyanla did great…i didn’t notice the forehead vein yet… progress!

  • Kim.Couture
  • Kim.Couture
  • talkAboutTP

    lmao, you thought that was funny. when will these bitches learn that suzie aint shit? obviously never.

  • Edgeless Wonder
  • Janie

    This entire season will probably be about Evelyn & I can’t deal sis. I read that it’ll be a lot of tears and emotions & I just can’t. I need drama. . Jesus didn’t die for this.

  • Chevon

    Bitch….Auntie Iyanla gives you full fucking permission to beat her stupid two face ass.