Watch The Trailer For VH1′s ‘CrazySexyCool’ TLC Biopic

Kid Fury July 25, 2013 I Guess, Chile 76 Comments

The infamous TLC biopic is almost upon us. After filming for a bulk of the year, VH1 will be releasing CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story in October. Many fans have been skeptical about watching Drew Sidora as T-Boz, Keke Palmer as Chilli and Lil Mama as Lefteye…and the trailer that dropped today doesn’t give us much. However, I’m still intrigued and willing to give it a chance. Check out the footage below.

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  • Nate

    Drew Sidora, you are the weakest link!

    And here I was thinking it was going to be Lil’ Mama…

  • aigespeaking

    They look really good! I’m particularly shocked at how Lil Mama’s appearance turned out (until they show her from the side). Now let’s see what this acting is gonna be like.

  • imjussayin

    It’s funny how everybody was slandering Lil Mama, but from this preview she is the only one who is actually believable. She’s energetic and can dance. KeKe’s fake ass baby hairs irked my nerves, they could have made them look more realistic than that. I will be watching though.

    • KidFury
    • Hello

      I agree with you about KeKe’s hair. I know it’s not her fault. But the powers that be should have done a better job with KeKe’s wig. During TLC’s height in popularity it was all about Chilli’s straight, long, luxurious indian hair. I can’t explain it, but she was the one with the HAIR. T-BOZ was the cool laid back one with the voice. Left Eye was “rough around the edges” yet playful like a little girl. And Chilli was the Exotic one and part of that persona was her hair. They should have payed more attention to detail.

  • Karlie Redd’s Missing Cheek

    Wow Lil Mama actually seemed to fit her character the strongest, from the look to the demeanor. Didn’t expect that.

  • shesh1nes

    I just feel like… TLC as a group they have like huge DYNAMIC personalities. They were funny and they were just like unlike any other people and artists like that at that time. Hell, they were more unique as a group than any other group since their time. I didn’t get that from watching the trailer. Like how they used to just light up the room and the stage and an interview. I didn’t see that here, its more than just looking like them. Its also the personality. But I guess we will see.

  • Sherród

    Yall holl up. I went back and watched the No Scrubs video to refresh my memory. And I can conclusively say I’m not here for VH1′s $2.40 MAK cosmetics butch queen first time in drags version of that video. I know it’s a small part of the film, but this is what they’ve given us to go off of so far. No gawd. I’ll probably see it when it comes out, but I’m a little wary from jump.

    • Sherród

      One more thing. Keke’s baby hairs look like they told a white person what baby hair is and let them have at it.

  • Sherae Renee’

    Wow! Keke really did look like Chilli! I’m not here for Rumplestilskin playing the beautiful late Left Eye. She looks a mess in the No Scrubs part of this trailer. Drew was cute.

  • Return to Sender

    This shit looks like a parody to me. Sorry. They should have cast an unknown group of up-and-coming actresses for this, because all I see Lil Mama, Keke n’em playing dress up.

    • bb morgendoffer

      I’m really hoping beyond hope that this movie is going to be more than them dressed up re-enacting videos because TLC deserves so much more than that.

    • Hello

      I agree. I don’t know why Hollywood doesn’t cast more unknowns. Sometimes unknowns do the best jobs. Look at Orlando Bloom. If you’ve ever seen him in Lord of Rings you’d know he stole the show as the Elf. He’s not the best actor in the world. Yet I remember leaving the movie theater saying who was the elf dude? I know of some really talented stage actors that would blow the socks off the world if given the chance to act in movies.

  • Brittany

    Girl bye…that trailer looked like YouTube spoofs…I hope the movie is better because they were a dope group

  • Freshie Rogers

    ………………….this trailer ain’t showing me shit BUT……………………….dare i say i’m intrigued??

  • brooklynarcher

    My thing is this, I’m excited but what’s the plot? Like i know it’s a biopic and I hope they don’t try to church things up. There were some major issues these girls were dealing with internally and externally. One..Chilli being a single-mom, T-Boz illness, Left Eye’s turbulent relationships and alcoholism. Plus their split from Pebbles, filing bankruptcy, Left Eye feuding with them up until her death. Like I’m glad they showed the positives but the trailer could’ve included some of the drama i mentioned. I’m here for this biopic tho. They failed Drew with T-boz hair. they could’ve produced a better wig

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      it’s just the first look movies tend to have multiple trailers.

  • Hm

    Surprisingly, they chose the right people to play each person that were in Tlc…But that drew sidora girl is kinda not cutting it for me…but Keke and lil mama are serving ! lol

    • Hm

      But then again…we will have to see.

  • John Doe
  • sotru

    sooooooo, they are just remaking TLC videos?

  • Dancing Machine

    Oh nigga, when I tell you I clicked on this link and had to scroll back up to that picture to make sure it WASN’T TLC. That first picture shocked TF outta me cause without looking, they had me fooled.

  • Hi

    Lil mama looks like a hell no from head to toe… Im sorry theres not enough make up in the world to cover up that natural disaster she calls a face

    • GΣT SΩMΣ


    • bb morgendoffer

      Ummm, well….
      The ad for Home Depot that played before the video started let me know about some great deals.

      • GΣT SΩMΣ

        Say that! Got me thinking about going to buy the materials to build me a back porch deck to sit on while ya’ll enjoy this Tragic Johnson ass movie. We’re talking VH1 here, the company that brought you Basketball Wives, Love & Hip Hop, Marrying The Game, and various other horrible portrayals of people in the entertainment industry. You think they’re gonna do a wonderful job with a movie about a legendary female R&B group? Cancel Labor day, and call me when the Daria movie comes out…

        • bb morgendoffer

          *wall slide*

          • GΣT SΩMΣ

            That shit is just annoying. What is this movie going to tell us that their “Behind The Music” and other various REAL LIFE documentaries didn’t already tell us? This is just VH1 pulling a Drake & Chris Brown and trying to make us re-visit with the ghost of a former talent who was suddenly and tragically killed. This movie is pointless and is going to be the shit on the bottom of your shoes if you watch it. I just watched the trailer and got pissed all over again because I want to celebrate their flawless music and everything they did but THIS. MOVIE. AINT. IT! This looks like someone let 3 little girls play “pretend” in their mama’s makeup, wig closet, and clothes, this is a hurricane katrinafied mess and I won’t drown in it, ever. Jesus be a joint because now my blood pressure is higher than Buzzard Bussy and I must now exit……

        • earthshaker1217
  • ZJ

    I loved TLC, but I can do without this biopic. If you used to read Vibe back in the day or watched their episode of Behind the Music, don’t you already know what there is to know about them?

  • Dancing Machine

    Oh bitch… these clips of Lil Mama gave me some type of feeling. Idc how much people hate her, I still love her manly looking ass and I just feel like she might be the only one in this movie worth watching. I agree with the person who said they got her “left eye” look down right minus when they do a side profile. Drew, baby, as much as you tried to give us Tionne rasp, that voice wasn’t really working. WTH does KeKe Palmer look like she was bored throughout the entire trailer? Maybe it’s because Chilli always was the ‘boring yet sexy’ one of the group to me, I digress.

  • That girl MEL!

    Ok, I’ll save some space on my DVR. I’m only here for it because T-Boz and Chilli actually signed off on it.

    • GΣT SΩMΣ

      Better make sure they weren’t high off molly first. It doesn’t premiere until October, if on September 30th they suddenly say “We never endorsed this, this is a travesty and VH1 can go to hell” …..yo DVR is going to be PISSED.

  • Sam

    I’ll definitely check this out. TLC was an amazing group that brought such an original vibe to music.

    I’m definitely here for Lil Mama as Left Eye tho. Just from the preview, it looks like she does a good job of embodying Left Eye and her character.


    I prayed over this, sprinkled some anointed holy oil over it, and then smacked it with the bible, and My God still said

  • Coonye West

    I’m so here for Lil Llama after they made her cry on The Breakfast Club. I want her to win.

    • Mrs. and Mrs. Sarcasm

      lil LLAMA?!

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Judging from the trailer and Lil Mama’s antics when they were introducing themselves, I just know she’s gonna piss me off in one of those scenes…..nope. Sorry Keke girl, but..

  • NamelessDreamer

    Well it’s VH1 so my expectations are already low, but from the trailer it doesn’t look like it will be as bad as the Michael Jackson one lmao

  • Chantel

    I don’t know how I feel about this movie… but I will say I’m not really here for Drew Sidora as T-boz. At allllllllllll. I know it’s just a trailor, I just thought Keke Palmer would standout more. Lil’ Mama seems like she’ll be allright as Left Eye though. It seemed like she did her homework and really studied her, have to say I’m a little impressed. Still this movie looks like it’s gonna be a mess overall though. Like a combination of trying too hard and not trying hard enough. I DEFINITELY could live without these reincarnations of Waterfalls and No Scrubs. No. Just…. No.

  • Khailik Tyler

    this looks like a spoof

    • JaQuanna

      same thing i thought.. this movie is gonna be one long long spoof

  • Jennifer

    Idk ya’ll I’m so here for it!! I love TLC and I know I wasn’t the only little girl growing up who used a water sprinkler in the summer time to pose as my back drop for my “waterfalls” video set. I mean.. all of the girls favor the members of the group they are portraying. I think it is a good way to show the girls who did not grow up in the 90′s who and what TLC are about. Good music and positivity.

  • RamenNoodles

    Idk…my fangirl is coming out and plus I love watching shit like this. I hope they show where TLC pulled a gun out on Clive Davis. Drew is the only one giving me life just from watching this. Keke trying give sexy is making me cringe and Lil Mama’s makeup girl….

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      I saw a blonde wig and immediately thought this was Amanda Bynes then I saw the black legs and was like …..Oh, welp.

  • Kayy

    1. I’m surprised that I kinda liked it. It was pretty decent compared to what I thought it’d be.
    2. Lil Mama actually kinda looked like Left-Eye in Waterfalls
    3. Keke actually kinda looked like Chili in scrubs
    4. Drew girl…. Ok.
    5. I will most likely watch it.

  • ashaballot

    Wow Lil Mama. This is just the intro trailer of course more will come.

  • ashaballot

    Keke and Chilli have such strong faces.

  • Nev’s Body Hair

    This hurt my feelings….

  • Jess

    I dont give a fuck what ya’ll say… Lil Mama looked so much Left Eye that it was frightening…. I was doing double takes the whole trailer.

  • britchick91

    I’m surprised at Lil Mama

  • Shana

    Fucking Keke Gave Us The Worse Lip Syncing In America! Like Baby Doll… Stop It

  • Claudette Ordeez

    Lowkey, Lil Mama is giving me everything as Lefteye. Werk.

  • Trish

    The only part of the movie I want to see is when Left Eye set her boyfriend’s house on fire. *kanye shrug*

  • CaramelHottie

    KeKe girl NO. Her acting is so cheesy to me. Im here for Drew and Lil Mama tho

  • Here’s a cup for this T bitch,

    Lil Moma’s face.
    IT hurt me.
    So deeply.

    my VERY first gut reaction was =O <— and I covered my gaping mouth with my hand.
    Her entire face. Just goddamn TRAGIC. (I mean, it always is, but now they painted it, and its even MORE visible!) I just…

    Credit where its DUE, when they give her those bangs, she CAN pass! up-close shes still got a roughass face; but in the interview part, I was like, ok fer sure.
    Unfortunately, that might be 10mins out of the entire movie.

    That face bitch. THAT FACE!!!

  • Here’s a cup for this T bitch,

    Oh, and yes, HUGE WTentireF’s to Drew wig…
    Common now…
    (And that comment below about white ppl/baby hair has me weak! lol)

    • Here’s a cup for this T bitch,


  • Courtney CarCASHian

    Drew Sidora is giving me CORNY. Keke’s wig is giving me “I cut too much of the lace off in front now it’s a hair hat.” Lil’ Mama is giving me Everything.

  • Kim.Couture
  • nell kaye pee

    It could be worse i know yallremember theMichael jackson movie starring flex Alexander ….

    • JaQuanna

      baaahaaahaaha! come get me off this floor!!

    • Joy

      Man, they really tried it with that one.

  • Ashanti’s Last Hope

    I cringed a lil……I’m hopin for the best but expecting the worst.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    Can we pray over the ashes of Andre Rison’s house that they did this group justice?

  • Guest

    I’m here for Lil mama as left-eye, and i didn’t think that i would!!!>>>keke is okay…meh. NOT here for drew as much, she can’t act.

  • Get it right

    First of all TLC is NOT the biggest selling girl group of all time nor were they the best AT ALL. That is all.

  • Adaeze (Big Sister)

    I actually did a second take when I saw the picture. Huh, well damn.

  • Nonono

    But why?

  • YaVyBnMe

    That trailer was wack! I’m not watching these ladies recreate TLC’s videos for 2 hours. Where’s the drama? The struggle? Give me the time Left Eye went missing. Chilli’s relationship with Usher. Hell give me T-Boz’s sickle cell struggles, SOMETHING! Or I won’t be watching.

  • Hello

    I don’t understand why they cannot give us people who can really act. No offense to any of the women portraying TLC, but these women are still green, especially Lil Mama. I don’t think I’ve even seen her act. I wish they could have found some really excellent newcomers. I can tell by Palmer’s expression that she is not going to do superb job. Chilli doesn’t sit like that. She sit sorta upright and perky.

  • Dominique Cox-Harris

    I can’t wait to see it, I think if ppl would stop, pickin with it and enjoy it for what it is. A flashback look, of a great time in Music. I am going be getting my life

  • Quick

    I actually think this will be a good little made for TV situation. At least the imagery is very authentic

  • Tev

    I just have a feeling most people are disagreeing with this because Kidfury doesn’t agree with it. Now I bet if KF was here for it, then half of you wouldn’t be bashing it and and be here for it too. I honestly excited about how it will turn out. It looks good and I think each actress portrays their part well.

  • RickRoss’TittyMeat

    I immediately recoil when i see wet and wavy. But once I got over that….yeah I’ll watch it, because it’s free and I like supporting my people. Even Lil Mama, when she’s not mis-speaking the phrase “You never cease to amaze me.”

  • Stephanie Stevens

    I don’t know why everyone is claiming to be so shocked that Lil Mama is actually talented. She made one mistake by dancing on stage with Jay Z and people just won’t forget about it. You people are miserable, jumping on the bang wagon cause you motherfuckers can’t think for yourself. I hate you people and I hate your sheeple behavior!