The Read: Luna vs Serena (Episode 21)

Kid Fury July 25, 2013 The Read 77 Comments

Kanye went black skinhead on some jerk paparazzi and we, at The Read, are perfectly okay with that. Also, the royal baby is here and Beyoncé’s weave has been compromised. Plus much more!

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  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    A.) I did a praise dance when kid fury mentioned my Beyonce comment about “had you closed your eyes.”

    B.) Kid Fury it’s funny you said you were Daria today, have you seen the trailer for the live action movie?

    C.) Can I come join the show and be Artemis?

    Either way of course this show always makes me…

    • Sweet Tart

      Sorry hun I think Dustin or Assante would be Artemis

      • GΣT SΩMΣ

        -Kayne Shrug- Worth a shot, lol. ^_^

  • Kamille

    Crissle-Sailor Moon is everything, so glad you love her

    • Guest

      I really hope she’s watching the original with the English subs instead of the English dub, two TOTAL different shows. Keep watching until you get to the final season, Sailor Stars! Transgendered sailor senshi and alladat!

  • PrincessKuntMuffin

    i felt hella bad. They Didn’t even give kate enough time to let her vagina return to size before they made her go out and wave to the Paps. Good ol royal dedication.

  • EM

    The Sailor Moon references in this episode gave me life. Crissle is definitly Rei and Kid Fury is sooooo Serena!

    I can’t stand when these niggas that look like Flavor Flav get pissed when a woman don’t look like Beyonce or Halle Berry. How you gonna be a 2 mad at a 3 for not being a 10!?

    The end of this episode was EVERYTHING!!

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Kid Fury” Santa Clause Semen

    Crissle: Yeah that’s what Peppermint smells like…

    Me: (below)

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    This week’s Pass The Read !!!!

    • Nev’s Body Hair


  • Nev’s Body Hair

    Kanye eff you and your pms cry baby ass feelings. Homegirls pass the read was every FUCKING thing!!! Yassss I’m tired of ugly black men trying talk to talk this exotic only shit! Nigga everything you want in a woman you don’t even fucking have your damn self. I ain’t for the trash, how you gone be broke and ugly then claim you only date models?? Fuck boy be gone!!

    • GΣT SΩMΣ

      So you just really weave slapped Kanye like that? I mean…I don’t support his notion of Being a God or calling himself Yeezus but still…”Fuck your pms cry baby ass feelings” ?? He may be a bit sensetive, but the man gave us “Flashing Lights” ….have a heart sis lol.

      • Nev’s Body Hair

        Lol I know I was a miss west Stan back in the day but I’m just not here for her anymore. Look who he chose for family, of course the paps are going to follow him thats how his baby mama earns her coins ehh

        • GΣT SΩMΣ

          Let me tell you something, I know a thing or two about good sex. I’ve never had sex so good with a person that I was willing to make an ass out of myself with both cheeks just to be with them. A high text at 2 AM every now and then? Maybe, but pro-create? live with? Nope. I just feel like Kanye does this because he is surrounded by “Yes Men” and not friends who are willing to checkpoint you when you go too far, or make the wrong damn move, which he clearly has done.

          • ZJ

            The only way this comment could have been any better was if it had been accompanied by one of your outstanding gifs.

          • ChilliLipstick

            Even if Kanye is surrounded by Yes Men, I say he’s grown enought to make his own decisions. He better make the best out of this Kim K situation and own it! Do it for North!

          • GΣT SΩMΣ

            Okay, let me re-phrase this. The only person who could have kept Kanye West from the clutches of Kim Kardashian and her wal-mart supercenter pussy, is no longer amongst the living. He is an adult, but you’re never too grown for mama’s advice and if she were here I’m sure Dr. West would not have let her baby penetrate Satan’s daughter….multiple times….without a condom….yeah, I threw up while typing that by the way.


          • Emdottie

            Wal Mart Supercenter pussy?

            I just… I can’t, I no longer have the will to live. ERMAHGAWD. I’m crying tears.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    So Crissle if you want to watch another anime cartoon after you finish Sailor Moon I suggest Inuyasha or Avatar The Last Airbender if you want a more american anime inspired cartoon.

    • Pop It For Some Boston Market

      I mean NOW they gotta watch this classic too, just saying….

      • Ryan

        Girl Tenchi Muyo is EVERY FUCKING THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kash

      I wish more people knew about the glory days of Toonami and late night Adult Swim. Shit changed my life! I love those songs they play during the end credits for Inuyasha. I also realized I have like three or four of them on my mp3 player. No idea what they’re saying but love it!

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

        Chile I be jamin to that music singing and everything knowing good and well Ion know what they are saying idc lol.

  • blue ivy’s toy box of wigs
  • Cease_Desist_and_Reseat

    When I read the caption about the royal baby my mind instantly went, “bitch, blue been here?! What are you talking about?” Lol, oops.

  • mo

    great show as always. keep up the good works!

  • RihannasVocalCoach

    Good for Amanda Bynes to get that help however….she has consistently been coming for Black celebrities. Schizophrenia is not a cause of prejudice so…get help and get healed girl.

    Chris Bandicoot Brown can go ahead and get locked up. I mean…whatever.

    As to people who have lost a lot of weight, shaming those who haven’t…I’m skinny so I can’t say much. But I can talk about the dudes who think Rihanna is but a friend request away. Follow these specific instructions:
    1) Get your life…this may require gloves and some digging
    2) Go to Walmart
    3) Throw it in the bargain bin, cuz it ain’t worth shit

    Who are you? Who are you to be telling me anything? From Steve Harvey down to the dudes in the club, I don’t give a single freeze-dried fuck about your opinions. The male gaze does nothing for me. Keep sweating them girls, at least then you will reach for the glass of water you so desperately need.

  • Dan

    Hey folks, it’s Dan (from the pass the read last time) and I have a stupid ass question – Which Zebra Katz “Imma Read” remix did you use for your other openers, AND WHAT IS THIS CURRENT OPENER? I just wanna dance now.

    • Shiz the Snorlax

      Zebra Katz – Ima Read (Dj Sliink Remix)

      I don’t know about the new opener..yet.

      • Dan

        I know it’s Tom Ford but like, I can’t tell the remix.
        And THANK you for telling me which remix you are a saint.

  • Selasi

    TIME FLIES! It’s been 20+ episodes already?
    And the “royal” baby is NOT cute. Fresh out the womb and shriveled up looking like the Queen. I’ll give him a few months. But I’m here for Prince Trayvon

  • Shiz the Snorlax
  • Shiz the Snorlax

    This was Crissle when Kid Fury started talking about Drake and Chris Brown:

  • Shiz the Snorlax

    What Julius did to that Keyshia Cole hating ass fan:

  • Shiz the Snorlax

    I love you guys, and would love to hang out and Kiki, but I am not that out of touch that I would think of you as my personal friends and be like “So Crissle, how you like your box eaten?”

    I mean, like, some people do the most.

    The uncle in the second listener letter needs to be read the fuck down for even thinking that. He was in the absolute wrong and I agree with KidFury that it may be some closeted anger there and he needs to be checked.

    • Yung & Pruned

      “‘and be like “So Crissle, how you like your box eaten?’”

      Ok, see…I mean… Like… No… Just No… Just… Please just go.

  • Shiz the Snorlax
  • Pop It For Some Boston Market
  • ChilliLipstick

    Lol nah, I live in the UK and my first thought was: why are these white people standing outside the hospital in this heat? I wasn’t that excited for it to be honest.

  • InTheLastDays

    “Girl, SHUT UP!”

    Time of death: 4:30 PM

  • Jaders

    i have become much more shady since i started following Kid fury, Crissle, and The Read podcast and I enjoy it.

    • Guest

      Look at them! Changing lives one shade tree at a time. Yes Lord!

      • Jaders

        i know!!!! its just amazing. my shade tree bloometh over!!!

  • bbabes

    Lol Fury Jamaican names are actually British names .. thats why Americans think its so strange to see us islanders with names like Graham and Errol HA!

  • vanessa ogrady

    I hope Kid Fury realizes that all the “Jamaican” names – Barrington, Winston, etc- are English names we have because of slavery/colonization/neo-imperialsim. Still LOVE HIM AND CRISSLE!!!!!!!!!

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      yeah I was thinking the same thing like Britain owned damn near EVERY NATION!

  • Карл Арбутчнот

    That Pass The Read was EVERYTHING

  • Kyana

    Instead of naming baby, Trayvon, they named him George.

    • Sweet Bunany

      RIGHT? Of ALLLL the names….

  • Kim.Couture
  • Kim.Couture

    I’m reallly just waiting for one of them to say
    “And I’m Laurie Beth Denberg with more vital information for your everyday life.”

    • HaUtriediT

      Yaaassssssss!! After church, you just made my day!

  • Kim.Couture
  • Kim.Couture
  • Guest
    • HaUtriediT

      Thank you for being a friend!!

  • Kim.Couture
  • Kim.Couture

    My momma would have flipped her fro and said

  • Kim.Couture
  • dolly bouzi

    I feel sorry for North West, with all the bullshit she’s gonna go through…

  • lala

    this gifs tho..i love yall

  • OhNaNa

    Crissle is just mad that she’s a fat gross DIKE that no bitch wants to date.
    Don’t worry sweetie, if Shrek found love, then there’s hope for you too?

  • Jaders

    when crissle said “imma show you that fat meat’s greasy” i shouted in anointing!!!!! yes!!!!! i can proudly say that I’m a Crissle stan.

  • Doop

    Does anyone know what tom ford remix this is?

  • Kwania Vick

    Not sure if anyone has mention this before but the cartoon photo of kid and cris is similiar to MTV’s Daria plus they talk like her in that “IDK or C” tone