Fury TV: NYC Notes – Bitch, It’s Hot!

Kid Fury July 24, 2013 Kid Fury TV 34 Comments

New York City: If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere…and you also deserve central air. Here’s my video on struggling with this new demonic heat.

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  • Clemecia

    Lmao “It’s like living in a hot pocket, while Khia is eating it.” Girl, I can’t with you today. Good the fuck bye.

  • Kim Humphries’ Divorce Papers

    You wanna know heat? Try Texas from May to like September where it’s 100+ like everyday.

    • Sigh…

      But they not hearin you tho… Either you near the gulf burning up with a wet ass, hot ass, suffocating ass breath of thick air blows every 45 minutes for 2.5 seconds or you nowhere near the water having your skin LITERALLY sizzle and fry like a fuckin 2 piece leg and thigh in 20 gallons of Crisco until 9 o’clock at night when it finally drops to 95 degrees. Fuck a Spring and a Fall. We got Summer, Medium Summer, and Pre Summer. That’s it.

    • Looziana

      Hi neighbor. This is Louisiana and and I just wanna say, “Bitch, what!!” Standing in the shade don’t mean shit and fuck a breeze because it’s blowing hot air. Night don’t mean shit. Winter? I’m sorry. I don’t understand. I know three temperatures. Hot, Hot as Hell, and Hot as Fuck.

      • RobinTinnicsha

        hahahahaha; I thought us MS residents was the only ones suffering the heat of Hell year round! #CoastLifeProblems! Hell even when it rains it’s hotter than Kirk’s flaming motorcycle.

  • MIles

    Yeah, I live in NYC but I’m originally from Houston and it is nowhere nearly as hot during the summer here. Houston is like 100+ every day with 80% humidity. Arizona is like 110 every day in the summer but lacks the humidity. The only reason the heat sucks so badly in nyc is because it is already so dirty, smelly and crowded that the heat makes it unbearable

    • GΣT SΩMΣ

      Yeah, it’s like 8 million of you up there surrounded by buildings. You’re shut in with just you guys and the heat, but those who are spared from humidity? Give yourself a handclap of praise!


    Born and raised in Alabama, let me tell you something…. All of the hatred, ignorance, incest, and humidity that festers in Alabama makes it hotter outside than Mississippi Wasp Pussy. I walked outside the other day and my EYEBALLS began to sweat. If NY was the victim of Satan’s belch, we down here in his scrotum? We envy you lmao.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    What sucks is if you live in a landlocked area see like you said in Miami there’s a breeze part of that is thanks to the many beaches but in North Florida it’s hot and humid and the rain just does’t even help anymore. I’m just trying my best to not go anywhere outside of my air conditioned home for the rest of the summer.

  • ZJ

    You want to talk hot? Try living in Vegas during the summer. I lived there five years, and I was fucking miserable in the summertime. I had to buy one of those lame shades for my windshield so I wouldn’t singe my fingers on my steering wheel, and my electric bill was high as hell from running the A/C all day. At 7, 8 in the morning, it would already be 90 degrees, and one year, it was around 119 for three days in a row. I left shortly thereafter.

    • Brimm

      Yup Yup. I have pretty much lived here in Vegas my whole life and so if he thinks it is hot there then he doesn’t really know heat. About 3 weeks ago we had a heatwave in the mid-120′s that lasted for DAYS. It still gets about 110 here everyday. The sun rises here at 6 AM and doesn’t go down until after 7 PM so there is little relief. And EVEN when the sun goes down it is still 90-100 degrees. The heat is so damn dry that it feels like someone is slapping your skin while simultaneously aiming a blow dryer at your face. I’m so sick of this place…

      • Christina H

        YES!!! The day I flew in was Thursday before the Beyonce concert, it was 123!!! I was close to saying damn a concert, I’m going back to Hawaii, then I came to my senses!!

  • Daether

    New Kid Fury video…NEW KID FURY VIDEO

  • Guest

    No heat is like Atlanta. This some different ish going on. Its 100 across the street and thundering and lightening over my house. With tornado warning on the other side. Foolishness!

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Same here I can drive down the street and it raining but where my house is it’s hot as hell I’m only like four-six hours from ATL. I sear one time I was in an Applebee’s and on one side of the window it was raining and on the other it was dry wtf Tally weather is always on her cycle.

    • Kash

      I’m about an hour east of you in Athens. This shit is insanity. Oh its sunny and 90 degrees by noon? Cool here’s waves of thunder and rain by 7pm. Enjoy that this entire summer. Nature is doing the fuck ever she wants right now.

  • Listen

    The South is hotter because God hates confederates.

    • MiMi’s Saggy Tits

      Sad, and incredibly accurate

  • Shiz the Snorlax

    I live in DC and these past few weeks was…look, Mother Nature period was on or something because it was a smooth 95-110 degrees for a good long time. I did not know ANYTHING about that hot life cause my A/C was on all the damn time. Walking into my house or getting into the car I felt like this.

    • tvesbrink

      I feel you…it was a DEEP struggle. That damn heat/humidity cost me exactly 2 european american friends b/c I (stupidly) agreed to go running w/ them in 2454% humidity “after sunset” like that sh*t really mattered. 3 hail Marys, a praise break and several days later I have yet to return their emails. B*tch I wanna LIVE.

  • Jon

    I like the glasses and the stubble, Fury! They’re cute on you.

  • Kim.Couture

    Yasssss i was outside like Beyonce in Deja Vu

  • Cha_Slid

    Shower Often

  • Nothing Amigone

    I’ve lived in Mississippi heat, New Orleans heat, New York heat, and DC heat. I hate them all. Mississippi heat is so oppressive that it just feels like racism. You’ll be looking for an NAACP representative, a mint julep, and a church fan. I swear New Orleans air is so thick and hot, you weigh more down there…everything feels like slow motion. DC weather in general is some fuckshit. Oh, so there’s nary a breeze for summer, but all kinds of fuckass wind in the winter to blow rain or snow directly into my face?

    New York heat just makes for impotent rage. Idk how Do The Right Thing was filled with people tearing shit up or how Sam was all about murdering that summer, cuz look…and in a blackout? My theory on NY heat is that a) the buildings block good breezes and b) all of their glass and reflective metal surfaces really concentrate that heat, like ants under a magnifying glass. Whatever it is, I stay the fuck inside.

    • That girl MEL!

      I say the same about this Tennessee heat – PURE SLAVERY! That’s all it is. Sun just sitting on your shoulder like Massa’.

      • Wong Chia Chi

        “Mississippi heat is so oppressive that it just feels like racism. You’ll be looking for an NAACP representative, a mint julep, and a church fan.”

        LMAOOO! noooo, i just died. Thank god it’s cool in Toronto this week. God I love that lakefront. *dodges things being thrown* hey it gets damn cold in the winter.

    • Christina H

      I have lived in New Orleans heat and I can concur with EVERYTHING you said, but until you have lived in Las Vegas in the Summer where it’s 123 degrees in the damn shade and still 110 degrees at 3 am, you ain’t seen shit!! That’s why I moved my black ass to Hawaii and I love it!!! 75 degrees year round……..jealous?

  • K. Michelle’s Party City Wig

    I think what makes it worse for us New Yorkers is the fact that the other states live in constant heat, while we’re forced to burn and freeze all in a 12 month period of time which is just pure, diabolical evil. I contemplate pressing charges on the 1 train everyday while going to work because I am literally being ASSAULTED by people’s stench. And to touch on the open hydrants… The most upsetting part is the fact that the majority of the ones near me are filled with grown men who act a damn fool and knock over women and children like the fire hydrant is the equivalent of Chuck E Cheese and it’s just rancid.

  • That girl MEL!

    I’ve lived in NY too – it’s the CONCRETE! The concrete hold heat so even at night, it’s still FREAKING UNBEARABLE! In addition, there’s no transition. It goes from 55 to 105 in literally two weeks. Like, WTH, can I live! During my senior year we had a heatwave, 99 degrees for 8 days! That’s hate in it’s purest form!