Timbaland On Other Artists Using Aaliyah Vocals: “It Will Never Work”

Kid Fury July 23, 2013 YAAASSSSS!!! 43 Comments

Looks like Revolt is still hanging on to some footage from their interview with Timbaland. They got the super-producer talking about his brief falling out with Jay-Z and his apology record with Keri Hilson. Now he’s discussing this trend of artists using unreleased Aaliyah vocals on their songs.

“In music, people always say ‘I’ma do a song with Aaliyah.’ It will never work,” Tim says candidly. “Chris Brown got a record. It won’t work. Drake wanna do a record with Aaliyah. It ain’t gonna work. Aaliyah music only work with its soulmate…which is me.”

Hear hear, my brother! Pow these queens down and let them know where Aaliyah Dana Haughton’s art belongs. Hopefully this will get through to the young lightskinned R&B kids of today and they will cut it out.

Timbaland also revealed that he is working on a new album with Nas. The full interview will show up online soon. Check the teaser out below.

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  • BigMac

    Well he just gathered up the industry.

  • Timbaland’s mama

    Yas Mr. Timbaland. Let them hoes know

  • Destiny


  • Dancing Machine

    He better snatch these emotionally Aaliyah obsessed niggas feelings and LET HAVE! i’m glad he said this, now I need them to have the labels pull both tracks from ever being played again. I think the ‘grown up’ thing to do, if they wanted Aaliyah vocals, was to approach either Missy or Timb about getting help with producing the song & writing the lyrics then maybe it could’ve worked out in both of their favor. Chris, and Drake… SAT DOWN.

  • SmashMclovely1

    Look at the edges and wigs just scattered about the floor.

  • Missy

    I agree completely. Chris’ song with Aaliyah was a F-L-O-P.

    • MiaSara

      I actually liked that one. It was very catchy and sounded better than the original version which was ear shatteringly bad.

  • IndustryShade

    But, didn’t timbo do a song with aubreysha a few years back though ? lmao

    • Guest

      Yep and he probably told Kosher Baby to not try it way back then.

      • Guest

        Kosher.Baby. I am slain.


    To Timbaland’s comments, I can only lift my hands and say…

    and then to top it off, he’s working on a New Album with Nas?!

    • emjay

      I seriously LIVE for your GIFs sir. I tip my hat to you for always capturing my exact emotions in a single image,

      • GΣT SΩMΣ

        Thank you, I truly believe there is a gif for every emotion and when you nail it, only Jesus can stop your laughter.

    • Ru St. Vincent

      YES! Gif game proper!
      Do you dream in gifs????

  • Guest

    “Chris Brown got a record. It won’t work.”
    –loud holler and falls to the floor

  • Alan

    I definitely agree that Aaliyah’s legacy should be left alone.

    At the same time, though, I’m getting a bit tired of this weird, revisionist history that many fans and Timbaland indulge in—like he was the only producer who worked with her.

    The fact of the matter is that Timbaland and Missy Elliott are only responsible for about a third of Aaliyah’s catalogue—maybe a bit more, due to soundtrack cuts. R. Kelly produced her first album, and the majority of her final album was created without Missy and Tim. And you know what? Both of those albums were good! Aaliyah made plenty of great music with other producers.

    So this whole idea that Timbaland and Missy Elliott—and these two, only—hold the key to her legacy is… strange. It almost feels like some people use it to discredit Aaliyah. They made some of her greatest hits… but not all of them (“Back and Forth” and “Rock the Boat,” come to mind). And it seemed that, near the end of her career, she was sort of moving away from them, despite their close friendship.

    • KidFury

      Aaliyah working with Timbaland and Missy is just classic. Although she worked with tons of other producers and artists, most of her singles and hit records were done by Tim. She’s been dead for over a decade, so if fans get new music from her, they wanna hear something that makes sense. Something that feels genuine and that would clearly be done with Timbaland and Missy, not some random artist who lives for her and the sound they imagine for her in 2013.

      • Chantel

        AGREED. With everything. Though to be honest I did enjoy Kendrick’s sample of 4 Page Letter on
        Blow My High. It didn’t come across as disrespectful in any way, more
        like appreciation/paying homage. And Kendrick doesn’t seem like that
        kind of dude.. However, I do think if someone wants to do a song, let
        alone a whole ALBUM they most definitely need to get together w/ Missy
        & Timb, especially if it’s for profit/not some mixtape shit. Even if
        she worked with various producers in her life time, I feel it makes the
        most sense. They both actually knew her/is close with her family,
        worked with her previously and I feel like they would approach it with
        her family & fans best interest at heart. It’s hard not to think of
        Aaliyah without associating her with Missy Elliott and Timbaland. Anyone who would even think of hitting up R. Kelly for any future Aaliyah tracks is trying it to the 143434334th power.

        • Guest

          True. There are samples, and then there’s trying to resurrect the dead. BIG difference, hence why Kendrick’s song is enjoyable and not obnoxious.

        • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

          See sampling is diff. J.cole did the same thing with “Best Friend” which was a Missy song feat. Aaliyah. It’s still her unique style and sound versus what both Chris and Drake did but if I had to choose out of the two Chris’ was better.

      • Jazz

        I agree with both comments. Timb and Missy just had a special chemistry with Aaliyah. They created this magic unlike what any other producer was able to get from her. At the same time, she did work with other producers and technically they don’t OWN the rights to her music to where they can prohibit other artists from sampling her.

        Kendrick, as Chantal pointed out, did the sample right because he didn’t use Aaliyah’s vocals for the hook, but got another singer to do a rendition. The song was used to pay homage to her memory. DRAKE on the other hand has this creepy fascination with her that just takes it way too far. To get a tattoo on your back of a girl’s face that you NEVER met and thats been dead for years is just far too extra. Then he had the nerve to want to make a whole posthumous ALBUM with the girl…that definitely wasn’t his place.

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Preach Timb! Tell these drama queens what’s really going on.

    However, I will say Chris’s song wasn’t too bad, I actually liked it. He just didn’t do her justice with that ridiculous ass video of his and what made it worse is that he had to hop on twitter and put her name in it, that’s when I REALLY knew he had lost his damn mind…He said something like, “Aalyiah and I thank you all..” NIgga what?? You DON”T know her Chris…leave her alone and don’t SPEAK for her!

    Lord help these fools. Getting her tatted on the back, speaking for her and what not….

    • Beyonces remy

      Am I the only one who thinks Chris did that song just to piss Drake off?

    • jajay22

      YASS my sassy gay friend is EVERYTHING!!

  • Nicole

    welp… someone has common sense. and he won’t touch not nary a damn thing out of respect for her family. im fine with her old music when i wanna think about the 99 and the 2000. Timb got it and these light skins won’t win

  • M.J.

    “Chris Brown got a record. It won’t work. Drake wanna do a record with Aaliyah. It ain’t gonna work”


    • Just Sayin

      yes Paul Wesley, you better give a look

  • Guest

    So the apology track is real? aygdfyhkmgujn

  • catfishing

    mr. pumpkinhead’s comments weren’t needed, we all knew it would never work

    • RamenNoodles


    • Rihanna’s Big Toe

      I’m mad at you for calling him mr.pumpkinhead :’D EXIT!

  • ForeverShady

    Yesssss you better get these high yellow gurls together, Tubby Timothy.

  • blue ivy’s toy box of wigs

    Thank you, Ezekiel, for telling these lesser light skinned niggas how it is!

  • Missy Eliot’s Old Bubble Suit

    I aint see Drake nor Chris Brown light skin asses in the music video Hot like Fire. and EVERYBODY was there. SO, chris and Ms. Graham, take a seat.

  • earthshaker1217

    That makes sense. He was good friends with Aaliyah. He knew what to do with her voice and personality on a song. There’s only one song Drake used Aaliyah’s vocals on that was good: Unforgettable. It wasn’t anywhere near the greatness of Timbaland but it was good.

  • Kayy

    Like its about time one of them spoke up about this.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Honestly I knew this was gone happen. He and Missy both have been subtly trying to tells the girls to quit while they’re ahead, but naw they needed a full on read with names mentioned. Welp Timothy gave them one

  • Andrea

    Nas and Timb? I’m here for it.

  • britchick91

    Yessss that’s right Timothy

  • Juju Infinite

    Nas and Timbaland? Yes Please!