New Music: Chris Brown – Love More (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Kid Fury July 22, 2013 New Music 27 Comments

Yellow Cake has served the latest single from his upcoming album, X — the Nicki Minaj-assisted “Love More” which he premiered at the BET Awards last month. The vulgar record pretty much follows the refusal to stop having sex although the relationship itself sucks. This sounds like the real life story of Chriannarrueche, but I quite like it. Plus the beat and the Nicki verse are pretty hot. Listen to the new track below.

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  • ClairHuxtable

    I’m 93% sure I’m only here for Nicolas’ verse.

  • FreeTuitionMakHerDance

    The beat/song is nice. I’m sort of over the auto tune shit with Chris though, makes him sound like a 13 year old boy whose voice hasn’t developed yet. Hell, I thought he said he was done with it as well..or nah? Anyways, when is the album coming out? Here’s hoping it does well.

  • K Michelle’s Refund Check

    Am I the only one who thinks the best thing about this is single is the single cover? Visually, that graphic is pretty dope.

    And for the longest, I couldn’t figure out why Nicki’s lines @ 2:08-2:16 sounded so familiar. And then it hit me: She borrowed Biggie’s flow from 112′s “Only You”. Kim is about to be somewhere, seething!


      +6 for the graphic design. -6 for the artists. Total = next.

    • Suchalady

      That bitch! She sure did!

    • MarkAssBustahs

      AGREED me & my friend had the same discussion. when chris fucked rihanna over the 2nd time it’s like the world all sent him a waving emoji with a bye felicia.

  • RamenNoodles

    Yep, its just the beat for me. Nicki verse was cute.

  • Redd

    Does this not sound like Cassie – “Me and You” laced with crack?

    • Haley Morrissette

      On spice…all day long

  • JaQuanna

    Nah. I’m good. None for me thanks.

  • M.J.

    It’s aight.

  • Rae Dawn’s relevance

    i guess chile

  • That girl MEL!

    He needs a good two year break – like mario. I want Chris to be great and gain weight. Two years away would do his voice good.

    • Losh

      Thank you! He really should break up with us for a while, let us get him and his antics off our minds, then we would miss him a little and start wondering “What’s Breezy doing these days?” Then we could invite him back into our lives, and we could be happy together. For a little while at least. Until….(somebody finish this for me….)

    • earthshaker1217

      YEP! YEP! Two years back in his hometown where he can make some great art, sickening dance moves, make a great album, and heal his vocals so he can leave that demonic invention known as autotune alone.

    • Kayy

      Exactly! I’m so sick of artists bringing out ten albums in one year, one after the other. When they haven’t even allowed their voice to mature. Like at the point I need him to leave the scenes. Travel, go on business ventures (cause clearly music aint really working now) and then come back after some growth.

  • Destiny

    Only here for Nicki’s verse. Reminds me alot of the old Kim

  • jbm

    this shit is t-rash

  • Chris Browns Light Skin League

    I didnt even listen to it yet and i’m already over it.

  • Ru St. Vincent

    he still trying. *facepalm*

  • Deezy

    So far this whole “X” album buzz has fizzled out. I loved FAME, kinda like FORTUNE, but this based on the singles he releasing X is a nah for me. The singles are wack and bring nothing new or interesting to the table.

  • Jazz

    This track does nothing for me. Sounds like a B2K demo tape. I need him to go on a hiatus, get his mind right and come up with some better material.

    • earthshaker1217

      You said a B2K demo tape. I can’t. Does anybody know how they are doing?

    • Just Sayin

      not b2k! lol umm omarion is quietly resting at the teet of rick ross nd who knows about the rest of them boys. I guess raz-b is somewhere trying to plan another stunt, who knows

  • MarkAssBustahs


  • Diamora Hunt

    idk why this sounds like miley cyrus passed on it… everyone should have…

  • Beiber’s feminine parts

    Cud we just cut out Chris’ prepubescent voice and keep Nicki’s verse?