New Music: Ariana Grande – Baby I

Kid Fury July 22, 2013 New Music 44 Comments

Let’s just talk about your little friend, Ariana Grande. I just haven’t had a sip of the Tampico yet and it’s probably because I’m not sure if she’s trying to sing like Mariah or if that’s just her thing. I mean, she obviously has a lovely voice, but she hasn’t done anything for me yet.

Ariana’s latest single, “Baby I” is cute (although she challenges Ashanti with her wild use of the word “baby”) and has already reached #2 on iTunes after being released at midnight. Her debut album is due on September 3rd and I’ll be watching this Nickelodeon lass…

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  • Cjaree

    I don’t think she’s trying to sound like Mariah at all. I think that’s just her tone. Love her voice.

    • RamenNoodles

      Its kinda hard to say. I mean the harmonies? The whistling? And her tone don’t make it any better. She’s defiantly inspired by Mariah. I don’t even care tbh. I know her debut is gonna slay me if she’s going this route. She just need some better writers (no shade to Babyface but this is generic af)

      • Gen

        Yes! thats what i was thinking. Like she needs to find her own sound and style. Her voice is way too powerful to make songs like this.

        • imjussayin

          I think they are trying to develop her fan base which is mostly teen girls, so they are catering to that demographic. As she matures i’m sure she will find herself artistically.

      • Nicole

        shes obviously inspired but, listen, if i could hit a whistle and not have it crack or sound a mess, i’d be only SPEAK with that shit. shes doing fine and even though mac miller was on her debut single i still love that song.

    • Friendofafriend

      I just can’t put it past her since she’s known for doing different celebrity singing impressions. And she didn’t sound like this in here first track, “puts your hearts up.”

  • I like her but…

    Her voice is amazing but i dont see the originality in her music. Like i dont wanna compare her to Mariah at all but instead of making original music it seems like she’s kinda imitating mariah. Same runs same melodies and harmonies. Idk none of her singles have done anything for me yet.

    • Jazz

      Nawl. Mariah don’t even sound like Mariah anymore, with her whispering ass.

      I just think that’s her tone. BUT I will say her team needs to figure out what she’s going for image wise. Right now I’m getting Nickelodeon tease and it bores me to tears.

  • jaxx

    Ahh it’s got such a 90s/early 2000s vibe!! <3

    • Julie

      When i heard this song
      i thought it was from 2007 or 2008!!! :’(
      why can’t music sound like this today?

  • RamenNoodles

    I never thought this day would come. I used to find her so annoying on that show and now this bitch is slaying me.

  • sunshyne84

    eh….I liked “The Way” and that’s it (minus the kissing Mac Miller in the video)

    definitely Ashanti-ish, that fast part is super annoying

    & that dress reminds me of Pauletta Washington’s lol

    • That girl MEL!

      When she kissed Mac Miller the Hamburgler I was like – AWW NAW!

  • Thuglifenotsomuch

    This song does nothing for me

  • Phoenix.

    Yeah. I’ll pass.

  • bic’s glower

    It’s ok. I really want to like Ariana because I think that she’s better than all the other Disney and Nick bitches trying to put out music, like Selena Gomez ( let’s not lie to ourselves, that bitch cannot sing).

    But still, even though she can sing really well, she’s just not giving me life. Dismissed.

  • BKkid

    This single cover?? No

  • John Doe

    she needs to have more creative influence in her music. i want her to write something original or at least be a creative director in reference to the songs and promotion. all of her singles so far sound like someone else and were written by people who made other songs that sounded similar. this sounds like a toni braxton shelved album outtake.

  • bic’s glower

    Ugh. I want to like her so much. I just get no life from this.

  • That girl MEL!

    I like it. She reminds me of how Pink AND JoJo first sounded when they were presented – then those ladies found their niche. Give her some time.

    I’ll have to deal with her until JoJo is released from record label limbo.

    • catfishing

      yeah she definitely gives me jojo and mariah tease

  • Kirk’s Motorcycle

    I love it and she is clearly influenced by Mariah Carey. Ariana is still young and as she matures she will find herself as an artist. She is giving me 90′s Mariah, which Mariah has been failing to do for me lately, no offense. I’m anxious to hear Ariana’s album.


      I flat-lined at your name, Boo. Thank you.

  • Haley Morrissette

    I like it, this little girl may not give yall life, but she been slaying me since I first heard her on Victorious

  • lala

    OMG is this the red head chick from Victorious!? i LOVED her…good for her

  • Jay-z’a bank account

    She reminds me of Rita Ora, beautiful voices BEAUTIFUL but no originality. I’m pretty sure all the tweens will by the album though

  • Deezy

    I LOVE The Way (even Mac Miller crusty looking ass) but this does sound like Ashanti “Baby” part deux.

  • idreamoflabels

    I want to like her but this…

  • Kayy

    Why does it give me an early 2000s R&B tease. Reminds me of ‘love don’t cost a thing’.

  • Diamora Hunt

    I like this but I love her and im excited too see what she does that second album when shes 23/24 cause you know this one is gonna be platinum wrapped in generic mtv moon man foil.

  • RoniGeeBo

    No idea who this chick is. But I think this song is kinda cute :) I can certainly hear the Mariah and Ashanti inspired vocals. It’s cool.

    • Miley Twerks Better Than Nicki

      Ashanti inspired VOCALS?!?!? Nope….she hits notes and has pitch.

  • mb192

    She’s going to come and snatch every vocalists wig out the game. She’s a star.

  • Amber

    I hate to be “the one”, but I am completely here for this girl. The similarity between Ariana and Mariah Carey’s voices is obvious, but she has repeatedly said that her biggest musical influences are Mariah and Whitney Houston. And let’s not forget that she has a background in Broadway musicals. If that doesn’t give you a strong, Mariah-like tone, I don’t know what the fuck will. I say we just give her some time to develop her sound; she’s only put out two singles. Meanwhile, stop throwing shade because no matter what you think of Ariana artistically, she vocally comes for everyone’s edges armed with some Just-For-Me kiddie perm.

  • Chantel

    On one hand, girlfriend can definitely sing, I won’t deny that. But I do think that they’re has to be some sort of originality factored in. I mean, it’s not anything out of the ordinary (especially when singers are just starting out) that an artist is marketed/molded to have a similar sound as another artist. However, it always bugs me when a label/A&R/etc. try that formula with someone who can actually SING. Obviously there’s a similarity to her & Mariah – but there is only one Mariah Carey. She doesn’t have to attempt to be a copy. That being said, I miss 90′s Mariah like no other, and if this is the closest I can get I’m here for it. So I’m kind of torn on this lol Especially because it really doesn’t sound horrible – it’s just been done before. But like alot of others have said, I hope later on in her career she develops more of her own sound.

  • Keyshia Cole’s Career Memorial

    She has said before that Mariah is her idol, as well as the goddess of vocalsl, so I’m not as mad as I could be about this but she definitely needs to carve out her own identity soon and watch those harmonies becdause they were a little on the nose. I’m just waiting to love something of hers as much as her ‘Die in your arms’ cover or for her to take a picture from a different angle but overall she’s harmless so – eh.

  • Beiber’s feminine parts

    She can be this generation’s Mariah (which I’m sure her label is going for) if they get her better pop tunes. mariah wrote most of her early song lyrics btw. Hard to develop a unique persona if a singer does NOT write their own tunes thus developing their uniqueness in the public eye.

    • Beiber’s feminine parts

      And how old is this chick with a teen face and Lolita cosplay top on?

      • Brigitte


    • Miley Twerks Better Than Nicki

      But where is security to escort you out with this name though???!? #dead

  • Vynnessa !