Ty Hunter Talks Styling Beyoncé, His Favorite Looks & More With Billboard

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From the red carpet fabrics to the on-stage garments, Ty Hunter is the man behind Beyoncé’s most edge-snatching ensembles. The fashion guru (whom I clearly stan for) recently sat with Billboard to discuss how he went from working in a Houston boutique to becoming King Bey’s personal stylist.

On becoming Beyoncé’s stylist
It kind of happened by accident. I was actually living in Houston, Texas and I was doing window dressing and I met Ms. Tina when I was working at a store called Booyaka at the time in Houston. We just clicked instantly. I would contact her whenever we got pieces in that looked like Destiny’s Child at the time. I had a day off, I called her, and she was like, “What you doin’?” and I said, “I’m off today, I’m seeing if you need help.” She was like, ‘Meet me here.’ The rest is history. The next week I was at the Grammys and it just fell into place.

On pulling clothes for Destiny’s Child
When I first started with Ms. Tina, no one was letting us pull clothes as far as designers and stuff. She did a wonderful job creating the look and establishing the look for Destiny’s Child. They always came out real graceful and beautiful. Just in really elegant costumes that she created.

On his favorite Beyonce fashion moment
My favorite moment was her announcing that she was pregnant on the carpet. It was an emotional moment, but it was also a happy moment because I didn’t have to hide it no more.

His advice to people who want to capture Beyonce’s style
It’s not even capturing her style. It’s capturing the essence of Beyonce. It’s feeling comfortable in your skin and you have to sell the garment. If you’re on the red carpet and you feel like a diva, real hot and sexy, it just shows. That’s something that she does as far as the carpet.

Source: Necole Bitchie

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  • I dont even know his name

    Whenever i see this nigga i always want someone to just cut his hair OFF. like wtf is a braid bang? WHERE WE DO DAT AT?

    • Guest

      In Texas, apparently.

      • H-Town Down

        Um NO Not Even Close

      • RamenNoodles

        BITCH you will not disrespect Texas like that.

      • Draya’s PTA Attendance Record

        Woah hold up not too much on Texas now.

        • Shane Bell

          Your fucking name though.. man….

          *shoves keyboard into wall*

    • Yiles

      Don’t play like you forgot about Rick James.

  • M.J.

    I respect Ty for dressing the Queen in the finest of Narnian threads and fabrics.

  • H-Town Down


  • Kayy

    Love Ty Hunter, & y’all don’t come for his “braid bang” I personally think its a good & different look for him.

  • Chris

    That is a swoop

  • Kunt Fury

    Let Ty and these ombré edges be great. He is clearly letting y’all know he’s the only one who can be in the presence of cunt creole cleopatra with all edges intact. He aids the snatching and is never a victim.

    • Guest

      i should know. i lived to tell the tale. scalp ain’t been the same since.

  • Dallas raised, H-town made

    He clearly worked at Buhyahkai when it was BRAND new in the Galleria and everyone was excited to have another option besides Agaci and Forever 21. Used to love it. Now? It’s all stripper clothes. *no shade*……*unless you’re over 20 or not a stripper and shop there, then, shade*

    *Meanwhile this Texas girl goes back to replays of Bey performing Bow Down and throwing my H’s up… in Missouri. :( *

  • Kim.Couture
  • Daether

    First off, you folks hating on his swoop are crazy and just jealous because yo edges was vaporized in the Beyado several months ago. Instead of hating on him, get yo’ self some grease and bow down.
    Secondly, anyone feel a connection between the interviewer and him? I felt it towards the end.

    • Guest


    • Mrs. and Mrs. Sarcasm

      BEYADO SIS?! I’m clocking the fuck out.

  • Jay

    The fact that I clicked on this vid and i got an ad about beehives & this vid is 4:44 in length?…. What kind of coincidental slayage?