Timbaland & Keri Hilson Recorded Apology Song To Jay-Z & Beyoncé

After revealing that he and Jay-Z had a quiet falling out around 2009, super-producer Timbaland touches on the subject again in his latest interview with Revolt. He also breaks the news that he and Krowie Keri Hilson recorded an apology record to Hov and his wife.

Timbaland apologizes for the petty nonsense that tampered with his friendship with Jay, while Keri apologizes to Beyoncé for the infamous shade record that she apparently still insists was not about Beyoncé. Now this I’ve gotta hear. It’s a long time coming for Miss Hilson especially. Revive your career, girl.

Source: YHTN

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  • reli

    …. next

  • Tina Knowles

    LOOOOOOOOOL, girl sit all the way the fuck down. I’m not here for a Keri Hilson vocal anyhow. But I guess girl, bow down for your career back.

  • Coco

    I really do not think Beyonce gives a fuck about this girl… and that’s what makes it so funny. Keri and her imaginary beef. Girl, make an apology to the beehive. Beyonce don’t care.

    • Guest

      why is she gonna apologize to the Beehive? who are they? Fans are truly out of pocket these days. Gworl.

      • Lace Frontin Minaj

        the Beyhive are twitter stans who don’t go to school, live in section 8, have iphones they can’t even pay for and have nothing of substance going on in there personal lives so they live through Beyonce…when you write it out it shows how dumb stanning really not mad at Beyonce keep collecting these zombies coins gurl!

        • Dawn RiChard’s 1st Nose

          Bitch, you tried it. Ima let you finish but just remember if you’re that pressed to harbour resentment towards someone/something.. That means they’re above you.

          • Lace Frontin Minaj

            quick question…does the Behive get paid for there services?…im curious?..can i claim it on my taxes?..because if it does how do I become a member?…no joke i’m serious…these student loans are madness

        • Candace.

          Keri, is that you? Someone told me you were making music, girl. They lied.

          • Lace Frontin Minaj

            yup its me!!! I just left the studio with Timbo and Kanye…and writing these songs for these celebs are tiring…also did you see my engagement ring…my man is so fine i cant wait to start planning my wedding…God has been so good to me…oh well have a fantastic day Candace…keep trolling alive!! hope everything is going just as well for you in you personal life…

          • Suchalady

            Girl, say this! Keri has a thriving career as a songwriter and a gorgeous man who speaks multiple languages! Meanwhile, Beyonce steals credits and her man looks like a foot. Tuh…I’m not even much of a fan but I see why y’all stans are pressed.

      • KingCreole

        Apparently they’re enough to make her feel like she should release an apology track. Hmmm…I don’t even know why she would care so much. Not everyone is a Beyonce fan and there is certainly room at the top. I personally don’t think she makes good music. She’s a talented writer, but I don’t care for her as a singer.

    • Suchalady

      That’s what makes it even sadder. Keri didn’t invent this beef, Beyonce’s stans did and if she doesn’t care why the fack do yall?! Sad…

      • Farrah

        What? Beyonce stand did not invent this beef. Keri did with her constant shade towards Beyonce.

  • All Hail Queen B

    “Here this hoe come, begging for forgiveness”

  • TT

    This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard yall seriously act like Bey and Jay are the leaders of the free world apologize behind closed doors and keep it movin this brownnosin was unnecessary

    • Lace Frontin Minaj

      I don’t take the music industry serious at all anymore….man so this is what the industry has come to?….and for all of you guys shading Keri and sticking up for Bey yall don’t know what happened behind closed doors between them…and for those of you that don’t know Keri wrote most of the songs on Bey resentful album and she wrote most of the songs for Destiny Child last album…all this bag wagon hating is stupid af..if only you guys put this much energy into the bettering our community this Behive and Navy business is tired as hell…they all got money even Keisha Cole…lets lash out about stuff that is going on closer to home like the Travon and Marrissa Alexandra case…this is stuff you should be getting upset about not ppl who are living lavish lives and dont know who you are

      • Knotty Elle

        If you feel that strongly about it, why are you even on this article?

        • Lace Frontin Minaj

          the fact that that is all you had to say shows how much of a zombie you really are..i didn’t even shade beyonce and you got mad…i said lets support black issues hitting close to home and that is your reply?…black ppl with your mindset are sad…smh

          • Knotty Elle

            Yes, because you know me so well, stranger?? You really think people aren’t supporting the Trayvon case cause they’re commenting on Keri Hilson??? And how the hell am I a zombie? Please clarify that one. I’m not a huge fan of any of the people mentioned in this article. Also, I’m not mad at all. Don’t know why you would ASSume that. Nobody said you were shading her. But that was a lengthy comment about the music industry for someone who doesn’t take it seriously anymore. Feel free to sign the petition to bring charges against Zimmerman if you haven’t already.

          • Lace Frontin Minaj

            why are you so bothered by a comment i chose to make though? because deep dwn you know stanning is stupid af…holding hands and shading ppl who dont know you is hella dumb…all these ppl are rich and dont know you yet here you are going off on there behalf…

          • Knotty Elle

            LOL, why do you think I’m so bothered? I told you on my first reply I wasn’t mad…And I don’t pay attention to “stanning”, so I don’t feel anything about it deep down….But I do think people can’t even be a fan anymore without because accused of “stanning”. If someone wants to admire a celebrity, let them. It’s not that deep.

          • Lace Frontin Minaj

            you right I apologize for accusing you of stanning…good day to you

          • GΣT SΩMΣ
          • Christina H

            And I’m sure this last sentence was said in the nicest most polite voice EVER!!!! LOL, subtle shade is always served best sweet!!

        • Kim.Couture
          • Jazz

            This gif gave me life everlasting.

          • Blue Ivy’s Eyebrows

            What does this gif mean? Went right over my head.

          • Kim.Couture

            It means if you dont like it SHUT IT OFF!


          • Blue Ivy’s Eyebrows

            Yeah, got that much. Just think it should’ve went to the other chick

          • Makayla Buck


      • imjussayin

        What song(S) has Keri written for Beyonce, other than her verse on Usher’s “Love in this Club part 2″ ? Also, people ARE lashing out and protesting the unfair treatment toward African Americans in the court system. This just happens to be a music and entertainment blog, so that’s why we are discussing music and entertainment. I think CNN will be more appropriate for you dear.

        • Lace Frontin Minaj

          actually boo she wrote a couple a tracks for bey and DC…and what i was getting at is picking on ppl who don’t know you is foolish…going on her twitter page to harass someone on the behalf of someone who doesn’t even know you is foolish…in conclusion the beehive behaves foolish…we complain about internet bullying yet this is exactly what you guys do

          • imjussayin

            Who said i’m a part of the Beyhive boo? I was just asking a question about what other songs has she written for Beyonce, which you still haven’t given me an answer to. You have to hand out receipts and order for people to buy what your are saying. Also, Keri is a grown ass women and she is no angel, do you remember her tweeting something about being weak to alcohol right after Amy Winehouse died? She has recieved backlash from many individuals not only the Hive. Internet bullying? Really? Block them niggas and keep it moving.

          • AllyCat


          • bmfsbride

            Besides the co-writing of DIva with Ne-Yo what songs?
            I Googled, Wiki’d and Riaa’d and saw nothing.

        • Kim.Couture

          I mean can we get the real shade in did the “songs” even make the album?? Is that why she really mad??

          • imjussayin


      • Fantasia’s Spelling Bee Trophy

        Beloved, I’m more concerned for you and your spelling and your grammatical inconsistencies. Like do those red squiggles that I KNOW you saw mean nothing to you? You say we should focus more on bettering our community? I’ll do my part and keep hope alive by directing you to eBay, and telling you to purchase that School House Rock. ‘Conjunction-junction, What’s Your Function?’ has yet to fail me. Now quit dick riding and let it change your life.

      • Kim.Couture
      • bmfsbride

        You spell his name Trayvon. . Everyone is upset about that and Marrissa and lets throw Jordan Davis in there since you didn’t.
        Comments like this all over the web is the reason why there is so much discord. Comments with no facts and just hearsay and rumors.

        When you told “us” what to be upset about you ddn’t mention what you are doing in your community about said Human Rights issues. I can tell you what we’ve done in my community as mothers since Saturday’s verdict.
        At the end of the day you are on the internet JUDGING others for their actions when you are clearly guilty of the same thing. Throwing social relevant issues in the comment doesn’t make it better because you were still Blogging instead of making or advocating for change in “Our” community.

  • imjussayin

    This just sad.. How can Keri apologize to Beyonce when she has never acknowledged her publicly? Lol

  • Brittany

    girl….(kid fury voice)

  • ryan

    kid fury can you review ron isley new song “lay you down” ft Trey Songz… keri hilson give it up

  • Frostbyteme

    And this is why I would never be a part of the music industry as a front woman. U gotta do embarassing ass shyt like this to keep eating or to stay relevant.

    • Lace Frontin Minaj

      Chile….i remember seeing a video of lil wayne making Nicki Minaj call herself Nicki Lewinsky….that industry is hella sad

  • ForeverShady
  • Keri Hilsons Tour for 2013

    Knock Knock

    Whos there?

    Keri Hilson

    Keri Hilson who?


  • M.J.
  • John Doe
  • Nev’s Body Hair

    Why should she have to apologize?? If she doesn’t like her let it be. Jay Z and Beyonce are not rulers of the universe. People should really stop kissing their asses, they look pathetic! Is Beyonce going to apologize to all the artist she stole material from??

    • NoReachingAllowed

      Girl…don’t even try to shade Beyonce. bye


      Kid fury coming for you girl! YOU BETTER RUN!!! JUST RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!

      • Nev’s Body Hair

        Let him lol all this Beyonce ass kissing is crazy.


          Kid fury is gonna read you lol

    • Kirk’s Motorcyle

      Girl bye..don’t try to shade Beyonce, because Keri weak ass want to bow down.

      • Candace.

        Dead @ your username, kirks motorcycle. lmao

        • Kirk’s Motorcycle

          I know girl..that crazy hoe ran me over lol

    • bmfsbride

      You are on the wrong site with that mess. Take that comment to rhymes with snitch!

    • Cece Duvall

      No, Beyoncé doesn’t rule the universe, but she does rule the world.

  • M.J.

    I predict the emotions are about to pour over in this post.

  • Melissa

    I’m still not here for it.

  • RamenNoodles

    Wow Keri. Really? Bitch, really? Bey ain’t got no fucks for you. The Beyhive maybe, but Bey don’t give a fuck. Stop embarrassing yourself (if its true). You need to be giving me another album. Flop or not I WANT ONE!

    • That girl MEL!

      Sidenote – I’m SO HAPPY nicki minaj got a new make-up artist and stylist! GOOD LORD, we ACTUALLY sat through this NONSENSE?

      • Jazz

        We? I sure as hell didn’t

    • Coonye West

      Jesus Shaquille Christ!!! Why am I seeing freckles?

  • MoButta

    If Keri is still claiming that she never made any rude references to Beyonce, what exactly is she apologizing for?

    Not only did she take shots in her fail of a remix, she repeatedly shaded Beyonce in public, from refusing to hold the magazine (like other celebrities did) and that half ass happy birthday. She still doesn’t want to acknowledge what she did, so she should just remain quiet. This song will make her look even stupid than she already does.

    • Candace.

      Yes! Words out of my mouth!

  • That girl MEL!

    I guess I’ll be unpopular and say that ‘I’m for this’. Everyone deserves a second chance. Keri Hilson is a talented songwriter. If she realized that her ability to eat is being hankered by a perceived bad attitude and bad relationship with music’s golden couple, then do your thing.

    Humility is one thing that is missing from the music industry. People get so caught up with worshiping these celebs that they forget that it’s a real life hustle. Let these grown people do what needs to be done to make that paper.

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Beyonce stopped caring about that weak shade before Keri finished singing it, and the Hive won’t stop. She coulda kept that scrap o’ dignity, married her baller, and moved it on along…

  • Jk

    No Ma’am I’m not here for Dirty Laundry part 2…

  • KingCreole

    I REALLY do not think Beyonce gives even half a fuck about this. Do y’all know how much hate Beyonce has been receiving for the past 16+ years?! People are making it seem like Beyonce is forcing Keri to do this or something…nah she realized that her comments were unnecessary.

  • That’s Ms. Bitch To You

    I’m all for a SINCERE apology and I do believe in forgiveness, but what I can’t stand is when someone just tries to insult my intelligence: “Keri apologizes to Beyoncé for the infamous shade record that she apparently still insists was not about Beyoncé.” Like, who the fuck was it about then? If you’re not ready to completely own up to what you should be apologizing for, you may as well not bother with an apology.

  • Keri Hilson’s short cut

    keri hilson, your last record is older then blue ivy…make some music.

  • That’s Ms. Bitch To You

    Meanwhile, Beyonce is like, “Did someone say “Carry my bag to the Hilton”? Who… Who… Who said I was staying at the Hilton? I didn’t say I … OHHHH You said Keri Hilson? Who is that?”.

  • Guest

    This is simply ridiculous. Why can’t ADULTS just pick up the phone, squash beef, and move on. Now they gotta put it on wax. GTFOH.

  • Just sayin

    I hope they don’t release this song cause its gonna make Keri look even more stupid like why sorry to someone that u said u never talked about in the first place Also beyonce never 2 shits about Keri so what makes her think this gonna help is beyond me

  • CoquettishKitten

    You know what? I’m here for TImbaland. And Jay Z. They both got over the petty shit and decided that their friendship was worth more than any arguments in the past. So I’m glad he apologized. But I don’t really care about Keri Hilson. *shrugs* She did not exercise proper judgement when creating that song. She insisted and still insists that it was not about Beyonce yet it still hurt her career. A lot. I don’t stan for Bey but even I am fully aware that she is a well respected woman in the music industry and when you come for someone that high up your intentions do not matter. People will see you as bitter and classless. So unfortunately for Keri it doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere.

  • ComeOnNow

    I think some of y’all need to get the bigger picture here. Whatever happens the music industry or whatever the case may be, y’all need to realize life is to damn short to be worrying about what others say about “beyonce”. People say things on a daily basis. I mean at a least keri is tying to reconcile with her instead of being bitter.

  • britchick91
  • Sinshade O’connor.

    I actually like Keri, but that last album… Girl, smh. I still think Beyonce has less than nary a damn to give, but cute for you I guess.

  • Sigh…

    Why is it the industry’s fault? Shouldn’t you Sad Sallys be angry at the fans, not the industry? The artists don’t antagonize anybody and Hov and Bey didnt make them do this. The pressure ain’t comin from them, it’s comin from the fans who drive social media, radio, and sales. Timbaland is doing this out of respect for his friend and Keri is doing this for the fans who continue to slaughter her in those three areas, to get in their good graces. Not Beyonce or Hov’s fault and the industry has nothing to do with it.

    Go have a little stan war if you’re so pressed…

  • Sigh…

    Ask Beyonce if she knows anything about a diss and she probably won’t be able to tell you the treat. I promise you, she don’t know what this is about…

  • Kayy

    As for Jay & Timbo, I agree that its good that they should let by gone be by gones, but I don’t think that it really has to be done in a song… Like can’t they just talk it out and shake like grown men. & Keri girl…. Just take your losses, cause I feel like doing the song will only make her career worse… and a joke.

    • bmfsbride

      Jay and Tim have. Tim is all over MCHG and was working with Bey before Jay album was a concept. If there is a song. Tim got on it to take some of the pressure off of Keri.

  • Jaders

    These are some of the most shady comments I’ve ever read. Oh, the life I have received today! Lmao!

  • MarkAssBustahs

    Bittttcch if this is true i’m writing tim & keri off RIIGHHHTTTTCCCCHHHHH NAAAOOW. i wouldn’t give a motherfuck about no jayz or bey or beyhive. if these niggas really made a apology song i will first have a good kiki then i will slap both their asses & then congratulate jay & bey on being bad ass motherfuckers.

  • Orange soda

    Oh, girl. The Beyhive really fucked with her, huh? That remix was clearly shade, although I don’t think it justifies the perpetual dragging she endured, nor feel that she should feel pressured into apologising (not that Bey has had a measurable unit of a fuck to give). I do pity ‘ol Ms Keri baby, though, because this only makes her look like such a joke. She’d have been better off staying tight-lipped. Ah well…

  • Anya

    She’s full of shit!!!

  • Ru St. Vincent
  • Ru St. Vincent

    Excuse me what?

  • Ru St. Vincent

    i blame Kim Kardashian for this.

  • Ru St. Vincent

    Look here. Keri and Tim trying to win in this bitch
    so if they need to shake off some creole majik then do what you gotta do playa.

  • outspokentoken

    Man, this shit ain’t that deep. I mean, Beyonce is great, but until she gets up on a cross and dip it, pop it, twerk it, stop it for my sins, I am incapable of giving that much of a fuck. I love Beyonce just as much as any normal person, but to think that a woman has to apologize on record in order to escape daily skull draggings is a bit much. I have to admit, though, this has destroyed what little respect I had for Keri. If you are going to be a bitch and tell another grown woman to sit down and have some babies, the least you can do is stand up in it instead of pussy footing and apologizing for 4 years. You don’t like Beyonce, we get it. Maybe next time you’ll make sure to keep it all the way cute when coming for someone clearly above your pay grade.

  • Kim.Couture
  • Kim.Couture
  • Kim.Couture
  • KING

    Why does this bitch continue to tell us this blatant lie. BITCH IF IT WASN’T ABOUT BEYONCE, THEN WHO THE FUCK WAS IT ABOUT?!

    The shade was so clear on several occasions and it makes me sick that this hoe doesn’t even have the balls to admit it.

    We’d have more respect for you then.
    Keri should just fade into the shadows and write music again because nobody really wants to hear you.

  • ashaballot

    See this I dont understand. Keri was doing well for herself. But then she wanted people to know she wrote for Beyonce. Then she made a song about Beyonce. Afterwards she lied and said she loved Beyonce and she wasn’t talking about her. There’s a radio interview in Atlanta that she thought no one heard, about Beyonce. Several years later she’s still talking about Beyonce. God has dealt with her she says. But she had her reasons. I dont know if this came before or after a crazy fan hit her upside the head. Girl! Now she wants to apologize. The entire time Beyonce Knowles as never uttered Keri’s name. Whatever was wrong she should have not brought it to the local radio station thinking Atlanta was going to back her up. Ive seen Bey 3 times In Atlanta. Girl I can’t even tell you if I drove by a Keri Hilson showcase. All she had to do was say my bad I was being catty 8 years ago. Lets move along.

  • ashaballot

    I would be so embarrassed to keep talking about someone that has not even acknowledged my presence lol

  • Scoot

    I love and hate you all, lmao!

  • TheVoiceofReason

    I love Bey and Jay and all their music but a lot of people keep putting them on this god like pedestal and if you know the bible then you know what happens when you put “man” before him. Lets not forget that they are people like everyone else and that sometimes we as fans be doing the most to defend them. Its good to love them and their music but dont idolize it like Beyonce birthed you. Everybody so quick to stand for entertainers yet when asked if they stand for Jesus they get all quiet…yes i went there and you will deal