New Music: Robin Thicke – Ain’t No Hat 4 That

Kid Fury July 17, 2013 New Music 10 Comments

Whenever I listen to Robin Thicke’s music, I always imagine him gliding around a Starbucks in a James Brown motion…sometimes it’s a Chipotle. His sixth studio album, Blurred Lines, is due on July 30th while the title track is still tearing up the charts.

Today Thicke released another smooth jazzy tune from the new album — “Ain’t No Hat 4 That.” Not exactly sure what he’s trying to say and I don’t care, but it will probably make you jig a bit on this here hump day.

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  • Robin Thicke at the BET Awards

    Reminds me of “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat”

  • Jean

    It’s a shame that Robin’s first real mainstream hit is accompanied by his wackest album to date. These white folks who just suddenly realized he exists are going to write him off as a one hit wonder just as quickly.

    • boons

      Yup. I deem blurred lines the worst single he’s released, but am quickly shutdown by friends. He’ll be a one hit wonder to white folk because they don’t listen to r&b. I find it frustrating that people are paying attention to him now when his best music is behind him.

      • brittany

        i hate blurred lines

    • Nev’s Body Hair

      I agree his evolution of robin thicke album was heaven to my cocoa ears!! I haven’t even heard blurred lines fully.

  • Kayy

    Yaaaas. I don’t know what it’s about but hell I likes.

  • Kim.Couture
    • Just Sayin

      ahhhh is that uncle Jesse? cuz if it is chilee yasssssssss

  • Guest

    I tried really hard to figure out what “Ain’t no Hat 4 That” means, but I gave up and decided to just dance. This’ll get plenty of play at weddings, barbecues and family reunions.


    I stopped having visions for Robin Thicke once I heard him and Lil Wayne do a song about cocaine which he admittedly uses, and is probably shoving up Paula Patton’s pretty nostrils. I just…yeah. Plus it just seems like him and JT cater to one particular audience and that pony has done it’s one trick so….move on maybe?