New Music: Azealia Banks – Venus

Kid Fury July 17, 2013 New Music 32 Comments

Azealia Banks returns to the rave wave on her Paul Oakenfold-produced dance track, “Venus.” After the Harlem rapper/singer released the “Ibiza” remix of the record, Oakenfold posted the original mix to his Soundcloud page yesterday evening.

On the flirty new song, AB entices a gentleman with soft melodies and whispers in French. I’ve never been a big fan of the glowstick and glitter tunes, but you can try it out below and toss much hair!

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  • Alex

    This remind me very much of Luxury

    • Kortney20

      Which is exactly why I’m here for it! Luxury is my favorite AB song.

  • whackexcellence

    No thanks.

  • romborama

    I can see myself running to this…that’s about it.

    • Lexi

      lol thats what i said. I was like add this to the running mix!!! lol

    • earthshaker1217

      At least, she’s helping us get healthy. So…that’s something.

  • jajay22

    you know us europeans we love that house yeah that’s me right now:

    • ddttrs87

      errm speak for yourself…this european is has been over the whole generic dance house shit for a while now. NEXT!

  • Dawn RiChard’s 1st Nose

    Azealia, DO NOT make me like you! I don’t want to. UGH, I’m been in Europe too long, cuz this is goldddd.


    This is the type of shit I like from her. I guess I need to move my jolly ass over to Europe soon.

  • Azealia’s Real Hair

    I actually like it, alot. poppish but i like it.

  • Christina H

    i LIKE IT!!!

  • Where’s the Album?

    Far better than the remix she posted earlier, but not her completely recycling Luxury’s lyrics.

  • Daether

    I’m a Azealia Banks stan so you know I love it! But girl…that outfit tho -_-

  • Jazz

    She needs to stay in the dance/house music realm, cuz that’s where she’s winning. OAN, what’s up with these ghettofab super hero outfits? Explain it.

    • KidFury

      I like the outfits for some reason. I think the designer makes them all custom just for her.

  • John Doe
    • Kirk Frost’s burned motorcycle

      this gif is hilarious

  • Sailor Venus
  • RamenNoodles

    I just love when she sings. If she decided to just sing I would still be here for this bitch.

  • 20DaysofJune
  • Kayy

    Cute song but totally not here for these dance songs.

  • Rasheeda’s Bags

    And I’m still not here for TRASHzelia Stanks. Go home Roger!

    • Who you think you is?

      Listen bitch, dont TRY and shade AZ. Are you mad she slayed every dragon she came across? AZ a wonderful rapper, has weaves even beyonce can’t snatch, AND she reppin the brownskin/darkskin like India Arie. DONT YOU EVER, EVERR, try that again.

      • bb morgendoffer

        “has weaves even beyonce can’t snatch”
        Ummm, because they don’t exist? How are you this in your feelings about someone that doesn’t even have an album out? Ma’am….

        • Rasheeda’s Bags

          Eg-Fucking-Zactly. Thank you.

          As for “Who needs to take a Xanex?” Bitch drink a gallon of acid and sit down. And I’m done.

  • Kim.Couture
    • RihannasVocalCoach

      The Fresh Prince gif…. ::cancels Kwanzaa::

  • Supercunt

    MY edges after this song…..

    • Beiber’s feminine parts

      WHAT IN THE HOLY FUCK happened to her edges tho??? I for real need a full hair history on Naomi so I can completely avoid those types of hair products and stylists she used. Please and thanks.

      • Makayla Buck

        that comment alone I about died