Candid Yams: Justin Timberlake Promotes Clothing Line In Toronto

Kid Fury July 17, 2013 Candid Yams 10 Comments

Justin Timberlake may be preparing to drop another album in a few months, but he hasn’t forgotten to push his clothing line, William Rast. The singer and his friend/co-founder, Trace Ayala, made an appearance at The Bay in Toronto yesterday for a promotional Q&A with fans and shoppers. JT also has a new DiCaprio-produced film titled Runner, Runner coming to theaters this fall.

Photos: PacificCoastNews

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  • catfishing


    • Lace Frontin Minaj

      something about him…i don’t like this man at all…he just comes off so fake and ugh…

  • Sinshade O’connor.

    It also looks like DiCaprio produced his hair circa 1997-titanic and I want it to stop, NOW! Other than that I love Justin.

  • Entertainme

    His hair….it’s so sleazy. Any man that gets a relaxer like Malcolm X when he went by the nickname “Detroit Red” is just….

  • John Doe

    facial hair gotta go.

  • BKkid

    Yeah this Vanilla Ice/Something About Mary cum slick has got to go. Don’t fight the sexy JT.

  • Nyota

    his face is getting rounder and his nose is getting pointier

  • Guest

    music, fashion, and movies, well played Mr. Timberlake. Continue to gather those coins. I downloaded Take Back the Night and I swear it sounds like Michael Jackson mixed with Marvin Gaye. Guess, I’ll just have to wait for the album release to see what song they sampled. Cute.

  • Kayy

    I mean… There’s just something missing in the looks department. I don’t know if he needs a tan, or more or less facial hair, or gain weight…. Look I just don’t know, there’s just something missing compared to how decent he looked before.

  • Kim.Couture