Beyoncé Performs ‘Bow Down’ Live In Houston, TX

Kid Fury July 16, 2013 Live!, Memoirs of a Creole 92 Comments

The Royal Queen Third Ward Trill touched down in her hometown of Houston, Texas last night to serve another taste of The Mrs. Carter Show. While back in her origin, King Bey finally performed her H-Town record, “Bow Down.”

The performance was brief with a slightly shady intro for all the hating peasants. I hope Beyoncé brings this to her set in New York City, because I’ve always wanted to get a celebratory grill. Check out the performance below along with a promo clip which is also the new background for

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  • Indigo


  • Shiz the Snorlax
    • Julian’s Piano Keys


  • Kunt Fury yaaaaasssss I knew mama was gonna perform it fresh off of that boudin once she hit Houston

    • RamenNoodles

      This gif got me in tears lol

    • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

      Listen, all the tomb raider games gave me life.

      This bitch was everything!

    • GΣT SΩMΣ
    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Lawd not a Lara Croft gif ………EVERYTHING!!!!

    • BenjiBadAss


    • Shane Bell

      Lol this gif is everything! I would pull that move when I was done playing.

      Why not just save and turn the game off? We will never know..

  • lala

    who the kids?

    • Jen

      The dancers

  • M.J.

    Beyonce is Bernadine fed up and is setting fire to your entire and future wig collection! The King will twerk and do the scissor leg in your lake of bitter tears!

    And as for me… I’m getting life.

  • Ashanti’s Career

    Where is my wig?

    • AFierce

      We don’t know, sis. But you’re not getting it back so…just go buy a new one until she decides to snatch that too. Matter fact..just go natural cause she’s just gonna continue to snatch them and abyss them. You’ll go broke. I had to learn the hard way.

    • ASmartCookie


    • Daether

      Dead, shellacked, and buried.

  • John Doe
    • Jacqxz


  • Shiz the Snorlax
    • AFierce


    • CadyHeron

      She gave no fucks about anyone’s wig!!!!!!!!!!

    • GΣT SΩMΣ

      The look on her face before she Beyonce’d that woman was priceless and legendary. Her and her bangs were out of fucks, and time. Instant giggles. Yes.

    • sugargumdrops

      Honeyyyy! When I tell you I got MY LIFE from this gif…

    • Stebie J’s Lip

      It’s not like she held it after the snatch… she dropped that shit w/ an extra 0.5 second of her arm in the air! Haha

  • TwitterBabe


  • X

    She betta werk

  • Kirk’s Motorcycle

    YAAASSSSS MOTHA!! I have been scalped

  • Jordan

    I wonder if she’s going to continue with this & do it in DC. I’m not going to get my hopes up, I bet it was just special for her hometown.

  • RamenNoodles

    SO SHE WANTS TO ADD THIS TO THE SETLIST AFTER MY DATE!? I HATE HER!! Wait…not her scalping the girls with this intro tho.

  • Innocent Bystander
  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance
  • KingZeus

    My follicles are gone, all my hair is gone. I wasn’t even ready for their departure

  • Kayy

    Theres something about these Knowles, cause I saw Solange in concert just two days ago & she slaayyyyyeddddddddd.

  • Destiny

    Please make a video Kid Fury!!!!

  • Guest

    Seriously who needs a scalp anyways? It’s 90 degrees where I’m from. *Fans self* Take ‘em Bey, just take my edges why don’t you?

  • Orange soda

    As soon as that beat dropped, and she started moving…

  • Melissa

    Ppl just need to know that B is here for it & if you’re not just two step your way out of life.

  • Beystan143

    I have no words! She is everything and that is all!!!!! That intro was SICKENING! And she shades people and fights back rumors and the classiest way!!!! Love you King Bey!!!

  • Jordan
    • Amaya

      This is the greatest gif ever

  • Nev’s body hair

    When it said y’all know she didn’t have that baby I said bitchhhhhhh please ask why they mad. I’m not even a Stan and got my whole 21 years of life

  • britchick91

    I’ve said before that I’m not a Beyonce stan. However, I fucking LOVE

  • ReceiptChecker

    Stripper walk for dese heaux’s BEY! YAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • Maharaja Misty
    • Jacqxz

      I can ALWAYS count on u to leave me gasping for breath!

  • CadyHeron


  • JaQuanna

    This was the best show I have ever seen in my life!!! King Bey came home and snatched all of our Houstonian lacefronts and false lashes!! I’m still on a high from last night.. woke up thinking it was a dream!!

  • CadyHeron

    You know the fuck what I have to comment again after my 10th time watching this….

    NOT ONLY did Mamma shade with that intro….
    She stripper walked on careers….
    She annihilated edges….
    And gave us a SICKENING montage of her child photos

    Ciara, Ashanti, Keri Hilson, Keyshia Cole Slaw better line the fuck up. And gladly hand over your wigs.

    • Just Sayin

      some of the photos were her backup dancers but yassssss

  • Dirty_Dric

    Would’ve been all too funny if she put up Keri Hilson’s, Ci-error’s, and Keyshia Cole Sore’s childhood pictures up there because they really do need to get to bowing.

  • Sant31
  • Cocacola72284

    Ohhhhhhh my gawd at this string of comments and gifs on this post!!! All of you are killing me softly. I’m crine!! CRINE! Fury, you have an entertaining following lawd have mercy! Anywho, the Houston show was dope and she was clearly happy to be home with us in the H :-) Toyota Center LOST IT when Bow Down dropped. She shouted out boudain as she closed her show…how can anyone NOT love this girl?!

  • Christina H

    I thought she showed her ass in Vegas, Houston got EVERYTHANG!!!! Damn I’m jealous, lol….

  • ZJ

    I wasn’t expecting to get my life today, but thank you.

  • EbonyE91

    LMAO these comments are EVERYTHING. KidFury you have the best fans. I was in the Beyhive Pit getting MY LIFE when she performed this. She represented H Town so well last night <3

  • Guest

    do you hear the guy in the background screaming from getting his edges snatched. Lawdddd she did that!

  • Ru St. Vincent

    this was the news today at work for the ones that DID stumble in late after attending the concert.
    yeaaa…im good.

  • kesi

    I get my life so much that it is becoming a health hazard. I handed her the wig before she could snatch it; done had too many close calls.

  • pusherlovegirl

    yo these gifs…i can not! *in tears*

  • xhil

    whose baby pictures are those?

    • Just Sayin

      the dancers- i def saw ashley

  • Guest44


  • KEY

    These gifs are giving me life. Plz if you haven’t take the time to roll down the comments and have a laugh!!!

  • 2damnfunny

    She is entitled to. Her name is always in someones mouth. She worked hard!!!

  • Shane Bell

    For some reason I kept feeling a pulling sensation on my scalp while watching this……….. *shrugs*

    • BenjiBadAss

      Snatching edges and lace fronts!

  • Jaders

    her skin is fucking flawless!!!!!!! yasss bey!!!!!

  • Pop It For Some Boston Market

    After seeing this…..NOW you know I’m trying to practice this choreo.

  • WhoDat

    That nucca let out a delayed scream from the sting of his edges LMAO

  • Brimm

    So, I really like her dancers…I spent the majority of the video watching them.

  • Supercunt


  • Jeremy Frazier