The Read: Stay Off The Bus (feat. Stevie J)

Kid Fury July 11, 2013 The Read 209 Comments

This week, we all hail Jay’s Holy Grail. Mariah Carey busted her legendary ass and your letters from home are crazier than ever! Plus, our guest Assante introduces a new segment and Stevie J stops by the show in his fuckboy bus. Don’t forget to visit our sponsors Hulu Plus now and send your questions/reads to asktheread[at]gmail.

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  • Courtnee


  • Orange soda
  • nat

    this nigga….

  • Crissy


  • nat

    ps….i kinda love ya’ll.

    • HereForTheShade


  • Sylvs

    But wait. Is that really him? Ew why does he sound like an old nasty pimp? Just everything about him is nasty… soooo nasty.

  • That’s Ms. Bitch To You
  • Clamecia

    …you know what. Imma pray and throw some salt and holy water around my computer before listening to this. Jesus be an oxygen mask and a fuckshit epipen.

  • dancefool1

    STEVIE J?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • SheezAJazzybish

    im mad I dont have my earphones on… FDS im going to CVS real quick and purchase some! I have got to hear this!!!

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    I grew up on old Cash Money and No Limit…and sometimes it shows (._.) Blue, you are so blessed.

  • samantha f.

    Why is Stevie J. such a woman hating, homophobic, smirky ass fuckboy? Kudos for not getting in a fist fight in the middle of the interview, Crissle, because it would have been justified.

    • ChilliLipstick

      I KNOW, Crissle wasn’t here for him at all. Urgh

      • S Taylor

        And for good reason. Anyone with a penny’s worth of sense would have been done with him after he first spoke.

    • JazmineThomas

      His mom left his family when he was a child so he shows his hatred for her through the women in his life. It’s just fucking disgusting, that’s why when I see that his name was there, I KNEW they were going to get heated. His daughters are GOING to hate him, he’s fucking stupid since he thinks they’re not.

      • Just Sayin

        i honestly hope they will grow up with more sense then their mamas cuz listening to him talk made me sick. no amount of money could fix the impending therapy sessions waiting to come

  • Yesha_the_Ruler

    That Stevie J segment was painful to listen to. Extremely painful.

  • Liquarius

    Mariah sang live at the Whitney and Michael Tributes.

    • Jasmine

      We know. We could tell…..

  • A fan

    Is something wrong with It on podcasts?
    It’s not downloading on my iPad…

    • Steph Boogs

      Having the same problem. It popped up that there was a new podcast but then it disappeared :-(

      • DareLynn

        Mine isnt downloading either! Whats going on!?

      • Dancing Machine

        ITunes is on some tom foolery shit because it did the exact same thing for me too. I thought it was my computer for a minutes smh. They have got to do better -___-

        • DareLynn

          I tried soundcloud and it wasnt there either. Where are u guys listening to it at?

  • emjay

    ummmmm the new intro??? I LIVE

    • nat

      makes me wanna do the stripper walk….

  • Shiz the Snorlax


  • nat

    his mama is hoodrat concentrate.

  • That’s Ms. Bitch To You

    “I heard your boo was talking lip
    I told my crew to smack that trick
    Smack that trick, smack that trick
    Guess what they did? Smack that trick!”


    So…I fell in love with this episode the minute I heard Kid Fury Uppercut Crissle with his “Framel” introduction.

    MCHG is just….like it snatched my soul, my apartment, my car, and my future hopes & dreams. Fucking shit! Take it all!

    Jay-Z was absolutely right in saying that Miley is fighting out of her Hannah Montana shell, but I’d greatly appreciate it if she could just bundle it up nicely, pack it up and 2 step to the side and fall off the same cliff as Amanda Bynded by the devil, and Justin Queefer.

    Trick Daddy hood classics?! Yes! “Dro in the Wind” is probably my favorite, and yes, Blue Ivy is going to musically snatch Keyshia’s, Keri’s, Nick Cannon’s, and Alicia Keys’ great grandchildren up by their roots, crush and replant them.

    I can’t lie, “Toxic” definitely goes the fuck in, the remix that was done by Mark Ronson ft. ODB’s vocals (don’t discard it) is also good as fuck too.

    Wiz Latifah huh? Shining Amber Rose’s head huh? Quickweave wedding? You two aint shit and it melts me down with laughter.

    Mariah was doing her wrist twerk and she saw Miguel running towards her gearing up for another hulkamania leg drop, and she slipped and fell trying to escape.

    Nick Cannon, you are one divorce away from poverty, shut up and keep bringing down Mariah’s value and being her administrative assistband. The Beyhive is a vicious fucking pack of people and I will NEVER.

    As I said before, Justin Queefer and Amanda Bynded by Satan need to all just fly off of a cliff, “This Is Sparta” style. (I made that reference before I heard Fury mention the “fuck boy sparta” joke lol)

    Kirk, you have a golf ball sized adam’s apple that I’m sure has been splashed with kid sauce multiple times so let’s not pretend that you’re some tough street thug who doesn’t know what it’s like to be tickled from the inside. Sit. Down. Be yourself girl. Before Rasheeda burns that vest while it’s still on you.

    How did you guys really sit in the same room with Steebie and not vomit all over him and the studio. He is goofy as shit though, there’s no way he can take himself seriously. Nigga there is nothing traditional about your situation, you are not a stand up guy, you are a lay down and get run over by a speeding taxi…guy lol. But interesting segment none the less, with his delusional ass.

    I signed up for HuluPlus and once I saw they had all 5 seasons of Daria?! Whoo! Jesus picked me up and I flew!! The best Cosby Episode was the one where Sandra was sick and Clair along w/Elvin’s mom came by and swooped the kids, and then Sandra in her medicated rage came in and snapped, and Cliff hid behind the chair when she hit the door! YES!! lmao!

    The girl with the Update…..I’ll say a prayer, and take solace in knowing that you are no longer dealing with a certified Piece of shit.

    Limited edition hood rat? Yes! Tell your Aunt, and let her issue a 4 Course fade to your bop of a mother. How selfish of her to put you and your father in this type of fuckery. Stay strong kids.

    Bussy?! Fleet!? -runs out past Kid Fury- Take Me To The King!

    The Martin “Pass The Peas” re-enactment. YES MILLIE JACKSON!!

    So Kid Fury’s read snatched my damn eyebrows and he wasn’t even talking to me. That bitch should really dive face first onto a Mortal Kombat spike, because if she’s really willing to go that far for someone she “admires” or “likes” and wanted a shout out from, her every day thought process is probably useless/worthless. She sounds like an oxygen thief who needs to just….go.


    • Ryland R.

      When you said hulkamania leg drop I almost threw my god damn computer. I would say you need to step out but I need to just wait to hear another word from you. I swear the ONLY thing I look forward to more than your comments are the actual show.

      • GΣT SΩMΣ

        LOL! I’m just an overly opinionated person with a boring job that gives me the time to spill these wacky thoughts out. I’m surprised people read all of this shit lmao! Thank you.

  • Shiz the Snorlax
    • Fizzy

      This GIF. I can’t…

      • Ericka

        I’m looking to the right like…she should have been the one filming cuz she is sitting it down like it’s warm, then grabbing herself like she ripped her pants. And is the chick stading in the middle like…counting out the beat for them? You know what? Let me scroll down because I just keep seeing stuff.

    • CurlyBoo

      this is killing me. lmao

    • Jaders

      dude on the right in the plaid shorts in this gif is too much lmao!!!! yasss!

    • TheFugitive

      This = Life

    • missmarchmommy

      jeeeesus lol

    • auntie crissle


    • Jamaican Hello Kitty

      Good God LOL!

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      You ain’t have to do Shirley like this lmao.

      • GΣT SΩMΣ

        Nah, Frappe’ Framel didn’t have to bite her whole persona. That still gets to me, he Catfished homeboy so coldly and all he got was to be on TV and be made fun of by the rest of the world..BUT STIL

        • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

          Listen…..and he had the entire NERVE to get mad that Anthony was mad at him chile. Anthony said this may be your house but I will still slap you in it.

          • GΣT SΩMΣ

            I would have picked up his friends and beat him with them both. At the same, damn, motherfucking, shittin’-ass time..

  • Nick

    Beyonce is a big girl. She could care less about Nick Cannon said or what anyone else says about her. Let’s be real!

  • HereForTheShade

    “just at the lake with these two other random niggas with a coalition of flops” … COALITION. OF. FLOPS. ……geezus…

  • J. Bouey

    I can not…. listen to this man’s voice like for much longer. I just feel like when Stevie J speaks my ears are being molested by a crusty dick.. UGH!

  • derty

    I would comment but the word BUSSY has me on the floor near death
    i’m not long for this world…

  • Huck@PopeandAssociates

    Thank God! someone said something, @KidFury I don’t see it for Kevin Hart either.

  • emjay

    Crissle, ma’am I apologize that Stevie J propositioned you to work on his corner. That must have been traumatizing. I’m sure you gave your back a thorough scrubbing after he put them paws on you… wait, that’s the wrong fuck nigga. It’s sad that I DON’T EVEN WATCH THAT SHIT and I still know about them. Trash has infiltrated my life.

  • Nick

    I love you guys but you HAVE to be more responsible about the advice that you are giving. Some of these situations are serious, especially the one with the young gay man with an abusive parent.

    • BellaKnows

      I have to agree, simply because I really love the show and I know both Kid Fury and Crissle wouldn’t knowingly give harmful advice. Telling the young man to tell his aunt, isn’t the best move. This could blow up (and most likely will); someone is going to get hurt. I wouldn’t want the show to have any liability, nor would I want the kids to get caught in the middle. I know your hearts are in the right place.

  • Orange soda

    Stevie J is the fucking WORST! What the hell was that?? He really is just TRASH personified, I am so thankful he left when he did because I didn’t think I could take the incoherent, nonsensical and hugely offensive gibberish any longer

  • jdorsainville

    I usually listen on Friday, but I HAD to do it today pretty much to hear whatever in the fuck Steeb and Crissle had to say. He is pretty much a “fuck boy”, so … HA!

  • Ru St. Vincent

    Dear Fury,

    They say you aren’t famous until someone EXTORTS you.

  • Hey Girl

    YAAAASSSSSSS for this fucking intro

  • Pop It For Some Boston Market

    Oh as much as I despise Master Splinter & his drag…this gif had to be used sooner than later….*Lauren Hill sighs*

  • Shiz the Snorlax

    Crissle. KidFury. You did better then me. Stevie J can go jump off the Empire State Building ass first.

  • Shiz the Snorlax


  • CanCan

    Lol @ y’all dismissing Stevie J. He’s dillusional smh

  • ZJ

    I almost cut this off while Stevie J was talking. He is wack as fuck. Loved the way you both casually dismissed him though. Did Eve start dating white dudes right after him? Just asking.

    I love MCHG. I guess Part II is the closest I’ll get to new music from Bey this year at the rate things are going. Poor Kanye though. Yeezus is doomed to fall even further down the charts. As it is, I read J Cole has outsold him by 8,0000 units. So far.

  • EM

    I’m surprised Nick even knows about lip-synching because when was the last time (if ever) you saw him performe live? It’s okay I’ll wait.

    Kirk need to kick them closet doors open, sream “I’m here and queer!” and let that woman be in peace.

    Stevie J…can someone resurrect me after I die from laughter please! That nigga is a big joke. And how dare he try to throw shade at kid Fury and Crissle. He need to go be with his man Joseline and ride that fuckin’ bus to Nowhere with Courage and Muriel. Good lawd, come save me.

    Still a great funny episode, but don’t let that fuck boy come back EVER!

    • CadyHeron

      LMAOO. I live for your comment. Kirk needs to vogue out the closet into a death drop. And I can’t with the Courage the cowardly dog reference.

  • Layla

    omg..I can’t with Stevie J. Please don’t bring him on yall show ever again! He seems even worse in person -_-.

  • Mo
  • Musenia

    Crissel “Coalition of FLOPS!!!#Sweethourofprayer!

  • Musenia

    Wait why? Why? Why? Why is he on your show…………really……..Ewwwwwwwww OMG………..never again….please help the people!

  • Brooklyn

    Why is this nigga….. Stevie…., I have no words for this boi. Please slap him girl.

  • Musenia

    Organic hood rat…….lol stop right now

  • Barack Yomomma

    JESUS!!! This episode was a whirlwind of emotions and I just can’t deal

  • Jasmine Banks

    I already hated Stevie J but now after those same sex marriages comments it made me really hate him.!. He didn’t even elaborate on those comments…he is suck a fuck boy!!! OMG why was he on the show?! he is such TRASH!!! Crissle girl, I know you wanted to smack the shit out of his ass! He is 100% bitch made. UGH I got so mad listening to his hoe ass.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    LMFAOO! And my life has been restored for this shitty ass Thursday. 1. MCHG is a good ass album. 2. Steebie..Crissle was like, ma’am. lmao 3. The UK girl should’ve re-evaluated her situation after the Fleet was found. Bitch, that is not a Masengil on a Mid-Summer’s Eve..get it together.

  • juanita murrell

    Was Stevie trying to put the moves on Crissle, and if so did he know he was barking up the wrong tree. Was Stevie’s intents for that day to persuade Crissle to go from chicks back to male genitals (I don’t know what genital words Disqus allows.) Also this week was just trifling, and I hope this is the last love and Hip hop pop in. I really don’t need Kirk milk dud behind to show and get Crissle or Kid fury in prison.

  • yuk

    You guys need to apologize to us for that nasty unsexy voice coming through my headphones in the form of stevie j(oke)

  • Buss It Open For Tuition

    When Crissle was trying to keep it together and not DDT Master Splinter in his snout, I literally fell. I don’t what Jose has been whispering into his ear but he is feeling himself a little too much. I can’t respect a guy who just admitted that what we see on tv is actually worse in real life.

  • Chanel

    Assante: “Are you allowed back in there?!” Grabs oxygen tank lmao

  • ChilliLipstick

    I actually live for this show

  • CadyHeron

    THAT BOYYYYYYY IS A BOTTOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The nerve of him selling his bussy. Leave him sis.

    Oh and to the boy with the jerry springer mom. She needs to get her ass beat by your aunt then she should give her life to Christ.

    Queenie J. I’m not here for you. You’re entertaining for t.v. but save that shit for the puetro rican princess and MiMi . No one was here for you.

    Jay-Z and his whole existence is everything.

    Miss Kirk Frost bitch. Stop it. The fact that Nicki of all people had to drag you on twitter says a lot. Get off of VH1. Pay child support to Rasheeda. Make you a BGC account and get it popping sis.

    Oh and btw. Amanda Bynes bitch I’m tired of you calling people Ugly you go from Rihanna to the Obama’s? Bitch find a seat and have it..Serving us a wookie wig.Amanda Please….

  • Kayy

    Look todays episode…….. I’m here for it all EXCEPT for the appearance of Risky Rat. All the low voice and whispering I could have done without it. Fuck Stevie J. Just when I thought he couldn’t get worse than he is on TV.

  • ChilliLipstick

    Crissle I know you wanted to drag Stevie so bad, but I appreciate how you kept your cool

  • Sigh…

    I really….really…hope more celebs come visit The Read. That’s all I need…

  • ash

    “bumba fuck”??? LAWD!!! *falls out*

  • Guest

    P-pops on my desk at work. Yes Jesus! BYE STEEBIE. I too hate sometimey people, and cut a some folks loose because of it.

  • Cease_Desist_and_Reseat

    Crissle sound like she was holding her temples the whole damn time Steebie was speaking! LMAO!

  • missmarchmommy

    where the fugg yall find him at? and why did noone ask why he is a tranny chaser? Crissle i <3 u lol

  • Jamaican Hello Kitty

    I live for this show…been listening to it all day.

  • KING

    If you give me Herpes, I’ll probably murder you.

  • ChuBbz

    Am I the only one that believes the whole “Rasheeda/Kirk” drama is just for tv? Cause last season their story line was boring as shit and they needed to amp it up this season so they asses could keep getting them checks

  • gg

    umm it was a joke… yall beyhive need help

  • Nigga With No Nickname

    Im getting my LIFE from this episode and Stevie J kermit looking ass aint even showed up yet. Yasssss!

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Oooh Jesus I would have fell flat out had his crusty behind touched me would have stopped and prayed right there, Jesus be some disinfectant and Hydrocortisone.

    I applaud ya’ll both for keeping your cool and dismissing him smoothly.

  • FreeTuitonMakeHerDance

    Crissles reaction to Stevie! LOL as soon he started speaking, you could tell she was not here for it!!

    But wtf was that nigga talking about??? “I put a battery in her back.” Why????

    I applaud yall trying to speak some sense into him though…that was entertaining, especially with all this bull shit dealing with the Zimmerman Trial.

  • REDmNms

    the Stevie J segment was worse than listening nails on a chalk board while cats in heat meows for hours on end

  • GirlThatsABootayHole
    • RihannasVocalCoach

      What. Where. Why. <<<all questions that need to be answered about this gif sis.

  • RihannasVocalCoach

    I wanna drag and keke but I have to talk about one thing instead. Assante… What you did, that whole Coco persona was HIGHLY offensive and you should really rewind and listen to what you said. “They’re my favorite.” You cannot generalize and mock Dominican and Latin@ people for their accents and call it funny. It’s not. These “funny” accents are getting people wrongfully deported, denied jobs, denied housing, and all other types of racist and discriminatory treatment. And the justification of “favorites”? Hmmmm I’ve heard people say that about other marginalized groups and it wasn’t funny. I’ve seen and heard white people say “Black people are my favorite/the best” while doing their best ghetto girl impersonations and straight people saying that about LGBTQ to justify jokes about “trannies” and how they love accessorizing with gay men. (And people are/can be Black, latin@ and gay) This is not okay. Making a group of people that (unless Assante is latino) you’re not a part of, a caricature, is not okay. We cannot reduce people to a punchline when people of color have been nothing BUT a punchline and treated like a joke for the past 100 odd years. This is not okay. I expect more from the Read. I am not saying Assante is terrible or bad or anything against his character but this is problematic and needs to be addressed.

    Other than that….great read and props to Crissle for not choking Chuckie Cheese with her bare hands.

    • Ciara’s backbend

      I agree with you I was not here at all for this assante person like really?? He was doing too much….and I’m still scratching my head about his damn “read” he was a fail.

    • ForeverShady

      Yeah, the only thing worse than Stevie J was Assante. He was offensive and nothing he said really made any sense. Joseline Hernandez could recite the constitution while gargling Listerine and we’d be able to understand her better than this dude. Sorry boo, not here for you.

    • KingNiaLaNegra

      I understand what you’re saying but 9/10 la gente from DR are not going to come after him. There are many dominicans that do talk that way and we do go around talking about how hick we are. I’m not THAT hick and I don’t live in NY but sometimes it indeed isn’t that serious. He did it out of love…or I guess like for another people.

  • Mimi

    Stevie J was disrespectful and ignorant. Just listening to him creeped me out; I need some holy anointing oil for my speakers and ear holes.
    When Fury read for filth, I could do nothing but shout “OOOOOOH”. I can’t! Just. Can. Not!

  • Lexie Grace

    Running myself a bubble bath, pouring myself some wine, and pressing play. Yaaaaasssssss I cannot wait for this.

  • Stevie J: Get the FUCK off TV

    Crissle, I don’t know how you held back from scalping Stevie J to the bone but darling, I commend you for keeping it together. “Role model for the youth esp. young boys”…Take me to the King because I wanted to slap that rat face to Pluto and beyond. I blame you, Stevie J, and their mamas for letting them watch his shit! I DIED at Escort, Bussy, and Fleet. NOPE, Jesus take the wheel! Kid Fury and that Paul Mooney voice got me! Corina B. I hope you, your edges, and scalp rest in heavenly peace.

  • Shane Bell

    This shit gives me more life than 16” of Remy gives to K. Michelle.

  • she

    Jesus be the sun glasses because I need to be Ray Charles to Stevie J’s bullshit

  • Just Ang


    I haven’t finished the podcast yet but I’m here for bail for my girl Crissle!
    I knew the second ok boy started touching people backs….CHILE!

    I just can’t, I won’t.
    Let me get my prayer book and finish this show.

    • Just Ang

      Ok y’all need to be nominated for sainthood, I would have knocked someone out.

      Fluid movement right into your sponsers. Yes!

  • rjones

    Old bones break easily … sorry mimi

  • ohna

    lool “i’ll catch the subway”. Stevie J is literally the epitome of everything that is wrong with the world.

  • Luv my Juju™

    I’m loving this show guys. Sorry Crislle you had to endure Steebie. Mr. Jordan better enjoy it now because it will be back to the nowhere land when viewers start to dip in droves like some already have.

  • HaddyBoy

    Stevie J just got on…im scared as shit…

  • Luv my Juju™

    Lmao Crissle said neither one of us want to see the videos. This made my morning lol :)

  • Shawnie

    Really enjoyed Stevie J! :)

  • Babyu21

    Ladies need to watch out for men like Stebbie. They hate women (usually mommy issues) and only use women for their own sexual gratification. No one is going to tame Stebbie because deep down he respects no woman.

  • TheyKhallMiKellz

    I’m sad Stevie was the one to mention Flint like we don’t have enough problems O_O

  • Janeé

    what in the entire fuck boon cook went on here… he had to be high….HAD TO

  • Desiree Chase

    Fury’s reactions to the listener letters !!!! <333 !!!!! LMBO !!

  • Daether

    Bussy?! TF? Have you gone over the term “Painting the kids” yet? I heard Fury use that in a video a while back and I never figured out what it was.

  • Desiree Chase

    This episode is type amazing

  • Genie

    LMFAOO im dying he is soo stupid!!

  • Kia Lovesbi

    Crissle was about to go in!!!!! Steebie got up and out just in time CTFU

  • LeeLi

    Kudos to Crissle for not jumping over the mic and stabbing him in the throat. Because girl, he is just too slimy to not want to physically assault.

  • itwerkthereforeiam

    Dominicans at No Parking

  • Sweetness

    Really Stevie J……. ***** blank stare/side eyes****

  • Guest

    Hey Crissle, I totally appreciate you handling master splinter with a cool head, but I would not have been mad had you chopped him in the thoat. that’s right, thaot, mid-sentence.

  • Alexis Timmons

    Why the phonk did you have this fool on the show?! and then I can’t fast forward to ignore him either!

  • Yung & Pruned


  • Faryn

    Stevie ran my blood pressure up.

  • John Doe

    i had to pause the podcast multiple times during stevie’s segment. too much fuckery all at once

  • JoJo

    Crissle Shut UP!

  • guest…cuz i dont wanna die

    Im not a crazy or anything, but fury’s name is registered online…………….sorry. its typical jamaican tho, idk why he hates is so much.

    • guest…cuz i dont wanna die

      he’s reached that level of fame now. sort of like perez….nobody is going to STOP calling him perez….buttttt… the drop of any coinage we can find his first address, first grade teacher’s first crush, and so on. it just is what it is. internet people are just here for entirely TOO much information. AINT LIKE WE GOT SHI ELSE TO DO!

  • Jasmine

    Can somebody please tell me where steveie J comes in!!!!!

  • Kim.Couture
  • Kim.Couture
  • jassymadness

    Kirk Frost is a huge nizzle.

  • jassymadness

    oh my stars! Kirk’s an undercover bottom

  • jassymadness

    Stevie J is a whole hot damn mess

  • jassymadness

    What would possess ya’ll to have Stevie J on the show???? He is a hot darned mess!!!!

  • jassymadness


  • CoquettishKitten

    I’m sorry that people won’t respect your privacy Kid Fury :(
    I really enjoy listening to y’all and look forward to the podcast every week. I think it’s sad that people cannot simply respect your privacy.

  • J Huds Knocking Knees


  • LaSharelle!! Yes!
  • Crystal

    So you went to see the wretched and had BIG FUN

  • fnkybunchmstr

    I damn near broke a vocal chord hollaring at this episode. And that Tevin Campbell shade???

  • epiphanybox

    Look at this pigheaded dick, may the Lord be with him because that man’s flesh is just asking for that DEEP roasting in hell. Kmt *sprays holy water and touches my cross chain* complete foolishness.

  • Kasey Toomuchcoffeeboi Tucker

    Steebie might get his ass whooped for even saying he goes to Flint! Bytchboy please I’m in Detroit and will never entertain a reason to go there!

  • ashaballot

    Kevin Hart is not the next Eddie anything. But his stand ups are funny and his story telling….

  • Ky

    stevie jay is a hot fucking mess oh my lord sweet Jesus somebody stop the madness. who the hell…how does he find people to procreate with him?

  • PrinceJ

    Why in the hell is crissle not reading Stevie J. , cause this fool needs some one to clock him ASAP

  • YeahTam

    Listen!!!! Crissle is better than me. You would have heard microphones hitting his forehead…Baby…

  • Andrea

    Stevie is so creepy, kudos to you both for not smacking him across the face several times. I always thought he was just exaggerating his horrible personality, but man he really is a creep. I hope Mimi stays far away from him.

  • ssolomo2


  • Carmen

    Yuck… Stevie. how do you sound nasty too. He reminds me of people who eat finger foods and never wash their hands.. walking around all day finger tips smelling like honey bbq sauce. I cant.

  • Carmen

    I love how y’all smooth slid his ass on out the room. *wall slides*

  • ✨Real Gemini✨

    I had to rewind to Stephanie’s letter!!! NOT FOR FINDING THE FLEET BOTTLE!!!!! STRENGTH LAWD!!!!

  • mskisskiss91

    Oh no girl… Steebie J…. No YOU CAN JUST HANG THAT UP CAUSE NO ONE IS HOME! Ugh.

  • mskisskiss91

    I’m at the questions part like…. WHAT?

  • Jermaine L. White

    Yall just gave me life!!! I truly in my head that I was the only nigga that fucked wit Mrs. Brit and that damn song… That album completely changed my point of view towards her and her music!!

  • MeghanBetter

    I cannot!

  • ling ling

    Kid Fury: “Is Joseline’s music ever coming out forreal?”

    Steebie: “Yes it is.”

    Kid Fury: “When?”

    That part made me bust out laughing

  • Macey Leonard

    Stevie J is so full of shit

  • imani

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