New Music: Lil Kim – Looks Like Money

Kid Fury July 11, 2013 New Music 34 Comments

The Paypal Pimpstress: Lil Kim is giving her fans a gift for her own birthday. In celebration of the hip-hop queen’s 39th birthday, she has released a new track called “Looks Like Money.” The flashy record is available as free download now.

Personally, I think the song would be loads better if it didn’t sound like she recorded it on her iPad while driving down The West Side Highway, but it’s not bad at all. Steps in the right direction, Kimmy.

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  • Sherród

    Sounds like she still can’t withdraw that money from Paypal to get her a decent mic. The actual track is good though. I miss this Kim. But can we please talk about that face? It looks like someone photoshopped a Lil Kim Halloween Mask onto one of those dresses you see at the Russian wholesale dress stores you see in the garment district.


    No mam. I’ve never been here for auto tune KIMMY, I want DEEP VOICE “unhh!” KIMMY, not this trash.

    She keeps makin it easy for nicki, girl steal yo style back!!


    The song would be a hit if someone else was rapping on it. Not the Black Cynthia doll. *Goes back to listening to “No Time”* ahh I miss THIS Kimberly Jones….

  • Chris

    Just have to accept the fact she’s gone. Poor that.

  • RamenNoodles

    Kim better slay a bit. If you ignore the quality, its actual good. All Kim gotta do is lose the auto tune, give us a few uhhs (Uh huh), collect her ghostwriters and she honestly could slay again (maybe)

    • That girl MEL!

      I’m in agreement with that plan. She should really plan to drop an ACTUAL album on her 40th birthday. If she can hustle for 2014 she could make something amazing happen.

  • Dancing Machine

    Before I listen I want to comment on the artwork; wtf can’t her mua paint her on some cheekbones?
    That is all!

  • 90sShade
  • nell kaye pee

    Umm? Lol …. kimmy is serving mars attack realness in the pic. The song wasnt that bad but…… it would have been better if she made it in a studio not a bathroom in white castle

  • That girl MEL!

    I just had to post this flashback photo. Kim DID need some improvements.

  • John Doe

    i really like this… the verses are great, and they flow. the hook is trash, but hey. it’s a huge step forward

  • Kim.Couture

    THIS Kimberly Denise Jones was perrrrrrfect. Rachet, rugged hip hop, amazing body, skin tone, the edges were proper and the face was simple and gorgeous..

    • Brittany

      thank you

    • Suchalady


  • Kayy

    Fetus steps… You gotta start somewhere right?

  • MookMinaj

    no. just no. when they said sign AND FOLLOW KIM for the full version…I was like, No ma’am. You can keep that!

  • amanda bynes’ favorite wig

    Poor lil Shim, I think it’s time to give it up.

  • Blue Ivy’s Scowl

    Looks Like **Photoshop.