Kim & Kanye’s Meaning Behind The Name North West

Kid Fury June 24, 2013 Oh, Kanye 132 Comments

While a lot of us think KimYe’s baby girl, North West, has a fool ass name, there is supposedly a very deep and inspirational meaning behind it. It’s more about love and less about Google Maps.

The name North reportedly represents the peak of Kim and Kanye’s relationship and that their baby has become the highest point in their lives, telling friends “What’s North of North? Nothing.”

They also refer to their daughter as their “North Star.” Girl…okay. It’s your baby.

Source: VIBE

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  • Indigo

    the fact that kim went along with this mess shows how dumb she can b just to please a man

    • Say it isn’t so….

      U hit it on the head with that one, Sis. Soon as I heard the name I KNEW it was Kanyes idea. She probably went along with it to avoid fighting with him

    • Diamora Hunt

      Isn’t the peak of a relationship marriage? Or nah?

  • Musik_Lover

    This Yeezus this has gone way too far.

  • Yeezy

    North star? Good Night God bless.

  • Golden Girl

    Kanye…bye girl.

  • Jazz
  • Drea

    So Kanye named the baby. Cause kim ass is not to clever to think that herself.

    • knb

      didnt she get dibs on all these K names on that show of hers

  • John Doe
  • You’re Welcome

    Y’all tried it with that explanation….

    • GΣT SΩMΣ

      THAT. FACE. Whomever you may be, from where ever you may dwell, I would pay you for posting this if I could. Jesus my sides hurt from laughter.

      • You’re Welcome

        Hahaha…it expresses so many things in my life! All credit goes to Got 2B Real and LaBelleOfTheBall2

        • GΣT SΩMΣ

          Oh yes, this moment brought me many a cackle. When Mother Maya was reading that poem and Hatin’ Retha was having none of it! You know what….-goes to youtube and has a G2BR marathon- Deuces!!

        • lovewill

          Don’t forget to credit the Queen of Soul herself….She might look at you like that if you don’t – you know she can hold a grudge.

          • You’re Welcome

            True dat…and she lives in my to the queen!

  • Chris

    Wait, I know ya’ll not criticizing this baby name when some of ya’ll cousins named after cars and liquor….plus when she turn 16 and emancipate herself from her “family” she can change it :)

    • Carmen


    • Lequisha Alize Jones

      I concur.

    • ashaballot

      LOLOLOL. Yeah but no one is trying to make a deep explanation out them. They should have just said this is our baby, and y’all can fuck off. Not all that nonsense Kanye conjured up in the 12th hour.

      • bb morgendoffer

        See, I named my first two babies Mercedes and Alexus because I thought they would be the driving force to get their daddy to marry me. But then he got shot, so I named our son Convalescence.

        • ashaballot

          LOL Lord ham’mercy @ convalescence

          • bb morgendoffer

            I met a boy named Convalescence once and I literally got up from the piano bench I was sitting at and laughed in his face. I was in church too.
            Lord help my unbelief…

  • nope

    she’s the peak of their relationship? I mean I get it but like I don’t get it.

    what about marriage, more children, growing old together? I hope she’s the beginning and not as high as they can go

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      Exactly basically they just said it all goes downhill from here… like what?!?!?

  • Valencia

    North isn’t a ugly name, the last name west just fucked it up! & this reason that they had Mason come up with is the dumbest shit I’ve heard in since I was his age. Just say you thought it was cute to name your child North West.

  • Coonye West

    Like.. I love the name North. But coupled with the surname West..

    And then this explanation..

  • Tia

    What’s north of north? Blue Ivy, of course.

    • Duhhh

      And Angelo, Adele’s son. Angelo and Blue are going to treat North like the red head step child.

    • ZJ

      You said it. This child will always be second fiddle to Blue Ivy just like Kanye is to Jay. And I’m convinced that they only leaked this “explanation” to get back in the headlines because people aren’t talking about them enough.

      • Losh

        And they KEEP coming up with more explanations. “North is this…North means that..” They should just face the fact most people think “North West” sounds corny as hell.

      • bb

        Second fiddle? Blu isn’t even going to let this child sit in the orchestra.

    • lovewill

      Am I the only one that doesn’t care about Beyonce and her baby? Just wondering? No shade.

      • auntie crissle


      • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

        yes, you are.

        • Nasta Dirye

          Tamar mussing skin pigment== Girl i just died jfnjkkdfsdføljksfdjksfhjdk

  • Danaaa

    I kinda like the name now… *runs and hides*

  • Carmen

    “okay its your baby.” LMAO. Keep that silly shit to yourselves.

  • Freshie Rogers

    Umm……….*slow ass hottie blink*

    • Carmen

      I. THE FUCK. CANNOT. LOL at them big ass eyes they be having looking like a Chucky Cheese puppet.

  • RamenNoodles

    Ok, I’m officially done with Kanye. I can’t with them coming up with a ‘inspirational meaning’ for this name. Can you imagine her being in school?

    Boy: What’s that jacket brand you wearing?
    Boy: North West.
    North West: Huh?

    Teacher: Can someone tell me where Washington is located on the map?
    Boy: Northwest
    North West: Yes?

    wfeabsnedrfdae I’m sorry but they wrong for that.

    • jajay22


    • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

      lmaoooo! ohhhh chile! you tried it.

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance
  • welp
    • South Moon East

      I AM CRYING!!!! Because I definitely read that in the “once around the river bed” singing voice lol

      • Shortcakes

        yess!! lmao, i def said this in my soothing Pocahontas

    • ashaballot

      Hold up. Im on bed rest and I just rolled out the bed. OMG laughing so hard.

  • Yeezy

    I feel like North Eastern would better describe…you know what nvm.

  • Duhhh

    Bitch, bye. People on Twitter named your baby. That joke is old and you all went with it like it was cool.

    • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment



    Hell if that’s the case just name the girl Kris Kringle from the North fucking Pole. These two wanna be deep divas are going to fuck around drown in their own silliness ….'m%20out%20of%20here/grand/im-out-of-here-eccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf3-348.gif

    • me

      You almost made me spit out my Nuvo. This I do not forgive. LOL

  • M.J.

    “The name North reportedly represents the peak of Kim and Kanye’s relationship and that their baby has become the highest point in their lives, telling friends “What’s North of North? Nothing.”

    Nigga, what?

  • D

    I like it.

  • True talk

    @disqus_30S3dwWgzE:disqus Exactly I she is just trying to avoid him turning into Chris Humphries jr. I feel like Kim please don’t let your child walk around with a name like that just to please kanye’s crazy ass! he is on something new every week

  • DC

    Hell… I guess they wanted a name that was “deeper” than the previous niggas buried in Kim’s vagina, but hey… what do I know?

  • That girl MEL!

    Move along . . . nothing to see here. Ugh!

  • kim’s sanity

    who in the almighty fuck would even ask what’s north of north? kanye gave negative fucks about his daughter’s future feelings.

    • GΣT SΩMΣ

      Funny how this post has 26 likes, considering that you’re non-existent.

  • dancefool1

    You know what? People have received weirder names for worse reasons. Congrats to this little girl on her future clothing/accessories/furniture/bedding sets collection, “North by North West”. I wish I had a mere slice of the money she’s sure to inherit and recieve. Smh. It’s not like she’ll ever need a job anyway.

  • That girl MEL!

    I mean . . . I guess . . . She got more money than Scrooge McDuck, so it really won’t matter anyway.

    • Julian’s Piano Keys

      no ma’am not Scrooge McDuck!!

  • bb

    When impregnating a woman in the middle of divorcing her second husband becomes the north star of your life?
    You need a new gps….

    • TruthBeTold

      This is the best comment i have ever read on this blog ! OMFG

      • bb

        This is exactly why you can’t let the devil ride because not only will he want to drive, he will apparently give you bad directions.

    • Amaya

      *bows* Best comment I’ve read all day.

    • Jazz

      Impeccable shade. Salute!

      • bb

        Making a married woman your baby momma instead of starting a family with your wife? That’s your highest point? This is what happens when father’s don’t stick around to teach their son’s how to piss.
        I don’t understand why these niggas refuse to let themselves win! I bet Miss Donda is the only angel with high blood pressure! God rest her soul.

    • Suchalady

      This wins.

    • Sherae Renee’

      OMFG I am gasping for air!



    • ashaballot

      *claps hands* Praise God ……best comment ever

    • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment


    • Guest

      please trademark this..

  • Paula Deen’s Blackface

    we can sit here and diss this babies’ name all we want to but keep this in mind: there are two little boys in this country walking around with the names pilot inspektor and jermagesty. something to think about…

  • idreamoflabels

    They clearly consulted with Ricky Bobby on this. There will be future play dates with Walker and Texas Ranger, of Course.

  • But A Weh Di?

    Black Folks, we need to have a meeting. Through all the “GHETTO,” names we’ve been trying to avoid. Somewhere down the line, it’s apparently okay for colours and directions to be the new norm

    And don’t think I forget about what the dictionary describes as “A large piece of woolen or similar material………A thick layer of something,” BLANKET!! This negro may he R.I.P., named his little boy….you know what, let me get back to work

    • DeeDee

      His given real name is actually Michael Jackson

      • Crissi

        Thank you! If you are going to try to shade The KING of MUSIC please know what you are talking about! Ass high as Michael may have been he did put his kids through this tom foolery!

    • Kayy

      FYI thats his NICKNAME not his real name boo.

    • Guest

      That was a nickname, so……

  • Toni Montanna

    what’s north of north? Heaven…which sounds better. But it ain’t my child.

  • Sageyk3

    I hate that, in explaining intent to malcontents, I defend another but saying a child is a “North stay” is a common thing. Furthermore, it isn’t that the child is guiding them herself but that the requirements the child places before them will give them guidance on their paths through life. As in, she has needs and they need to grow as humans to provide her with the proper protection and guidance. You know, because people don’t now what it’s like raising a child until they have their own to raise.

    Basically, they just said that they are really committed to their kid and y’all gon’ roll your eyes and faint? Stop paying attention. What kind of simple minded shit is this? Naw…you right, I should cash out first…to show you how to do it. First and last.

    • Ambrosia Jones

      I’m torn. Based on the egocentricity and bitch-ass attitude I’d wager that this is Kuntye, but the spelling and grammar mistakes make me think this is most likely Kris, Kim, or Scott.

      Nah, definitely Kuntye. Ain’t none of them other motherfuckers can even pretend to know what ‘malcontents’ means. Good job!

      Good, good job.

      • Sageyk3

        You say I have a bitch ass attitude? You think I’m someone else? Spelling is immaculate. Grammar, sure…I didn’t pay much mind to it and I’m re-learning it. Who I am, is obvious. How about using that fuck ass pea brain of yours and google searching my name. You’ll find my twitter and see I’m not some imaginary “fuck wit” that you can hurl baseless insults at without recourse.
        Nonetheless, continue to try me. I haven’t shown a fourth of my ass. You’ll find an ugly truth at the end of your words. Pray you have the courage to stop here and now. Don’t worry….I’ll wait.

        • Ambrosia Jones

          By “North stay” I believe you meant “North star” which would then be a spelling error. Not baseless, and I always try.

          And shit, Kanye, I said you did a good job! Damn! Must be that time of the month. Toodles! XOXO

          • Sageyk3

            It must not feel so good to be you considering you are so busy attacking others. Bless your heart.

      • Sageyk3

        Oh, I see, you tried to catch feelings on a typo and called it poor spelling. Lmao. You’re telling on yourself.

  • K.Fox’s walmart application

    Poor child will be teased about that name. Why couldn’t they just name her Kayla, Kenya, or Kandace

  • Angela
    • Jazz

      I laughed at this gif for a straight 5 minutes straight. Damn you STRAIGHT to hell

  • Redd

    and there is still Blue Ivy not giving a single finuck

  • Kayy

    Am I the only one tryna figure out if it would seem better if they changed the spelling? Nawth? No’rth? Naorth? N’orth? Nowth?

  • Jess

    Well lets just be happy that they didn’t put a damn K in front of it. CHILLLLEE… Knight West would have been really reaching

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    I believe this gif is just extra appropriate for this situation:

  • Kim.Couture
  • earthshaker1217

    You know what. I guess. Beyoncé named her baby after a plant. Kanye named his baby after cardinal direction. Gwyneth Paltrow named her baby after a fruit.

  • MeMeAl

    No you picked North because the baby’s last name is West :/ don’t try and give something meaning just to justify your stupidity, thats just stupid.

  • Breanna

    Didnt KF or Crissle (cant remember which) make a joke about their baby’s name? One of them said something like “Watch them name the baby like… North West or something.” on The Read?

    • KING

      Nah Crissle actually said she read that they were thinking about that name somewhere and then they proceeded to make jokes about it lol

    • CheAmor

      People on Twitter were making that joke since she announced her pregnancy.

  • guest

    Chile please….the way celebrities try to be so damn extra and “unique” with these damn baby names!!>>> as much as i love Bey and Jay, blue will always be the name of a hue on the color wheel.

    • Lace Frontin Minaj

      don’t forget that’s also his ex girlfriend’s name Blu Cantrell…. ;-) …yup I went there!!! loooooool

  • Guest

    This is what happens when fools date fools.

  • jdorsainville

    I knew there was going to be some type of North Star reference somewhere in there..

  • KING

    What is Hollywood’s deep obsession w/ giving their children these ridiculous ass names?? Why the fuck can’t y’all just be normal?! Ugh.

    • brittany

      all of this

  • Leda

    Kanye you and Kim knew your last name was West. Why would you lie & say North has a message behind it. I’m gonna need you both to stop it!

  • MarkAssBustahs

    UGH…. that all i’m giving you eager readers today.

    fury tryna take me out my zone even after i promised i’d be nice today

  • JazmineThomas

    I honestly think famous people do the most stupid shit. Like fine have your “deeper” meaning, but think about what the child is going to go through. Damn nothing looks good for this child except that she rich FOREVER.

  • Karlie Redd’s Grammy


  • Guest

    I have no idea why folks keep mentioning The Carter’s in posts about K&K. Firstly Her (Blue) name was ingenious. The entire relationship and Blue’s introduction to the world was engineered with precision. So please do us all a favor and stop your primal shit.

  • ashaballot

    I have no idea why folks keep mentioning The Carters in posts about K&K. Firstly Her (Blue) name was ingenious. The entire relationship and Blue’s introduction to the world was engineered with precision. So please do us all a favor and stop your primal shit.

  • Nadya

    This is some fuckery, and I will not stand for it. Kanye you just keep making music and Kim go back to sucking dick or whatever it is that you do. I’m not here for this fuck shit. Get it together sis.

  • LivEternalYouth

    Highest point in their relationship but he went to the shower in sweats.

    • Seiko

      And?! At least the nigga was there. I know niggas who weren’t there AT ALL during the pregnancy or for the birth. Who the fuck cares what he was wearing as long as he was there

  • DontMindMe

    Well I guess we can take solace in the fact that baby North will never have to fill out a job application. So celebrities can name their children whatever foolishness they want, us regular folks on the other hand, we need to focus on naming our children names that look nice at the top of a resume.

  • lovewill

    My reply to all foolish celebrity names (Periwinkle Plant included) is simply…..

  • Gold Lioness

    And whats south of Blu Ivy? North West bowing down…

  • Katmango

    This wouldn’t be the first time that someone got a fucked up name in Hollywood I mean…. Rob Morrow named his baby Tu….as in Tu Morrow

  • Your local shade vendor

    That name explanation is about as deep as a Reese’s cup.
    Jesus swoop down with your forever laid hair in your marvelous chariot equipped with golden 24′s and take me away.

    I just know this can’t be life.

    Me nor North Atlas West signed up for this BS.

  • QueenyBean

    Can somebody anybody assist me on posting a gif on this bitch? youtube and google on that bullshit right now.