Rihanna Hits Fan With Microphone During Concert

Kid Fury June 18, 2013 Curry Goat Tales, Rotate, Heaux! 99 Comments

If you’re looking for someone to administer a few fucks, don’t bother looking towards Rihanna. During a recent show on her Diamonds World Tour, a fan seemed to grab and tug the pop star by her arm. Since the fan got a little too rough and didn’t have plans to let go, Curry Goat swung her microphone and clocked that child in the head.

It’s unfortunate that some fans get too carried away at these shows, but do you think RiRi was justified in wrecking that skull or did she take it too far? Either way, I’m not gonna fake like I didn’t laugh. Watch the clip below.

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  • Ala

    Rihanna or not anyone gets grabbed they getting hit! But I know all they bey trolls is about to come with they long list of bey didnt buy rihanna did list! Y’all beyhive but know more about rihanna then the navy do!

    • ok

      I’ve read this comment five times and am trying to understand what it says

      • JaaiR


      • ummm

        Deadass got a headache trying to understand it after reading for the second time…

      • Suchalady

        I thinnk he/she means “Rihanna or not, if anyone gets grabbed they will hit back. But I know all of the bey trolls are about to come with a long list of ‘bey didnt, but rihanna did’ list! Y’all are a part of the beyhive but know more about rihanna than the navy does!”

        Good point.

      • † Brittney

        translation: blabber — blabber. if anyone gets grabbed they are getting hit. but i know all of the bey trolls [refers to bey stans] are about to come with their long list of ‘beyonce didnt but rihanna did.’ you beyhive dont know more about rihanna than the navy does!

        *sighs* this poor girl’s english.

      • Kota

        I think she’s talking about when B got her booty grabbed by the crazed fan, she only gave him the “no no” finger, but Rihanna slapped the shit out of the fan that grabbed her arm… Thus her description above, “Bey didn’t buy, but Rihanna did..” aka
        (Beyonce didn’t buy into it, but Rihanna did)
        It’s a guess, but it’s the best I could conjure. lol

      • Tadeu Albino

        haha i was thinking the same thing.. and im brazilian, btw thanks for all the comments even tho i cant understand all of them it makes me laugh!

      • Carmen

        I don’t think Ala’s drunk ass knows either. She needs a nap.

    • imjussayin

      *Whispers* proofread next time

    • bmfsbride

      What does this say?
      When commenting on a Fury post please proof read Hunny!!
      This is sad and shows the grade level of the NAVY!

    • Guest
    • Kim Humphries’ Divorce Papers
    • Karrueche

      you can’t understand this because it is Caribbean dialect you dumbasses!

    • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance
    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      I- I don’t understand. *Ericka voice*

    • Oprah’s 5 head

      Can you translate this please cuz…….

    • Rihanna microphone

      Bitch what!????? Lol.

    • Shade007

      In my Crissle voice* Words have meanings.

      • gabeschmabe

        In my voice

        “Words mean things.”

        • pusherlovegirl


  • JamesDeanOnTheLow

    Bitches needed to know that Rihanna is not the one to try that mess with doe!

  • angie

    if they smart theyd sue.. she escalated the situation by using a microphone which the fan can turn around and say is a weapon … wat is Jay-Z doin over there at Roc Nation they need better security

    • JamesDeanOnTheLow

      2 word “Self Defense”

      • JaaiR

        It’s self defense when you are being threatened…She was being admired!

  • iluv_drizzy

    This is why i love this ratchet puss bish she gives me life errytime! Homey dont play dat *in my bajan accent*

  • Vanessa

    Can we get into these vocals though? They were more upsetting than the actual hit.

    • DDA

      What vocals did you hear? All I heard was a backtrack and some belts so lets not with that stale shade.

    • Amber

      Exactly! The first time I watched the video I went gunning for my mute button.

  • Armed in the Villa

    Dah Beigan definitely AIN’T tha one.

  • DDA

    When are y’all gonna realize that island girls DONT play???

    • KidFury

      Awwwww… :(

    • Lace Frontin Minaj

      i hate ppl all in my personal space…..he all up on her touching her body and ish…ugh…i wouldve been tight too….i dont know how these celebrities do it….

  • RamenNoodles

    Lawsuit coming, but she still got mo money. I guess…idk. Rih still showing everyday she don’t give a fuck and she’s not the one.

  • Drea

    Lets talk about those notes she was hitting…

    But where is security? And yeah she shouldn’t have hit the poor child with the microphone but that ish was funny. Like can u imagine his or her face right after it happened…lmao

  • imjussayin

    I’m not even upset at her for hitting that fan on the head, I’m upset at her for butchering one of my favorite damn songs.

  • Ladyddr


  • Katherine Pitts

    Why would you even try that on her. What do people expect? If you grab me, we sure aren’t going to do the cha-cha slide together. You are going to let me even by force of a mike.

  • imjussayin

    She ain’t fucking with Miguelamania tho

  • Maharaja Misty

    Buwhaha. I laughed too. But on another note, why do her backup dancers look like the Matrix Coded version of No Limit Soldiers? And why they smilin like they’re dancing back up for the Wiggles?

    • lol

      sis, NOT “no limit soldiers” ! lmfaoooooo!

  • welp
    • jajay22


  • katy

    Oh hell no, i would’ve faked some damn injuries and get me some money shittt!

  • Cheyenne


  • NickiDub

    Security was taking too long so she did the shit herself *shrug*. That’s what they get; they shouldn’t act like if someone was holding/grabbing on to them that they wouldn’t do the same.

  • JaQuanna

    Listen… Rihanna serves trashy realness.. always! [and] I am here for these banshee antics..

  • Sigh…

    I. CAN. NOT. with Robyn Fenty. This bitch say, “Oh, nigga, you not ’bout to Bodyguard me!” and threw one quick one upside that head. Understand bitches: The security present were a mere formality.

    Faced with being drug off into a crowd of 65-85K by my pack weave? Boo, I’m lil Reese-in’ somebody, too…

  • Clamecia

    Ahahaha did yall think Hov was playing when he said “New Rules?” Rihanna is about to take full advantage of that.

  • missmarchmommy

    They deserved every ounce of that bop to the head. Rihanna is still a person and if someone snatched any of us up it would be on. I would only feel this was too much if she kept beating the person with the microphone.

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Listen, you can fuck with Rihanna if you want to. Gahhh…she’s so entertaining with her no fucks self. Did you see how she just walked away like, “I don’t play that shit. I’m trying to be nice.”

    I just don’t understand why anyone would think it’s ok to grab someone like that though. Fan or not you better know who you’re dealing with when you touch someone.

  • Cassandra

    I hope you also post for the Oh No They Didn’t Livejournal community. If not, they plagiarized you here:

    • thundersupreme12

      Ontd is a gossip community. Almost every article is copied and pasted so that they can discuss it. Whoever posted it added this site as a source, so they aren’t taking credit for it.

  • Kai

    LOL, that was too funny. Seriously, though, fan shouldn’t have been yanking on the girls clothes and didn’t want to let go. Would have clocked that fan also. On the real though, her bodyguard, though cute, the dude is totally useless. It shouldn’t have even got that far, WTF was her bodyguard doing just standing their, the girl tried to extricate herself several times.

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    My ONLY thought was…Is she trying to cope TLC’s legendary baggy jacket, glasses, and shorts combo…and I see how her and Yellow Warrior were always throwing bows at each other. She doesn’t give a Solitary Fuck about getting physical with someone.

  • guest

    Chile i lived!!!!>>>that BAJAN came out and rihanna forgot who she is… Imagine what would have happened if she traded places with King Bey & her butt swatter?! LMAOO

  • derty

    If you don’t know by now that should not come for RiRi then shame on you. Chris Brown got one off, but no more…

  • Daviana

    She pulled a quick Tekken move and then walked off like welp! lol I say she was wrong but it gave me a good laugh though.

  • Guest

    If you reach out, you will get caught. Keep ya hands to your damn self.

  • TheMrs

    Welp. I bet that fan will think twice before they “cling for dear life” onto another celebrity again. I don’t blame Rih one bit. Having gone to her concert, I know that during that part of the show, security is provided by the arena itself, not her personal bodyguards. Perhaps that aspect of the show needs to change. On another note, Rihanna is so down to earth and accessible to her fans that I can see why a fan would get too comfortable. They think that they’re really her friends :(

  • Brandon Honey B Balmer

    It’s obvious the bitch shouldn’t have put their hands on her. Some of these fans or “stans” need to take about 12 steps back and act like they have some damn home training.

  • Pepper Anne

    I think she was justified. These fans and stans are fucking crazy and celebs risk their lives by meeting fans a lot of time. Hell it was a fan who killed John Lennon. Niggas is sick out here he could’ve had a weapon on him or some shit. You gotta be careful out here smh…

  • Kim.Couture
  • shoefreak86

    Zero fucks! I LOVE HER!

  • RihannaCakes


    • RihannaCakes

      There you have it

  • xedos

    this is the UK law suit is not east to file like the US,because if you loose you have to pay defendant lawyer fees if they requested. so people think really hard before they take some one to court.

  • papaya72

    There is no discussion. You enter my personal space without my consent, you face the consequences. Fan is short for fanatic. These people are crazy! If I were her I’d play duck duck goose and give a bop to the fan and both “security” guards.

  • Anya

    I don’t know what was worse. The fan that got hit or Rihanna’s voice. Jesus be some earplugs.

  • Ricky

    What I can’t get past is the fact security was RIGHT behind her the whole time yet riri reacted with such a vengeance before security even clocked into what was happening. Lmao

  • riri

    Everyone on this fucking planet should want to touch her ass look at that

  • Nadya

    Rihanna did what anybody would do in that situation, because I know good and damn well that if someone grabbed me I would’ve laid all kinds of hands on them.

  • Julius Maloney

    I’m with Rihanna on this one.