New Music: Beyoncé – Rise Up

Kid Fury June 5, 2013 Memoirs of a Creole, New Music 27 Comments

While the BeyHive is still waiting on her lead single, Beyoncé’s contribution to the Epic soundtrack has gone up on Amazon today. No, she’s not asking Keyshia Cole’s career to rise up from the dead and she’s not singing to Mama Dee’s leave out.

The inspirational record, written by Sia, can also be heard at the end of this adorable animated film in which Beyoncé provides the voice for the character Queen Tara. Listen below and go buy the track on Amazon.

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  • ASmartCookie

    Awww this a cute song, I like it.

  • M.J.

    *holds up lighter and sways*

  • Coonye West

    This is how this song makes me feel

    • Guest

      aaaww yesss. the gif is every-thing.

    • Kim.Couture
    • bb

      Beyonce puts out one song telling us to bow down and the internet losses it’s damn mind.
      Beyonce puts out yet another inspirational beautiful song that is one of many that she’s released and no one has anything to say?
      I can’t possibly be the only one that sees this.

  • fuckmeallnightpussy

    it reminds me of Eyes Like Sky by Frank Ocean

  • super troll {iMustdestroyall}

    Let me find out kid fury was in that club acting ratchet. Anyway I like this beyonce

  • Atownstomp

    This sounds lazy

  • ashaballot

    Cute song. Yay! she is done in Europe and coming to the states June 28. Wonder what she’s gonna do with that time off.

  • Soldefinition

    Her and Sia did a great job on this!!!

  • Shane Bell

    There aren’t enough A’s for the ‘yas’ I want to shout.

  • J Alex Watts

    I knew you’d come out of the woodwork since there was new BeyNews

    • KPSM2

      chile, you ain’t ever tell a lie a day in your life… #truth

  • KPSM2

    broke down version of halo

  • RamenNoodles

    Just here for the chorus. Nah this probably will be the only time I play this tbh.

  • Beyonces detox album

    She can release a song for everything but her album… I have a headache

  • Diamora Hunt

    Lol who’s hating and thumbing everyone down though

  • Adrian Lamar Fullerwinder

    I actually kinda like it…didn’t think I was going to.