The Smith Family Attends The ‘After Earth’ NYC Premiere

Kid Fury May 30, 2013 Red Carpet Stuntin' 45 Comments

The Smith Family extravaganza dressed up and showed up for the New York City premiere of Will and Jaden’s new sci-fi flick, After Earth. I mean…I’m concerned about Willow’s wig, but that’s about it. I love seeing them all come out and support the million dollar projects that come from that household.

The film’s director, M. Night Shyamalan (pray for this movie), also attended the premiere along with the beautiful Tika Sumpter, Vivica Fox, Spike Lee, 50 Cent, Lil Mama and more. How old is Trey Smith now though? I’m asking for a friend.

After Earth hits theaters tomorrow.

Photos: Getty Images

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  • Jelly

    He’s 20 .. Let your “friend” know ;) lol

    • Lace frontin Minaj

      Trey is cute and i like how his mama is actually raising him you don’t see him running around at 4am in the streets like jada kids..

    • Denise Lawson

      Haaa! I was just about to say that. 2 funny

  • Kritick

    What’s that XXXXL sized forehaed ratchet, irrelevant, hoe doing there?

  • But why?

    But why is Jaden Smith making that derpy face in EVERY PICTURE?

    • Rachel

      Whew! I was waiting for someone to point that out Cuz Lawd knows im tired of seeing that chile poke his lips out in every picture apparently someone told that young man that was sexy…-___- have a seat!

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      It’s some kind of condition light skinned dudes seem to have either that face or they squint in every picture *shrugs*.

    • Denise Lawson

      My sister does the same thing. lolol

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Chileee…we just gon let Willow be Willow.. Trey is turning out to be a fine young man. Lovely family.

    I see Lil Mama made it past..

    • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance


    • KLC

      I had never seen that clip before. OMG. I mean, I saw her get on-stage, but not Beyonce trying to stop it. That just adds to the craziness of that night.

      • Karen Walcott

        She was actually trying to pull Beyonce up on stage too. Beyonce wouldn’t go, but could Lil Mama take the hint? Nooo!

    • Gordon Gartrell

      forever fuck lil mama for almost making beyonce fall over.

      • The Doyenne

        Fuck Lil’ mama for touching Beyonce’ in general. Peasantry.

  • Gordon Gartrell

    the fact I asked myself why Jada changed outfits on the red carpet to later find out it was Vivica.


    A) Willow Smith looked like a hood version of Knives Chau from “Scott Pilgrim” I don’t know if she was angry because she didn’t get to dress like her usual outgoing self or what, but she looked like she could lift those bangs, and shoot a dagger into your chest plate from her forhead.

    B) Jaden smith looks like the one kid who tries too hard to be cool so…..he ends up corny. He’ll be the next Drake.

    C) Jada …..let us pray

    D) Will looked like the final level boss from a fighting game (google Rugal from SNK vs. Capcom 2)

    E) Yes I’m going to keep doing this.

    F) What in the Red, White, and Blue fuck was the Saw Clown doing there? (Vivica FoxMouth)

    G) Was Lil Grandmama there trying to prove that she is an illegitimate child of Will Smith’s?

    H) Carlton and that IRS Auditor he so graciously brought with him BOTH looked like they could use a nap and a jello cup.

    I) The oldest son looks like Al B. Sure, Are. We. Sure. That he wasn’t adopted?

    ….I’m done.

    • Olivia Pope’s Lip Quiver

      Trey looks like a mix between his mother (Will’s ex wife) and Will

    • Guest

      Ummm, No. Al B. and Christopher Williams should make a comeback like a duo album and feature Chris Brown rapping, then we could have a trifecta of lightskin fuckery. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssss!!!!!

    • Dat_Cray_Ass_Maori

      You brought Rugal into this?
      I’m slaint. Purely and simply, slaint.

      • GΣT SΩMΣ

        The fact that you know who Rugal is, -in Crissle’s Voice- Come on in the room!

        • Dat_Cray_Ass_Maori

          Shin Rugal was the most dapper villain I ever faced.
          Akuma tho, that tattered heffah.

          • GΣT SΩMΣ

            That N-word Akuma!! He would drag you through hell, keyshia cole’s career, and Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy. All by your two front teeth. But he’s trill as fuck though.

    • choclatcherry

      I kinda thought Trey looked like a light-skint young Keenen Ivory Wayans… Though I’ve never seen that before, with this picture that was my first thought.

      • Dancing Machine

        OMG He sure in the entire fuck does look like Keenan! You definitely hit that nail on the head.

  • ZJ

    Yeah… I don’t know how I feel about a twelve year old rocking a wig. I mostly respect the Smiths for being Black and rich, but they kind of get of my nerves. Don’t know why.

  • MarkAssBustahs

    willow’s face describes how i feel when i see jaden make them faces. getting sick of your shit jaden. he’s cuter than trey. willow is the cutest offspring though.

  • Guest

    M. Night Shyamalan…Lord.

    • Anon.

      Still haven’t forgiven his ass for that shit formally known as “The Village.”

      • Christina H

        Me and you BOTH!!!!

      • blah.

        o we have forgotten about The Happening?

  • RamenNoodles

    I forgot about Trey. He’s cute now that he got rid of that uni brow. Jada & Will finally aging. Jada its time to leave that botox alone. What is Willow giving us? Jaden find a phone and call Sherlock you look lost on every photo you take.

  • YaVyBnMe

    Who in the left-side-only-of-Mariah-Careys-Face HELL told Jaden Smith to give the same face all the time in photo after photo after photo??!!??
    That slightly wrinkled brow, staring off into space slightly parted lip look….I CAN’T!! I like him and the whole fam but I want to pay someone to smack him upside the head with a bag of flour just to get a different expression!!!

  • AmandaBynesDimplePiercings

    You know those squinty-eyed, bee-stung lip pictures light-skinned niggas be doing on their Instagrams late at night? Yeah, Jaden’s just doing it during the day.. It’s just not cute

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Dangit idk M. Night ShallWePray was directing this and I was looking forward to seeing it, but after what he did to my beloved Avatar whoo…

  • Dee

    I live for Tika Sumpter, she’s beautiful !

  • IDK

    Lol so with heels, Jada is officially shorter than all the kids.
    Umm Willow looked like she didn’t care for this event.
    Why Jaden always have the same facial expression? Like he always shocked lol

  • Crust & Be-Weave

    Jaden always looks like his side chick just told him that she’s pregnant and keeping it.

    • Suchalady


  • Kayy

    Well on a good note, Trey could definitely get it.

  • The Doyenne

    I feel a need to show Trey how life really go. Good got damn.

  • Dancing Machine

    That look was cute for willow. Better than her normal Hey Arnold stoop kid apparel she usually rocks. I feel in the bottom of my soul that Willow has realized no one is here for her trickery, and she is getting it together. The wig couldve been better but that outfit is too cute.

  • Pepper Anne

    As much as I love The Fresh Prince, Stoney, and their offspring, I saw the movie and wasn’t there for it. Flop down, sorry girl. Maybe Duane Martin should’ve played his son instead.