Behind The Scenes: Chris Brown – They Don’t Know (feat. Aaliyah)

Kid Fury May 20, 2013 Behind The Scenes 37 Comments

Yellow Cake announced at the 2013 BET Awards press conference that he had a new single out called “They Don’t Know” featuring unreleased Aaliyah vocals. Well the tune is officially single number two and a video was recently shot in the Los Angeles streets long before the street lights came on and the ice cream man started his Molly rotation.

“I shot it in the ‘hood. I went to 60th Street and Cedar Block,” Chris said. “[I'm] bringing both worlds together and trying to uplift the poverty side of the community and show them where I’m from. I’m from Virginia, but everybody comes from a broken home or being broke—I remember when I was.”

You can watch the clip below for a behind-the-scenes look at the video and you will hear bits of the song and Aaliyah vocals at the 4:00 and 6:30 marks. I kinda wish these Rap&B dudes would let that woman rest in peace, but whatever shimmers their nipples. Christopher’s X album is due on July 16th.

Source: Miss Info

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  • Guest

    lol, you beat me to it. My exact sentiment….ohhhhhhhh, Drake gon’ be mad!!!

  • CS

    LOL Chris is doing this get Drake all riled up and you can’t tell me otherwise. This clown is so transparent.

    • Boons

      I’m confused this isn’t an unreleased track from Aaliyah. I heard this years and years ago. I love that these niggas are still controlled by this woman they don’t even know. Let her rest in peace and don’t put her vocals in the middle of this light skinned feud.

  • Miguel’s Leg

    Dear God what’s it gonna take Cracking Brown and Aubreya to let Aaliyah’s music be. Like just stop! I don’t wanna hear no remixes/new interpretations of her songs. I like them just the way they ate. Not like he’d be able to sing it live anyway. Can Miguel leg drop him for be?

    • Miguel’s Leg

      *are and *me ….stupid phone

  • Marie Marie Marie

    me likey

  • KPSM2

    i hear aaliyah’s part and i’m surprised, i like it

    • ZJ

      Yeah, I was all set to hate on it, but it’s not bad.

  • LOL

    yes f’ing ma’am! lmaoo

  • caseyG101

    I’d fully support unreleased vocals from Aaliyah, if it was JUST Aaliyah. Why do Sister Aubrey and Chris Hash-Brown have to be a part of it? Take some unreleased vocals from Adina Howard or some shit.

    • Awkwardfunny_girl

      Dead at “Hash-Brown” and brought back to life with “Adina Howard or Monifah”… I like what you did there LMAO

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    J. Cole’s Best Friend was he only semi recent song that I liked that has sampled Aaliyah’s vocals so I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna like this but b/c I hold out a slither of hope for this high yellow fool hopefully he’ll prove me wrong.

  • LivEternalYouth

    Once again Chris is riding the Drake train. Drake used Aaliyah vocals for ‘Enough Said’ and now Weak Sauce Brown is trying it. Oh, sis…

    • LivEternalYouth

      Drake’s coattails are tattered to hell and back.

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Oh Jesus! He’s definitely showing Aubrey that he’s not the only who can sample Aaliyah. I wish they would both leave her out of this though lol.

    Drake is gonna feel some way

  • OhIts_Amanda

    All I’m hoping is that this song isn’t on no thugging type shit with a bunch of cursing because Aaliyah was not about that life, and as a fan of Aaliyah, I’d be disappointed.

  • earthshaker1217

    Who is giving the rights to Aaliyah’s music away? Seriously…I want to know.

    • Just Sayin

      that is an amazing question ! all them royalties… these ppl cant be that hungry smh.
      when Ms.Graham finds out im expecting her to snatch up her purse and start burning cars. Especially after those joke pics that have been floating around.

      As Fury said, another day in ‘As the light skin turns’

      • Anastasia Gabrielle

        The people at blackground (her uncle) they are a mess anyway they are the same ones holding JoJo and her album hostage

        • Just Sayin

          ugh they need to stop playing. i like JoJo

        • earthshaker1217

          That’s a shame. I liked her in middle school. She was a real singer.

  • Destiny

    These niggas need to let her be

  • Diamora Hunt

    chris brown on drake “The woman he love’s vocals just fell into my lap”

    • Suchalady


  • Barack Yomomma

    I bet you Drake is somewhere drinking some Pink Moscato and all in his feelings about this. This is what happens when Vanilla Creme and Lite Brite keep picking at each other.

    • nell kaye pee

      Lmao drake is crying over a fuzzy navel winecooler And watching sixteen candles

  • Kayy

    Its actually a cute song. & it sounds like Aaliyah was singing John B’s “They Don’t Know”. & I feel like he coulda chosen a better concept for the video… Cause there were just too many damn people on that one shot on the stairs. & damn it, why cant these light-skinted women just leave Baby Girl alone?

    • Desi Salvez

      Nope. The sample is from her song with Digital Black “Don’t think they know”

  • Kim.Couture

    Why is he still tryna make FETCH happen??

  • Miguel’s Balance Beam

    Here we fucking go….

  • kadijah brown

    blackground music is the devil. they need to stop givin this fuckasses clearance for Ms. Haughton’s honeysuckle vocals. oh, and they also need to let jojo be great.

    • Dancing Machine

      Child they certainly went straight to hell after Aaliyah because she was the only artist making them relevant as a label… & then they fucked all their coins up by doing JoJo dirty.

  • Dancing Machine

    Out of all the aaliyah vocals he could’ve picked tho! Why this? I love her and the clip of what she was saying is sooooo…. not irrelevant to the times since she’s gone. eh… I would have rathered him try a love song with some of her old vocals or just redo the isley brother “At your best” and keep her vocals.

  • Jennifer Cowden

    How many of you fast forwarded to the 4:00 and 6:30 marks just to hear our precious Angel’s voice again?? R.I.P Aaliyah! We miss you baby girl! #DrakeWillDeal

  • Nikki

    My brain is fried from all the ratchetness. Our ppl need to do better. I can’t. I just fast foward to aaliyah part and that’s it.

  • Lamar

    I agree with u Kid Fury, I’m tired of artists (Drake and Chris Brown) messing with Aaliyah’s vocals, I’m tired of her record label (Blackground) tryna release unreleased tracks. Can we please leave her music alone? Same thing with MJ! Let Aaliyah be great, leave her and her music alone. R.I.P

  • Melissa

    Did any of you notice Ms. pink panther at 7:50 hollering, “Ayyeee we out heeaaa” or maybe that’s my ratchet detector because of all the fake Louie belts and Gucci shoes they had on.

    Sorry for the shade, y’all. lol