Rohan Marley Plans To Step It Up When Lauryn Hill Goes To Prison

Kid Fury May 13, 2013 Pray For The Kids 29 Comments

The kids are alright…I guess. While Lauryn Hill prepares to lay out in prison without a drop of shea butter on deck, her baby daddy, Rohan Marley, tells TMZ that he will be there for their children. Their five children.

“I will be there even more while she is dealing with this … to make sure that everything is fine,” the 40-year old says. Not sure where he’s been otherwise…maybe with that white woman he was engaged to, or taking care of his other two kids.

Lauryn and Rohan have allegedly agreed to have the children (ages 5 to 15) stay with family members while Lauryn is away. Pops Marley says he will get involved as much as he can. Ms. Hill is expected to begin her sentence on July 8th.

Source: TMZ

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  • Just Sayin

    I really hope he steps it up. In these cases the only ones that lose are those children, smh.

  • Seats

    He has me so tight. Like where the fuck has he been this whole time? That’s right he left her, got engaged to a supermodel, that shit fell apart and then he ran around talkin’ about some ol’ Lauryn broke my heart. She had 5 kids by this man and he has had no real loyalty to her whatsoever. The only reason he’s speaking now about stepping up is because it looks good. Fuck out of here.

    • Momma D’s E&J

      All of this!

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Well I hope he does. Wasn’t there a point in time when he didn’t claim those kids as his because he wan’t married to her? I may be wrong but I could of sworn I read that somewhere..anyways God Bless the children and Lauryn.

    “Without a drop of shea butter on deck.” Fury, you are a FOOL! LOL

  • Jazz

    IMO, all of the Marley men are dogs and its sad Lauryn has gotten so entangled up in their family mess. The fact that she hasn’t put out a successful album since 98′ and folks are still asking for more speaks to her level of talent and influence. But whatever witch doctor voodoo root potion this guy had her sippin on made her loose her mind. You mean to tell me this peasy-headed nigga couldn’t put down a few racks on them back taxes for the sake of his kids? Ch… Such a shame

    • Jenna

      Their father had other women on the side and their mum was cool with it. I see where they got it from.

      She knew what she was getting herself into. she did this to herself. She has/had her issues. I’m sorry. Wasn’t she sleeping with Wyclef knowing he was married? Clef was an ass too. The affair caused the group to split.

      Rohan was married to another woman and they were in an off and on relationship for 13 damn yrs, yet she had 5 kids for him.

      Closing ones legs may be difficult but it comes with much better rewards.

      • Mona Scott’s half wig

        that last sentence. PREACH PRECHA! *fans the pulpit*

      • Seats

        You make valid points about Lauryn’s choices but let’s be clear Rita Marley was never cool with it. She was a devout Rastafarian and had to submit to her man and therefore she dealt with the other women. It wasn’t that she was okay with it but she had kids by him and worked with him so she was stuck in the relationship. And she’s said this herself in the documentary on Bob’s life.

      • Lace frontin Minaj

        preach these chicks do it to themselves…Ashanti is worth 40 million she hasn’t been popping in sooo long she managed to keep her money….idc how many kids Lauryn has she made a lot of money from that album she should’ve paid her taxes…i guess she thought she was something special because she was having kids with Bob Marley’s son…when will these sistah soldiers stop laying down with these no good men? Jill Scott on ebony talking about she a single mother you chose a man solely because he was black and he expected you to treat him like a “black king”…smh

  • ok

    isnt the nigga a very successful business man? all dem marley merchandise you sell around the world and you couldnt help your baby mama avoid jail…

    • bb

      This family owns a plantation! Not a farm, a damn plantation! Bob Marley’s album Legend has been on the top 50 selling album list for the last 17yrs! YEARS!!!!!!!! Since I was 10! I graduated from college 5 yrs ago!

  • Keyshia Cole’s career memorial

    It’s sad that he even had to be asked about this. You’re SUPPOSED TO take care of your kids, relationship with their mother notwithstanding, so him actually doing it (or even half assing it, if the article is to be believed) is not something he needs to be praised for but instead an expectation.

    • Shellbee

      I guess he wants a cookie.

  • Mona Scott’s half wig

    This bucket of bullshit right here. There aint not one celebrity or friend that can help Lauren. Instead of talking about slavery.. she needs to conference call all her jamaican in-laws. I know they all got a million jobs and can send her some coins. This is just fucking sad. Fuck fame.

  • ConventionalDee

    It’s a damn shame that the children’s father “plans to step it up” while their mother is in prison. Get a damn vasectomy if you don’t intend to be responsible for them. And what is his spawn count at nowadays anyway?

    • Erika’s appraised ring

      At least 7

  • Nickey Topnerd

    No shea butter! Jesus take the wheel!

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Da fk you mean “plan to step up”? NIGGA THEM IS YO KIDS!!! You was already supposed be there no stepping needed. Whoo Jesus I am heated. How old is their oldest kid I would give his ass a mean sideye everytime he came to visit me.

    speaking of shea butter let me go twist my damn hair and ease my anger.

  • Adaeze Duru <–Bring this Lauryn Hill back!

    • earthshaker1217

      Joyful Joyful!!!

  • Bry!

    Fuck this nigga mean by “I’ll be there even more”. But they not staying with him while she locked up….? He pretty much said “They mine but they ain’t staying with me”

    They gotta stay with family memberS. So, more than one relative has to be burdened by a child because the daddy won’t take them? AND who gets the child that aint his?

  • bb

    You teach people how to treat you. This is what Lauryn has taught him. I only pray that is will be as easy and free of difficulties for the children.

  • belot

    what about her 6th baby.. that was for another guy? whos gonna take that one?

  • belot

    question, where are people getting that he’s not there for his kids? i’ve always heard their daughter talk about how supportive her parents are, Lauryn always says he’s a great father, i see pictures of him and his kids all over the place.. the only negative thing i heard is him say that the last child is not his, which it isn’t.. not sticking up for him cuz i don’t know these people from adam

  • MarkAssBustahs

    l0l you have the money yet you would have your kids mom go to jail other than giving it to her. not even for her but to benefit the children…..SMH he always gave the marleys a bad name

  • RamenNoodles

    I mean he couldn’t help her pay off the debt? I think she owes 500K now and his net worth is like 20 million plus he’s a MARLEY! Well its not none of my business, but if I had it, I would of helped her out just for the kids. I know one thing, I ain’t pushing out shit until I know my man for at least 10-15 years ch…I’m Beyonce, we gon talk on that phone for a year before you touch anything on me. Parts of me don’t feel bad for her cause she waited until the IRS got fed up with her ass to make music. You know you in debt why not do something about it.

  • Kim.Couture
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