Video: Mariah Carey – Beautiful (feat. Miguel)

Kid Fury May 10, 2013 Videos 41 Comments

Mariah Carey’s new tune with Ruby Rhod is slowly climbing up these charts and I’m here for it. The iconic butterfly wasted no time in releasing her video for “#Beautiful” and it’s a golden slice of sexiness.

Mimi looks absolutely gorgeous riding on the back of Miguel’s motorcycle and modeling a sexy little dress for him like women usually do with their gay friends at Bebe. Check it out below and grab the track on iTunes.

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  • it’s like that

    I love this woman, she’s giving me life!!!

    • Lace frontin minaj

      Yup I luv mimi idk why she was wasting her time on AI…keep making fire music and pay Barbisha dust…..

  • Amanda

    Miguel’s looking mighty sexy!!!

  • Shanna4

    I’ll be nice today…I love Mariah here….Like an overly microwaved Hotpocket, Miguel is and will always be too much for me….

  • RamenNoodles

    Wait…I never noticed how attractive Miguel is. Lord what’s happening to me? I love the song but Mariah are we having another Glitter/Touch My Body moment? You do know you’re 40 right? Its cute, but she did to much. I died at her twirling, like I said “too much”. She looks great though.

    • ZJ

      You’re right on all counts. Miguel does look good in this video though I still wish he’d shave off that pompadour. And Mariah… Admittedly, she looks good for someone who’s had twins, but she needs to start dressing her age.

  • Fine Chyna

    Ruby Rhod?!? Instead of “Buzzzzzzz!”, we get “Whoooop!”

  • Angie Stone’s prayer oil

    Miguel was lookin just too fine in this video LAWD HAMMERCY!!! Mariah was being extra as always.

    • jajay22

      I can’t take you seriously with that clearly ain’t shit…..*DEAD*

      • Angie Stone’s prayer oil


  • ere

    Two good girlfriends having a splendid time. I feel like the whole time she’s dancing all sexy is for his opinion, so she can get it right with her boo.

    • YouDontWantNoProblems

      Lmfao….oh, you TRIED it.

  • Guest

    Love, love, love Mimi and Miguel :) this song is really good

  • aacov

    Mimi is a beautiful woman but she could use a couple of dance lessons I mean just a few…ijs

    • Tina

      But do we really want to see her dance though?

  • Nahjee

    Yo kid fury why don’t you ever join in these conversations with us man??? You should.

    • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

      He does. Often. You just have to wait for it.

  • Ginger

    I’m going to need Mama Mimi to stay out of Curry Goat´s closet and retire that high note. What’s wrong with letting her talent speak for itself?

    • Trenelle Doyle

      GTOF out of here! That high note is everything that it needs to be!

  • Mellow

    I like it. The production overall is nice. Mariah vocals is giving me circa 98′ , 99′ era.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Ya’ll know this an unofficial ad for Jenny Craig that’s why she’s half naked servin ya’ll 90s body tease. This is a cute video.

  • Whistle Whistle

    I really want to hear more of her whistle tones still…Only heard it at the end of this song.. Still love it though.

  • MissMe

    I love Mimi but after all these years in the game I would think she would have graduated from the jerky movements and fingers in the hair… other than that, I love the song, lol

  • lex

    her 19th number 1…this won’t get outta my head today. Last time she did that with Touch my Body.

  • KatBK

    Mimi looks like she’s queefing in that top picture.

  • RihannasVocalCoach

    Knowing that they are both in committed relationships…the chemistry was cute. I would’ve liked more of a story instead of scenes. Like them interacting, not just her twirling for him. Maybe he could’ve gotten in front of the car and practiced some dips? just a suggestion.

  • Juju Infinite

    of course mimi’s barn has chandeliers in it. love this diva!!!!!

  • kik

    I bet his hair smells better than hers

  • Blue Ivys Eyebrow Pencil

    Miguel was looking fly like the cunt bitch that he is and Mariah was werking it…like somebodies drunk auntie at a family reunion that “accidently” ate cousin Ray Rays magic cookies.

    • Miguel’s Bang


  • Doyenne Eleganza Saint-Augusti

    Well, this was cute. Maybe a little silly and improbable (Okay Miguel, we get it, you “like” lady folk), but cute nevertheless.

  • Brii

    I finally know why I don’t see it for Mimi. She’s been giving us the SAME giggle, twirl, touch hair, sigh, bust-a-high-note routine since the 80′s. Sis, we need evolution.

    • Joseline’s speech impediment

      Not to mention her overly dramatic ass mannerisms

      • Brii

        She might as well have been singing, “I’m gone with the wind fabulous!”

  • Kim.Couture
  • KeethaKentucky

    Fury—- that whole paragraph of shade tho. “Mimi looks absolutely gorgeous riding on the back of Miguel’s motorcycle and modeling a sexy little dress for him like women usually do with their gay friends at Bebe”…. this is why… i can’t.

  • Adaeze Duru

    I felt awkward watching this video. It’s like I’m watching my mother and her younger boyfriend flirting across the dinner table.

  • Kirk’s 4th earring

    She’s doing too much…Mimi, girl. I know your ass is dizzy from all that spinning

  • Bre ( • Y • )ԅ(·_·ԅ)

    Still gorgeous and sexy. love the song and her

  • LivEternalYouth

    Miguel is giving me Benjamin Button teas but I’m present for it.

  • JodiJoe

    I like the song thew i thought there was not enough Mimi and to much Pidgeotto.