New Music: The-Dream – High Art (feat. Jay-Z)

Kid Fury May 10, 2013 New Music 13 Comments

The-Dream has dropped his third single from the IV Play album and it has already seen some pretty good reviews. The track, “High Art” which features Mr. Carter, is an upbeat bouncy piece geared for the summer and upcoming radio onslaught.

I’m not seeing the appeal here at all. Maybe I just need to give this a few more listens. I mean, my invitation to Ciara’s party of the bodies was late in the mail, but I got there. Perhaps the same will happen here.

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  • FrostBiteMuah

    I want to like this but let’s be real here. This does not sounds like 2 Grammy Award winning artists or even grown men with kids. Dream shoulda sold this to Kirko Bangz.

    • ashbash

      Lol yea this song is a little immature for such OLDER gentleman to still be talking about smoking and boning….”Party of the bodies” hilarious fury.

      • Smh@blks

        And obama wonders why congress doesnt take him seriously…smh

        • bb

          What do two entertainers have to do with President Obama? So because they have a song that’s stupid, we aren’t supposed to respect the leader of the free world? People like you are the damn problem, because you’re making excuses for the people that blatantly disrespect him by saying it’s because of anything other than his race. Don’t shake your head at me dummy.

  • ZJ

    The Dream’s stuff tends to be corny, but I kind of like this song.

  • Ms. I Stay 1Hunna

    I see somebody been listening to Jeremih’s Late Nights mixtape..

  • Med School

    I kind of like it. Does it have to be this serious? Calling it immature, or mentioning fatherhood etc. All the ratchet shit we dance to come from fathers. It obviously isn’t on Dream’s new album, he twitpic’d his tracklist months ago. Sounds like they were having studio fun while he worked on B’s album.

  • ashaballot

    Sounds like its for a younger crowd. I dont know….

  • FreeTutionMakeHerDance

    Yeah He shouldve gave this song to someone else. I’ve just always appreciated him as a producer. I don’t want to hear him and Jay talking about turning up and being too on at any party. Like, don’t yall have the kids soccer game to go to in the morning? Yall know you’re not supposed to be out this late.

  • bb

    No one’s gonna say anything about that cover art looking like an indecisive bikini wax or a coochie with male pattern baldness?
    oh ok…

  • chelsea

    I am so tired of hearing music like this. He literally just repeated the same dumb ass line over and over again for 4:34 minutes. This is suppose to be music? And people wonder why i prefer to listen to music from different countries…..

    • bb

      No, we don’t

  • Kim.Couture