Video: Iggy Azalea – Bounce

Kid Fury May 6, 2013 Videos 65 Comments

Iggy Azalea is taking her hip-pop vibe to India in the new “Bounce” video. The Bollywood-inspired flick shows the Australian femcee dancing, riding an elephant and full out partying.

I’m still not a huge fan of the song, but as sensitive as Tumblr’s political scientists will likely be to the video, I think it was great at delivering the concept. “It helps create the fantasy and the bigness of an artist. This video definitely perpetuates escapism,” Iggy said of the visual.

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  • ok

    she should’ve dressed like a unicorn if she wanted to be fantastical

    • sigh.

      i heard miley has a costume she could borrow

  • Nate

    The video and song… this all just seems so out-of-character. I feel like this is Iggy’s “Massive Attack.” It’s a big, expensive video that will flop, and in a few months, she will completely disown it and exclude it from her album completely.

    • That girl MEL!

      Whew! Massive Attack was . . . wow! Bad Memories!

    • MyMilkShake

      sho was massive attack… on the ears and the eyes

    • earthshaker1217

      See…I almost forgot about that…song?

    • bb

      I just want someone to tell this white woman India’s culture is NOT a prop. It’s so damn disrespectful when people do this.
      *in my Beat Street voice*
      You just like all the other biters. You take a bite and leave the rest.

  • Kayy


    • bb

      It was simple. Elegant. Concise. Congratulations, you win. You win it all!

  • Sherród

    I actually love it. Yes, it’s a different sound, but that’s what makes it fun. I think it goes to show she’s an artist that doesn’t take herself too seriously and can still drop it with the best of them. You can tell she really had fun and let loose with this song and video. Many of her songs are about telling stories and delivering a message, whereas this one is just all about letting go and werking that body she has.

  • jajay22

    i saw iggy a few weeks ago live and i have to keep it real: homegirl had a stank attitude!! ..she was giving us mad glances cause we were in the first row and as soon as “work” came on we were screaming the lyrics and me and my homegurls were getting our twerk on but she wasn’t feeling it..and left without even really saying bye…mind you the concert was for FREE!

    • YaVyBnMe

      Oh wow really? See man I hate hearing stuff like this! ‘Work’ is the only single that has me interested in her but I don’t give my dollars to anyone who isn’t at least polite!
      Is it the fame or the money that turns people into a$$holes? Or were they that already but now more people can see?

      • Lovely_SimSim

        Lol haha, you should probably stop running with everything that you read. This person went to a concert and acted like an ass, surely he or she didn’t expect to be embraced or looked at positively.

        • earthshaker1217


        • Guest

          Wait, hold up how are you saying this person acted like an ass. From the comment, it sounds like she was trying to show ole girl some love. Iggy may have been mad that the audience could twerk better than her. pffffft.

          • jajay22

            Thank you! I mean it’s a concert for god’s sake!!

        • Lil’ Jae

          because a group of friends decided to enjoy a concert they were “acting like asses”? yeah okay, you’re an idiot…

          • Lovely_SimSim

            Enjoy is one thing, being obnoxious is another.

        • jajay22
          • Lovely_SimSim

            Didn’t look, so you shouldm’t have wasted your time. :)

          • jajay22

            well you damn sure did, or else you wouldn’t have responded :)

          • Lovely_SimSim

            Responding from Disqus, so no. I didn’t. :)

        • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

          I thought you’re suppose to yell the lyrics out at a concert shit she should be happy people know the lyrics to her damn song -_-.

    • Lovely_SimSim

      I’ve been to 4 of Iggy’s performances and was able to talk to her for a few minutes at the last two that I saw. She’s a sweetie, but if she’s performing or preparing to go on stage then it’s not very helpful (for her) or appropriate (for the event) for people to act like fools. There are many artists who don’t like that and fans who will fight you over it (I should know. I’ve had the misfortune of being too close when the fights broke out). You should be happy that she didn’t have you thrown out, that’s also common.

      Edit: I had said that there was more to your story, but you stated why she was looking at you all funny. It had nothing to do with her attitude, it was how you and your friends chose to behave.

      • Kroger Michele

        Bitch whatever. Im not performing. if i pay, im going to do whatever the hell i want to do and have a good time. all the girl said is that she was dancing. how did you get “she was actin a fool” from that. If you cant take ppl in the audience getting turnt up, then stay your ass off the stage. child sit.

        • Lil’ Jae

          EXACTLY! what the fuck is the audience supposed to do? stand there and sway back and forth?? FUCK OUT OF HERE.

        • Lovely_SimSim

          Go take your meds, please and thanks. Iggy is still a new artist and she doesn’t mind when her fans have fun (hell I know I did each time I saw her), but when you get loud and do things that distract fans from the performance or the artist from putting on their show… What do you expect? Instead of being called out or told to leave, they should be happy that she ignored (or tried to ignore) them.

          • LOL


      • jajay22

        listen boo: we weren’t behaving like “fools”! we were at her fucking concert excited as shit to see her!

        1. off her dancers and her were lacklustre

        2. she just exited the stage w/o acknowledging the audience who actually wanted her to encore with another song but she just took her skirt and bounced – no pun intended

        • Lovely_SimSim

          If she did act like you say… Why rule out the chance they she was having a bad day already or was dealing with that time of the month that we love to hate? I don’t have any other reason to believe that she would be as blatantly disrespectful, especially to her fans as you claim.

          • Ambrosia Jones

            Iggy? Bitch, this you?

          • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

            As an artist once you hit the stage all that bad day shit don’t matter. That’s your job you leave all that backstage. To her time of the month she better pop an ibuprofen and twerk lol.

          • Lovely_SimSim

            Lol I’m sorry, that was hilarious. You’re right though.

  • AjaD

    No 2x

  • iHate Yew

    I’m a fan of Iggy’s. Like “Pussy” and “My World”, love those two songs and videos. But this shit? I have a booger that is more interesting at this point, let me go tend to that.

    • RamenNoodles


  • Guest

    Umm, ok I guess, but why didn’t she just take it back to Australia and bop around with some Kangaroos and Koalas, would it not have been just as “fun”? Cause Baby girl just looks stiff compared to her background dancers and extras.
    On a real note can someone explain her appeal to me? From the bits I catch here and there, It doesn’t seem like she a great lyricist, got a hot flow, or can dance well. What is it that she is giving you besides visuals? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Lovely_SimSim

      It takes awhile to get used to her music… She’s not the best lyrically, but she’s pretty and has connections which is why a lot of people tolerate her. NO HATE! I love Iggy and think she’s super sweet, but I understand why some people question her fame. Although a lot of people do tend to forget that she’s the first rapper to come out of Australia, which is another reason why she’s special.

  • SoulGlo

    I have not jumped on this wagon yet. I don’t get it… maybe I need to find some underground song she has or something… but she just perplexes me. I am not getting the appeal other than ohhh look at this white girl, with a nice ass AND she is from Australia!

  • Sugar

    sooo im the BIGGEST iggy fan, i blast her mixtapes like theres no tomorrow…but THIS? this shit right HERE? she could’ve kept it. or gave it to rita ora. im ready to act like this never happened.

  • Wong Chia Chi

    umm….she really trying to crossover and appeal to yts with this mess

  • Ash

    I think it’s a good song I don’t like it personally tho.

  • Adaeze Duru

    I like the choreographed dance scenes. It gives M.I.A. meets enthusiastic but misinformed tourist.

  • RIzzyBeamen

    I don’t recall her doing records to beats like this before Azealia but… Whatever girl.

  • Kim.Couture
    • YouDontWantNoProblems


  • earthshaker1217

    The beat is hot and the visuals are pretty, but I’m not here for the lyrics. I seriously feel like she’s still trying to figure her musical style out. I still love her though.

  • RihannasVocalCoach

    If United Colors of Busted was doing an ad in India, I’m sure this would be a perfect commercial. Other than that, I just wonder who hacked into Ke$ha’s B-sides for this?

    • Adaeze Duru

      I can’t with this comment nor the username. Life has been gotten.

  • Azealia

    This beat sounds a little familiar…meh I dunno I probably rejected it last year or something.

    • RamenNoodles


  • Lexi grrrl

    I didn’t watch the video but it just reads appropriation to me. Fuck her.

    • Wong Chia Chi

      I caught that too. *SMH* But I guess she figured, I can poorly imitate blacks, why not East Indians?

  • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’

    She’s pretty….
    That’s all I got.

  • kerihilsonslastdance

    i live for iggy,
    Uff. She is everything.

  • Rosly

    The visuals are app beautiful but she could have don’t with out the bindi and Traditional dress. Like come on. If I was to have written the treatment for the video she would have been watching not participating kinda like MJ in the remember the time and Black or white video. Spectator not participating

  • Webster

    Can we just talk, for a minute, about how cute that dude dressed as the groom is?