New Music: Mariah Carey – Beautiful (feat. Miguel)

Kid Fury May 6, 2013 New Music 26 Comments

A fairy and a butterfly have joined forces to bring us a whimsical new tune for the summer. After lots of buzz, Mariah’s first single, “#Beautiful,” featuring Miguel has finally been released.

It’s a rather simple and breezy record that Miguel and every other lady with soft hair can blast with their windows down on the way to the beach. A music video is expected to premiere on Wednesday’s American Idol.

#Beautiful is available on iTunes now!

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  • chelssea

    “a fairy and a butterfly” lmfaooo I am in fucking tears fury!!!!! lmaooooo

  • Suchalady

    Love it!

  • Nina Mosely

    It’s a great song! I am in love with it!

  • RamenNoodles

    *sigh* Her voice has changed so much. It upsets me, but whatever she still slaying me with these harmonies. Please let her album be filled with songs like this and a few “Shake It Off” & “It’s Like That” bops.

    • Amanda

      Watch her 2013 new years show in australia on youtube. She sounds amazing! Acapella and everything. She’s holding back in this song =/ Love the song tho

    • CaramelHottie

      I feel that way sometimes too. But singing in 5.2 octaves and hitting notes that Jesus can hear for 20 years takes a toll on your voice.

  • Jazz

    I love it and will be downloading this right the F now. That’s all!

  • M.J.

    “It’s a rather simple and breezy record that Miguel and every other lady with soft hair can blast with their windows down on the way to the beach.” Bye, Fury.

    Anyways, I like the song. Vintage soul feel to me.

  • That girl MEL!

    “Miguel and every other lady with soft hair . . .” I hate you! LOL! Got me spitting my lunch across this keyboard – I’m laughing so hard.

  • Kayy

    Hmm, I likes.

  • That girl MEL!

    I DO like that Mariah is back to using full voice and not that whispering falsetto that only unicorns and butterflies can hear.

    • CadyHeron


  • ZJ

    I like it, but I can pretty much get with anything that Miguel is on.

  • missmarchmommy

    im not gonna lie its not a love at first listen type thing for me but maybe it will grow on me the more I hear it.

  • CaramelHottie

    I like it! Cute for you MiMi * in my Fury voice*

  • Ash

    Can’t get with the post Butterfly Mariah.

  • Kenya’s KuntyFanWave

    I love miguel. That man should thank Kelly Clarkston for the undercover Grammy shade. Now more people know who is he is, ironically.

    • phealphrea

      i never felt that she was throwing shade – she seemed to be genuinely unaware of his music prior to then, and took time out of her acceptance speech to acknowledge his greatness. Now more people do know who he is, and this is a good thing. Not ironically, at all.

  • Chriss323

    I refuse to listen to this until someone tells me if she’s whisper singing or not.

  • Kim.Couture
    • Kenya’s KuntyFanWave

      OMG, now I know why you guys keep making Kim K, Big Ang comparisons. Damn.

  • CadyHeron

    I mean the song is cute. Miguel’s hair is laid. I mean. I won’t download it. But it’s cute.

  • Guest


  • ChilliLipstick


  • Angie Stone’s prayer oil

    Hated it! (men on film voice)