Chris Brown Confirms Rihanna Break-Up

On today’s episode of The Young & The Lightskinned, some mysterious trouble in paradise has apparently caused Yellow Cake & Curry Goat to separate. After a few cryptic tweets from Brown this weekend and a huge birthday in Vegas with Karreuche by his side, rumors started flying that he and Rihanna were done. Chris confirmed the rumors when he called into Australia’s Kyle & Jackie O Show.

“Imma do it solo,” Brown said about his birthday celebrations. “I mean, at the end of the day, shawty doing her own thang, she on the road. It’s always gonna be love. I’m a grown man, just gotta fast forward.”

“One thing I always want to do is never disrespect anybody or put nobody down. The way I look at it is that I am always gonna love that person and people have different wants and needs,” he continued. “At the end of the day [Rihanna’s] a young girl. I can’t really be focused on wife-ing somebody that young [she's older than you are. - Fury], and I’m young too. I just got to step forward and be a man and be the best Chris Brown I can be, instead of worrying about whoever else is going to be in my side pocket.”

Just for kicks, you might also want to know that Chris unfollowed RiRi on Twitter a little over a week ago and Ms. Fenty followed Drake on Instagram. Girl, all these dramatics and raw cocaine emotions. They will probably be back together by the time Rihanna drops a new album…so like, tomorrow.

Source: VIBE

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  • Kera

    In other news water is wet….These jiggaboos get on my nerve more and more each day. Roti Rih needs to be with Priest and Waffle boy needs a nun.

    • Chrissy’s Mole ft. Chrissy

      Roti Rih???? When I die, bury me inside a curry house. #donewithyou!

    • Lace frontin Minaj

      Rhianna is the type of girl that loves drama in her life when she got with Matt Kemp she looked so calm with him but she was too used to bat ish crazy so she dumped him then she gave Drake some play and realized he is similar to Matt Kemp a clam nice guy and she got rid of him too…and went back to Ike Brown the guy who played mortal kombat with her pretty little face…she 25 now its time to grow up….she would never give guys like Terrence J or Lance Gross some play they too stable and mature she not ready for those types of relationships….smh

      • Just Sayin

        Terrence J maybe but see how Lance messed up with Eva Marcelle.. idk about him

        • Lace frontin Minaj

          nope Lance never cheated on Eva he asked her to marry him and she didnt want to…he was serious about her they were together for 5 yrs…girls like Eva are similar to Rhianna they like guys who they know might cheat on them and dog them out…

          • Sherae Renee’

            They did get married.

          • lace frontin minaj

            No they didn’t….she dumped him

          • Sherae Renee’

            Oh you’re right. My bad.

          • Lace frontin minaj

            No problem girl :)

    • Kroger Michelle

      you are so fucking uncouth for that entire comment.

  • Blair Waldorf. ❤

    I’m not here for this flip flop relationship anymore..

  • iHate Yew

    Despite hitting her with a Killer Instinct Ultra Combo, Rihanna seems to have had a calming effect on Chris, that voodoo vagina had him acting right for the most part. But now it’s back to spazzing out since Karate Kid is on his hip again. I predict he will take her to a zoo, lose his temper after losing a self-initiated dance-off with a gorilla to “I betcha can’t do it like me” and then he’s gonna swing on a Giraffe. Point being, Chris Brown is crazier than a box of nerds trying to fuck a bag of sour patch kids.

    • Guest

      “Dance-off with a gorilla….” I just cackled out loud. It was so unnatural but it felt good. thank you.

    • Nae

      I AM CRYING REAL GORILLA TEARS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! O->–< lay me to rest Lawd

    • RihannasVocalCoach

      I definitely just did that ugly trying-to-breathe laugh lol. Hopefully coconut tart will grow up and find someone outside of Sweet Yellow High. As for #2 pencil, he and KouldaHadAV8 can have fun.

      • iHate Yew
        • Chrissy’s Mole ft. Chrissy

          I’ve exceeded all the life I need for the week by seeing this. #lifesnatched #andIwilldeal

        • Jaders

          you, sir, are just too much!!! i cannot!!

      • Kenya’s KuntyFanWave

        coconut. tart. okay. With each new work week, you all give me classic phrases. thank you. *Raises my bloody mary to you, guhl*

      • JazmineThomas

        your fucking name though, when is she gone start using you!?

        • RihannasVocalCoach

          chile I don’t know. We tried doing basic runs back in 2007, but now I just make sure the tour bus has enough febreeze and vita coco.

          • JazmineThomas

            Oh shit, I don’t even want to THINK about what that damn tour bus smells like!

          • RihannasVocalCoach

            curry, kush and chanel no. 5.

      • CadyHeron

        I can’t with anything you just said. LMFAO. -Shuts my laptop down-

    • Lace frontin Minaj
    • CadyHeron

      Back to his cocaine antics…

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare

      “I predict he will take her to a zoo, lose his temper after losing a self-initiated dance-off with a gorilla to “I betcha can’t do it like me” and then he’s gonna swing on a Giraffe.”

      See. I took my Walmart casket OUT of my shopping cart. That (1) glared at me for a while so I deleted it. Nope. Back to

      Sunset 5/7/13

    • Ericc Chappell

      Get Out Now. You got these people in my school leadership office looking at me funny caused I laughed too damn hard at this. Now if I ever hear Ultraaaa Comboooo again I’ma think of this shit.

      Now please excuse me while I swan dive into my casket and go to see the lord almighty.

    • Kordell’s Divorce Papers


  • Margot

    By “wife-ing somebody that young” I don’t think he’s talking about her age. It’s more about her maturity. She seems to be a spiteful little brat. I think that she needs to date someone older and MORE mature than Chris himself because Lord knows these two are immature as fuck. And Chris needs to stay single (stop laying the PIPE nigga!) for a while, find himself again and give us the Chris Brown he is supposed to be.

    ps: He kinda sounds hurt in this interview.

    • That girl MEL!

      Now you know he will not stop laying that pipe. That’s why he had Kellogg’s Korn Flakes by his side – that pipe gotta go somewhere.


    I died @ “she’s older than you are. ”

  • Mum

    Thank god she came to her sense! She was always too good for Chris from the beginning. Now, she can finally start dating grown mature & secure men!

    • iHate Yew

      That could easily be the silliest shit ever written…

      • earthshaker1217

        That Tity boi is pic is not lying.

    • guest

      What mature man with a brain would want to date her? She acts out more than a fucking child. A mature man would avoid all that bullshit like the plague. She actually needs to date someone like Gucci Mane b/c they seem to be on the same maturity level.

  • RamenNoodles

    Its funny how he was so in love a few weeks ago, but now its “shawty” no more Rihanna? I also find it funny that he calls her immature and calls himself a grown man *cackles* She probably broke up with him. He sound pressed af. And for the other girl, she’s clearly here for the fame & money if she’s around him again or she’s a very forgiving person cause….

    • CadyHeron


  • Keira

    These two needs to get it together..I can’t!! Chris crack head brown need the most help!! Somebody need to enroll that boy in rehab!! He done lost his mind after that twitter rank I was done.


    I’m not mad at the break up. They felt that society ripped them apart too early, they tried again and it didn’t work. so there they have it, closure.

    i am mad however that Rihanna followed Drake after he threw shade at her like, just last week AND at karreuche for running back to Chris’ side after he publicly dubbed her

  • BlairWaldorf2013

    You KNOW Chris heard that interview with Aubrey and LOST the ONE MARBEL he had left. Honestly, Who DIDN’T see this coming.

  • M.J.

    This nigga continues to make not one lick of sense. Jesus, be some logic.

  • Mimi

    “One thing I always want to do is never disrespect anybody or put nobody down” Chris Brown.
    As of when? This morning?

    • Guest

      When he says “anybody” or “nobody” he means Rihanna b/c you know that he’s afraid of her backlash.

      • CadyHeron

        YASSSS we all know RiRi is a shady carribean cunt.

  • earthshaker1217

    I see this as good because now he really can focus on his career. I reiterate…I want Christopher to go to Virginia to make some great music, great art, and some sickening choreography. He started with Fine China which was a pretty good song.

    • Suchalady

      Yea I agree…but as soon as they’re not so busy again, he will toss Karr out like October’s trash again and be right up under Rih.

  • Brittany

    they’ll get back together soon just watch

  • FrozenCoke

    Not raw cocaine emotions!!

  • Pepper Anne

    Smh anyway…and Drake and Karreuche clearly know their roles. *Hustle Man voice* PICK UP PIECES, PICK UP THE PIECES!!

    • MissMe

      I hate you… lmao

  • tablesAreTurning

    whew, glad i never a solid f*ck.

  • Bry!

    that light skinned love aint for everybody

  • Fantasia’s Spelling Bee Trophy

    Lol. This nigga shaded the fuck out of Rihanna. But at least she can always fall back into Drake’s lap. The lightskinned shenanigans never end. I’m clocking out.

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Correct me if I’m wrong…but chillleee..I always thought Chris had a secret agenda in his getting back with her. From the dreadful ass documentary he put out to those radio interviews… Everything seemed calculated, especially with the way he was talking about their relationship…he was spilling so much tea making her look even more foolish for getting back with him…but hopefully they both can REALLY move on this time and find other people best suited for them

    And I find it hilarious that he talked about her like. she had much more growing up to do than he does ( All while having another twitter rant on his bday) “She’s a young girl..” But Chris she’s older than you boo.

    • CadyHeron

      I agree. Good fucking day Chris. You were pressed then. Still are now. The fact that he’s trying to act like the mature one is beyond me.

    • LifeAsAFlop

      He’s probably jealous of her success just like any other man. He wants to take the lead and be in the lead and he can’t do that with Rihanna. Which is why he’s around a bunch of yes men he has to take care of and a doormat (Karrauche). Or he’s just one of them people I call “faithful hoes” he wants to enjoy the single life for a few days than come back home.

      • Wong Chia Chi

        This is the truth. Abusers definitely have control/power issues. Why she wanted to get back together with this fool…I have no idea. I understand he’s probably fun to be around but…girl.

  • Elle

    Maybe it’s because I don’t have a Twitter, but how the hell do people know who unfollows and follows who? And at what time? Wouldn’t you have to sit there and scroll through ALL of their followers? Sorry if that was a stupid question to the Twitter users.

    • Mrs_Rance

      No. If you go to someone’s page it shows you the people that follow them that you follow.

  • OhIts_Amanda

    I’m still stuck on how Fury actually used Karrueche’s name. Now THAT was a shocker..

  • kerihilsonslostgrammyinvite


    • Margot


  • Guest

    I bet Rihanna goes to Drake’s house with some ice cream and is about to be like

  • vita coco pussy

    i am really glad they aren’t together, and i dont ever want them to be together again. what she needs is a man with sense, a consistent hair color, and atop all, MATURITY.

  • Keyshia Cole’s career memorial

    Yeah, ok – I’ve seen this episode of Love & Hip Hop: ATL too many times and Joseline is SURE to end back up with Stevie J while also keeping Mimi. If only they all knew that they deserved better.

    • Chrissy’s Mole ft. Chrissy

      I love how this wasn’t even about the Lightskinned Lovers and it still applies. The ratchet is real…

  • Claudia

    “One thing I always want to do is never disrespect anybody or put nobody down.” …………………………………………………………………………… ok

  • Kordell’s Divorce Papers

    ::Trying to give a 1/64th of a F***::

  • Afrikka Gdot

    u know I only I read this to see what slick shit fury would say, I got my own bad/childish relationship fuck ups to make. . .

  • Statesside

    They never really seemed that close to me anyway. I don’t think they ever got back together lol. She was just helping his album publicity.

    • Suchalady

      None of that even makes a lick of sense. He doesn’t need publicity and they received a MAJOR backlash for getting back together (which was hugely public and affectionate)

    • Suchalady

      Bye Karrueche

  • keke

    this sounds like she dumped him

    • offikial

      Basically …and he released that song last week as a final attempt to get Rih-Rih to give a F**k, but in true fashion…. she didn’t. Now he doing damage control.

  • Lola

    Chris was always jealous of Rihanna’s success!! Rihanna needs to find herself a man & leave the boy for mama Joyce & karrueche gold digging ass because rihanna is too been of a superstar to be dealing with mess.

  • offikial

    He basically called Rihanna immature yet she seemed to be the only one who could calm his angry, manchild shenaningans …so what does that really say about YOU Christopher? An immature “shawty” gotta reel you in….

  • Kim.Couture
  • JazmineThomas

    Welp I guess there goes the Ain’t Nobodies Business single/video huh? Both have songs with each other on each other’s albums, so this shall be interesting. I really hope Kae and Drake aren’t stupid enough to be fucking EITHER one of these two again cause all I think of with them is just drama instead of musicians. If she does start fucking Drake again, I hope that nigga doesn’t pop off at the mouth, like I gotcho bitch. I honestly think they got back together to fuck each others brains out to the songs each made over the years, get high so they could ACTUALLY deal with each other, cause ruckus, and get all the feelings out that they held in for 3 years. Now that those feelings are flushed, goodbye…for now.

    • Margot

      I’m mad, I wanted a video for this song.

  • CadyHeron

    -Waits for a take care part two-

  • Jasmine Banks

    Reading these comments got me weak! lmao

  • Margot

    This is a stunt. Mark my word.

  • Ornella Taylor

    ‘Yellow Cakes’ and ‘Curry Goat’ is where i stopped. because i got alllll the life i needed just right there.

  • ____

    Bobby Beige.

  • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

    :( i love them together. i want them to work.

    also, Kakucaracha is playing herself for even being spotted “on his side.” chile’…. i reckon.

    • RihannasVocalCoach

      your name and your comment? GOOD DAY MADAM!

      • Tamar’s Missing Skin Pigment

        guh, but both of us on the run together. i dun’ got the hell away from Michael Braxton and you for damn sure left RIh wayyy back in the days when she was young (she’s not a kid anymoooreee, but some days she sits and wishes she was a kid again). sis, we on this journey together. let’s hold hands and start jogging.

        p.s., that’s no shade to Rih! i loveesss she, but she needs you back… bad….

  • Kordell’s Divorce Papers

    “I’m not interested in wifing somebody that young……..” I believe GTBR said it best……….”Responsibility….you don’t know her”