Nicki Minaj Presents Pink Beats By Dre Pill [Video]

Kid Fury April 11, 2013 The Life of a Barbie Girl 23 Comments

As part of promotion for the new pink Beats by Dre Pill speaker, Nicki Minaj appears in a commercial showing off the pretty little item. The rapper leaves her boyfriend, played by DeRay Davis, in a room alone with the speaker where it comes to life and curses the guy out in quite a hoodrat manner.

Not sure how I feel about the ad, but I’m sure lots of Nicki’s younger fans will be begging their parents for this electronic treat. Check out the short commercial below.

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  • CourtneyRevoltuion

    Tichina Arnold and her legendary hoodrat voice made me giggle. I’m here for this!

  • Jacob Alexander

    Nickachu…I just…

    • Just Sayin

      i screamed.

      • Jacob Alexander


    • Barack Yomomma

      I don’t know what’s scarier, the speakers with the attitude of Rochelle or Nicki going back into her Super Beauty World collection to grab that wig.

  • SouthernShellac

    I’m never here for Nicholas but the ad was cute

  • RamenNoodles

    This is cute. Tichina Arnold needs her own show I live for her.

    • bb

      I LOVE Tichina Arnold! I’m not too happy she attached herself to this foolishness though….

      • RamenNoodles

        Fuck all that. Tichina better collect that check.

        • bb

          A check IS a check

          • CadyHeron

            Rochelle better collect that check. Chris, Drew, and Tonya need to eat

          • bb


  • Ayisha Lawrence

    I mean… I’m not here for it.. but K.

  • bb

    That speaker looks like it has bad credit and a yeast infection….

    • bb

      I can’t believe Pam endorsed this shit….

    • £V|ANA

      The shade

  • GoHeadsis

    This was nice, short and sweet lol

  • caseyG101

    Lord knows I wouldn’t pay this girl in Trident Layers BUT I will pay her a compliment. I thought it was cute; I even cracked a smile. I thought I was having a stroke but no, it was a smile. Yay for you, St. Nicholas!

  • nell kaye pee

    That speaker looks like an evil sextoy

  • free2blia

    Soooooo…nobody is going to point out the obvious???
    The commercial’s concept has absolutely NOTHING to do with the ‘realistic’ power, bass, or usage of a Beats By Dre Speaker.
    Waste of my time.

  • quizzical

    I’m only here for DeRay (Chicago, stand up!) and Miss Ryan’s Hope/Little Shop of Horrors/Pam/Rochelle: Tichina Arnold. I’m still not buying this version though.

  • Kim.Couture

    that was cute!

  • Seiko

    Now I am no Nicki Stan… But this commercial is ADORABLE! The wig isn’t as bad as I thought it’d be… NEITHER IS THAT BLEACH JOB! Nicki got that EVEN Bleach this time. Its a cute commercial though