Teaser: Azealia Banks – Yung Rapunxel [Video]

Kid Fury April 8, 2013 Sneak Peek 46 Comments

Azealia Banks drops a creepy teaser for her upcoming “Yung Rapunxel” video. The sneak peek shows a dark loop of the Harlem rapper-singer staring at the camera with two mouths for eyes. The full video and single will be dropping on April 16th. It should be interesting.

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  • Paranormal Activity :-(

    ooh, I had to stop that after a minute and grab my bible cuz….*shivers*

  • heyassante

    Im never watching this fucking video. EVER!

    • nahila

      ME NEITHER !!!

  • gintel

    This could’ve served it’s purpose as a .gif….or did stuff happen? My ADD forced me to skip ahead. Anyway, I like that she doesn’t care to appeal to conventional themes/beauty/etc.

  • Paranormal Activity :-(

    Ooh, I had to stop that video after a minute and say a prayer cuz…*shivers*

    • earthshaker1217

      That picture made me uncomfortable.

    • Clamecia

      After watching all 3 minutes of that video… *looks pensively into my macbook camera* …My soul is tarished. I need a mail ordered church lady with a big white hat delivered straight to my door, so I can cry in her bosom as she fans me and gives me tissues.

  • Tired of all the drama

    I fucking love Azealia man. Highly anticipating Broke With Expensive Taste

  • RamenNoodles

    That chorus goes in I lose it every time. Its looks interesting, she could of added more to the teaser though.

    • Guest

      The remastered version sounds so much better too.

  • caseyG101

    If this ain’t some Oscar Meyer Weiner bullshit… *plays Stomp by Kirk Franklin*

    • Ten Ten

      *followed by Donnie McClurkin “Stand”. On infinite repeat*

  • caseyG101


  • NaomiCampbell’sEdges

    it makes sense that she has two extra mouths. how else do you expect her to talk so much shit?

  • jc

    I can never understand what she’s saying though

  • Yaya Hispaniola

    I will never be here for this broad.

    • guest

      yet your here…..

      • Oop

        “That is the shade and THAT, is the shade” – Kid Fury

      • Cranberry

        And yet you’re illiterate. Oh.

        • Guest

          Chile, pls. do you know what illiterate means? A small grammar mistake doesn’t warrant calling a person illiterate. She read that post and that user. boop!

          • Cranberry

            Do YOU know what illiterate means? Definition: Unable to read or write. So no, simpleton. If you don’t automatically know the difference between your and you’re, you are illiterate.

          • Cranberry


  • jamalakai

    Mouths for eyes..Ummm Madonna did that in the 90′s Madonna Bedtime Story children..oh Kid Fury is everything tis all

    • ATrillJay

      Man don’t nobody give a fuck about Madonna’s racist bitch ass…always stealing from the black queer community as she pleases for profit with her dusty ass

      • £V|ANA


      • Carmen

        Sir, I did not need this at this hour in the morning. Im just trying to make it to another day.

      • jamalakai

        LOL…all the more reason not to copy/emulate her.anthology..good luck with your anger ain’t that deep

    • entertainmeh

      What’s old is new again, and so on and so on. You YouTube researchers should know this….NOTHING IS NEW. It’ s just done in new or differnet ways….

  • Diamora Hunt

    I love her voice hate this techno dance electronic dub step feat Optimus prime stuff but hopefully on her album she gives a few raw hip hop tracks that will make even nicki come back.

  • Justin

    This video brought to you be Illuminati™

    • £V|ANA
  • nell kaye pee

    What the ring fuck is this shit??

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    I love her and all of her weirdness. She’s intriguing and very entertaining. I remember first seeing her perform at Coachella with her long as red weave and I was thinking what in all fucks is this girl doing? But then this bitch started rapping and singing and I got my life to her shit. She need to chill on her little rants tho…she be wildin sometimes.

  • Khianna

    I just cant stop thinking that Rapunzel had edges

  • Clamecia

    I really just sat here for 3 minutes and watched the eye mouths open and close. But really, how can you call yourself yung rapunxel when you have no edges?

  • £V|ANA

    I can’t get wit her she to much to far out….to much for my soul to understand

  • bb

    i don’t know why she’s using this visual. It just makes her look like The Corinthian from Sandman….

  • Raynisha’s Career

    The devil is a lie, i’m not finna watch that!

  • Guest

    Kid Fury know you know you should be ashamed of yourself. Cause if Nicki would’ve pulled some shit like this you would of three shade for eternity. But this black bitch can get away with it? OH NO

    • Guest

      Now* threw*

    • entertainmeh

      I like how you called her a black bitch, like Nicki isn’t black too. Your comment is weird and unnecessary. And, children, get tha fuck off Kid’s nuts about how he shades one artist and not Mr. Banks. Get all the way tha fuck over it….

      • Just Sayin

        Right?! because he clearly went over this on The Read.

  • dlighted1

    This chick should stay away from the digital effects, her face has already lost the struggle.

  • Shanita

    Yeah this freaked me out pretty bad…

  • Kim.Couture

    this is a weak ass teaser.

  • pusherlovegirl

    why is that the ENTIRE video? she’s whack…Next