Tamar Braxton Performs For BET’s ‘Celebration of Gospel’

I may not be able to stomach the sight of her Muppet face or the sound of her drag queen antics, but Tamar Braxton can sing her ass off. Toni’s little sister took the stage at BET’s Celebration of Gospel this year and performed a rendition of “Be Grateful” by Walter Hawkins and the roof was blown off.

Tamar reportedly plans on releasing a new single this month and dropping her album in the summer, around the same time that she should be dropping her first baby. Well I still can’t stand her, but she’s got that beautiful damn voice. Rats…

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  • Crust & Be-Weave

    Damn! Did not know that Miss Piggy had pipes like that!! You go Glenn CoCo

  • Spring is Here

    She’s calming down a tad.

  • roman

    Here comes the “shade” *yawn*

  • TiffDizzle

    I hear some Toni in her voice…. but she did good… maybe gospel is her lane…

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      I guess it’s their genes b/c all of them sound a bit similar when they sing especially when they hit that lower register.

    • dlighted1

      No she is in the right lane it may be time for some of your favs to switch though. No signal needed.

  • Kwame Holmes

    Did she listen to the lyrics?

  • RamenNoodles

    Is all the facial expressions really needed? She sounds amazing though

  • Dontweaveitifwewontbelieveit

    She’s giving me 5th Element “Diva Dance”. Yassssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ali B. Knowiń

    she did that

  • emjay

    Muppetface really does have a beautiful voice. Toni even said that Tamar could sing circles around all of them.

  • caseyG101

    U Did Dat! *in Teairra Mari voice* But why does she have to be so…

    • CadyHeron

      She is extra but who is Teairra Mari?

      • caseyG101

        Just some cashier I met at Burlington Coat Factory.

        • CadyHeron

          Lmaoooo. I can’t!!!! Please shut down your laptop for me sis

  • Trouble

    It is a shame that she is famous for foolishness and it took this long to see that she has actual talent.

  • Rebecca

    Though it was difficult looking at her face, her voice sounded amazing

  • Queen King.

    I hate Tamar with every fiber of my being. She can sing but I CANNOT look at her while she’s doing it.

    • Bey Stan *BOW DOWN BITCHES*

      You dont even know her u must not have a life if you hate somebody that much and she aint even thinking about or care about ur existence u need to sit down some where

      • Queen King

        lmao you’re defending her but she doesn’t know or give a shit about you either. I know her ass enough from that show to know I don’t like her. Thank you though.

  • YaVyBnMe

    Damn she can sing! Perfect pitch, voice control, all types of registers and notes. But I could only enjoy when the camera panned out cause up close I was either frightened or laughing.

    Why does she make expressions like she doesn’t know whats happening with her face? Reminds me of Men In Black, “I know Edgar and that wasn’t Edgar. It was like he was wearing a suit. An Edgar suit.”

  • Mila Tranquila

    Her voice is everything and then some! but lawd she really needs to quit with the cosmetic procedures because half of that face was in praise and the other half was still in worship.

    • Dig

      Noooooo!! Her make-up is awful too. That voice can’t be touched by no newcomer.

    • Raynisha’s Career


    • Keyshia Cole’s Keyboard


    • Brii

      I thought something was up with that one eye…

  • Kyana

    Good God, she did that. Tamar likes to collect wigs too.

  • Yaya Hispaniola

    Even though the article says tamar braxton and it clearly is Tamar Braxton, when that camera started zooming I was convinced i was looking at a Wendy Williams after a serious detox…she ate that though.

  • Bri

    …So we not gon’ talk about that California King fitted sheet she has on?? …Cool.

    • Queen King


    • Cwish
  • CurlyBoo

    i HATE that dress with a furious passion (& that doesn’t even make sense), she really needs to stay away from the botox or whatever she’s doing to the face cause i could not look at the video. but i enjoy Tamar-she’s funny as hell to me and her music is good too.

  • ashaballot

    Omg…she has been playing with us. I knew she could sing but damn

  • Ry-Boy Bitch

    Be Grateful. Excellent performance.

  • Bryana Eva Marie

    Why did I think this was wendy williams at first?