Ray J Says ‘I Hit It First’ Is Not About Kim Kardashian; The World Says “Bitch Please…”

Kid Fury April 8, 2013 The Devil Is A Liar! 68 Comments

I don’t know who this girl Raynisha J thinks we are, but he is now running around telling people that this punk-ass song “I Hit It First” is not actually about Kim Kardashian…even though the single cover is a pixelated photo of her.

“It’s a song. It’s not about that. It’s just about a concept. You know what I’m sayin’, people going way too deep,” he said on Hot 97. “They just gotta keep it on the surface. I’m not trying to create no war. It’s all love.”

If Ray J is so pressed for attention that he released a diss record to a girl he hasn’t been with in years, then the least he could do is admit that the song is about her. It’s not like any of us give a Fig Newton fuck either way. Girl, piss to this.

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  • missmarchmommy

    Ray J is just mad he put a hoe “on” and she’s doing better than him.. to be honest what is a Ray J?

    • £V|ANA

      Thank you that all I’m sayin

      • missmarchmommy

        annnd his bitch ass is trying to retract his shade? once it out there own it

        • £V|ANA


        • Kordell’s Divorce Papers

          It is too late to pull up the shades and let the sunlight in!!!!

    • bb

      That nigga ruined Moesha and I will never forgive him for it! Ever!

      • Jaders

        forreal??? that lil nigga!!!!!

  • nell kaye pee

    But he said in the song her ass was north and west all types of shady shit .but ohj ok girl

  • Jacob Alexander

    It’s almost like Ray-J is lashing out at Kim K because he knows she is using all the tricks he taught her as a verse/bottom, to jump from celeb to celeb, while Ray-J is stuck fighting Bobby Brown over Whitney’s ashes so he can smoke them. Cause clearly, Brandy’s little sister is higher than Eagle Clit. Those Norwoods know how to fuck up their careers…

    • kdizzle


    • Scarf Junkie

      o-+< I am dead.

      • Jacob Alexander

        Your picture, has killed me, this is my soul. And bitch I’m still laughing!

    • SmashMclovely1

      whooooooooo! Jesus take the wheel, gear shift and breaks! Figting over Whitney’s ashes?! I’m gone.

    • Jaders

      now see this comment right here is a perfect shade!!! today i have learned!

    • Karen Walcott

      “Higher than eagle clit?” I need an ambulance!!

  • M.J.

    *in Big Boi voice* Girl, stop!

    We know who this song is about, so I don’t know who you are trying to fool, Rayna Jean.

    Talmbout he hit it first… I would make a crack about the Norwood family and how they know a lot about hitting things, but I am a child of God, so I won’t go there.

    • Jazz

      Get the fuck out, please. LMAOOOO!!

    • Keetha Montana-Lucas

      TOO LATE!

    • JT’s brazilian blowout

      lmao @ “I’m a child of God”

    • Diamora Hunt

      William ray Norwood junior has had a hard life though first Brandy’s shadow now Kim’s… Gotta be tough on him. Lol lets talk about who’s milli hit the bank first. O_o And telling the media it’s not about her nothing more annoying than a grown man not taking credit for his actions that’s like Lil mama saying she didn’t hop on stage with jay z and Alicia keys.

  • RamenNoodles

    Oh its “not about Kim” because it backfired? He thought everybody was gonna laugh (which I did) and commend him for doing this. Chile…don’t nobody care for Kim, just say its about her and move on. What’s amusing is that the picture got more attention than the actually track. Mess.

  • Drea

    But in the song doesnt he say something bout Mr. West or being in the West…

  • SeveralServingsOfBitchPleases

    Ray J is always talking about how he made her, yet he clings for his life to her coattails for relevance. Girl…please.

    • granky161

      Exactly, If he made Kim she should be able to make another one and put himself on SMH.

      • That girl MEL!

        Now THAT is some good advice! Any real pimp doesn’t worry when someone leaves the stable – NIGAA I got a stable! Find you a pretty, impressionable, mixed race young lady – give her a supply of douche’s and Forever 21 panties – then rule these streets.

  • £V|ANA

    Ugh THIS…..he hasn’t had his portion of attention given to him for the past couple of years so this is what he goes to….lying for food stamps and mentions smh..lord help raynisha j in his struggle….further more even tho he won’t admit he did have Kim in mind in this song……I hope he knows he was indeed NOT the first to hit it….matter of fact he might wanna go visit his local doctor and get checked out cuz….

  • Alb.

    If that song isn’t about Kim Kardashian, then hell; Kenya Moore looks like Beyoncé.

    • Barack Yomomma

      and off-keyshia cole’s mother is more relevant than her OH WAIT…

  • Joseline’s Adam’s Apple

    Wait a minute, ain’t that Brandy’s brother?

    • bb

      and that’s all he ever gone be…

      • Michelle King

        YAAAS!!! That is the only line from a Ray J song I can recite off the top of my head and he didn’t even say it! He is looking like a deperate groupie klingon right about now. He’s not relevant enought to stand on his own; he’s just Brandy’s little brother or the guy from the Kim K sex tape. He even tried to attach himself to Whitney, God rest her soul.

      • Yep It’s Kwanzaa
      • £V|ANA


    • CadyHeron

      -Throws my laptop out the window- Girl…I can’t with this site. I am dying.

  • Maharaja Misty

    Everyday , every-damn-day this lame reminds me why he got his ass beat in Carson on the regular, and had to pay ppl to be his friends, and is probably STILL paying dues to claim Blood. Him acting like this horrible track that he and Professor Ogilve, and Hakeem produced @ the studio in Santa Monica Community College is not about Kim, is almost as sad his dozens of album sales, and those pics of him and Samantha Mumba trolling around Fred Segal’s with sample bags that he keeps sending to blogs. Just take up a trade sis, stop these stunts. Accept ur place in obscurity, and comfort yourself with chocolates and a box set of ‘For The Love of Ray-J’ to relish in the glory day of you once having a real paying gig.

    • Just Sayin

      DEAD @ The Parkers reference lmboooooooooooooo

    • Suchalady

      Samantha Mumba?! Dozens of album sales?! FUCK! LMAO!!!

    • CurlyBoo

      i have a whole new perspective on life after reading this comment. oh lawd!!

  • Ma’am


  • Keyshia Cole’s career memorial

    *DC voice* Shade is I don’t tell you you’re a misogynistic & hypocritical waste of space with no future prospects but I don’t have to tell you because you know already … and that’s shade.

  • bb

    I’m so confused why these dumb niggas are honored to wife ho’s. Please let me know what part of the game I’m fucking up because clearly having a degree, a job, and a credit score you can divide by a number higher than 27 is clearly not what these boopers are looking for.
    On second thought, nevermind. I forgot only men like Brandy’s little brother (and nawl that motherfucker doesn’t get a name) do shit like this.

  • caseyG101

    He needs to find the nearest Wells Fargo Center and have ALL seats. This shit is older than Cicely Tyson pussy. No one cares about him or Kim’s wind tunnel vagina. The best thing he could do for me, is tell us if they ever found Myles on the last episode of Moesha. Das it!

    • Queen King.


    • Suchalady

      No seriously! Inquiring minds want to know…lmao

  • Andy S.

    This is completely off topic but you NEED to see/hear about this LL Cool J/Brad Paisley foolishness –

    I literally CAN’T

    • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

      It’s so The Read worthy… I just feel a sermon coming from crissle if she hears it lol

  • Toni Montanna

    Kim doesn’t even know who hit it first, much less Raymon Jay.

  • JT’s brazilian blowout

    I’m not a Kim fan by any stretch of the imagination but I couldn’t even laugh at this song. The misogyny was too much. I’m glad it’s backfiring on little William -_-

  • FreeTuitionMakeHerDance

    Oh Good day to you Rayshina. Good Day! Who else would it be? Oh wait, nobody gives a fuck about who you are fucking. Nice try and thank you for playing the glorious game of PR Stunting

  • Guest

    I often wonder about Ray J’s childhood…. and then this comes to my mind….

    • Guest


  • Michelle King

    “Hey, wait a minute… ain’t that Brandy’s brother?”

  • granky161

    So Pathetic. How is he gonna put a picture of her on the cover and clearly take jabs at he and Kanye say it’s not about her, he couldn’t even say that without laughing. Ray J is so petty, his relationship with Kim ended over 6 years ago and he still can’t let it go, I know it kills him that she has moved on to bigger and better things while all he can do is reference his past with her to remain relevant.

  • Queen King.

    I’m offended as fuck that Ray J thinks we’re that stupid. Nigga what?? It’s not about her?? I’m going to kindly ignore this bullshit this nigga is spewin’ out.

  • Queen King.

    And to add insult to injury, THE FUCKIN’ SONG ISN’T EVEN GOOD.

  • Yep It’s Kwanzaa

    Sonja come get yo child!!!

    I need sis to call ICDC, Education Connection, or Keiser get his self a degree and find solace in the fact that the fks we never gave about her will continue to be non existent. Kim has moved on to plenty more chocolate shlongs and has found her another cash cow for 18 years. LET. IT. GO!

  • Danielle McConnell

    Ooooh this poor, confused, misguided child y’all… What shocks me is that it really took a famous nigga’s sperm to enter Kim’s vacuous abyss of a body for Brandy’s brother to get mad. Like, maybe it would’ve made more sense to get mad after she got reality show, or after her sisters got a reality show, OR after that unholy wedding… but dude…the embryo currently residing in Kim Kardashian’s womb belongs to a nigga who could end your [nonexistent] career, let alone your [even more nonexistent] life. Get your life please.

  • Just Sayin

    oh Rayneisha, you senistive thug you. between that boring tape they couldve aired on cartoon network, that “money team” fight which was clearly the race to ebt mountain for you and this… chi… if i had ONE wish you’d be cleaning up the nyc subways and not over here wasting people time.
    Furthermore, as much as i cant stand kimsmashian and kanetta, you take the cake. just be gone sis and take all that false pride and self-esteem and go somewhere before somebody you dont want have to intervene…..

    • free2blia

      You get my vote for ONE WISH!!!! He’s a fuckin joke.

  • Suchalady

    The song is still hilarious but he needs to cut every bit of the bullshit.

  • CadyHeron

    I wonder if Kanye knew who Ray J is….Just my thoughts.

  • MeMeAl

    He ain’t coming for Kim, he’s coming for Kanye and if there is anyone who doesn’t give a fuck its Kanye, so Willy Junior needs to just stawp coz he’s asking for something he really wants no part in… and if you are gonna head into the studio why not make a song about Whitney and released that last month for the anniversary of her death? Instead of moving forward, he’s looking to the past for inspiration, what an idiot…but the songs is catchy, can’t lie lol

  • koffykisses

    He honestly has to show me the fade for this bald headed snagga toof lie .. Jesus did not die on the cross for this pettiness

  • IyanlaVanDaymn

    Ray-J needs to hit the shut up button and focus fulltime on his music. He’s talented and he has a platform…stop with uckery duckery doc.

  • Nicki Dub

    GTFOH!!! All I hear him saying is “Noooo…it’s not, it’s not about her. I was talking in general…Let’s get, let’s get back to partying guys” *Kevin Hart acting like a female voice*

  • ARE

    Is Shawty Lo his Daddy Too???

  • Richard Overstreet


  • nunyafromgeowga

    this ni**a probably sitting at his sisters house in her theater locking doors and watching his own tape bawling and heated cuz he couldnt get her pregnant ….