New Music: Jarell Perry – Smoke & Mirrors

Kid Fury April 8, 2013 New Music 5 Comments

Jarell Perry is hot off of his debut LP, Simple Things, and still cranking out new music. This track, titled “Smoke & Mirrors,” is actually an unreleased song from the sessions in which Jarell’s album was recorded. Still a pretty dope record. Listen below and don’t forget to download the Simple Things album at

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  • nell kaye pee

    Im am soooo here for him.

  • RamenNoodles

    Let me get in. I see Fury post a lot about him, but I never gave him a listen. I’ll check him out later.

  • RealMusic

    Kid fury this guy is great ! I’ve downloaded all his music and have it on repeat! Lol

  • Kdizzle

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE him! Glad to see Jarell getting some attention!

  • AJ

    This should’ve been the single, he’s amaazing